Dave's Alpha+ play test game

This game, measuring 35”x32” is compatible with the yet to be released Axis & Allies Europe 1940 game (coming in August 2010). This game includes newly introduced units such as mechanized infantry and tactical bombers.
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Dave's Alpha+ play test game

Post by Dave » Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:43 am

I am playing a two person face-to-face game in which I am the Axis. We are using the Alpha+ setup with the modified Med. version, "http://www.harrisgamedesign.com/phpBB3/ ... &start=320". Since the SBR rules are really up in the air right now, we just agreed to a set rules for them between ourselves.

The SBR rules are:

1.) Damage markers are limited to 10 on major ics. Minor ics, naval and airbase damage is limited to 3.
2.) Damage tokens cost 2 ipc to remove.
3.) Since an airbase is needed to scramble fighters for a naval battle, we reasoned that only territories with airbases can scramble interceptors.
4.) Interceptors are limited to three fighters like naval scrambling.
5.) Interceptors roll at 2.
6.) Escorts and bombers roll at one.
7.) Naval and airbases are incapacitated with two or three damage tokens.
8.) Facility AA fire hits on a roll of one (bombers only).
9.) Any hit is a casualty and is removed from the game permantly (no turn backs or such thing).

Knowing that UK has the chance to really weaken the Italian Med. fleet, I decided to play Germany in such a manner that helped Italy. This meant that for G1 noncombat move I had to position my air force such that on G2 I could take out any remaining UK/French ships in the Med. Because of this strategy, it meant I would not be able to take out all of the UK fleet around London and Scotland due to the scramble function on the London airbase and its three fighters.

What would I do then to not let the UK get too powerful? Try to put our agreed to bombing rules to use of course!

Germnay rd1

2 strategic bombers
1 sub

Combat move and combat
Due to my strategy, I could not sufficiently guarantee clearing the UK navy out of sz 109, 110, 111, and 112 while putting my air force in range of the UK fleet in the Med. So, here were my battles as I remember them...

sz 109: three subs (killed the DD and transport but I forgot about the UK scramble ability and he sunk all my subs)
sz 111: two subs and two fighters (cleared the sz but lost two subs)
sz 93: one fighter, one tac bomber, one strategic bomber. I attacked the French Med. fleet. Oh my!!! :P (cleared it but lost one tac. bomber)
Normany: three inf and a fighter (lost one inf)
S. France: two tanks from S. Germany (I think), one mech, one tac. bomber. (won territory, lost a mech)
France: all remaining ground and air units (two fighters and two tacs I think) went here. (won, but lost all ground units except for one tank. All planes lived)
Yugoslavia: all ground that could make except for one in S. Germany and one in Romania. (won easy)

I landed two German fighters and one bomber in S. Italy so that I could scramble three fighters against a UK attack into sz 95 or 97. One tac bomber landed in N. Italy. The rest of the planes landed in W. Germany. This kept all of planes within range of sz 95 and 97 should the UK attack either.

Activated Finland and Bulgaria.

Placed both strategic bombers in W. Germany and sub in sz 113 with the remainder of my fleet.

Collected 73 ipc.

Russisa rd1

Purchase 11 infantry and one art. Moved stuff around but because of the AA gun in Sakha, he moved all 18 infantry and the AA gun to Amur with a false sense of protection.

Collected 37 ipc.

Japan rd1.

Purchase of two transports and two tanks.

I attacked into Amur with all the ground units from Manchuria, Korea, two transports, 12 or 14 planes (don't remember exactly) along with three support shots. He got three AA gun hits (one fighter, one tac, and one strategic bomber). I cleared the Russians out though and only lost seven infantry.

I attacked and took Chahar, Anhwe, Hunan and did a strafing attack in Yunnan that worked out well.

Placed transports in sz 6 and tanks in Japan.

Collect 40 (Of course, the DOW on Russia gave them the 10 ipc NO)

UK Europe rd 1

Purchase 8 inf and one artillery.

He attacked the Italian fleet in sz 97 with everything he could, including two fighters from London. I decided to scramble my three fighters into 97 and the fight was UK, 8 hits and 18 pips, vs. Axis forces of 7 hits and 20 pips. Here, the game really took a turn for the Axis. The UK only scored one hit on the attack and I lost the Italian sub. In defense, all three of my scrambled fighters hit plus one other naval unit for four hits total. At this point, he sacrificed his carrier, destroyer and crusier. He continued the attack one more round and scored two hits. I the two Italian destroyers. I returned fire and scored three hits. All the UK had left was one fighter which he retreated to Malta with.

So, with the big battle complete, by the end of UK1, the Allies had no warships in the Med and Italy had all three transports left. I was seriously liking this!!!!

Combined all of his ships in sz 91 he could (battleship, two destroyers, cruiser, transport). Cruiser from 112 retreated to 119.

Retreated from Alexandria.

Placed all the inf and one artillery in London.

Collected 28 plus 5 ipc NO for not having German subs in the Atlantic and the Med was clear of Axis subs too.

UK Pacific 1

Bought one transport, one artillery, and two inf. Move some units and took Java on noncombat.

Collected 21

Anzac rd 1.

Purchase transport and one inf.

Took Dutch New Guinea and moved entire fleet to that sz. All other units were moved to Queensland.

Italy rd 1.

Purchase one tank and one artillery.

Attacked Greece with two loaded transports from sz 97, uints from Albania, and two fighters. Captured it while only losing one infantry.

Attacked Morocco with one transport from sz 95 and the battleship and cruiser. By taking Morocco, I will have a landing space for every German air plane to attack the UK fleet in sz 91 except for the tac bomber in N. Italy. Except for one UK cruiser in sz 119 (which I may get if I split up my air force right...I haven't decided yet), the UK Europe fleet will be gone.

Took Tunisia from Lybia. Took Alexandria.

Placed tank and artillery in N. Italy.

Collected 15 ipc plus 5 ipc bonus for no Allied surface warships in the Med.

The Axis are looking pretty right about now vs. UK Europe.

US rd1.

Purchased two carriers and two fighters. Placed them in sz 101.

Moved Pacific fleet to Hawaii. Mainland US forces went towards the East coast.

China rd 1

Purchased four infantry. Unsuccessful attack into Hunan and had to retreat.

Consolidated troops in Szechwan and placed there.

We stopped here for the night and will resume the game latter.

A few notes:

I had planned on bombing London on G2, but I think that the UK fleet in sz 91 is just too damn juicy to ignore. If I take that out, all the UK will have left is one cruiser in sz 119. I haven't decided if I want to do Sealion or not. With the Med. wrapped up for Italy and the UK fleet about to be gone, I am leaning towards buying transport on G2, strategic bombing his complex on G3 along with landing troops in Scotland and then doing the G4 Sealion.

If not, I am set up to strategic bomb London for at least G3 and G4 before the US enters the war all the while completely concentrating on Russia.

I just haven't decided what to do yet.

Great game Larry, keep up the work. I hope this helps.

Wow -Lot's good things happening for the Italians.
Thanks - I just don't know what to think about all this. Certainly interesting.

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Re: Dave's Alpha+ play test game

Post by Eagle » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:59 am

Very funny to read, and me enjoy a lot.

Got some questions, though.

Which of the fighters did land on Malta ? I see nothing in the new Alpha rules that fighters might move 6 spaces.

Why do you post this in the Pacific Forum ? You should ask Elbow to move this thread to the proper Global Forum.

Why did Germany take South France ? You dont want Italy to get the 5 IPC NO ?

Just curious more than anything.


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Re: Dave's Alpha+ play test game

Post by Dave » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:16 pm


Larry released Alpha + 0.1 while we were playing the game (we do it over several sessions) and we have scrapped that game.

As far as the Malta thing goes, the planes in SZ 98 can attack into SZ 95 or 97 and then land in Malta. I think that is what the UK players plan was to do.

For the Italian NO regarding S. France, as long as the AXIS owns it, it counts towards the Italian NO.

I posted it here because at the time, the Pacific forum is where the action was happening and I wanted Larry to see this.

Thanks for the reading.

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