European Map Design

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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Re: European Map Design

Post by Patchaman123 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:27 am

Imperious leader wrote:
Wed May 26, 2010 8:46 pm
Let's dissect this:

what's your translation? Maybe you can do better,
I already posted what the names of the territories were in a previous post. These are published from Rand McNally and another company dated 1940 and 1942. I also have one from 1943.

I have Russian maps from 1940,
This is your problem and it is not of our concern here because this map and the axis and allies games are published in ENGLISH, of which the world over is pretty much a standardized nomenclature when it comes to topography and regions and the representations found on most if not all cartography maps of this period.

that are good enough and a National Geographic map on Ebay can back me up.
There is no direct translation, you idiot.
When you start using this language your argument suffers.
I suppose you have a college degree, in Russian, am I right? Where's your college degree, show me? SHOW ME!
Masters in fact double major: History and Philosophy from Stanford University. Ever heard of it?

Oh and i have a minor in finance.

And knowing Russian wont help you, because we are talking about English maps, not Russian language.
You're a jackass. Where the hell is your knowledge?
you're right it is Called White Russian SSR. Let's call it, you're right about that.
And this is what you frequently do... protest against everything i say... then agree with it in the end. Is this supposed to be some circular reasoning joke where at some juncture you wake up and realized i was right after all?

I only posted what is in my ENGLISH maps. If you want to take soviet era maps and just keep the language exact, then do that for every nation so its accurate. If your dealing with an ENGLISH map you will conclude that my facts are correct in every instance. I am only concerned with the truth of the matter and don't really need your 'added value' language ( profanity actually).
You know! You're a real handful, you know that? Oh please! Just don't get me started! Of course, you're all about "proving" your point in a most surly and churlish manner, just so you can show who's boss. I'm sorry, "Impotent loser" if you don't like my Russian-language names for these former Soviet territories on a proposed map for A&A G40. There's a map on that uses these transliterated names. I think that you're just jealous because you can't read the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Re: European Map Design

Post by johnnymarr » Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:46 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, you resurrect this post from 2 years ago?

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