A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:12 pm

This Round Robin will involved the new nation that represent France, &, Italy only. The game variation of let's say British Empire versus Japan in the classic original game, much less A&A Pacific game is quire interesting. Still after so many versions of A&A games, it becomes to what you would consider to be the best experience. Play the classic version(the simplest game), or, a more complicated version with more different pieces & rules for like the 1940 Pacific game.

So with the 1940 Europe game, I will ignore the original nations, &, work with the newer ones. Also the narration will be cut down, with mostly the results only shown.

Also to give such low IPCs nations a chance, they will be allowed to go first, &, a diplomatic endings probably occur(like in the Round Robin for A&A 1914 game). There is no need for a actual full military victory, as it would drag out some scenarios(like waiting for Russia to build a navy to sail to the Med. Sea). Thanks Pellulo

PS found on loose leaf paper my original write up for the empires strike back, British Empire versus Japan---Allies Won. That was in the eighties before I & PC(internet & personal computers).

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:01 pm

Italian Scenarios: Italy versus each of the Allied Powers of British Empire/France(no scenario with U.S.S.R. & U.S.A.). Italy versus two Allied Powers of B.E. & France. None for Italy versus three or four Allied Powers. Why no scenarios with Soviets and American forces?, for the reason of distance, by the time their naval forces reach the Med. Sea, the game would probably be over.

In the single scenario, by the time Soviets/Americans reach the Med. Sea, Italy would have just hunker down by building up her naval & air forces. In the double game, Italy would probably sued for peace, for example a British Empire & Soviets scenario. Much less Italy versus three Allied nations, for example fighting against British Empire, U.S.S.R., &, U.S.A. For theses scenarios Italy would go first.

Now regular order of nations turn, for Italy and Germany, versus, two and three Allied powers. Axis(both), versus, two Allied powers of USSR & UK, USSR & USA, BE & USA, USSR & Fr., BE & Fr., and, finally USA & Fr.

For three Allied powers game, both Axis ,versus, USSR, UK, USA, and, USSR, Fr., USA, and, USSR, UK, Fr., and, finally UK, Fr., USA.

Finally a regular game with only regular player, no minor allies allowed. Also a game with the regular players, with the minor allies introduced/staggered throughout the game. The game will be played 12 rounds, each round will be 6 months, and it starts on round two(ignoring round one, which was "The Phony War Period" as the Western Front was static, from Sept. 1939 to Feb. 1940). Round Two is from 3-40 to 8-40, as minor allies will be introduced as they come into the conflict by historical dates. Each turn is a rotation of 6 months, so round three is Sept.-Feb. 1940-1941, with round four repeating the same months found in round two, and, so forth. So Greece will join the Allies before U.S.S.R., much less U.S.A.

If you want to bring in Spain/Turkey, some scenarios have those rules already written up. After all Turkey & allot nations join the Allies, in order to get UN founder status, and came in very late into the war(Turkey about less than 2 months before V-E day).

So beginning with Round Two March-August 1940, and, to Round 12 March-April-May(V-E Day). Only nations that are on the board pro Axis/Allies to either factions are used:
Americas-> Brazil IPC of 2(Allies 3 infantry), enters game round 6 , pro Allies,
Middle East->Iraq(Axis) and Iran(Allies), both are worth 2 IPCs & 2 infantry, Iraq enters round four pro Axis, but, by round five is pro Allies, while Iran(AKA Persia) enters round nine, is pro Allies,
Northern Europe-> Finland IPCs of 4(Axis 4 infantry), enters round 4 to 11 pro Axis, neutral round 12,
Balkans & S.E. Europe->Yugoslavia IPCs of 2(Allies 5 infantry), enters round four pro Allies, Bulgaria IPCs of 1(Axis 4 infantry), enters 4 to 11 pro Axis, by round 12 becomes pro Allies, and, Greece IPCs of 2(Allies 4 infantry) enters round 4, pro Allies.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:52 pm

Let the games begin, Italy versus British Empire(the latter making peace with GE. on the Western Front, but, still has forces left to deal with the "New Roman Empire") .

Round One: Italy builds sub. & trooper. Both fleets leave Italy & go off Egypt(leaving a Cruiser behind). British C & transport sunk for a lost of a It. Destroyer. Along the way troopers leave the two transports & took over undefended Malta & Jordan, also the remaining trooper & gun(artillery) are landed in Tobruk. Meanwhile Tobruk garrison(with fighter from S. Italy) crosses over into Alexandria, which defeat the defending garrison(for a lost of 3 troopers & 2 mobile infantry & all of British forces of 2 troopers, gun, tank, &, fighter).

Forces from N. Italy move to S. Italy, as British forces in France cannot enter Italy from that nation. Forces in Eastern Africa take over undefended British Somaliland, and, for a lost of a trooper each side, take over the Sudan.

British Empire builds 2 transports, 2 troopers, &, tank. Two troopers from S. Africa start to move up to Kenya, while trooper & gun pull out of Egypt. They retake Sudan, taking out the It. trooper for a lost of a gun, waiting for troopers from S. Africa. Land units in Fr. move to S. France awaiting transports(they cannot invade It. from France).

At sea DD off S. Africa heads for Red Sea, while fleets off Canada & U.K. head to Atlantic entrance to Med. Sea(to join A.C. & DD). Destroyer leaves A.C. with strategic bomber, and, enters Med. Sea off Gibraltar(that way It. cannot claim no British ships are in the Med. Sea). While fighters from London along with S.B(strategic bomber) from A.C. land in Gibraltar(along with landed trooper & tank from Canadian transport). Another transport with trooper from London, goes to Canada, &, picks up another trooper.

Italy goes to the Peace Table, another round its surface fleet & air will probably be history. Much less with its home islands being pick off, &, its land forces stranded in N. Africa. Offering Jordan & Malta back to the British, who would rather recover from the mess on the western front. Moderate Axis victory(IPCs Lost Axis 32 & Allies 54).

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:46 pm

Next scenario, let's us see if stabbing this Latin neighbor in the back, is so easy this time. Italian Empire versus French Empire.

Round One: Italy builds mobile infantry & 2 troopers. Both fleets go off S. France & destroy Fr. Fleet for lost of only a fighter. The two transports pick up from N. Africa 3 troopers & gun, which are landed in S. France(along with invading force crossing over from Northern Italy, &, forces from S. Italy moving towards Fr.). For no lost defending Fr. trooper & gun are destroyed, S. France falls!

From Alexandria tank & 2 mobile troops attach Fr. Tunisia. For a lost of a mobile the defending Fr. trooper is taken out, the colony falls!

France builds 4 troopers & gun. Moves C from North Sea & DD from East Africa to Med. Sea(Suez canal is closed to Fr., but, that does not let the Italians send a transport through the canal, to pick up troops in E. Africa & pick off undefended Fr. colonies). All forces from France & Normandy enter S. France, &, in ensuing battle with It. forces, only a Fr. tank survives(S. France is freed).

Trooper from Morocco moves into Algeria, &, trooper from Algeria moves into Tunisia. There the trooper & It. tank & mobile infantry, are all lost in battle.

Also It. has lost twice as many IPCs in round one, much less controlling only one territory as compared to four, in first scenario with the British Empire.

Round Two: It. builds in N. Italy trooper, gun, tank, &, fighter. Moves C & BB to Brest, &, another C to waters off west coast of Africa, to destroy Fr. fleets. Forces again from N. Italy invade S. France with lost of a trooper, to take out defending Fr. tank, S. France falls!

In Africa 3 troopers move from Libya to reinforce Tunisia.

France builds sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Forces from France retake S. France again, while DD works it way up the coast of West Africa.

Round Three: It. builds sub., tank, gun, &, 3 troopers. Tunisia forces capture undefended Algeria, while at sea C meets Fr. DD off W. Africa, &, both are lost. Also fleet attacks Fr. fleet at Brest, only damage It. BB survives.

Again from N. Italy invasion of S. France, again it is taken. Fr. cannot put enough forces there to hold it.

Fr. builds 5 troopers. Garrison from France fails to retake S. France, leaving only a It. tank as the lone survivor.

Round Four: Italy builds fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers. Algeria troopers reach & take undefended Morocco, also damaged BB on its way back to home port. Tank in S. France rolls through unprotected Normandy and joins the forces from N. Italy in France. France falls!

Except for a trooper in U.K., Syria, &, W. Africa the French forces are wiped out, Italian navy is reduced to at sea a damaged BB, sub., &, 2 transports. Garrison forces in E. Africa & tank in Albania that never saw combat(that are in combat 3 troopers in Morocco, &, 2 tanks, &, gun, &, trooper in France).

I gave It. full credit for bonuses for controlling Med. Sea & S. France. Without the extra income, Fr. probably be in Northern Italy by now. Losses were not cheap for Italy, Allied IPCs lost were 134, &, Axis 133. Major win for Italy, marred by losses in IPCs.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:41 pm

Next Axis Italy versus Allied French and British Empires. Italy could hunker down, take it all out on one enemy empire(who you hate the most), or, take as much territories as possible to negotiate at the peace table.

Round One: Italy builds 3 troopers. Moves transport from S. Italy, lands troopers on undefended Malta & Cyprus, while a second transport will try to land a trooper & tank(from Albania) onto Egypt. Meanwhile 2 troopers from Libya, &, a mobile infantry from Tobruk ,
take Tunisia for a lost of an trooper(while a trooper from Tobruk moves to Libya to cover the coastline).

At sea off Alexandria 2C, &, transport battle fleet defending Alexandria. For a lost of a C, the British fleet is destroyed, now Tobruk garrison and landed tank & transport take Alexandria. In Italian East Africa trooper from Somaliland takes over undefended British Somaliland, &, trooper from Ethiopia takes over undefended British Kenya. Finally forces in N. Italy roll over & take over S. France.

Italy has taken over three territories that have no point value, &, three that have point value. Overall for just Italy's turn Axis IPCs lost is 37, while the Allies are Fr. 43 and B.E. 45(more than twice the Axis lost). Italy has gone from 10 IPCS, to additional 5 for conquest & 10 for bonuses, for a total of 25 IPCs.

France builds sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Trooper in U.K. moves onto British transport off Wales(Western U.K.). Moves trooper from Morocco to reinforce Algeria, send DD off Kenya to Red Sea, &, C in North Sea heads for Brest. Part of France garrison & trooper from Normandy move to S. France, &, retake it. The remaining garrison from France invades & takes Northern Italy(only Fr. tank is left after battle). Here the IPCs lost are reverse as Fr. loss 26, &, Axis lose 32.

British Empire builds 2 troopers, mobile infantry, gun, tank, &, transport. Cruiser off S. America, Canadian DD & transport(with trooper & tank), fleets off U.K. all head for Gibraltar(the latter on the Med. Sea side). Transport off Wales loads & unloads trooper onto Normandy. Two troopers from S. Africa move to Rhodesia, forces in France move to N. Italy to reinforce the Allies.

Two fighter fly from U.K. to France, while a third flies to off Sicily. There the fighter joins British A.C. & tactical bomber and DD, versus, It. BB & C. Only the aircraft survive, with no A.C. left, they land in French Algeria.

The British lose 24 IPCs & again the Axis lose more at 32 IPCs.

Peace breaks out with a most(est) minor Axis victory. In order for Italy to get back Northern Italy(worth 4 IPCs), they have to trade back 2 territories worth a point each, &, 3 they have no point value. In order to save face, Italy has joint control over Malta(probably the most worthless portion). The Allies go with this because for a third turn, Italy would probably take over Egypt, Tangangyika, &, Jordan(with a sea landing), &, hunker down in S. Italy building 8 more troopers. Of course holding onto all that in Africa & Mid. East with no reinforcements is one thing(by then no Axis navy left & no bonuses), but, still it would be a few rounds for the Allies, to take Italy out of the war.

Final IPCs for the Axis losses 101, &, all Allies 138. Another such victory like this & Italy will be ruin.
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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:07 am

Next scenario with regular nation rotation, Italy & Germany versus French & British Empire.

GE. builds sub., fighter, TB, &, trooper. Two U-boats in Atlantic attack Canadian transport & DD, for a lost of a sub. they are sunk. Also 3 U-boats attack British DD & transport off western U.K.(Wales), lost of 2 U-boats & all British.

All GE. air(sans fighter in Norway) of 3 fighters, 3 TB, &, regular bomber, attack British fleet off UK & Scotland(facing North Sea) of 2 BB, DD, C, &, 3 land base fighters. Losses Axis 3 fighters & 2 TB,&, Allies both BBs damaged & DD lost. Surviving GE. air land in Denmark.

GE. fleet off Germany of fighter from Norway, BB, C, & transport, attack Allied fleet in Sea Zone #112 of Brit. & Fr. cruisers. Losses GE. BB damaged, &, fighter, with all Allies.

Forces from Holland, Western & Southern Greater Germany invade France(while the rest stat to move towards France). GE. 6 troopers, 4 mobile infantry, 2 guns, &, 5 tanks, versus, Brits. trooper, gun, &, tank, and, Fr. 6 troopers, fighter, gun, &, tank. France falls, only mobile infantry, gun, &, 5 tanks survive.

British Empire builds 2 tanks & gun(for S. Africa), &, trooper & gun. Moves both S. African troopers to Rhodesia, with forces in Alexandria & Sudan moving back to Egypt. Also transport off Egypt carries trooper & gun, lands and take Ethiopia, by taking out both It. troopers(for a lost of an gun).

Fighter from U.K. with 2 damaged BBs & C, go to waters off Denmark & attack GE. damaged BB, C, transport, with land bases TB. Only one damaged Brits. BB survive.

A.C. with TB & DD joins Fr. fleet off waters of Southern France. There a fighter from U.K. lands on A.C. & another lands in S. France. Also South African DD heads for Red Sea, &, C off South America heads for Gibraltar.

Italy builds fighter. Moves both fleets(sans transports) to water off S. France. Here BB, C, 2 DDs, 2 fighters from mainland, versus, Fr. C & DD, and, British A.C. with TB & fighter, DD, &, land base fighter in S. France. Only British A.C. survives the sea battle.

In N.W. Africa, 2 troopers from Libya enter Tunisia defended by Fr. trooper, all lost, the colony is still French. Also transport with trooper & tank from Albania land in Algeria, defended by Fr. trooper. Losses trooper each side, Algeria falls. While another transport lands 2 troopers(from S. Italy) in Morocco defended by Fr. trooper, losses a trooper each side, that colony falls!

In N.E. Africa Tobruk garrison takes over undefended Alexandria, &, in trooper in It. Somaliland retakes Ethiopia defeating British trooper.

Meanwhile in Europe N. Italy forces invade S. France, of 2 troopers, 2 guns, &, tank. versus, Fr. trooper & gun. Losses trooper & gun, &, Fr. all, Southern France has fallen. Tank is destroyed trying to take Normandy.

Fr. cannot build, moves trooper from Syria to Jordan, trooper in W. Africa to move to Egypt, while DD off Fr. Madagascar moves to Red Sea.

Major Axis victory, with France falling so fast in the first round, a scenerio with U.S.S.R. & France, and, U.S.A. & France, would lead to the same situation, in the first round(even with three allies). GE. & It. have very little navies or air power left, but, the former land forces are pretty much intact. To get the Axis out of France, the four remaining Fr. African colonies are handed over to the Axis, &, France is demilitarized(not S. France and Normandy), with rights to use Fr. ports. U.K. navies are still there in a weaken state, and, they can hunker down in the home islands, but, knows it has become very hard to protect Africa.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:12 pm

Next It. & Germany versus British Empire & U.S.S.R.

Round One: GE. builds BB & 3 subs. Moves fleet into Soviet waters, to challenge thier fleet, off the Baltic States. Soviet fleet is destroyed, but, GE. BB is damaged. Transport lands trooper & gun, with BB & C shelling, the Baltic States fall, for no Axis lose. Other land forces in Eastern Europe attack the U.S.S.R., Bossarabi & Eastern Poland fall also(attack on Uk. fails).

Meanwhile at sea, 3 U-boats attack & sink Canadian DD & transport(for a lost of 2 subs.), &, British transport off Wales sunk(another sub. lost). Also in sea Zone #12, off tip of Norway, Allied British Cruiser, attack by 3 TBs & U-boat. Axis lose a sub., &, Allies all.

IPCs lost by GE are 36, U.S.S.R 51, &, British Empire 34.

U.S.S.R builds trooper, gun, mech. infantry, tank, &, fighter. Move sub. to off Norway's coast, attacks convoy & scores a lost of 3 IPCs for Germany. Most land forces are too scatterd from the front, but, manage to retake the Baltic States.

IPCs lost by U.S.S.R. 3, &, Germany 10.

British Empire builds DD(Canada), 2 troopers, gun, &, fighter(U.K.), &, tank(S.A.). Off Gibraltor A.C.(with TB & fighter flown in from U.K.) & DD, enter Med. Sea still off Gibraltor. Another fighter from U.K. lands onto Gibraltor.

From South Africa 2 troopers begin to move towards Egypt, &, DD heads for same. Forces from Alexandria retreat into Egypt. Transport picks up trooper & gun from Egypt, &, with trooper from Kenya, invade Ethiopia defended by It. 2 troopers. The country is freed for lost of an trooper.

Fleets around U.K. cocenentrate off London, while trooper goes to Scotland. Also C off South America heads for Gibraltor.

IPCs lost 3, Italy 6.

Italy builds 3 troopers & submarine. Tobruk garrison takes undefended Alexandria, &, trooper takes Kenya from It. Somaliland. Fleets(sans transports) attack British Fleet off Spain, with 2 fighters from Italy. Battle BB, 2 Cs, DD, &, 2 land base fighters, versus, British A.C. with TB & fighter, DD, &, land base fighter. Only damaged AC left, with It. transports landing a trooper in Malta & Cyprus, &, another landing a tank & trooper from Albania onto Tobruk(also a trooper moves from Libya to Tobruk).

Finally from N. Italy, a trooper, gun, &, tank head for "The Russian Front".

IPCs lost Italy 72 IPCs, &, British Empire 47. Italy has lost a territory, gained four(unfortunitly only one has a point value, of just one). It would take, if at peace, 7 rounds to make up for losses, much less keep reinforcements flowing to Africa, by round two has Italy allready shot her bolt?

Round Two: GE. builds 2 troopers, artillery, fighter, &, 2 submarines. Sub. off Canada retreats to North Sea, not wanting to deal with Canadian DD.

On Eastern Front Axis take Uk., Western Uk., &, retake the Baltic States, is a breakout next round? IPCs lost 15 & U.S.S.R. 52.

As Opeation Sea Lion goes ahead, GE. air & sea fleets attack British fleet off UK, while lone transport heads for
Scotland. Two troopers land(from Denmark & Norway), &, one lost to take out defending trooper, Scotland falls! Battle for sea dominance, 2 BBs(one damaged), 3 subs., C, 2 fighters, &, 2 TB, versus, British 2 BBs, 2 DDs, C, &, 2 land base fighters. Losses all but 2 damaged British BBs left, with Axis fighter & TB returning to bases.

Foresight, perhaps a fully repaired BB, or, two more transports with guns & tanks(for the landing in Scotland). The resources could have been spent, to keep the fleet on the defensive, &, more land units for the attack on the Soviets. The IPCs tell the story losses Axis 101, &, British Empire 48. GE. can do a Sea Lion or a Barbarossa, but, not both at the same time.

U.S.S.R. builds 5 tanks, 2 mech. infantry, &, 1 trooper. Moves sub. off Norway, where it sinks a GE. transport. Counterattack on Russian Front, takes back W. Uk., but, fails in E. Poland(all attackers & defenders wiped out). IPCs lost 15, &, GE. 31.

British Empire builds DD & fighter(U.K.), transport(Canada), &, trooper & tank(South Africa). Cruiser from S. America arrives off Gibraltor, also A.C. joins another C from Egypt. Sea Battle C off Egypt, &, DD from Red Sea, each ship sinks an It. transport(off Malta & Cyprus).

South African forces move towards Kenya, while transport moves trooper & gun back from Ethiopia to Egypt as reinforcements.

In North Sea, Canadian DD sinks GE. U-boat, &, U.K. garrison(2 troopers & gun) retake back Scotland(for a lost of a trooper each side). IPCs lost 3, It. 14, GE. 9.

Italy builds fighter, finally the big push into Egypt from Alexandria, 2 tanks(one from Tobruk), 2 Mech. Infantry, 4 troopers, &, gun, versus, British 3 troopers, 2 guns, tank, &, fighter. Losses only British tank & fighter survive. Trooper retreats from Kenya, &, takes undefended Sudan.

Sub. off Italy attacks British C & AC off Malta, AC damaged & sub. sank. Trooper, gun, &, tank, enter Hungary on way to Russian Front. Seven troopers are cut off from reinforcements in Africa, S.E. Europe, &, islands in the Med. Sea.

Round Three: GE. builds 2 tanks, mech. infantry, trooper, artillery, transport, &, T. Bomber. Moves 2 subs. pass the Danish Straits, &, attacks Soviet sub. off Scotland, losses a sub. each side.

Eastern Front attacks towards major cities continue, with Western Uk. retaken, &, also Rostov and Novgorod(Leningrad is there). IPCs lost 27 & Soviets 47. Germany needs to break out into Soviet heartland, before a Western Front/landings in Italy appears.

U.S.S.R. builds 4 troopers, gun, mech. infantry, tank, &, fighter. On Eastern Front using froces from Russia, blocks entry to Stalingrad & Caucasus. Also takes back Novgorod, where Leningrad is located. IPCs lost 17 & GE. 43.

In all of U.S.S.R., not counting builds, they are 2 troopers, 3 tanks, &, fighter. GE. has 4 tanks & 2 troopers(with 10 troopers, 3 guns, 3 tanks, bomber, 2 fighters, &, 2 T.Bombers in rest of Nazi Empire). The Soviets need one bad offensive/defensive battle, then the Germans take over. Needs British Empire to accelerate its picking away at the Axis powers, before it is too late.

British Empire builds in U.K. fighter, &, transport, and, in South Africa transport & trooper. Taking undefended Kenya from Tanganyika Territory with 2 trooper & tank(latter continues onward to take undefended It. Somaliland). While transport moves from Red Sea to coastline of Kenya. Forces in Egypt take back Alexandria for no lost, while tank from Congo versus defending trooper in Sudan(both lost).

Off Malta damaged A.C. goes to Gibraltor where it joins a cruiser stationed there. Another C set itself off the Egyptian coast.

Destroyer off Ireland & BB off London, go off Scotland and sink GE. U-boat for no loss. Transport from Canada get to U.K. on Welsh side(debark forces for now), also where BB off London joins the transport. While in Canada trooper from Ontario moves to Quebec. IPCs lost for all sides 6. British need to control Africa, in order to lauch future sea invasions.

It. builds fighter & artillery gun. From N. Italy, Mech. Infantry unit moves to catch up with forces in Romania, traveling to Eastern Front. While fighter from S. Italy attacks and sinks commonwealth DD off Cyrus(fighter lost also). Losses IPCs 10 & British 8.

Round Four: GE. builds 3 troopers, 2 guns, mech. infantry, tank, sub., &, fighter. Moves by transport 2 troopers to Norway, &, a gun and trooper for Denmark, as reinforcements in case of any Allied landings. More reinforcements to hold the line in Eastern Front, but, still takes Byransk, Belarus, &, retake Baltic States.

At sea, through the Danish Straits a U-boat(along with T.B. & 2 fighters) attacks a DD off London(2 land based fighters in U.K.). Losses sub. and fighter, &, Allies all. IPCs lost 16, Soviets 6, &, British 28.

Russia builds trooper, gun, mech. infantry, fighter, &, 3 tanks. Counterattacks on Eastern Front retakes, Uk., Bryansk, &, Belarus. Both sides are exhausted, Soviets & Germans are sending in units, to try to get to the tipping point of winning. Even though many battles are fought piecemeal, without the luxury of building up forces adequately. This see-saw situation of taking & retaking the same provinces can only last so long.

IPCs lost Soviets 29, &, GE. 42.

British Empire builds trooper, gun, 2 fighters, all in U.K. Transport lands into Egypt from Red Sea, a trooper(from Kenya) & tank (from It. Somaliland). Another transport leaves South Africa with a trooper bound for Egypt. While a trooper from Kenya recaptures the undefended Sudan, &, armor from Egypt takes out It. defending trooper and captures Tobruk.

Fleets off Gibraltar & Egypt meet off Malta, with fighter from Egypt landing on A.C. Also 2 transports with a trooper, pick up from Normandy, trooper, gun, &, tank(what is left of B.E.F.). Along with 2 BBs, &, C go offshore of Norway. Shelling takes down 2 of 3 GE. defending troopers(they are back up by GE. fighter and TB). The landed British force of 2 troopers, gun, &, tank take Norway by force(only the tank is the lone survivor). IPCs lost 10, It. 3, &, GE. 30.

Italy builds 4 troopers. Forces on Eastern Front take Uk., along with a fighter & mech. infantry coming up as reinforcements(the latter in Bessarabia). Still the situation in Africa is a disaster(Libya is holding out), with the forces on Malta & Cyprus & Albania cut off, &, no defense for the home islands. IPCs lost 7 & Soviets 6.

Round Five: GE. builds C, T.B., mech. infantry, tank, artillery, &, 2 troopers. On Eastern Front mostly trying to fortifying for future counterattacks, still again Belarus taken & Norway(the latter, not so much for the nation, but, to keep the bonus & Allied navies from crossing the Danish Straits, still Norway is a strain on resources). IPCs lost GE. 10, Soviets 12, &, British 6.

Soviets build trooper, gun, 2 tanks, 2 mobile infantry, &, fighter. Easter Front counterattacks, Uk. from It., &, Belarus, &, W. Uk., &, Baltic States, from Germany. IPCs lost 24, It. IPCs 6, &, GE. 28.

British Empire builds in U.K., fighter, tank, 2 troopers, gun, &, transport. Transport leaves tank in Egypt, picks up another trooper, &, with C shelling & hitting lone defending It. trooper on Cyprus. The island is taken!, after troopers land and with no losses.

Tank in Tobruk takes out defending It. trooper in Libya, for no lost, colony falls. Second transport with a trooper arrives off Egypt, &, the fleet off Malta joins it.

Reinvaded & Norway taken, two BBs scoring a hit in shelling, &, landed forces take over. IPCs lost B.E. 7, It. 6, &, GE. 7.

It. builds tank & trooper. Holds on defense on Eastern Front, while a trooper from N. Italy starts to move there.

Peace breaks out, the Axis sue for it, moderate Allies victory. GE. constantly normally losses most of what is taken in U.S.S.R., even with plans to buy a small industrial site, closer to the front. The Soviets would just mimic them, along with the constant losses of retaking Norway(if lost Allies transports could sail to U.S.S.R.), to try to keep the Danish Straits closed. Norway has become a white elephant, mush less any potential sea landings.

For the U.S.S.R. it emerges intact, with a greater percentage of the lost for the Allies. They might have been able to kick the Axis out, but, would have found the same problems of distance plaguing them, in a drive to Berlin.

U.K. cost the GE. to spend allot in mounting a failed Sea Lion, which gave less resources for the Eastern Front. Also kicking It. out of
Africa, &, controlling the sea and air in the Med. Sea.

Italy is hunkering down in N. & S Italy, and, sending some forces to Eastern Front. But with a IPC of 10, how long would that last.

Not giving up freed nations under Axis rule(Ethiopia & Norway), Axis forces clear out of U.S.S.R., &, Malta. Italy gets back Libya, &, Tobruk(with half of latter to comp. GE., for the lost of Norway). Also only police force, no military in N. Africa, for the Axis. Along with It. navy only allowed to function in seas around Italy. Finally the Danish Straits is opened for all powers, no militarization of its waters, all the way to the Soviets.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

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Next a setup that puts the U.S.A., in a tight spot, but, maybe the Allies can pull it off. Axis powers, versus, U.S.A. & U.S.S.R.

The Axis powers have to block the North Sea, &, the Med. Sea Atlantic entrance. It is easier to do that, than actually attack the East Coast. It. knows its troops are cut off in East Africa, but, it is not worth the Allies to maybe attack there(also the Suez Canal is closed ). Reinforce her forces in the Med. Sea area, but, build up its naval forces.

GE. needs to strike hard at U.S.S.R. and keep the Americans from forcing through a convoy, much less do it before the Axis navies are worn out. The old "one more division" to take Moscow is quite true, if your spending most of your IPCs for naval fleets.

Soviets need to trade some space for time, &, hit hard in counterattacks to keep the Axis off balance, while the U.S. needs to force its way into one or both objectives(Med. Sea/North Sea).

Round One: Germany builds sub., 2 DDs, &, MIC(minor industrial complex) for Romania. Reconfigures coastal defensive for Western Europe, from Belgium to Norway(especially the latter, with two more troopers moved there by transport). Moves forces eastwards, &, attack the whole Eastern Front. Taken are Bessarabia, Eastern Poland, &, Baltic States.

Also fleet of BB, C, &, TB, destroys Soviet fleet of BB & transport(GE. BB damaged). Two subs. sink off East Coast of U.S., DD & transport, for a lost of one submarine. While another submarine heads for Sea Zone #125, &, 2 more head for East Coast. IPCs lost, GE. 28, USSR 51, &, US 15.

U.S.S.R. builds 2 tanks, 2 mech. infantry, trooper & gun. Soviets try to stabilize the front, especially if defense hopefully outnumbers the attacker. Leave no open spaces for blitzing!

Heavy air losses but half of the GE. tanks are wiped out, &, Bessarabia, Eastern Poland, &, Baltics States are retaken. IPCs lost USSR 31, &, GE. 30.

U.S.A. builds trooper, fighter, 2 DDs, &, submarine. Forces move to East coast(sans trooper & mech. infantry).

Italy builds fighter, reposition forces for any coastal landings, send forces to Eastern Front, &, sends fleet to Atlantic side of Gibraltar.

Round Two: GE. builds 3 tanks in Romania & BB off Berlin. Battles on the Eastern Front, GE. retakes the same areas captured in round one(retaken by Soviets in round one).

At sea damaged BB returns to port for repairs. Fleet goes to Sea Zone #12, as the only entrance to Danish Straits. The English Channel and U.K. Home Waters are closed to all Axis and Allies. Sub. still on guard on Sea Zone #125, convoy route to U.S.S.R. Three U-Boats, due to U.S. destroyers leave the Americas to join It. fleet off Gibraltar(Atlantic side).

IPCs lost GE. 13, &, Soviets 26.

U.S.S.R. is in a tight fix, to retake those provinces again, would lead to most of its attacking forces to be lost, but, to not attack can be just as worse. Soviets build 5 troopers, 3 Mech. Infantry, gun, &, tank.

Moves from Sea Zone #127 to 125, sub. attacks & sinks GE. sub., for no lost. Soviets will try to hold in the south, &, counterattack in the north only. Takes back Eastern Poland, &, the Baltic States. IPCs lost Soviets 21, &, 44 for GE.

U.S.A. builds 3 BBs, with fleet & air power, it can now strike Axis fleet off Atlantic side of Gibraltar. Next round with building of A.C.s and transports, the fleet will be ready to sail, can Russia hold?

It. builds sub. & DD, still moving forces to Eastern Front, Polish Sector. Due to distance, these forces are group together, rather than scattered about the front. Trying to have 2 units on each of its islands, &, colonies(with 5 units for defense on N. & S. Italy). IPCs spent will be for its navy, air, &, land units for defense. Forces for Russian Front are minimal, as the Axis cannot afford a second front, in the Med. Sea area, if the U.S.N. gets a foothold.

Round Three: GE. builds 2 DDs, 3 troopers, &, 2 tanks. GE. reinforces Poland, Hungary, Bessarabia, &, retakes W. Ukraine(no more attempts, on any other areas, need to build up forces).

At sea another sub. joins Italian fleet off Gibraltar(Atlantic side), while another sub. sinks Soviet sub. in Sea Zone #125(from S.Z. #127, GE. sub. lost also). Two DDs try to join It. fleet, if they can avoid U.S. air power. While a transport moves 2 troopers from Norway to Poland escorted by a BB(also a fighter lands in Denmark).

IPCs lost GE. 6 & Soviets 9.

U.S.S.R. builds tactical bomber, fighter, trooper, gun, mech. infantry/mobile infantry, tank, &, submarine. Takes back W. Uk. , &, Nazi controlled Poland! Unfortunately the northern part of the Eastern Front is weakly held, while the southern portion is strongly held. IPCs lost GE. 44 & Soviets 24.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, A.C. with tactical bomber & fighter, sub., &, trooper. Moves sea & air fleet(they will land in West Indies), &, attacks Axis fleet off Gibraltar(Atlantic side). U.S. forces of bomber, 2 fighters, 3 BBs, 2 DDs, &, submarine, versus, GE. 3 subs, and, It. BB, 2 Cs, &, DD. Losses US air of only bomber left, &, at sea 3 damaged BBs, &, 2 DDs are left. IPCs lost for GE. 18, Italy 52, &, U.S.A. 56(I factor in half the value of each damaged BB).

Italy builds 2 troopers & a fighter. Transport to N. Italy from Libya, 2 Mech. Infantry, &, from S. Italy to Libya 2 troopers. From Hungary retakes Poland for the Axis. At sea attacks U.S. fleet of 3 damaged BBs & 2 DDs, with a DD & submarine(no air they are too far away). Losses only three damaged U.S. BBs are left. Losses in IPCs U.S. 16, Soviets 18, &, It. 20.

Round Four: GE. builds artillery, infantry, mech. infantry, tank, fighter, &, submarine. Two DDs pass on joining It. fleet, due to Allied air power, instead they both go to Sea Zone #125. On Eastern Front with 2 troopers moved from Denmark to the undefended Baltic States(via a transport escorted by a BB). Also Uk., Western Uk., &, Eastern Poland are taken. Could the Soviets retake them, are they finally running out of combat forces? IPCs lost GE. 6, &, U.S.S.R. 20.

U.S.S.R. has inadequate units, to try to take back all the lost provinces, could this be the beginning of the end for the Soviets? Builds sub., 4 tanks, 2 troopers, mech. infantry, &, gun. Goes on a sluggish limited offensive, retakes only UK. & Eastern Poland.

At sea sub. leaves Karelia & sinks GE. DD stationed at Sea Zone #125(sub. lost also). This should get some extra IPCs for next round,
&, IPCs lost Soviets 14, and, GE. 24.

U.S.A. builds transport, DD, C, fighter, tactical bomber, tank, gun. Does not move three damaged BBs back to East Coast for repairs, they go into the Med. Sea, off Tunisia. Invasion fleet arrives off Gibraltar(Atlantic side).

Italy builds 3 troopers & a sub., takes the bait, &, remaining air force(all 3 fighters), attack three damaged U.S. BBs. Sink 2 BBs & lose whole air force. Transport reinforce with a trooper Sardinia & Sicily. Eastern Front 2 Mech. Infantry move to Hungary from N. Italy, &, forces in Poland retake E. Poland. IPCs lost Italy 37, U.S.S.R. 13, &, U.S.A. 20(again assigned only half value of a damaged capital ship).

Round Five: Germany builds A.C., 2 troopers, gun, mech. infantry, &, 2 tanks. GE. may not like it, but, to send land forces to Italy, would weaken the Eastern Front, perhaps a naval task force would help in the Med. Sea(the old one more big push, is too W.W. One-ish).

All GE. naval forces to assemble on Sea Zone #125.

On Eastern Front using defensive air power based in Denmark & Norway, for this turn(no losses due to AA fire), in taking Leningrad in Novgorod. From Rumania a tank & mech. infantry enter GE. control Bessarabia and take Ukraine with air power(a fighter & tactical bomber will be sent back to help out in Italy). IPCs losses GE. 6, &, U.S.S.R 19.

U.S.S.R. builds 3 troopers, gun, mech. infantry, tank, &, fighter. Counterattack Eastern Front in a most frugal & economical way(bang for bucks), takes back Uk., Western Uk., Baltic States, &, Novgorod. Losses are heavy, &, three front line districts are held by only lone infantry unit. IPCs lost It. 6(all Italy has left on E.F. are a fighter & 2 mech. infantry units), GE. 29, Soviets 27.

U.S.A. builds A.C., BB, DD, trooper, &, bomber. Fleet to link up with damaged BB off Tunisia, another fleet leaves East Coast for Italy, with a transport(has armor & mech. infantry). Another bomber flies back to East Coast from W. Indies.

Italy builds fighter, moves transports & sub. together. On Easter Front forces attack Baltic States, fighter lands back in Poland, while 2 mech. infantry take out defending soviet armor(unfortunately the mech. units are all destroyed). IPCs lost It. 8 & Soviets 6.

Round Six: GE. builds Minor Industrial Complex in Poland, tactical bomber, 2 tanks, trooper, gun, &, mech. infantry. Transport unescorted to undefended Vyborg drops a trooper & gun. BB & AC joins rest of fleet at Sea Zone #125, &, fighter & tactical bomber from Norway, land on AC. Two mech. infantry from Germany, go through Axis Poland, &, enter and take undefended Baltic States(if they were station in Poland instead, one mech. infantry could have taken also undefended Belarus). Eastern Poland falls with help of tactical bomber & fighter on the way to the Italian front(they land in N. Italy). Also Uk. falls & attack on Western Uk. fails.

IPCs lost GE. 17 & Soviets 15.

U.S.S.R. builds 4 troopers, sub., 2 mech. infantry, &, 2 tanks. Submarine goes to Sea Zone #125 & damages GE. BB(sub. lost). Counterattacks are needed in order to avoid Axis forces from doing a blitz next turn. Soviets do a blitz of their own, armor goes from W. Uk. to undefended Bessarabia, &, then destroys GE. armor & takes Ukraine. Also retakes Vyborg & Baltic States, IPCs lost Soviets 9 and GE. 21.

U.S.A. builds, if taken Minor Industrial Complex and Naval Base and Anti-Aircraft gun, for Tunisia, &, for East Coast 2 BBs & Mech. Infantry unit. Fleet outside entrance to Med. Sea, enters and joins damaged BB waiting for it, off Tunisia. Meanwhile the original fleet does a Operation Torch and takes Libya, landing two transports, and, for no lost taking out the It. 2 troopers. The fighters for this fleet fly out and sink both It. transports off the west coast of Italy. IPCs lost It. 20.

The temptation to take out S. Italy was strong, but, the U.S. wants to take it, and, hold it(not lose it on It. turn). Still the Med. Sea is starting to look pretty much green in color.

It. builds fighter. On Eastern Front fighter flies in & destroys armor in Baltic States, returns to Poland. Also lone trooper arrives in Poland. Tobruk garrison attacks U.S. forces in Libya, destroying a trooper(garrison is also wiped out). IPCs lost Italy 7 & U.S. 3. & GE. 6.

Round Seven: GE. builds sub., fighter, 3 troopers, 2 mech. infantry, &, tank. Moves fleet to off Iceland, transport returns to GE., &, attacks continue on Eastern Front. Due to Blitzing armor takes Bessarabia & Uk., also W. Uk., Baltic States, Belarus, &, Eastern Poland falls. Largest Axis expansion in the game, the road to three major soviets cities, has been opened up.

Meanwhile fighter stays in N. Italy, &, tactical bomber moves to S. Italy. IPCs lost 3 & Soviets 23.

U.S.S.R. builds 2 troopers, 2 guns, 2 mech. infantry, &, 2 tanks. Counterattacks along whole Eastern Front takes back Uk.(blocking path to Stalingrad), W. Uk.(ditto for Moscow), Belarus(ditto for Leningrad), &, Baltic States. Sub. leaves Home Waters to go to space Sea Zone #125, &, maybe chase GE. fleet. IPCs lost Soviets 3 & GE. 22.

U.S.A. builds in East Coast transport, tank, tactical and strategic bombers, &, in Libya 2 tanks, &, fighter. Moves from East Coast to off Iceland, air fleet of 2 bombers, &, regular fleet of 2 BBs, A.C. with fighter & tactical bomber, &, DD. There they meet & battle GE. fleet of damaged & undamaged BBs, sub., C, 3 DDs, A.C. with fighter and tactical bomber. Losses only 2 damaged U.S. battleships
are left.

On west side of S. Italy, DD & sub. versus It. sub.(both subs. lost). Landing on east side of S. Italy, BB & defending gun score a hit, defending forces eliminated. U.S. takes 10 IPC from the Italy, Rome is taken! IPCs losses U.S. 133, GE. 120, &, It. 35.

It. builds nothing, U.S. took Rome & its IPCs(U.S. IPCs count has gone up to 69). From N. Italy a trooper moves alone to S. Italy, no conflict, Peace has broken out. Italy has enough land forces to maybe take back S. Italy, but, knows it cannot hold it before the U.S. probably retakes it next turn(does not want to turn S. Italy into the new frontline). The GE. fighter in N. Italy is not much help, the GE. rescue fleet was destroyed, &, their is no more land forces in the pipeline.

Gives up Ethiopia and Libya(US help turn the latter one into a nation), can keep Tobruk & Somaliland, with no military forces in them. Forces on Eastern Front can defend, but, are to return home, also US will keep air, sea, &, land forces in S. Italy. Along with any It. sea & air & land forces are for defense only, GE. cannot complain(forces in N. Italy can easily overrun Germany).

GE. is doing a constant flip flop on the Eastern Front, moves ahead and gets pushed back, to where they started. They cannot deal with a Southern or Western Front(there is more troopers on seacoast defense, than on the whole Eastern Front!). GE. agrees to pull out of U.S.S.R., and, Norway(U.S. forces station there to keep the Danish Straits opened). Also keep its navy in the North Sea, and, with the Soviets, pull out of Poland(keep that as a buffer state).

Again Soviets cannot complain, it is a long way to Berlin, and, they will get Marshall Plan Aid, with some for S. Italy(the Axis can help each other).

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