A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:12 pm

Next scenario, Allies dream team of U.K. & U.S.A. versus the Axis powers. If U.K. can survive an Operation Sealion, then fighting in Europe, will be mostly Air & Sea. In Africa you will get land battles, take over the continent, from there build an air base to start bombing Europe. With control of the sea & air, then the Allies can start building an invasion fleet, of course the Axis will disagree.

All the Axis have to do, is hold onto Fortress Europe/Battleground North Africa, with up to 12 rounds, both sides could find themselves in an impasse.

Round One: GE. builds DD, A.C., fighter, &, A.A. gun for Norway. Moves forces to reinforce coastlines, and, into Italy(to allow Italy to send land forces to Africa). Transport loads 2 troopers(one for Norway/one for Scotland or London), only if Sea Lion because possible for the latter. Massive sea and air attacks to destroy British naval & air forces, a GE. trooper actually lands & is wiped out with the lone British trooper defending London(the other trooper was landed in Norway!, the Axis failed to think what to do, if London had really fallen ).

Losses U.K. 3 fighters, trooper, BB, 2 Cs, DD, transport(IPCs 92), &, GE. 4 fighters, trooper, 4 subs.(IPCs 67), both sides have a damaged BB.

If GE. had landed 2 troopers, instead of one, they would have taken over London. Of course before the round was out, British forces would have probably retaken their capital. Especially A.C. with tactical bomber from Gibraltar, DD & transport from Canada with trooper & tank, damaged BB & C off Scotland, the lone GE. trooper would not been able to hold out. Still GE. could have offered peace, pulled the trooper out, for something symbolic, like Cyprus(minor Axis victory). After all for the Allies having lost U.K.'s IPCs to GE., even for one round, could have been a disaster. As with many battle plans the symbolic "if we had one more division syndrome".

U.S.A. builds trooper, gun, BB, 2 transports, DD, fighter, &, tactical bomber. Moves DD & transport(with trooper & gun) to Gibraltar, with fighter & bomber landing there.

British Empire builds in South Africa Mech. Infantry and tank. Fighter, 2 troopers, &, DD for United Kingdom. Moves transport from Canada of trooper & tank landing in Scotland(also a DD from Canada that sinks a sub. off western U.K.).

Cruiser off Brazil heads for Gibraltar, off Scotland(North Sea) damaged BB, C, &, DD(from Gibraltar)go to off London and engage GE. damaged BB, C, &, transport(all lost both sides). Leaving from South Africa a Commonwealth DD reaches the Red Sea, along with 2 troopers head for Eastern Africa.

Trooper from Sudan enter Kenya to cover it, while transport from Egypt of trooper & gun debarks in Ethiopia wipes out defending It. 2 troopers(the nation is freed, for a lost of a gun). Meanwhile forces in Alexandria retreat to Egypt. Along with forces in France move to Normandy.

At sea fleets meet off Malta of AC with TB, &, C(with fighter from Alexandria). Both planes attack It. fleet off Sicily, for no lost & return to land on A.C.(sink a DD & transport leaving a C).

Losses U.K. of BB, C, DD, &, gun(44 IPCs). Axis of GE. BB, DD, sub., &, transport(41), &, It. of 2 troopers, DD, &, transport(21).

It. builds a fighter, moves fleets to attack British fleet off Malta, &, 2 fighters from mainland. All that remains is a It. damaged BB & transport that lands trooper on undefended Malta & Trans-Jordan. Tobruk garrison takes undefended Alexandria & trooper from Italian Somaliland takes over undefended British Somaliland.

Losses It. a trooper, 2 fighters, &, Cruiser(35 IPCs), &, British A.C., fighter, T.B., &, Cruiser(49).

Round Two: GE. builds fighter, tactical bomber, transport, &, submarine. Also a T.B. & fighter land on A.C. to build up naval forces. Meanwhile bomber, fighter, &, 2 tactical bombers, attack British DD off London with defending fighter. Only fighter, &, GE. bomber flies to S. Italy. Losses U.K. DD & fighter(18 IPCs) & GE. 2 T.B.(22 IPCs).

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, gun, tank, trooper, fighter, &, tactical bomber. U.S. fleet leaves East Coast, for Gibraltar, meanwhile a fighter goes to London, &, tactical bomber to Gibraltar. Also moves fleet of DD & transport, with air support from Gibraltar of a bomber & fighter, versus, It. fleet of damaged BB & C. Losses all U.S. air & all It. fleet, land battle a trooper & gun landed versus It. trooper( lost U.S. gun & It. trooper, Libya falls!).

Losses It. trooper, BB, &, C(35 IPCs), &, U.S. gun, fighter, &, bomber(26 IPCs).

British Empire builds fighter & transport for South Africa, &, C & gun for U.K. A Cruiser arrives from South America to Gibraltar, from western side of U.K., a transport & DD arrive.

Move trooper from Kenya into Ethiopia, trooper in Ethiopia via transport returns to Egypt. Forces from S. Africa still moving to Egypt.

It. builds fighter. Moves transport to undefended Cyprus & lands 2 troopers, also a fighter lands in Tobruk. Finally the invasion of Egypt, from forces from Alexandria & Jordan. All invaders & attackers are wiped out!

Losses It. 5 troopers, 2 mech. infantry, tank, &, gun(IPCs lost 33), &, Allies 3 troopers, gun, &, tank(19 IPCs lost).

Round Three: GE. builds 2 fighters, sub., &, Cruiser. Moves sea fleet & air fleet to English Channel(defeats British fleet), transport protected by a remaining DD, lands a trooper & gun onto London, versus, British 2 troopers & gun & defending U.S. fighter. Remaining tactical bomber flies back to Northern Italy, losses Axis all & Allies a trooper & fighter.

Meanwhile bomber based in S. Italy sinks a U.S. transport off Libya. Losses U.S. transport & fighter(IPCs lost 17), U.K. C, DD, &, transport, &, trooper(IPCs lost 30), and, GE. losses fighter, tactical bomber, A.C., sub., &, trooper & gun(IPCs lost 50).

U.S.A. builds BB, DD, bomber, fighter, &, TB. DD goes from off Malta to off Crete & sinks It. transport. Two more DDs off Gibraltar go to off S. Italy and sink It. DD, &, survive GE. bomber attack stationed in S. Italy. Trooper from Libya enters Tobruk with support from tactical bomber from Gibraltar, versus, defending It. fighter, both planes lost, Tobruk falls!

Another U.S. fleet off Atlantic side of Gibraltar, land forces in Malta, BB shells & takes out It. trooper, &, landed forces take out remaining trooper for no lost, Malta is freed!

Two transport from East Coast head & debark in Greenland. Also from East Coast fighter, T.B., &, bomber attack GE. DD & transport, in English Channel(all sunk for lost of a fighter). Losses U.S. fighter & T.B.(IPCs lost 21), It. 2 troopers, fighter, DD & transport(31 IPCs), &, GE. DD & transport(15 IPCs).

British Empire builds for U.K. 2 fighters, &, tactical fighter. With fighter from South Africa, trooper from Ethiopia retakes British Somaliland, for no lost(destroying defending It. trooper). Also transport from S. Africa picks up 2 troopers from Tanganyika Territory and lands a trooper and retakes undefended Jordan(another trooper lands in Egypt). While from Congo, a mech. infantry & tank, arrive in Egypt. Also transport leave Red Sea to pick up trooper in India.

Losses It. a trooper(3 IPCs). Ontario trooper moves to Quebec.

It. builds fighter for N. Italy.

Round Four: Ge. builds A.A. gun for Denmark, 2 fighters, transport, &, DD. fighter flies from Germany to Norway. Two fighters from W. Germany, T.B. & bomber from Italy, attack 2 U.S. DDs off S. Italy & DD off Cyprus. Losses Ge. 2 fighters, &, all U.S.N. DDs(GE. 20 IPCs & U.S. 24 IPCs).

U.S.A. strategy is to hit hard in Western & Northern Europe, while the Med. Theater is secondary. Also the same role for the U.K., and, the Allies doing the "pain game" to Italy. U.S. builds in Libya a minor IC & AA gun, East Coast transport, trooper, gun, &, DD.

Trooper from Tobruk frees undefended It. occupied Alexandria, fleet leaves Malta and frees British Cyprus(lost of 2 troopers & gun, &, It. 2 troopers wiped out). Transports move from Greenland to Iceland, from East Coast BB & DD go to Iceland, &, BB & T.B. fly to London.

Losses It. 2 troopers(6 IPCs) & U.S. 2 troopers, &, gun(10 IPCs).

British Empire builds BB & fighter at U.K. From Red Sea area transport picks up trooper & tank, &, with Commonwealth DD land them in Cyprus(even though the island is already freed, in case of air attack, the tank & trooper are safer on the island). Fighter in Ethiopia lands in Libya, trooper in Brits. Somaliland take over undefended It. Somaliland(the Axis are no longer in Africa!). Transport arrives in India, &, picks up trooper.

It. builds trooper & mech. infantry. Trying to build up land forces to hunker down on the mainland, for when invasion comes.

Round Five: GE. builds AA gun for Holland, BB, &, 2 fighters. Moves all its fleet(sans transport that moves 2 troopers to Norway), &, air, to attack British BB in the channel. Losses GE. (bomber flies back to S. Italy, only survivor), C, DD, sub., 3 fighters, &, T.B., &, Allies US 2 T.B.s, and, British 3 fighters, T.B., &, BB. IPCs lost GE. 67, U.S. 22, &, British 61.

Each area that touches the sea has at least five mixed units to protect it from sea invasions(ditto for Italy). The English Channel is not occupied by any Axis naval unit.

U.S.A. builds C, fighter, &, transport via Libya minor industrial base, on East Coast fighter, T.B., &, bomber. Fleet off Cyprus goes to off Albania & BB shells(takes out defending It. trooper), &, landed tank destroys tank(the U.S. tank is also destroyed). Albania still belongs to Italy, but, has no defenders. Another transport off Cyprus returns to Libya, picks up trooper in Alexandria.

DD & transport leave East Coast with trooper & gun for Iceland. Also fleet leaves Iceland for Norway, BB shells and hits a defender, &, the remaining 4 GE. troopers & A.A. gun are wiped out by fighter(from Iceland), 2 bombers(from U.K.), &, landed trooper, gun, mech. infantry, &, tank(for a lost of all air & trooper). Also GE. A.A. gun failed to hit any aircraft.

IPCs lost U.S. 38, It. 9, GE. 21.

British Empire builds C, transport, &, fighter. Fighter in Libya flies to Gibraltar, while transport(with Indian trooper) off Arabia, picks up trooper in It. Somaliland and goes to Red Sea(debarking both onto Egypt). Meanwhile a Commonwealth DD & transport(with boarded trooper & tank), leave Cyprus, &, land in undefended It. Albania & Sardinia. The It. Empire has been reduce to three provinces.

It. builds a DD. Waiting for sea invasion.

Round 6: GE. builds 2 fighters, &, BB. Off Norway BB(shelling) & transport landing 2 tanks, 2 fighters, &, bomber(that returns to W. Germany), versus, U.S. defending forces of gun, mech. infantry, &, tank. Losses GE. 2 fighters(20 IPCs), &. Allies all(14 IPCs). Norway retaken!

U.S.A. builds 3 tanks in Libya, &, East Coast trooper, gun, transport, sub., C, &, bomber. Fighter & tactical bomber from East Coast flies to Scotland & London, U.K. Moves BB & DD off Libya, to N. Italy & sinks It.DD( BB is damaged).
Off Norway fleet joined by another fleet from Iceland, while a transport heads back to East Coast(from Norway). Landed a trooper & gun, with BB shelling, &, bomber from East Coast(flies back to Scotland). Norway is retaken, for no lost! IPCs lost GE. 2 tanks(12 IPCs), &, It. DD(8 IPCs).

British Empire builds tank & fighter in S. Africa, builds BB off London. A transport picks up 2 troopers off Egypt & drops them off Toruk(joined by mech. infantry from Egypt). Transport leave U.K. with trooper & gun, with fighter flying in, as reinforcements for Norway.

It. builds 2 troopers N. Italy, &, moves tank to S. Italy. Fighter from N. Italy flies to off Libya, to attack U.S. fleet. Takes out defending U.S. fighter(and is also lost). Losses fighter both sides, worth 10 IPCs each side.

Round 7: GE. builds 2 troopers, fighter, T.B., &, bomber. Attacks Norway, 2 BBs shell, 2 fighters, bomber, &, transport landing a trooper & gun, versus, Brits. fighter, trooper & gun, &, U.S. trooper & gun. Losses except for the Axis naval units, all losses for both sides, Norway is still in Allied hands! GE. has lost all its air power! IPCs lost GE. 39, British 17, &, U.S. 10.

U.S.A. builds a Minor Industrial Complex and A.A. gun & naval base(latter in Sea Zone #113 just to annoy the Germans)for Norway, 2 tanks & fighter for Libya. From East Coast a sub. heads for Med. Sea, a C for the North Sea, a bomber flies to Libya, &, transport with trooper & gun heads for Norway. Another transport is off Canada to pick up Canadian trooper.

Fleet(BB, 2 DDs, &, 2 transports) goes through Danish straits & attacks Nazi fleet(2 BBs & transport) & T.B stationed in W. Germany. Also bomber and tactical bomber from Scotland, &, fighter from U.K. join in the attack. Losses Allies a fighter( & BB damaged) & Axis all, GE. has no navy! IPCs lost U.S. 10, &, Axis 58, the most important Axis naval unit, the transport finally sunk.

British Empire builds 2 transports, trooper, tactical bomber, &, DD. Transport picks up 2 troopers from Tobruk & lands one in undefended Sicily(drops second trooper in Sardinia), while another transport picks up tank in Albania, &, brings it to Sardinia. From S. Africa, fighter flies to Egypt, while tank follows. Another transport arrives from Norway to United Kingdom, while Canadian trooper boards U.S. transport.

Italy builds a tank N. Italy.

Round 8: Germany builds a submarine(even thought in the same sea zone as the U.S.A. minor industrial complex is located in Norway, submarine is for defense only), fighter, T.B., &, tank. Bomber flies from Germany to N. Italy.

U.S.A. builds in Libya 2 tanks, &, fighter. In Norway builds fighter, &, 2 tanks, East Coast builds fighter, transport, trooper & tank. To wait to build up forces for a sea invasion, runs the risk the Axis defenses will grow to strong, a comprise for Med. Theater of War & Western Theater. Cruiser & transport(with trooper & gun) arrive off Iceland, transport with Canadian trooper approaches U.K., sub. arrives off Tunisia, from Atlantic side of Gibraltar.

From Norway bomber & tactical bomber soften up Belgium, Axis A.A. gun scores no hit, take out 2 troopers & all Allied air is lost.

Air & Sea & landed forces attack S. Italy from Tunisia, with Axis A.A. scoring no hits. BB & C score with shelling, along with bomber & fighter, &, landed trooper & 5 tanks score with four hits(all together 8 hits, is it enough to take out the Axis, in the first wave of combat?). The Axis respond with It. 2 troopers, mech. infantry, gun, &, tank, and, Ge with 3 troopers, gun, &, tank(they score with four hits in the first wave of combat). By the end of a second round of combat S. Italy falls with 2 U.S. tanks left.

IPCs lost U.S. 60 IPCs, It. 25, &, GE. 25.

British Empire builds mech. infantry for S. Africa, for U.K. 2 troopers, mech. infantry, gun, &, 3 tanks. Trooper from Egypt moves towards Tobruk, fighter from Egypt flies to S. Italy, tank from Congo arrives into Egypt. Transports from off Sardinia & Sicily lands as reinforcements for S. Italy 3 troopers & tank.

BB & C off U.K., shell Belgium & also fighter & tactical bomber(no lost to A.A. gun) attack, with landed forces of 3 troopers, gun, &, 2 tanks, destroy defenders of 2 troopers & tank(for lost of a fighter). Belgium falls! IPCs lost British Empire 10 & GE. 19.

Italy northern forces attempt to retake southern Italy, all Axis forces wiped out(It. 3 troopers, gun, &, tank for 19 IPCs & British 3 troopers & tank for 15 IPCs).

Round 9: Ge. builds sub., 2 trooper, gun, mech. infantry, &, 2 tanks. N. Italy is reinforce by units from W. Germany & Germany, also fighter lands in Denmark. Moves garrison from N. Italy, &, tank from S. Germany, to retake S. Italy. Bomber, 3 troopers, gun, &, 2 tanks, versus, British fighter, &, US 3 tanks. Only GE bomber which lands in N. Italy & 2 tanks survive, S. Italy is retaken!

Forces from W. Germany & Denmark try to retake Belgium, 4 troopers, mech. infantry, 2 guns, 2 tanks, &, fighter, versus, British 3 troopers, gun, &, 2 tanks. Losses GE. gun, &, 3 troopers, &, Allies all.

Fighter & T.B attack Norway(no losses due to A.A. gun), destroy U.S. fighter & tank(all Axis air lost). Losses IPCs GE. 47, U.S. 34, &, British 35.

U.S.A. builds 3 tanks for Norway, 3 more tanks in Libya, bomber & fighter & T.B. & trooper & gun and transport in East Coast. Transport from off S. Italy goes back to East Coast, while another goes to Libya to pick up 2 tanks to land them in S. Italy, while a third goes to off Libya. Sub. joins U.S. fleet in Med. Sea. Damaged BB & C shells, with fighter from Libya and two tanks landed, versus, 2 GE. tanks. Losses U.S. fighter & all GE. tanks, S. Italy falls again!

Off Norway C & transport with trooper & gun arrive, while another transport leaves East Coast for Norway with trooper & tank, &, fighter arrives in Iceland. Also a transport arrives off London with Canadian trooper. US fleet attacks Ge. 2 subs. and destroys it(for damaged BB & lost DD). Landed tank into Denmark takes out AA gun & fighter(tank is lost), Denmark still Axis controlled.

Losses IPCs U.S. 24, &, GE. 44.

British Empire builds Minor Industrial Complex in Egypt, in U.K. 2 troopers, gun, transport, &, fighter. Mech. Infantry leaves S. Africa for Egypt, transport off Rome picks up trooper & Mech. Infantry from Libya & Alexandria, and, debarks them as reinforcements in S. Italy. Another transport heads for U.K. from off Sardinia.

Transport from U.K. drops a trooper in undefended Denmark, it is taken! The transport joins two other transports in landings in Belgium(along with Canadian trooper debarking from U.S. transport), of 2 tanks, mech. infantry, trooper & gun, &, T.B. from U.K., versus, GE. trooper, mech. infantry, gun, &, 2 tanks. BB & C shell, T.B. from U.K. & landed forces attack, &, all GE. forces wiped put, Belgium is retaken(for a lost of 2 troopers). IPCs lost British 6, &, GE. 23.

Italy cannot build, has no forces left.

Round Ten: Ge. is by herself, with a puppet state of N. Italy which has become an expensive luxury to own & garrison, her inner allies Romania, Hungary, &, annex Austria have no garrisons in them(much less S. Germany). Only W. GE. & Germany with Poland have land garrisons. Except for the first round already played for the players(the phony war & Fall of France), this game has 11 more rounds maximum, to get the game from 1940-1945 era(roughly six months a turn). Lets see if GE. can last two more rounds(ten & eleven), especially with no navy, &, only a bomber for air power.

So far from one to two, then three & four areas under Allied control, with some retaking of theses areas, only to lose them again. GE. is finding it harder & harder to make up for lost units, perhaps peace may come before the end of the round.

GE. builds sub., fighter, 2 tanks, &, 2 troopers. With an Mech. Infantry from W. Germany, forces in N. Italy try to retake S. Italy, with 2 troopers, 3 mech. Infantry, &, a bomber, versus, Allies U.S. 2 tanks, and, British trooper & Mech. Infantry. Losses GE. all but a Mech. Infantry that retreated, &, Allies all British. IPCs lost GE. 26 & British 7. Previously forces from W. GE. & Germany send forces to help garrison N. Italy.

Forces from W. GE. & Germany try to retake Belgium, tank, trooper & gun, versus, British mech. infantry & gun. Losses GE. gun(4 IPCs) & all British (8IPCS), Belgium retaken!

Finally a tank tries to retake Denmark defended by British trooper(lost British 3 IPCs). Unfortunately they are such few survivors cannot the Allies easily retake these areas or not.

U.S.A. builds ... From Iceland & East Coast a fighter & bomber arrive in Norway, along with a fighter & TB from East Coast flying to Gibraltar. Along with a transport arriving off Scotland with trooper & tank, also a transport from East Coast heading for Med. Sea. Finally a transport arrives to East Coast.

US fleet off Norway attacks defending sub. off W. GE. & GE., with sub. destroyed for no lost. Still by fighting the sub. in combat, the BB cannot shell & DD does not participate in shelling. Landed 3 tanks, with a C & transport of Sea Zone #125 landing a trooper & gun, versus, defending GE. 4 troopers, gun, &, tank. Losses all both sides, Germany still holding out, but, undefended! IPCs lost U.S. 25 & GE. 30. What a difference if the BB & C could have shelled, the lost GE sub. really paid off.

Transport off Libya, &, transport off Italy moves to Libya & picks up 3 tanks, &, lands them in N. Italy(also from S. Italy 2 tanks move up to N. Italy). Five tanks versus GE. trooper, gun, mech. infantry & tank(BB & C shell with the latter scoring a hit). N. Italy falls, all Axis wiped out(17 IPCs) & US lost 2 tanks(12 IPCS).

British Empire builds in U.K., fighter, 2 troopers, 2 guns, &, 3 tanks. From Congo Mech. Infantry arrives in Cairo. Transport leaves Med. Sea heads for U.K. Two transports escorted by DD, leave U.K. and land in undefended Germany 3 tanks & trooper. Berlin(and its 33 unspent IPCs) is taken! Fighter from U.K. destroys only defender in Denmark a GE. tank(fighter lost also). BB & C shell & TB from U.K. bombs & landed trooper & gun attack, destroys defending tank & trooper in Belgium(for lost of TB & gun). Belgium is freed! IPCs lost British 25, &, GE. 15. GE. has lost half of their remaining tanks.

Italy is knocked out of the war in last round, &, last province of N. Italy has been lost this round.

Round Eleven: GE. cannot build, lost capital & funds. Third Reich will try to retake Germany, to cut a better deal with the Allies, from W. GE. & Poland the attack begins. Four troopers, gun, mech. infantry, tank, &, fighter, versus, British trooper & 3 tanks, all losses both sides, GE. still in Allied hands. IPCS lost GE. 39 & British 21.

Left undefended W. & s. Germany, Poland, &, minor allies of Romania & Hungary. Major victory for Allies, with Poland freed(at least the western part of it), with a hair's breath of a partial successful Operation Sea Lion in the first rounds. IPCs lost Axis 862 & Allies 777.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:36 pm

Next Italy and her ally Germany, versus, British Empire, U.S.A., & Soviets. Perhaps with an all out offensive against the U.S.S.R. & a quick trip to the Peace Table, the Axis powers might survive. Also with Italy hunkering down in the central Med. Sea, &, transporting only GE. forces to Africa/withdrawal It. forces from N. Africa.

The W. Allies need to strike hard in order to relieve pressure on the Soviets, via N. Africa & sea & air actions against the GE.(bomber raids & transports of troops to U.S.S.R. would help).

Round One: GE. builds minor industrial complex in Romania, submarine, TB., &, armor. Moving forces for a concentrated, not piecemeal attack on the Eastern Front, help Italy in the South, &, hold in the West. Much easier said than done.

Three troopers, gun, tank, &, fighter are moved to N. Italy. Forces are move & build up for future attacks, on Eastern Front. While on the Western Front, forces are shuffle around to defend against any sea landings, &, Norway is reinforce with two additional troopers.

At sea 2 subs. arrive off the coast of Atlantic Gibraltar, they do not engage Allied ships, will reinforce the Italian fleet. Another sub. in sea zone #124 moves to sea zone #122, while two subs. attack Canadian DD & transport off Nova Scotia(all lost). Off Vyborg Soviet BB & transport sunk, for a lost of damaged GE. BB & sunken C(T.B. lands in Poland). IPCs lost GE. 24 & British 15 & Soviets 19.

Russia builds 4 troopers, mech. infantry, gun, &, tank. Moves forces to build a defense in depth(leaving the front lines with a measly trooper only), with a reserve strike forces in the areas behind the front lines.

Sub. leaves Karelia & moves to Sea Zone #125, &, fighter from Stalingrad is lost sinking damaged GE. BB off the coast. IPCs lost Soviets 10 & GE. 20(the BB was already damaged, that could be recalculated to 10).

U.S.A. builds 3 transports, &, cruiser. Fighter flies to Gibraltar, while bomber flies to United Kingdom.

British Empire builds in South Africa 2 tanks, DD & transport in U.K. Moves South African troopers towards East Africa(with Commonwealth DD heading for Egypt), moves by transport trooper & gun to Ethiopia versus two It. defending troopers. The nation is freed for the lost of the gun, while trooper from Sudan goes to Egypt and trooper & gun move to Transjordan from Egypt. Also forces from Alexandria retreat into Egypt sans a trooper(to prevent a future blitz).

BB & DD and trooper on transport from U.K., head for Atlantic side of Gibraltar and hook up with British fleet. BB, 2 DDs, A.C., &, T.B. versus GE. 2 submarines. Loses a DD & both GE. subs., &, trooper lands in Gibraltar.

From U.K. 3 fighter attempt to sink GE. transport off W. Germany, intercepted by GE. fighter & T.B.(fighter in Norway does not take off), losses British 2 fighters & GE. fighter & T.B.(the transport is not sunk by remaining Allied fighter, which lands in Scotland). C & DD go from U.K. to off Iceland, while BB & C go from off Scotland to off London.

Meanwhile Canadian trooper & tank go to East Coast to board U.S. transport, while trooper from Quebec moves to Nova Scotia. Also garrison in France moves to Normandy, with C from South America approaches Africa.

Losses IPCs British Empire 32, It. 6, &, GE. 33.

Italy builds fighter. Transport from Italy leaves trooper on Malta & Cyprus, while DD from off Albania goes to off Cyprus, to protect transport. Fleet off Rome goes to off Albania, forces from N. Italy go south to garrison that part of the country(Axis partner GE. will protect the northern portion).

Fighter from S. Italy for no lost, sinks Brits. C off Egypt, Axis navy rule the Med. Sea this turn's end. It. Tobruk garrison takes Alexandria, for a lost of a trooper each side. Losses IPCs It. 3 & British 15.

Round Two: GE. builds sub., fighter, 5 troopers, &, mech. infantry. Two troopers board It. transport, mechnical infantry enters N. Italy. Sub. off W. GE. goes to sea zone #125 & sinks Soviet submarine, for no lost. Another sub. attacks British DD & C off Iceland, sinks DD, but, it is lost. A tank is transported to Norway, on Eastern Front the Baltic States, Eastern Poland, &, Bessarabia are taken, it helps they were defended by lone trooper each(for lost of 2 GE. troopers).

IPCs lost GE. 6, British 12, Soviets 15.

Soviets build 6 troopers, 2 mech. infantry, 2 tanks, &, submarine. The Soviets need to counterattack now, even if the Western Allies are still trying to organize themselves. Battles along the Eastern Front, the main battle will be the Baltic States, with holding actions W. Uk. & Uk., also a reserve in Byransk. The Baltic States are reconquered, losses 7 troopers(21 IPCs), &, GE. 5 troopers, 2 guns, mech. infantry, 2 tanks, &, T.B.(IPCs 50). Occupying the Baltic States are 7 troopers, mech. infantry, 2 guns, &, 2 tanks.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, trooper, gun, mech. infantry, tank, fighter, T.B., &, cruiser. Moves C & 2 transports(trooper, gun, &, mech. infantry) for British Islands, also escorting DD & another transport leaves East Coast and lands in Gibraltar trooper & tank. Along with a fighter flies from Gibraltar to Egypt.

British Empire builds fighter, DD, transport, trooper,&, mech. infantry & gun for S. Africa. Troopers & tanks arrive just below Kenya, on way to Egypt, Commonwealth DD arrives off Egypt, C from S. America arrives off Gibraltar Med. Sea side, Transjordan forces move to Egypt, while transport moves trooper from Ethiopia to Transjordan.

Naval fleet arrives off Libya, with re-boarded trooper from Gibraltar. BB shells & destroys defending trooper, trooper from transport takes over undefended Libya. T.B. from A.C. & fighter from Egypt, attack for no lost, It. DD & transport off Cyprus, sinking the transport.

U.K. transport picks up trooper & tank(from neutral France's Normandy region) & returns them to Scotland & U.K. Also C from off Iceland & DD from off U.K., go to sea zone #125, &, sinks GE. sub. for no lost. Fighter flies from Scotland to Gibraltar, followed by BB & C off U.K., that joins the C from S. America(off Med. Sea Gibraltar).

Finally tank & trooper from Canada board a U.S. transport, off the East Coast. IPCs lost Italy 10 & GE. 6.

It. builds fighter, &, 2 troopers. It. fleet converge off Gibraltar and takes on British fleet, with air support from their unsinkable A.C.(mainland Italy). BB, 2 C, &, 3 fighters, versus, British BB, &, 2 C, &, fighter from Gibraltar. Only damaged It. BB left, &, DD off Cyprus attacks Commonwealth DD off Egypt, both lost. A trooper(from Tobruk), &, mechanical infantry(from Alexandria) retake Libya from a defending British trooper, for a lost of a trooper. Also a infantry from Alexandria entered Tobruk to garrison it, &, a transport arrives off Transjordan with GE. 2 troopers.

The Italian economy is overheated/too small to replace its lost navy, while the main British fleet is still off Malta(the Med. Sea no longer looks too Axis). Losses It. IPCs 65 & British Empire 65.

Round Three: Could this be the last chance for the Axis to peak out military and not suffer the inevitable decline, with the U.S.A. powerhouse of an economy coming across the Atlantic? GE. builds 2 troopers & tank(in Romanian Minor Industrial Complex), fighter, sub., &, 3 troopers.

Forces in Eastern Front will try to retake Baltic States, losses are heavy, the attacker is nearly wiped out, with only a GE. armor unit remaining, but, the Baltic States are reconquered. Also forces from Bessarabia take W. Ukraine, threating a breakout to the Ukraine.

In Med. Sea lone It. transport off Transjordan, allows GE. 2 troopers to land, &, take out lone British defending trooper, for no lost, also the Suez is closed for traffic!

Meanwhile on the Western Front, sub. & transport, land a trooper & tank onto Scotland. Defending trooper & GE. trooper are lost, Scotland falls for this partial Sealion invasion!

Two fighters each from Norway & Denmark, attack in sea zone #125 British DD & C, both fighters lost, &, a DD is sunk. Losses IPCs 80, Soviets 55, British Empire 14.

Peace breaks out! Axis want to stay in power, before the U.S. economy runs them over. Also Africa is a very lost cause, with the Med. Sea & airspace practically a Allied franchise, reinforcements cannot get there to make much of a difference. Except for a damaged It. BB & transport, Axis sea power will not make a difference. British have a BB, A.C with a T.B., DD, transport, &, U.S. navy is about to enter the Med. Sea.

As for Scotland, the U.S. is ready to land transports with land forces to liberate Scotland, while the British could sink the last of GE. sea power, the sub. & transport.

Axis will leave all of Poland & Baltic States as long as they are independent and neutral(that way the Soviets cannot claim them). Also open the Danish Straits and leave Norway, as long as they are neutral and still trade with Germany, leave Scotland if they are granted a commonwealth status by the British. Along with It. giving up all claims to Ethiopia, Malta, Cyprus, but, keeping half of Alexandria(with GE. giving up the Transjordan). Finally Soviets get back W. Uk. & Bessarabia. The Soviets may not like it, but, it saves a lot of fighting for the Western Allies.

This falls under a tie, the Axis they lost more territory than they gain, but, major diplomatic as they are pretty much left intact.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:15 pm

Next to last scenario, all Axis and Allied powers, with no minor allies.

Round One: GE. builds Minor Industrial complex in Romania, 2 troopers, gun, mechanical infantry/mobile infantry, tank, &, submarine. Forces for a future Operation Barbarossa are marshalling, in the east(three turns from now for the invasion), movement of 3 troopers & gun to N. Italy, forces for a knockout blow to France getting ready for this turn, also any forces left over for a potential weakening of British air & sea forces(potential Sea Lion attack this/next round).

Final invasion of France begins, losses are heavy, but, for the Allies it is worst, France falls! Losses IPCs British Empire 13, France 38, GE. 26. At sea fleet off Berlin attack 2 Allied Cruisers off Norway, BB & C versus 2 Cs, Allied fleet wiped out, for only a damaged BB.

While British BB & C off Scotland are sunk from 2 GE. subs. and fighter & T.B. from W. Europe(a sub. is lost, planes land in Norway). A follow up transport lands a trooper from Norway & Denmark, into undefended Scotland(I allowed this as a house rule). While 3 subs. sink a British DD & transport off Wales, for a lost of a submarine. Losses IPCs Fr. 12, British Empire 39, &, GE. 12.

British Empire builds tank & trooper in S. Africa, trooper, gun, DD, &, fighter. Moves from Ontario trooper to Quebec. Also Canadian DD & transport carrying trooper & tank, heads for Europe. The former attacks GE. 2 subs. off Wales with fighter from U.K., both subs sunk for lost of DD(fighter lands on A.C. stationed off Gibraltar). The latter lands onto Scotland trooper & tank, with trooper & fighter from U.K. attacking also. Both defending GE. troopers are destroyed for lost of 2 troopers. Along with BB & DD off U.K., attacking GE. damaged BB & C off Norway(all lost). Also fighter from U.K. attacking & sinking transport off Scotland. Losses IPCs British Empire 42, &, GE. 57.

Off Gibraltar on Atlantic side, a DD goes to off Scotland(to protect transport), &, a C off S. America heads for Gibraltar. Also a A.C. with T.B. heads to S. France to join Fr. fleet from Gibraltar, &, a fighter from Egypt lands on the A.C. Meanwhile transport off Egypt takes trooper & gun to Ethiopia and with trooper from Sudan, versus, Italy's 2 defending trooper. Axis wiped out for a lost of a trooper, Ethiopia is freed!

From S. Africa Commonwealth DD heads for Red Sea, with 2 troopers head for Egypt. Forces in Alexandria retreat to Egypt(sans a trooper), to prevent any future Italian Blitz maneuver. Losses It. 6, &, British Empire 3 IPCs.

Italy builds fighter. Trooper moves from Italian to undefended British Somaliland, transports land from Albania onto undefended British Jordan tank & trooper, and, transport lands trooper unto undefended Malta & Cyprus. Italian air & sea fleets attack Allied fleet off S. France, BB & 2 Cs & DD & 2 fighters, versus, Fr. C & DD, and, British C, &, A.C. with fighter & T.B. Only British C & aircraft survive(they land at Egypt & Tunisia). Losses Fr. 20, British 16, &, Italy 72 IPCs.

Tunisia & Alexandria taken for a lost of a trooper(3 IPCs), &., losses Fr. trooper (3 IPCs) & British fighter & trooper (13 IPCs). Invades S. France from N. Italy, wipes out defending trooper & gun(7 IPCs), for lost of a gun(4 IPCs). Even with the lost of Ethiopia, Italy has taken over 7 territories, unfortunately they have a value total of 5(much less the lost of practically the whole fleet & air). For this round Italy collects only 10 IPCs(to try to make up for nearly eight times that amount in losses!).

France cannot build, moves DD to Red Sea from Fr. Madagascar, trooper in Morocco goes to Algeria, &, trooper from Fr. West Africa heads for Egypt. Also trooper from Normandy enters S. France & destroys Italian gun(trooper lost). Losses IPCs Fr. 3 & It. 4.

The Neutrals(for now) U.S.S.R. builds A.A. gun, trooper, gun, mechanical infantry, &, 2 tanks. Moves forces to prepare for a defense in depth, with a reserve in case Germany attacks the Soviets. Also sub. leaves to join fleet off Baltic States.

U.S.A. builds A.C. , T.B., &, submarine.

Round Two: GE. builds BB, C, sub., transport, &, 6 troopers. More adjustment for the pending invasion of the Soviet Union, an armor unit joins Italian forces in S. Italy.

Off Scotland Brit. DD & transport attacked by sub. & fighter & T.B., with no losses either side, aircraft land in Norway(sub. retreats). Bomber from Germany attacks the only Allied ship in Med. Sea, a Brit. Cruiser off S. France, no losses either side. Sub. off Berlin attacks DD off London(both are lost, sub. sank due to defending fighters). IPCs lost GE. 6 & Brits. 8.

Finally, forces in France rollover undefended Normandy, France has completely fallen!

U.S.S.R. builds fighter, tank, &, 3 troopers. Strengthens Eastern Front line, sub. will no longer try to join main fleet, but, will station itself at Sea Zone #125.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, C, &, Tactical Bomber, while building up forces.

British Empire builds mechanical infantry in S. Africa, C & sub., tank & trooper. Transport picks up trooper & gun from Ethiopia , &, lands them in Italian occupied Jordan garrison by trooper & gun(IPCs lost U.K. 4 & It. 9). Jordan is retaken for a lost of a gun! Three troopers & tank moving up from S. Africa to Egypt. Commonwealth DD joins Fr. DD off Egypt.

Meanwhile 2 Cs off S. France & from S. America move to Med. Sea side of Gibraltar(the latter will eventually head for London). While a fighter from Egypt sinks a It. transport off Cyprus(IPCS lost It. 7). Transport & sub. off Scotland, former goes back to Canada, &, latter goes & sinks GE. sub. in Sea Zone #125(for no lost, GE. IPCs lost 6).

Italy builds a cruiser, transport returns to N. Italy(more for safety, than anything else). Undefended Ethiopia is retaken by trooper originally from It. Somaliland. Forces in Tunisia(gun & trooper) take Algeria protected by two Fr. troopers, with help of a mech. infantry from Tubrok, for a lost of a gun(IPCs lost It. 4, &, Fr. 6).

Fr. again cannot build, DD arrives off Egypt, while trooper in Eq. Africa still on way to Egypt.

Round Three: GE. this round attacks the Soviets, even thought events have started to go sour for Italy, in North Africa & Med. Sea. Also no more Sea Lion attempts will be possible, with an pending attack opening a new front in the East, much less the GE. navy penned in the Danish Straits. Any attacks eastwards have to be quick and decisive, as a three front war(west, south, &, east) will doom the Axis powers.

GE. builds in Romania 2 tanks and fighter, submarine and trooper and fighter in Normandy, trooper in W. GE., &, mech. infantry in Germany. Two troopers in N. Italy move onto It. transport(debark onto Sicily & Sardinia), with fighter flies from Norway to N. Italy. While transport off Berlin takes a trooper to Norway, from Germany. Also forces are adjusted on W. Front coastal territories, in case of any future Allied sea landings. A T.B. from Norway fails to sink a Brit. DD, in sea zone #124, while a sub. off Berlin sinks a Russian sub. in sea zone #125(sub. is lost also, but, kicks off Operation Barbarossa). Also GE. BB & C off Berlin, attack Soviet BB & transport sea zone #115 off Vyborg, all is lost but for a damaged GE. BB. Losses GE. 18 & Soviet 33.

German land/air forces attack the entire length of the Eastern Front. Bessarabia, Eastern Poland, &, Baltic States all fall(the Soviets have pull back their forces last round, leaving only a symbolic trooper in each area). Germans wait for the inevitable counterattacks, while bomber flies back to Norway. Losses GE. 6 & Soviets 9 IPCs.

Soviets build sub., tank, 3 troopers, mechanical infantry, &, gun. There's nothing like a damaged enemy BB, to waste good airpower on, where a GE. damaged BB off Baltic States, attacked by fighter & T.B.(BB sunk & fighter lost, T.B. lands Novgorod). Except for a GE. transport, Danish Straits has no naval presence.

Counterattacks, limited on the Eastern Front, try to retake E. Poland & Baltic States, to force the Axis on their Southern flank to curtail their offense into Caucasus. From W. Uk. 6 troopers, 2 guns, 3 tanks, &, fighter(lands in Uk.), versus, GE. 6 troopers, 2 guns, tank, fighter, &, T.B. Eastern Poland retaken, with only 3 Soviet tanks left. From Belarus & Novgorod forces attempt to retake the Baltic States. Here 12 troopers, 2 mech. infantry, 2 guns, tank, &, fighter, versus, GE. 6 troopers, 3 guns, tank, fighter, &, T.B. Baltic States retaken, with only a Soviet tank, Mech. Infantry, &, gun left. Losses heavy both sides, IPCs lost Soviets 93 & GE. 127.

U.S.A. builds BB, tank, AA gun, &, trooper. The U.S. is a potent force for either N. Africa/Western Europe, depending how British Empire does on its turn.

British Empire builds transport & BB. Forces still coming from S. Africa going to Egypt, tank & 2 troopers, for no lost, retake Ethiopia from It. trooper. Forces from Egypt fail to retake Alexandria, but, wipe out both sides(It. losses 3 troopers, mech. infantry, &, tank for 19 IPCs, &, Brits. losses trooper, gun, &, tank for 13 IPCs). Fighter & T.B. used in the attack, return to Egypt, joined by trooper from Jordan. Also transport leaves Red Sea to go to Ethiopia, while C off Gibraltar goes to off Egypt.

Transport off Canada pick up trooper, &, debarks onto Scotland, joined by DD sea zone #124, along with empty transport arriving off Wales. Also C from Gibraltar arrives off London.

It. builds for S. Italy a tank & 2 troopers, a trooper for N. Italy. Mech. Infantry rolls into undefended Morocco and takes over, transport(escorted by C) lands trooper & tank onto Libya & Tobruk, with trooper from Tobruk entering Alexandria to garrison it(all of N. Africa has a unit, to protect from any Allied sea landings). Fighter flies from S. Italy to S. France(to reinforce trooper there).

Fr. cannot build, DD off Egypt attacks It. C & transport off Malta for no lost(IPCs lost 19 It.). Trooper arrives into Sudan, on way to Egypt.

Round Four: Ge. builds 2 troopers & tank in Romania, sub. off Berlin, fighter & trooper W. Germany, trooper in Germany, &, 3 troopers in France. Fortify forces for sea invasion in W. Europe, forces are static in S. Europe, while a tank from GE. & W. GE. move towards Eastern Europe(Soviet tanks are posed to overrun Poland & Germany).

Forces from the southern units in Bessarabia & Romania will try to retake Eastern Poland, W. Uk., &, Uk.(Baltic States are just too far), with help from a T.B. & bomber station in Norway. All objectives are reached, with a lone tank, defending Poland. Still the Caucasus are opened for Axis forces. IPCs lost GE. 32 & Soviets 50.

U.S.S.R. builds in Russia, 3 tanks, mech. infantry, &, gun, and, in Leningrad tank, &, 2 troopers. Counterattacks in the north and center, while holding in the south. Eastern Poland and Western Uk. is retaken, losses IPCs Soviets 8 & GE. 22. Meanwhile sub. goes to Sea Zone #125.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, DD, &, 2 tanks. Fleet from east coast moves to Morocco, and, defending It. mech. infantry destroyed for no lost. Landing 2 tanks, 2 troopers, gun, &, mechanical infantry, Fr, Morocco is freed. Meanwhile from east coast, bomber & T.B. fly to Scotland. IPCs lost It. 4.

British Empire builds transport, 2 tanks, 2 troopers, &, gun. Trooper enters undefended British Somaliland from Ethiopia & frees it. Also transport picks up from there a trooper & gun, that debarks onto Egypt. Along with trooper from Egypt enters and frees Alexandria, after defeating It. trooper. Also T.B. & fighter attack a trooper on Cyprus & Malta, destroying both, for no lost. Losses IPCs It. 9.

From U.K. British fleet shells & lands forces onto Norway, both sides lose 2 troopers. Along with DD off Scotland coast moves to off London. Also fighter sinks transport off Berlin, while 2 U.K. fighters attack Holland & destroy a trooper(for no lost). IPCs lost Brits. 6 & GE. 16.

It. builds tank & trooper for S. Italy, &, tank for N. Italy. Reinforces S. France with tank & trooper from Italy, also fighter from S. France attacks Fr. DD off Malta, with no results(fighter lands in Tobruk). Forces in N. Africa, concentrate themselves in Tobruk & Algeria.

Fr. cannot build, moves trooper from Syria to Jordan, &, from Sudan to Egypt. DD joins Allied fleet off Egypt.

Round Five: GE. buil... Peace breaks out! The Axis sue for Peace. Italy has no way to get forces to N. Africa, her unreinforced army is facing U.S. forces from the west, &, Brits. & Fr. from the East. Half of her forces in Italy are Germans, and, they also garrison her main islands. Also 2 troopers & a tank is all she has to defend S. France, much less no forces in Malta & Cyprus.

Germans if they were fighting just the Soviets, maybe they would come out on top, but, with British Empire & U.S.A. getting ready for invasion of Western Europe, it has become one front to many. What is the use of breaking out to the Caucasus, if you are losing Western Europe(like Norway), much less Soviet forces on the border of Poland. The inability to hold onto the front line Soviet provinces, much less break out to the second line of Soviets provinces dooms Germany.

Italy gives up claims in Eastern Africa(Ethiopia & It. & British Somaliland), returning Fr. Tunisia & Algeria to the French, giving back Tobruk to the British, along with Malta. Along with S. France back to the French. Also giving up any claims to Morocco & Jordan. She keeps Cyprus, losses the right to militarized anything outside of Italy, her navy stays in home waters(also allied naval forces can use It. naval bases).

GE. gives up Bessarabia, UK., Denmark, &, all of France. Also give up Poland(to forces the Soviets to give up Eastern Poland, knowing the Western Allies, went to war because of Poland), and, it to stay neutral. Splits Holland & Belgium with the Allies(no military units in those countries), keeps her navy to home waters, &, allied ships can use Germany's ports. Leaving the Danish Straits opened,( also considering losing Norway, makes it hard to keep it close). Minor Victory for the Allies, as the Axis powers, even thought trimmed, are still lethal.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:57 pm

Final Round Robin will be all combatants, played in a twelve round game(each round is 6 months, the first one will not be played, as the game starts on Round Two, leaving behind the fall of Poland & "The Phony War" ).

Also historically minor & major Allies will enter the game: Round 4 U.S.S.R. , Greece, &, Yugoslavia, for the Allies,
Iraq(for only one turn), &, Finland & Bulgaria from Rounds 4 to 11, for the Axis,
U.S.A. & Iraq Round 5 for the Allies,
Brazil Round Six, for the Allies,
Persia Round Seven, for the Allies, &,
Finland Neutral & Bulgaria for the Allies Round 11.

Victory conditions: For the Axis, take any two Allied capitals(Paris is probably the first),
For the Allies, complete military victory over the Axis powers,

Round Two: GE. builds transport, fighter, &, in Germany a trooper and 2 mechanical infantry, &, minor industrial complex in Romania. Possibility of a major Sea Lion assault, taking London has the highest priority, even higher than taking Paris. Until then, when war with the Soviets begin, it will be more of a defensive nature in the Eastern Front, and, help garrison Italy.

Move/adjust forces in Eastern Front, with reserve behind the front line, send 2 troopers, gun, &, tank to N. Italy. Organize forces on Western Front for any Allied Sea landings. Also trooper & tank board transport for Sea Lion. Losses are heavy both sides(with the Allies scrambling their fighters to sink a sub. off Wales, still a tank & trooper are landed in Scotland). All British naval units are sunk, air dominance about even both sides. Losses IPCs GE. 59, Fr. 12, &, British Empire 87.

Meanwhile an attack on France, losses again are heavy, all air used for Sea Lion, so none was available for the attack on France. IPCs losses GE. 24 & Fr. 38.

Soviets build A..A. gun, trooper, gun, Mech. infantry, &, tank. Adjustment of forces in regards to a possible Axis attack, sub. heads for Sea Zone #125, while transport heads for U.K.(Danish Straits are not closed to the Soviets).

U.S.A. builds A.C. & T.B. & transport. In case of war, America wants to be ready for it.

British Empire builds tank for S. Africa, Cruiser, tank & 3 troopers for U.K. Two troopers from S. Africa head for Egypt, &, Commonwealth DD heads for Red Sea. Trooper from Sudan & another transported from Egypt, invade It. Ethiopia, free it for lost of a trooper. Forces in Alexandria retreat to Egypt, while a C from S. America, heads for Mediterranean Sea. DD off Gibraltar sinks GE. sub. in English Channel, while fighter from U.K. sinks GE. transport off Scotland, lands on A.C. off Gibraltar(Atlantic Ocean side, also another fighter from U.K. lands in Gibraltar). A.C. enters Med. Sea off Gibraltar, while DD from Canada heads for Gibraltar.

Meanwhile a transport from Canada lands a trooper & tank onto Scotland(trooper from Ontario moves to Quebec), with a fighter & trooper from UK., versus, invading GE. trooper & tank. Scotland is freed for a lost of 2 troopers. Losses IPCs British Empire 9, It. 6, GE. 22.

It. builds fighter. Forces in Tobruk occupied undefended Alexandria, while 2 troopers from Libya along with a mechanical infantry from Tubruk, invade Fr. Tunisia(both sides lose a trooper). Transport from N. Italy leaves with a trooper & GE. tank(that boarded in GE. last turn), the trooper lands in undefended Malta.

Off S. France for a cost of a damaged BB (& C), have just sank a Fr. C & DD. Also off Egypt a C & DD(with two fighters from Italy) attack a British C & fighter. For a lost of a DD & fighter, the Brit. C & defending fighter based in Egypt are destroyed. Tank & trooper from transport, take over undefended Jordan.

Meanwhile forces from N. Italy defeat Fr. trooper & gun, in S. France, for a lost of a trooper. Losses IPCs It. 25, Fr. 30, &, Brits. 22.

Fr. cannot build any units, DD arrives in the Red Sea. Trooper in Morocco joins trooper in Libya, while trooper in U.K. goes to Scotland, to reinforce Canadian tank. Also trooper in Syria enters Jordan(held by German trooper & tank), &, each side loss a trooper.

Round Three: GE. Minor Industrial Unit builds 2 tanks & fighter in Romania, 7 troopers(3 in France), 2 mech. infantry, a gun, &, submarine. Still positioning forces on Eastern Front for next turn, of a limited attack, as large scale attacks along the whole Eastern Front seem to always fizzle out. Perhaps a solid thrust toward a major city area, while the rest of the front, protects the flanks.

From an It. transport, a GE. tank arrives at Tobruk, along with a Tactical Bomber flown onto the area. Normandy is taken for no losses. With shelling, a fighter, forces landed, &, Scotland retaken again. Losses in IPCs GE. 3 & Fr. 6 and U.K.6.

Soviets build 3 tanks, 2 guns, trooper, &, mech. infantry. Preparing defense in depth, with a main reserve behind the front line. Transport arrives off U.K. Sea Zone 110.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, tank, gun, mech. infantry, &, submarine.

British Empire builds BB, fighter, &, trooper. Transport leaves Wales & heads back to Canada, while for a lost of trooper Scotland is retaken from GE. trooper.

Meanwhile C from S. America continues to U.K., a DD Atlantic side of Gibraltar joins British Fleet(off Med. Sea side of Gibraltar) of DD & A.C.(fighter & T.B.). Fleet goes to off S. France, &, for no lost sinks It. damaged B.B. & Cruiser(fleet fighter lands in Egypt). Also fighter from Gibraltar attacks It. transport off Libya, fails to sink it, &, lands in Egypt. Two trooper & tank from S. Africa arrive in Langanvika Territory, while transport takes back trooper from Ethiopia to Egypt, escorted by Commonwealth DD. IPCs lost British 3, GE. 3, &, It. 32(twenty from a damaged BB).

Italy builds.... Trooper in It. Somaliliand retakes undefended Ethiopia. Transport off Libya goes to S. Italy & returns with 2 troopers landed in Tobruk, while another transport off Egypt picks up trooper from Malta & lands it in undefended Fr. Syria.

Trooper & mechanical infantry enter Fr. Algeria from Tunisia, defended by 2 Fr. troopers(all lost). Finally 2 fighters from N. & S. Italy fly to Egypt to join forces from Alexandria & Jordan invading Egypt. Italy is throwing everything they got, including the proverbial kitchen sink to take Egypt(leaving only GE. forces in Italy to garrison it). Two fighters, 2 tanks, 5 troopers, gun, &, mech. infantry, versus, British 2 fighters, tank, 2 troopers, &, 2 guns. Only British tank survived the battle. IPCs lost It. 56 , Fr. 6, &, British Empire 37, except for forces in S. France & Albania, Italy & home islands have no defense. Also for forces in Alexandria & Syria, the rest of N. Africa & Mid. East has no defense.

Fr. cannot build anything, has DD in Red Sea.

Round Four: GE. builds in Romania 2 troopers & tank, sub., fighter, trooper, in Normandy 2 troopers and T.B. The Axis try to deal with Greece & Yugoslavia, armor goes from Normandy to help reinforce GE. forces from N. Italy in Yugoslavia, it falls! (IPCs lost GE. 3, &, Yugoslavia 15). Italy will have to deal with the Greeks on their turn(which has GE. worried), as the Greeks invade Albania & take out the defending It. infantry(they also lose a trooper). IPCs lost 3 each side.

The Attack in the East Begins!, centered on Eastern Poland, it falls, losses are IPCs GE. 12 & Soviets 30. The problem is, can GE. hold onto E. Poland, &, not get caught up in flip-flopping the same territories each turn, the flanks are strongly held. Soviet BB damaged off Vyborg due to sub. & fighter attack, sub. also lost(IPCs lost GE. 6 & Soviets damaged BB). Bulgaria sends 3 troopers to Romania & leaves one home(in case Greece tries something). Also Finland occupies Soviet territories of Vyborg & Karelia with 2 troopers each, &, Iraq forces of 2 troopers, on the way to Africa, enter Jordan.

Western European coastline is reorganize in case of any future Allied landings. Scotland falls again, with C shelling, &, in Sea Zone #125 BB & sub. sink Soviet sub.(also GE. sub. lost, for IPCs of 6 lost each side).

Finally in N. Africa, from Tobruk T.B. & tank will attempt to take Egypt, defended by lone British armor unit. Egypt falls!, for no losses, &, somewhat annoyed Italians. Losses IPCs British 6. Could this be the high-water mark of the Axis powers?

U.S.S.R. out of need joins the Allies this turn, builds 2 tanks, gun, 2 mech. infantry, &, 1 trooper. Soviets will counterattack just E. Poland & maybe try to kick out the Finns, &, hold in North & South of the Eastern Front. Eastern Poland retaken, with very high losses for the Soviets, but, it was a crucial area to retake(GE. has a massive IPCs for purchases for the next round). IPCs losses Soviets 42 & GE 61. Also Karelia retaken from Finns, losses Soviets IPCs 4 & Finns 6. The Germans can rebuild most of what they lost next round, the Soviets cannot.

Finally damaged BB sinks GE. sub. off Berlin(GE. IPCs losses 6).

U.S.A. builds BB & C.

British Empire builds T.B. in South Africa, transport, fighter, &, trooper. Transport in Red Sea heads for Tanganyika territory & picks up 2 S. African troopers, while armor retakes Ethiopia from defending It. trooper, for no lost. From S. France A.C. with T.B. & escorting DD go off Libya, &, sinks undefended It. transport. Meanwhile C from South America arrives off Egypt, along with T.B. from A.C., &, attack It. C & transport, only British Cruiser survives. Allies control the Med. Sea, no Axis naval forces. Earlier a fighter from Home Islands landed on A.C.(flew unopposed over Holland & France), it does not have the range to combat so it had to land, but, it gives overall air power to the Allies. Losses IPCs Brits. 11 and It. 29.

Transport arrives in Canada & trooper boards it, BB from Home fleet & fighter sinks GE. BB at Sea Zone#125(Allied fighter lost & BB is damaged), while C & DD sinks GE. C & transport off Scotland(DD is lost). Scotland is retaken, for no lose, from defending GE. trooper. Losses IPCs British Empire 18 & GE. 42. Axis have no navy in the North Sea.

Italy builds in N. Italy fighter & 3 troopers. With both transports sunk, cannot try to retake Albania/attack Greece, much less send badly needed reinforcements to N. Africa(no spare troopers to just walk into undefended N.W. French Africa!). Two troopers move from Tobruk to Alexandria, to link up with GE. Africa Corps.

Fr. cannot build, DD stays put in Red Sea.

Round Five: GE. builds to try to keep the assualt on the Eastern Front going, reinforce Italy, take out those pesky Greeks & Brits., &, reinforce the Western Front. Unfortunately funds never seem to be enough, in Rumania & Germany 2 tanks & mechanical infantry, France trooper & gun, W. Germany a transport, trooper, & 2 mech. infantry. Armor rolls over undefended Sudan, but, fails to retake Ethiopia defended by British tank(both are lost). Dive bomber from Alexander sinks British C off Egypt(in turn it is destroyed, total IPCs lost so far GE. 17, &, Brits. 18). The Africa Corps is no more!

In Norway a trooper goes to help defend Finland, while a Finnish trooper goes back to Finland from occupied Vyburg. Bomber from Norway sinks damaged British BB in Sea Zone #125. Trooper from France reinforces Holland, while a T.B. from Normandy & fighter from W. Germany try to sink 2 Allies transport off Wales(the GE. fighter is lost to a defending British fighter, which is also destroyed, &, the T.B. sinks a Soviet transport). Meanwhile T.B. from Poland & fighter from Denmark, sink a damaged Soviet BB off Germany(the fighter is also lost). Losses IPCs so far, GE. 20, British Empire 30(included damaged BB), &, Soviets 27(include a damaged BB). Bad day for damaged Allied BBs.

Finally an attack on Greek forces in Albania, all wiped out the 3 defending troopers by GE. forces that conquered Yugoslavia(losses IPCs GE. 7 & Greeks 9). Greece is left undefended!

Attacks on the Eastern Front. Forces from Romania take Bessarabia, losses GE. 12 and Bulgaria 6, &, Soviets 25. Also forces from Poland & Hungary take Eastern Poland, losses GE. 10 & Soviets 26.

The Axis even with reduce forces control most of N. Africa & the Mid. East, there are a total of six troopers(half are Italians & the rest are from Iraq). The problem for the Axis is a counter-coup that throws Iraq in to the Allied camp. Iraq symbol of GE. is replaced with one from the British Empire, Jordan is automatically freed from Italy(where 3 troopers from Iraq where recently), 2 troopers in Jordan enter & dispose of an defending It. trooper in Syria, while the remaining trooper enters undefended GE. occupied Egypt & frees it! Losses IPCs It. 3. Not bad for a minor Ally.

Soviet Union builds fighter, 2 tanks, &, 5 troopers. Forces from Karelia take back Vyoburg, lost IPCs Finland 3. From Baltic States forces retake Eastern Poland, losses IPCs Soviets 6 & Ge. 10. Also from Karelia & Novgorod forces take over Finland, losses IPCs GE. 3 and Finland 3, &, Soviets 6. There is not enough forces to retake Bessarabia, only to fortify W. Uk. & Urkraine. The entire Eastern Front is defended thinly & with little reserves, especially behind the front lines!

United States of America enters the war!, builds 2 transports, 2 tanks, trooper & gun. Moves fleet from East Coast, will leave N. Africa & Mid. East to Brits. & Iraq forces. Instead focus on a Western European sea landing(Northern, and, Southern, are secondary targets).

British Empire builds transport, gun, &, 2 fighters. T.B. flies from S. Africa to Egypt to help defend with Iraq trooper. Transport off Fr. Madagascar lands a trooper into undefended It. Somaliland, and, another trooper into undefended German occupied Sudan. Commonwealth DD joins British fleet(from off Malta) that has moved to Egyptian waters.

Transport from Canada drops trooper onto Scotland, while C from N.Sea joining another transport as escort. This transport from off Wales, goes to Eastern U.K., picks up trooper & tank. They are landed in Norway, along with shelling from Cruiser. All GE. defenders of a trooper & bomber wiped out, along with landed forces, Norway is still in GE. hands but undefended! Losses Brits. 9 & GE. 15 IPCs.

It. builds T.B. & trooper. Two troopers abandon Alexandria & move back to Tobruk, joined from fighter from N. Italy(retreating for now, makes it hard for the Allies to attack them with all their combine forces).

Fr. cannot build, DD joins Allied fleet off Egypt.

Round Six: GE. builds 3 tanks in Romania, tank & mech. infantry and gun in Germany, sub. & 2 troopers Western Germany, mech. infantry in France, &, trooper in Normandy. Readjusting defense of Western European coastline, while transport brings 2 troopers to garrison Norway. Also forces in Albania move & take over Greece. Bulgaria sends back a trooper to garrison its homeland, &, GE. reinforcements move eastward.

With forces from Bessarabia, Romania, &, T.B. from Poland, attacks to take over both Ukraines. Losses are heavy both sides, only 2 Soviets tanks in Uk. hold off a breakout into the Caucasus, while Western Uk. falls but garrison by only a Bulgarian trooper.

Meanwhile forces from Poland & Germany, attack Eastern Poland & Baltic States, both are taken. GE. forces are stretched thinly in Europe, especially forces that took Greece, could have been used in N. Africa. Still the situation on the Eastern Front has never looked so good. Losses GE. 32 and Soviets 28 IPCs, the Germans can make up for the losses in IPCs(much to the annoyance of the Germans, so can the Soviets make up for their losses). Landings will occur this round, is this the Axis highpoint in Europe?

Brazil activates 3 troopers & moves them to British Guiana( since it is a nation in the Americas, the IPCs are given to the U.S.A.).

U.S.S.R. builds fighter, 3 guns, 3 mech. infantry, &, 2 tanks. The Soviets do not have forces to retake the whole Eastern Front, much less need to prevent a breakthrough to the Caucasus, or, lose Leningrad. For political reasons will not try to take out Norway, leave that to the Western Allies. Attacks lead to Western Uk. retaken for no lost, & Baltic States also retaken(total IPCs lost Soviets 7, &, Bulgarians 3 and Germans 12). Reinforcements(which are never enough) will have to take up the slack next round, &, Western Allies need their presence shown in Europe.

U.S.A. builds transport, 3 bombers, fighter, &, Tactical Bomber. Fleet arrives to off Norway & land forces(Why not Normandy?, cause with 6 units defending it, even if taken by U.S., forces from France & Germany could probably retake it back. Even if not retaken next turn by Germany, U.S. cannot use the Industrial Complex for any builds. By taking Norway, the U.S. can build a minor industrial complex, fend off any German counterattacks, and either make another landing and/or join the Soviets on the Eastern Front. Finally the Danish Straits get opened, &, U-Boats fine it harder to get to the Atlantic). Fleet shells Norway, &, forces landed, for no losses, Norway is taken!

IPCs lost GE. 13.

Off East Coast, a transport goes to British Guiana to pick up Brazilian troopers, &, another leaves for Fr. Morocco & lands 2 tanks.

British Empire builds DD, 2 troopers, gun, &, 2 tanks. U.K. fleet with three transports & 2 fighters from U.K. attack W. Europe & W. Germany. Landing in Denmark are 2 troopers, gun, &, 2 fighters for air support, versus, GE. 2 troopers, gun, &, tank. Denmark falls for no losses!, while British C attacks and sinks GE. sub. off W. Germany(the C is lost also). Landing tank & trooper takes out both defending troopers for the lost of a trooper, W. Germany falls.

To have tried to land all forces in W. Germany was risky, as the C might have failed to eliminate the submarine(much less the A.A. gun defending against any air power), it was more of a raid, as the Italians will most likely eliminate the British tank. Still it will make some German forces on the Eastern Front, to go westward in the next round. As for the taking of Denmark for no losses was pure luck, now if the landed forces can survive the inevitable counterattack. IPCs lost British Empire 15, &, GE. 28.

It. builds 3 troopers & gun. From N. Italy two troopers go into W. Germany, &, defeat British tank(for lost of a trooper), while fighter flies through other parts of Germany(to avoid AA gun in W. Germany), &, sinks Brits. transport in Danish Straits(lands in S. Germany). Losses IPCs It. 3 & British Empire 13. Also trooper & armor go from Italy to help garrison Yugoslavia, &, armor moves from S. France to N. Italy.

The Italians realized that N. Africa & Mid-East is a lost cause, fighter abandons Tobruk & flies to S. Italy(via Egyptian waters & sinks Fr. DD worth 8 IPCs).

Italy has abandon Tubruk, Libya, British Alexandria, &, Fr. Tunisia.

Fr. cannot build, &, has just lost its last unit, a DD.

Round 7: GE. build in Romania 2 tanks and mech. infantry, Germany tank and 2 troopers, Western Germany tank and 2 troopers. Germany will hunker down, in the west & south, but, for the east it needs to attack, in order to win this game. Trooper from Hungary heads to Greece, to release from garrison duties a mech. infantry & gun. Forces from Atlantic Wall & France attack the British Forces in Denmark, while units are juggled around, to fill in the gaps in the Atlantic Wall. Denmark is retaken, with IPCs lost GE. 3, &, British 10. The Atlantic Wall is restored!(sans Norway).

Meanwhile forces from Germany, go to help garrison Poland & Baltic States, while forces in Eastern Poland for no lost, take over Belarus. Also forces from Bessarabia & Romania try again to take both Ukraine areas, , both fall!, the road to Stalingrad is opened & Mid-East(not much of a reserve left but the Soviets are in worst shape). IPCs lost GE. 17 & Soviets 29.

Iraq trooper in Egypt moves & retakes undefended It. occupied Alexandria. Two Brazilian troopers board U.S. transport from British Guiana. Also 2 Persian troopers head to reinforce Soviet Caucasus(on the side of the Allies), &, Iraq trooper enters Persia(on way to Caucasus).

U.S.S.R. builds a T.B., 2 tanks, 2 mech. infantry, 1 gun, &, 4 troopers. Soviets must Attack, Attack , &, Attack! to stop the German blitz, everything is retaken, but, Bessarabia & Eastern Poland. Only 4 units (not counting new purchases) are left on the board of a trooper, 2 tanks, &, fighter. Soviets need Western Allies to land in Europe again this turn.

U.S.A. builds minor industrial complex in Norway, 3 transports, 4 tanks, &, mech. infantry & gun. Fleet leaves Norway & goes to off Germany, shells & lands forces with air attack(T.B. from A.C., survives A.A. fire), and, Germany falls! Another fighter from A.C. destroys gun in Poland(it is also lost), while from Norway 2 mechanical infantries arrive in Soviet Leningrad. Keeping GE. is another thing, more like a big raid, still it dilute & wastes Axis manpower to retake it.

Fighter & T.B. arrive in U.K. from East Coat, while bombers from U.K. & East Coast bomb & wipe out all defenders(2 troopers & mech. infantry) in Holland, for no losses. Bombers land in U.K. waiting for next raid.

U.S. tanks roll into & free Tunisia undefended by the occupying Italians, &, transport leaves S. America & heads for N. Africa(with 2 troopers from Brazil), along with transport from East Coast(with trooper & gun). IPCs lost U.S. 17 & GE. 31.

British Empire builds 2 tanks, 3 trooper, fighter, &, transport. S. African trooper arrives in Sudan, heading for Egypt. Fleet sans a DD(stays off Malta) goes to waters off S. France, while transport goes to Egypt & picks up Iraq trooper, returns and lands it, in Italian occupied undefended Malta. Meanwhile a DD & 2 transports in English Channel lands trooper & 2 tanks onto Normandy. While from U.K. 2 fighters & A.C.(off S. France) a fighter & T.B. join the attack, versus, GE.4 troopers, tank, &, T.B. Normandy falls!, for a lost of a trooper & fighter only. Also another trooper lands in undefended GE. occupied Holland.

Finally trooper from W. India heads for Eastern Front via Persia. IPCs lost British 13 & GE. 29.

It. builds 2 tanks. Using fighter & T.B. from S. Italy & S. Germany, and, armor from Yugoslavia & N. Italy. Now It. forces attack occupied Germany, versus, U.S. trooper, gun, &, 2 tanks. Losses all but a It. tank, Germany is back in the game!

Meanwhile trooper enter Albania to garrison it, IPCs lost It. 27, &, U.S. 19.

France cannot build & has no units.

Round Eight: GE. builds(note to keep the game going, I let GE. keep the 47 IPCs they earned in round seven, if not, then it would not be worth playing round eight), for defense only. For France, W. Germany, Germany, &, Romania three troopers are built(a tank & gun is also built for W. Germany).

Hopefully with limited offensive movements, will give GE. time to build up an adequate defense. GE. retakes Baltic States & Uk. (with total of four conquest in U.S.S.R., with only one unit in each one for defense, to buy time in order to build up local units, &, a geographic buffer against the oncoming Soviet forces). Also retake Holland for no lost, a gun & mech. infantry leave Denmark for Germany, and, the final IPCs lost GE. 12, British 3, &, Soviets 21.

U.S.S.R. builds transport, fighter, tank, 4 mechanical infantry, &, 2 guns. Forces from Russia retake Uk., thus blocking GE. drive to the Caucasus, along with Baltic States, &, Eastern Poland retaken. All that in not retaken of the U.S.S.R. is Bessarabia, &, the Axis no longer has any units to spare for the Eastern Front. Losses IPCs Soviets 20, &, GE. 23.

Trooper from Iraq moves to Syria, while 2 troopers from Persia enters Caucasus heading for Eastern Front.

U.S.A. builds 3 tanks in Norway, &, 2 troopers, mech. infantry, 2 gun, T.B., &, 2 bombers in East Coast. Four bombers, T.B., &, fighter, attack GE. forces in France & Holland. All Axis units of 5 troopers & tank destroyed for a lost of U.S. bomber & T.B.(bombers land in Norway & fighter on A.C. in Danish Straits). Two mechanical infantry off Leningrad roll into undefended occupied Poland(Poland the first occupied Allied nation is freed!).

Also U.S. fleet in Danish Straits lands 3 tanks in Poland, while 2 transports leave fleet to return to East Coast. Losses IPCs U.S.A. 23 & GE. 21.

Off East Coast transport leaves with mech. infantry & gun for N. Africa, meanwhile from Tunisia a tank rolls into undefended It. Libya & Tobruk. Also a second tank boards a British transport off Libya & a fighter lands in Algeria(from East Coast). Africa is Axis Free!

Off S. France a U.S transport lands trooper & gun, versus, It. 2 troopers & gun, losses a trooper & gun each side. Losses IPCs 7 each side. Also another 2 transport arrive off S. France.

Brazilian 3 troopers debark off U.S. transports onto S. France, versus, It. trooper. S. France is freed for no lose(It. losses 3 IPCs).

British Empire builds fighter, T.B., 2 troopers, &, 2 tanks. Trooper from Sudan reaches Egypt, from India reaches Persia, &, from Malta DD & transport with trooper to land on undefended Sicily(Sicily falls!). From Normandy 2 tanks roll through undefended France & attack in N. Italy, along with T.B. and fighter from A.C. off S. France & another fighter from U.K.(no lost due to A.A. fire), versus, It. tank, gun, & , 2 troopers. Lost British T.B. & fighter, &, It. lose all units, N. Italy falls! IPCs losses British Empire 23, &, Italy 16. Remaining fighter returns to A.C.

From U.K. 3 transports with DD escort land in undefended Holland, a trooper(Holland falls!). Also the fleet moves to off Germany & lands 2 troopers, gun, &, 2 tanks(with fighter from U.K., no A.A. lost), versus, GE. 3 troopers, mech. infantry, &, gun. Losses British fighter & trooper(13 IPCs), & GE. all(17 IPCs). Germany goes down again!

Italy builds 2 troopers & tank. Using forces from W. Germany & Southern Italy, 4 troopers & tank versus British 2 tanks in occupied Northern Italy. Losses It. 2 troopers(6 IPCS) & Brits. 2 tanks(12 IPCs), Northern Italy is freed!

France builds 2 Mech. Infantry & 2 guns. Forces(built from a one time bonus of 12 IPCs) in France attack W. Germany, tank & 2 troopers versus GE. 3 troopers, gun, &, tank. Losses Fr. all(12 IPCs) & GE. 2 troopers & gun(10 IPCs). Losses are quite acceptable, as this weakens any German attempt, to try to retake Berlin using forces based in W. Germany.

Round Nine: GE. cannot build, sans a trooper all forces abandon Demark & leave Western Germany, to move to N. Italy. Along with a trooper from Yugoslavia moves to N. Italy. While forces leave Greece for N. Italy, while Bulgarian trooper enters Greece, &, troopers from Romania enter Bulgaria & Hungary.

It seems that N. Italy is the last stand for the Germans.

Soviets build 3 troopers, gun, mech. infantry, tank, bomber, &, C. Transport moves to Sea Zone #125. Forces retake undefended Bessarabia(the Soviet Union is finally free of any Axis presence!), along with Romania & Hungary. IPCs lost Soviets 4 & GE. 6.

U.S.A. builds naval & air base & A.A. gun in Norway,&, 3 fighters. Transport leaves S. France & goes to Libya(another transport leaves instead for East Coast), where 2 tanks board it(one tank came from Tobruk), while 2 transports leave East Coast(2 troopers, gun, &, mech. infantry) for Med. Sea. Also T.B. lands in Algeria, &, 2 bombers land in Libya, flying from East Coast.

While transport off Gibraltar lands a mech. infantry & gun onto S. Italy, with air cover of 3 bombers from Norway & T.B. from A.C. in Danish Straits(no lost due to A.A. fire), versus, It. 2 troopers & gun. Losses all It.(12 IPCs), &, U.S. a bomber & T.B.(23 IPCs), surviving air lands in Sicily. Rome falls!

Forces in Poland take over undefended Southern Germany, Danish Straits fleet picks up 3 tanks in Norway, lands one in undefended Denmark, &, 2 in Western Germany for no lost(IPCs lost GE. 3).

Meanwhile Brazilian trooper invades N. Italy, from S. France, losses a trooper each side(3 IPCs), this attack was just to wear out the defenders(GE. tank, mech. infantry, &, It. 2 troopers & tank are still there).

British Empire builds minor industrial complex, air & naval base, &, A.A. gun for W. India, air base & A.A. gun for S. Africa, &, BB & mech. infantry. Transport land from U.K. to Normandy 2 troopers & 2 tanks. Trooper from Egypt moves to Alexandria & another arrives N.W. Persia from Persia. Also 2 Persian troopers arrive to Rostov from the Caucasus.

Transport from Sicily lands trooper onto N. Italy with fighter from A.C. off S. France, also fighter & T.B. from U.K., and, 2 tanks from Germany, versus, GE. tank & mech. infantry, and, It. 2 troopers & tank(no losses due to A.A. fire). N. Italy falls!, only 2 British tanks survive the battle. Losses British IPCs 34, &, GE. 10 & It. 12.

Italy cannot build, trooper in Albania stays put, except for Sardinia there is not much left of "The New Roman Empire".

France builds fighter, &, tank. Moves from France(2 mech. infantry & 2 guns) to occupied Yugoslavia, versus, GE. gun & mech. infantry.
Losses IPCs Fr. 4 & GE. 7, Yugoslavia is freed!

Bulgaria trooper leaves Greece(Greece is freed, cause Bulgaria joins the Allies), &, trooper returns to Bulgaria. Remaining GE. & It. trooper in Balkans surrender.

Next final thoughts on R.R.

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:18 pm

Final thoughts on final game: Germany could have built another industrial complex in Poland(large if possible) to help feed those many reinforcements to the Eastern Front, use Finland to help reinforce Norway, stepped up sub. production to prolong the Battle of the Atlantic.

Also give up a tank, trade it in for a transport off the waters of N. Italy, in order to give some meaningful aid to the Italians in North Africa. Finally let the Iraq troopers attack Allied forces in the Mid-East, because in the next turn, they switch sides to the Allies. Along with the threat of Operation Sea Lion, but, do not bother doing it(you lose too many IPCs for an event that hardly ever seems to work).

Italy strikes hard & fast in the early rounds, but, with so little IPCs the economy overheats. Keep the navy & air intact & feed forces to N. Africa, easy pickings in S. France & Balkans, does not mean enough IPCs are available, to rebuild a shattered fleet & air arm. Keep your forces in the Med. area, sending allot of forces to the Eastern Front, is like getting sucked into a Black Hole.

U.S.S.R. prepares defense in depth, with a reserve(s) to stabilize the front lines. You want to keep the Axis from breaking into the Soviet Heartland. Keep Sea Zone #125 clear & neutralize or lessen the Danish Straits Axis fleet. Also the ability to move a space your Industrial Complexes/destroy them if capture seems immanent.

British Empire to go before the U.S.A., with at least an additional trooper in Scotland, mech. infantry in Egypt, &, fighter on Malta/bomber in U.K.

U.S.A. skip Normandy as a landing site, you cannot build a factory there, instead take Norway(with forces going by land through Finland/landings in Northern Europe). Also a large bomber fleet will help clear a occupied nation of defending Axis when a seaborne invasion is coming. Help keep U.K. from being swamped either helping in N.W. Africa & winning the Battle of the Atlantic.

France defend, defend, defend, once France falls to help in U.K. & N.W. Africa. Also a one time choice, of about a third of IPCs value in units in France, are transferred to N. Africa(for example pull out 3 troopers & gun from France & place them in N.W. Africa).

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Re: A&A: Europe 1940 Roundrobin of a Most Limited Version

Post by pellulo » Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:39 pm

Future Round Robins? Been doing Round Robins since basic versions of Axis & Allies came out in the eighties, did them while watching David Letterman on his late night show, while my infant daughter slept in her crib(I use to work overnight shifts, so staying up late was no problem). As the game evolved to Europe & Pacific versions, specialty games like D-Day, Bulge, Guadalcanal, sub-specialty like the minis for land & sea battles, simplistic 1941, 1940 Europe(like doing global but in stages), I must have done them all.

What is left of what I would like to do, some day finish D-Day(still have about three scenarios to play), a final game for 1914, do Pacific 1940 to see what effects the Anzacs & China has on play(treating the latter as a fully independent power, gee China makes up about a third of all land partitions on the board!).

Finally redoing the old game master newer version of Fortress America.

While the other Milton Bradly games like Shogun & Conquest of the Empire, has newer versions come out, no need to redo those games. If a newer version of Broadsides & Boarding Parties(my favorite) came out, I might be tempted to round robin it again(I enjoy the Spaniard ship winning a few rounds, no cliques hero Hollywood pirates winning all the time). Definitely never doing Anniversary Axis & Allies game, that is why we have global to play. Much less any air minis game(land & sea games were great in round robin).

As for logging it down really adds to playtime. Going from some details on moves as read in Battle of the Bulge Game, to full details as seen in the current Round Robin of the Axis & Allies 1914 is allot of writing as playtime increases. More details leads to more writing, it is as simple as that. Declining health & eyesight makes it hard sometimes to play(the original Axis & Allies game board looks like a Volkswagen bug compared to a Hummer size 1940 Europe game board).

One thing I discovered is a good chunk of Round Robin of certain games, are never to be written about. As they were done in the pre-P.C./W.P. days(personal computer/word processor era), or, just played with the outcome only noted. Oh well it could have been worse, could have been noted in cuneiform, :mrgreen: , Enjoy!

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