AAE40: my take

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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Re: AAE40: my take

Post by Othor » Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:28 pm

Hi all,

Me and brothers have been players for years to all the axis and allies.
In this one, after 3 games, here all my general appreciation...

In the short term, pressing for sealion is the best for Germany, allowing the Italy fleet to survive most of the time. However, for any reason, if Sealion is not done, it put Germany in a bad condition in the long term. If germany spend 2 turns and more than .. (say 30 to 60) ipc in navy it may lack that money vs Soviet Union. Put it provide transport capacity to fill in Finland in troops...

Anyway, if Sealion is not successfull, facing the Soviet Union is really hard. In fact, what we didnt find yet is a good strategy to attack the USSR; because if you split forces, USSR almost always have the possibility to rush all of his troop and rush... I like the italian-germany possibility to rush (italy clears the way, germany attack the stack behind) but still, you must attack with no normal infantry or arty.. so your tanks and mechanized become really exposed.

The fact that a true barbarossa cannot happen (i mean, all russian troop in the frontline can stack back, waiting important reinforcement) give it hard for Germany to come to an end.

Any Idea of making success for germany after buying let's say a C.V. and 2 trannies in turn 1 ?

Thanks. A global strategy vs Russia would be appreciated. It was nice to read you.

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