After Action Reports (Europe)

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Aluroon » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:53 pm

I notice there doesn't seem to be a lot of chatter about Europe here, at least in terms of gaming reports, so I'm going to go ahead and begin a thread for that purpose, starting with a description of one of the two games I ran through this week.

Game 1
I took the Allies and my opponent took the Axis. Setup was normal OOB. We both have experience with Pacific and the original game, but only a single short game of Europe 1940 under our belts. We have played each other in the past, and tend to know each other's respective play styles.

Turn 1
Germany buys tanks and infantry, and attacks France, which falls without much of a fight. All of the UK/French navy north of Gibraltar save the transport + destroyer over in Canada is destroyed by a combination of subs, surface ships, and plans with nominal casualties for the Germans (mostly subs). German troops mobile Finland and the Axis friendly neutral near Greece. Troops begin to head towards the Eastern Front.

The (Glorious) Soviet Union builds mechanized infantry and infantry, stockpiling infantry in Leningrad and building Mec's in Russia and Stalingrad. It begins concentrating forces near the German front, but not directly at the front (one country back in most cases). It begins moving an infantry south to activate the friendly Middle Eastern forces.

The UK begins buy purchasing two mechanized infantry and infantry. It moves the carrier task force into the Med and attacks the larger portion of the Italian fleet, sending it to the bottom. In Africa forces begin to withdraw and concentrate in Egypt, hoping to hold Cairo. It brings the Canadian forces down into the Gibraltar base, preparing to reinforce Africa. It spawns two mechanized infantry in South Africa and spawns its Infantry on the home front.

Italy buys infantry and moves to attack Egypt decisively striking by racing across Alexandria with its mechanized units and leaving its infantry behind. The remaining transport assists by bringing in more Italian forces from Algeria and allowing an offshore bombardment. Italy empties itself of air power to support the attack. Egypt falls amid a flurry of poor defender dice. Southern France also falls to incoming Italian forces. (It is worth noting here, Southern Italy was mistakenly set up with an air base). Italy collects something like 16 ICPs.

The French do very little. A handful of remaining troops are shuffled into more irritating positions to block Italian blitzing, and the French navy combines with the British transport off Gibraltar.

America builds an aircraft carrier, a transport, and one fighter.

Turn 2
Germany builds more tanks and infantry, along with an aircraft carrier. In a shocking move the single German transport brings a tank and an infantry into the United Kingdom, along with the entirety of the German air force. The United Kingdom falls but takes the entire German air force with it. Forces continue to gather on the Russian front.

The Russians continue to build infantry and mechanized infantry, and a handful of tanks. More troops pour towards the front, beefing up the Russian defenses just beneath the surface. Friendly forces in the Middle East are mobilized. The tanks are built in Stalingrad in to threaten a counterattack into Southern Europe due to weak German forces on that front.

The stunned United Kingdom lands its Canadian troops in Greece, activating the forces there, combining its fleet therein. Infantry moves north in Africa to slow the Italian spread.

Italy's turn here is fuzzy to me. Somehow their remaining transport was separated from their fleet. They spread slowly across Africa and collect something like 17 ICP. Their money is spent in infantry to reinforce Italy.

France does nothing.

The United States purchases a fully loaded aircraft carrier and continues to prepare for war.

Turn 3
Germany purchases another aircraft carrier (fully loaded) and refills its first aircraft carrier's depleted planes, giving it the largest navy on the board. Its remaining funds are spent on infantry. It launches an attack on Russia, wiping out front line defenders (2-4 total units) with few causalities. The main thrust of the attack is forced to come from the north, towards Leningrad, and it takes two full turns for reinforcements (even mechanized) to reach the front from Western Germany. Germany collects approximately 56 ICP.

Russia responds to the incoming German attack by launching an amphibious attack into... I think Hungry. The country between Germany proper and Russia that isn't Poland (I think). Supported by air power the attack is highly successful, placing units between German reinforcements and the Russian front, delaying them a turn.

The United Kingdom kills the remaining Italian transport and continues to move its infantry in Africa to be annoying. It attacks the Italian forces in Albania and kills them off.

Italy continues to move its forces in Africa, expanding and taking some loses in return. They continue to build infantry and begin moving them towards the Russian/British front. It collects something like 18 ICP.

France continues to do nothing, because it is France.

America builds a third aircraft carrier and declares war. It collects its 65 ICP.

Turn 3
Germany builds tanks and a tactical bomber. It continues the attack on the Russian front with mild success, taking countries but not inflicting sizable casualties and taking several of its own. The main thrust of the attack is concentrated in Eastern Poland and further north near Leningrad. It attacks and destroys the Russian "fleet" and finally blocks the 5 point objective of Russia by moving a sub into sea zone 125. It retakes the country taken by Russia in Europe the turn before and continues to move forces from Western Germany towards the Russian front.

Russia buys infantry and mechanized infantry. It counters attacks in the South, pushing into Romania with tanks and mechanized forces. In the north, at the main point of attack by the German forces it is able to mobilize an enormous force of infantry and mobile infantry, with some tanks and aircraft short of Leningrad.

The United Kingdom continues to do little. It considers activating the other friendly neutral near Greece, but decides to forgo doing so in order to allow the more powerful offensive Russian force nearby to do so in order to provide it with more fodder. Its navy withdraws to Gibraltar to support the soon to be arriving American fleet.

Italy builds more infantry. It attacks the Russian forces in Romania with infantry but is repelled with serious loses. It continues to expand in Africa and activates Iraq. It collects something like 22 ICP.

France is French.

The United States builds another aircraft carrier three transports, and a couple infantry to round it its purchase.

Turn 4
Germany builds more tanks and infantry. It is forced to divert forces from its attack near Leningrad to counter the push by the southern Russian forces, but is able to obliterate the remaining Russian forces in Romania and push back the second part of that thrust which had retaken major parts of Southern Russia. It attempts to attack the main Russian defensive force in the North without sufficient force, but is repelled with heavy casualties on both sides.

Russia builds more infantry and withdraws its forces back a square, denying Germany a decisive battle in Russia for another turn short of Leningrad. Its sub clears sea zone 125. Russia collects very near to 30 ICPs.

The British, tired of waiting, activate the remaining neutral near Greece, giving them something like seven infantry and a tank in the region.

The Italian's punish the newly activated British forces, nearly emptying Italy as it moves forces towards the Russian conflict, attempting to support the faltering German offensive. The British forces in the region are reduced to a single infantry in Greece. Italy spawns 3 infantry in each of the Italian countries, but they are all that remains in Italy at the end of the turn.

France is boring.

The United States builds more transports and infantry and tanks. It moves the majority if its fleet to Gibraltar.

Turn 5
Germany builds more tanks and infantry. It moves forward a single territory on the Russian front, exposing Leningrad. Move forces move towards Russia, but not quickly enough. It attempts to attack the American fleet at Gibraltar with two fully loaded aircraft carriers, a battleship, and a destroyer. The battle goes horrifically. He hits one aircraft carrier and kills the American destroyer. In response he loses everything save the battleship and a single carrier. Both limp away with a single hit.

Russia builds more mechanized infantry and infantry, and continues to stockpile troops in and around Leningrad. For giggles it builds two more tanks in Stalingrad to go with the 4 mechanized infantry still in the area.

Italy continues to build troops. It finally captures Greece. There is now a real threat of a significant Italian force (10+ units) starting to hit Russia from the south. It collects 27 some troops. Most of Africa is conquered, but not all of it. It has been unable to break through the four infantry keeping them from entering the area near South Africa, but attempts to do so this turn without sufficient forces. It loses badly, and it no longer has the strength in Africa to attack (or even hold the continent). Two British Mechanized forces survive. It continues to empty Italy.

France here.

America builds more transports and troops to fill them. It launches an attack on Rome with eight land units and six planes, taking it with five units surviving the landing and all carriers fully loaded still. It savors the ~27 ICP Italy had collected the turn before. It attacks the limping German fleet with the fleet off America, and kills it without an casualties. America ends the turn with close to 100 ICPs on hand.

Turn 6
Germany decides to bypass Leningrad, but smashes much of the forces blocking it from reaching Moscow, which is defended at this time by ~10 infantry. It breaks through with a force if approximately 10 tanks and 5 mechanized infantry, with a handful of attached units. It continues to buy tanks in Western Germany. It moves forces to attempt to retake Italy next turn.

Russians take advantage of their mechanized troops and rush all possible support to Moscow, leaving behind only single troops to prevent blitzing. The forces in Moscow swell to 17+ units, including tanks and planes. It builds nine more infantry in Moscow.

British do nothing except land their carrier's air power in Rome.

The Italians attempt to retake Italy with a handful of infantry, tanks, and their air force. The entire force is wiped out, leaving behind only a single American tank in Rome.

French here.

The American carrier battle group in the Med lands six planes in Italy, blustering the defenses to 8 planes and a tank. It buys 3 more fighters for Italy and transports and another carrier in America. It moves its force off America to Gibraltar.

Turn 7
Germany attempts to liberate Italy and fails, losing eight tanks in exchange for a tank and an aircraft. It presses in Russia, bringing Moscow within reach of its primary field army, consisting of roughly 15-17 units (tanks and mechs). It builds infantry (for the first time) in London, and more forces in Western Germany. It moves more forces towards the German front.

The Russians build another 8 infantry in Moscow, swelling the defenses there to 35+ units. Forces from Leningrad cut of the German supply lines.

British don't do much.

Italians attempt to retake Rome, and lose decisively as did the Germans. A handful of planes fall on the allied side, but the entire attacking force consisting mostly of infantry is wiped out. Six planes remain in Italy.

At this point the Axis concedes the game, reasoning that the Russian offensive cannot win (statistically less than 1% chance) and that with America poised to liberate France or the UK there was not much point in continuing, especially without Italy.

The Axis player argues that he sees no possible way for the Germans to effectively win the game without good dice, given that he was able to take one of the allies out of the game as early as turn 2 and was still crushed.

I tend to feel differently. There was a lot of incidental money left on the board by the Axis in the game (for instance, he forgot to take Ireland for several turns, never pushed into the Middle East effectively), and that he left a lot of cash on the board for the allies by ignoring several objectives that he could have defeated, giving me plenty of extra funding, especially on the Russian side, to fight him with. I agreed to take the Axis for the next game.

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Piazza2425 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:54 pm

Good report. Just to let you know, Russia cannot take any neutrals until it is "at war".

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by calvinhobbesliker » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:00 pm

Also, Hungary doesn't border the ocean, so you couldn't have done an amphibious assult

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Aluroon » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:39 pm

Piazza2425 wrote:Good report. Just to let you know, Russia cannot take any neutrals until it is "at war".
Didn't know that. Don't think it makes a great deal of sense, but it didn't make a difference in the game; those troops spent the entire game where they were.

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Aluroon » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:39 pm

calvinhobbesliker wrote:Also, Hungary doesn't border the ocean, so you couldn't have done an amphibious assult
Poland. I didn't have the map in front of me, but I knew it fell between Russia and Germany. Not sure why I tried to convince myself there was another country there...

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Sir Bombsalot » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:40 pm

Nothing as detailed at that, but here goes:

Our first game:

Turn 1:

Germany took out the UK navy except for a few ships. Germany overran France, took Finland,and did nothing on the Russian front. Germany had bought ships.

Russia built infantry.

UK built units in Africa and fighters in the UK. UK tried to take out the German navy, but failed, losing all its fighters. German navy was left with a wounded battleship and a cruiser

Italy attacked Egypt... and won. Incredible luck.

US built transports.

Turn 2:

Germany realized that the UK was exposed and bought more transports.
Finished off the UK navy. Nothing on the Russian front.

Russia built a mix of tanks and infantry. Moved units to the German front near Poland.

UK built a fighter and infantry.

Italy drove into Africa.

US kept building a navy.

Turn 3:

Germany took the UK with around 3 tanks and a few infantry left over. We were all a bit surprised, having only played the old version of A&A. But 4 fighters and 3 tactical bombers proved pretty persuasive in the battle.

Russia continued the build-up on the German front.

yada yada yada...

Turn 4.

Germany stunned Russia by putting all its tanks and infantry from UK on transports, defeating the token Russian navy in the Baltic, and landing in Novgorod, taking it.

Germany was pretty exposed, so Russia drove into Poland towards Germany.

US landed in Normandy.

The next turn, Germany rebuffed the Russians and the American landing forces and soon took Russia, although Germany was left pretty exposed. In an epic naval battle, Germany destroyed the US navy by Normandy, and the Allies conceded.

This game was pretty sloppy, with a mix of old and new rules, since we weren't familiar with the new rules. But it was a lot of fun, and we felt that even after Germany took the UK, the game could have gone either way.

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by WILD BILL » Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:29 pm

Sir Bombsalot wrote: Turn 4.

Germany stunned Russia by putting all its tanks and infantry from UK on transports, defeating the token Russian navy in the Baltic, and landing in Novgorod, taking it.

Germany was pretty exposed, so Russia drove into Poland towards Germany.

US landed in Normandy.

The next turn, Germany rebuffed the Russians and the American landing forces and soon took Russia, although Germany was left pretty exposed. In an epic naval battle, Germany destroyed the US navy by Normandy, and the Allies conceded.

This game was pretty sloppy, with a mix of old and new rules, since we weren't familiar with the new rules. But it was a lot of fun, and we felt that even after Germany took the UK, the game could have gone either way.
I followed you pretty good, but Germany can't get from UK (tpts sz 110) to Novgorod (sz 115) in one turn (4 moves). If it took you two turns (as it should have) Russia would see it coming and be better prepared, or the US could have attempted to liberate England once the troops were gone. Maybe you blended a couple of turns together.

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Re: After Action Reports (Europe)

Post by Striker » Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:07 pm

Tested Alpha 2 a short while ago(on just the europe board)

Turn 1:
Germany opened with a carrier+2 transport buy. Killed off half of the british fleet(made sure to kill cruiser off spain and half the fleet off of britain, but failed at killing canadian transport.) Paris was also captures and Normandy was strafed with 2 infantry and some fighters, poor defense rolls allowed a surviving infantry to capture it. Planes returned to west germany, italy, or to land on carrier.
Germans also capture yugo.
Russia started creating stacks in leningrad and urkraine.

Britain played an aggressive opening. It bought 7 infantry+2 mech. The transport brought over some canadians and then mutual annihilation began. The british sent all air and naval forces to attack the german north fleet and the Italian west fleet. In both cases the british were just a roll away from major victory, as mutual annihilation of military units in both stacks occurred, but the german and Italian transports were left. Seeing seelion was not a large threat now without german air and naval cover, Britain places 7 inf in britain and 2 mech in south africa.

US built navy
Italy killed the france med navy, walked into bulgaria, and sent a small force west to temporarily gain north african NO.
France consolidated african forces.

Turn 2:
Germany builds inf+art and another carrier, retreats transports to baltic. Germany and Russia Prepare for barbarossa.
Britain rebuilds navy and consolidates forces into egypt.
America builds more navy+transports.
Italy stacks in alexandria and captures greece.

Turn 3: Germany opens with barbarossa, sending 2 main forces north and south and leaves the center relatively "hollow" The center is an area of infantry trading for most of the game. The North is more strongly reinforces as the transports protected by a carrier group are able to reinforce infantry and arty directly from Germany.

Russia does a counter attack in the south and succeeds with two tanks left. southern Europe is undefended, Germany seems to be off to a poor start.

Britain sees the superior italian force about to waste egypt and wisely retreats to sudan where it combines with reinforcements from south africa.

US now has a modest invasion fleet built with a high amount of battleships to get around minor factory limit.

Italy walks into egypt unopposed, as well as lands in transjordan, gibraltar, and finishes conquering north africa. For one round it gains all 3 of it's NO's for a total of 43 IPCs, making more then germany!

Turn 4:
Germany rethinks it's strategy in russia and completely shifts it's focus to the south. The forces stalemating at leningrad move south and the potential russian blitz is averted. The baltic fleet moves to westgermany where a destroyer is built to counter the two russian subs also in the baltic.

Russia attempts to follow as it had positioned most of it's reinforcements at leningrad. The subs attack the fleet anyway, and suceed! Germany is no impressed seeing so much money sunk.

Britain has built up a sizeable force in Sudan and the royal navy is being reconstructed.

America Lands in north africa and gibraltar taking it easily from the token italian forces.

Italy builds minor IC in egypt, captures malta, trades gibraltar and starts to turtle seeing america was concentrating on it.

turn 5:
Germany's shift in focus proved successful as they are able to reach urkraine quicker then the russians and overrun it a turn before russian northern reinforcements can make a differance. Germany has switched to almost complete mech+tank buys at this point.

The late russian forces consolidate in Byransk, and a stalemate continues for the next 3 turns in the south

Britain's large amount of forces in sudan counterattack egypt and succeed with a tank and artillery left.
America reclaims gibraltar and liberates french north africa.
Italy's forces in transjordan plus fresh mainland forces reclaim egypt, It has sent a small expeditionry force to north russia to take advantage of nearly non existent russian defenses and claims belarus.

Turn 6:
Germany abandons france to concentrate it western defense in west germany. It also stacks west urkraine instead of urkraine. It is daring the allies to reclaim france, where it can capital capture again, or for russia to reclaim urkraine, which would isolate it's main force from reinforcements from stalingrad and moscow.

Russia does not take the bait.

Britainis forced to move back from sudan as it notices the Italian transports can take a lightly defended south africa.

America reclaims malta, which serves as a rallying point for it's fleet which threatens all italian holdings.

Italy has turtled effectively enough to prevent landings in the important areas of italy and egypt.

Turn 7: Germany claims an empty leningrad and builds up for the final push.
Russia digs in it's heels.
Britiain reclaims western france,
America captures the original axis holdings in north africa.
Italy turtles and it's transports make one last delivery across the med before they are annihilated by the US. Italian mechanized force blitz north russia.

Turn 8:(final turn)
The deciding battle for russia and the game occurs when the german stack finally confronts the russian one. The germans send 20 infantry, 12 mech, 11 arty, 20 tanks and a fighter and tac. against the russian's 44 infantry, 5 mech, 10 arty and 2 fighters. the germans win with all it's tanks remaining. The russian army is now in shambles with moscow and stalingrad too lightly defended. It would take 2 turns max for Russia to be cleaned up.

Britain could reclaim France for a turn but it would be retaken by Germany the turn after with it's stack in West Germany.

America can not capture any of the italian held objectives, even having concentrated entirely on italy, italy has turtled too effectively on cario and south italy for america to capture them in time.

Game won for axis.

This was actually a fairly close game. The early deciding factor may have been the result of the British first turn. If the British Taranto raid at the beginning had succeeded at killing the transports it is likely Italy would never have been able to hold onto Egypt for long, possibly changing the result of the game. Then again, they had luck when the 2 German subs were defeated attempting to attack the Canadian transport and destroyer. The Canadian reinforcements were the deciding factor for Germany calling off sea lion.

Comments: Russia seems weaker in Europe only then compared to global, but this is countered by America being able to focus on Europe more then in global.

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