Air superiority

The sister game to Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Due out August 24, 2010
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Air superiority

Post by Trowa Alchemist » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:44 pm


I am new to this game and I am just playing my first game.
During several occasions air planes were able to attack the enemy which did not posses any airplanes themselves or other anti-air capability's (e.g. 3 fighters against 3 infantry and 2 tanks).
I can’t imagine that those grounds forces can fight back so I was wondering if there were any special rules for air-superiority since I couldn't find any in the rulebook.

Can I expect:
1) a complete victory for the fighters (since no return fire from the enemy)
2) a normal combat (with return fire) or
3) special rules e.g. a single pre-emptive strike from the fighters?

Thanx for any comments.

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Re: Air superiority

Post by Caractacus » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:07 pm

Hi, Trowa!

As Krieghund deserves a holiday more than anyone on these boards, I'll get this one.

The ground forces DO fight back normally. Even Infantry can shoot down planes if the other side doesn't have other ground units to take as casualties

The rules also do not require the loss of aircraft to hits caused by enemy aircraft. That is, even if both Side A and Side B have some Fighters as well as ground forces, it doesn't matter which units get the hits as the other side always chooses what is lost.

So if Side A gets two hits with its Fighters, Side B is still able to take, for instance, 2 Infantry as casualties. Any combination of 2 units (ground and air) would be acceptable, but most players take air units as casualties as late as possible due tot he high cost of replacing them.

The advantage to having AA Guns is that hits inflicted by the MUST come from the enemy's aircraft, not from its ground forces.

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Re: Air superiority

Post by Krieghund » Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:16 am

Welcome to the forums, Trowa Alchemist!

And thanks for getting this, Caractacus. Somehow, it slipped through the cracks.
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