Strategic Rail Movement - an idea

Link up A&A Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940, and you've got Axis & Allies Global 1940.
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Strategic Rail Movement - an idea

Post by BraselC5048 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:15 pm

It bothers me that, considering a turn is a few months at least, it takes too long to get units from where they're built to the front lines, particularly with the russian front. It also takes too long to travel from the atlantic to the pacific, but that's another topic. It should take perhaps 2 turns of traveling to get from say, London to India or Australia. (after Germany fell in real life, most of the units being redeployed to the pacific never got into the fight before the war ended)

I came up with an idea for how to handle rail movement. During your non combat movement phase, you can move land units that didn't participate in combat an unlimited number of contiguous land territories under the control of you or an ally.
Here's the new part: The maximum number of units that make made a strategic rail movement in a given territory is equal to twice the IPC value of the territory.

This actually limits it pretty well, I think. After all, the IPC value of a territory is pretty much directly related to the capacity of the rail network in that territory. A territory with a higher IPC value, say Germany or Eastern US, would have a denser rail network then say, most everywhere in Russia.

In Europe 1940, Bessarbia poses a unique problem, since it has no IPC value and sits between the higest IPC values on the eastern front. I'd give it a rail capacity equal to 3 or 4 IPC's.

I'd also use a few additional rules. I'd say that Russian 1 IPC territories stretching east from the russia territory all the way to Soviet Far East a strategic rail capacity of 2 IPC's (4 units), as long as they have been under Soviet control the entire game. This represents the Trans-Siberian railroad, while not allowing too rapid a redeployment, and ensuring that any Japanese advance through the region is as painfully slow as it should be.

I'd also say that territories under Chinese control at the start of the game have NO capacity for strategic rail movement, but that chinese units have a non combat move of 2 to compensate. (It actually did take the Chinese long periods of time to get their armies around.) Chinese territories starting under Japanese control have a rail capacity equal to the IPC value of the territory, not twice it.

I'd also rule that all territories in Africa are limited to the IPC value of the territory as well, not twice it. Alternately, all units in Africa have a non combat move of 2, and no strategic rail movement.

The same rule could also be applied to A&A 1914, and I think it would solve a lot of the problems that have been raised there.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Strategic Rail Movement - an idea

Post by Caractacus » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:51 am

It isn't perhaps a good idea to just give bonus 'rail' IPCs to Bessarabia just because we want it to have a rail capacity - what was its true capacity at the time? I feel it was probably very low indeed.

I would suggest that rather than start creating exceptions (and giving agricultural countries the rail capacity of somewhere like central France), you just make Bessarabia worth 1 IPC.

I also feel that the rail movement should only be usable inside your own starting territories. This makes it useful but not enormously game-changing. This benefits mostly only Germany and Russia...

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