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Link up A&A Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940, and you've got Axis & Allies Global 1940.
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www.EPGS.org House A&A Tech Rules

Post by KingOfPrussia » Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:21 am

Larry Frangiosa gets kudos for the idea, Bob Hranek for 'finalizing' them:

The actual Technology rolling & results remain exactly the same, but the accumulation of die roll attempts is as follows:
For every full 10 IPCs past 10 on the board (NOT including National Objective bonuses) per Collect Income phase, your country accumulates +1 “Technology Point” (aka, TP). {0-19→ 0 TP, 20-29 → 1 TP, 30-39 → 2 TP, etc.}
For every 5 TPs you accumulate, your get 1 die roll for technology at the start of your turn.
Accumulated TPs do not get discarded until you successfully develop a new technology.
No country can accumulate TPs or make Technology die rolls without control of their capital.
No country can accumulate TPs or make Technology die rolls without being at War with someone (not neutrals).
{UK Pacific does accumulate TPs to the UK total even if not actually “at War”.}
No country can transfer, capture, or otherwise exchange TPs.
The following specific national minimums must be maintained, or they do not accumulate TPs or make tech rolls:
GERMANY – control of all 3 “Germany” areas.
SOVIET UNION – control of all 4 starting Production Centers.
JAPAN – control all starting Asian mainland areas (except Siam), & no enemy ships in Sea 6, 19, or 20.
US – control of all continental North American US areas and Hawaii.
CHINA – never gets TPs.
UK – control of Scotland.
{Note: The UK rolls for tech based on all TPs together, even if 1 of their 2 capitals is not owned.}
ITALY – control of starting European territories.
AUSTRALIA – never gets TPs.
FRANCE – never gets TPs.

We've been using these alternate Tech Rules with great success for over a year :D

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