Young Grasshopper's G40 Tournament Rules

Link up A&A Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940, and you've got Axis & Allies Global 1940.
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Young Grasshopper's G40 Tournament Rules

Post by Young Grasshopper » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:37 pm


Victory Objectives & Tokens: New Victory Condition Rule

Once a victory objective has been achieved, a victory token will be awarded, the side with the most victory tokens at the end of the day wins the game. Victory tokens are awarded immediately upon completion regardless of when, or how the objective was achieved. Victory tokens may never be awarded twice for the same objective, and they may never be taken away once earned. It never matters which round a game ends, however, a win or a tie can only be declared at the end of a full game round.

Here is a list of all victory objectives for each side...

Axis Powers

-The Axis control London
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Axis control Moscow
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Axis control Sydney
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Axis control Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaya, and Calcutta
(FOW) *Japan

-The Axis control Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Tobruk, Alexandria, and Egypt.
(FOW) *The nation that controls the most

-The Axis control 7 victory cities on the Europe map
(FOW) *The nation that controls the most

-The Axis control 6 victory cities on the Pacific map
(FOW) *The nation that controls the most

-There are no American Capital ships on the board
(FOW) *Japan

-All 3 Axis powers have a combined total of 142 IPCs on the income tracker (NOs not included)
(FOW) *The nation that is earning the most

Allied Powers

-The Allies control Berlin
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Allies control Tokyo
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Allies control Rome
(FOW) *The nation that takes control

-The Allies have liberated Paris
(FOW) *The nation that liberates it

-The Allied powers control all non-neutral territories on the continent of Africa
(FOW) *The nation that controls the most

-The Allies have liberated the Philippines, or have controlled it for the entire game
(FOW) *The United States

-The Allies control the Burma road as well as Hong Kong and Shanghai
(FOW) *The United Kingdom

-There are no Japanese Capital ships on the board
(FOW) *The United States

-The Russians control a total of 6 original Axis territories
(FOW) *The Soviet Union

Fortunes of War: New Research & Development Rule

Research rolls are no longer used to develop breakthroughs, instead, a system called "Fortunes of War" will be used where nations get free development rolls when victory objectives have been achieved. Once a victory token is gained, the nation with the corresponding (*) instructions listed with each objective will choose a breakthrough chart, and make a free "Fortunes of War" roll with the resulting breakthrough taking effect after the collect income phase of the turn in which the token was achieved. Any breakthroughs gained by the UK regardless of which side of the map a token was achieved will effect all UK purchases and all UK units on the board.

Breakthrough Chart #1

1. Heavy Artillery
All artillery now support up to 2 attacking infantry and/or mech infantry each

2. Rockets
Each operational airbase may launch a rocket at an enemy facility up to 4 spaces away, roll 2 dice per rocket and apply the highest result for damage.

3. Jet Fighters
All fighters now attack at 4 or less, and defend at 2 or less when escorting or intercepting.

4. Long-Range Aircraft
Maximum movement range for all air units is now increased by 1.

5. War Bonds
During the collect income phase, roll 2 dice and collect IPCs in the amount shown on the highest roll. (For UK war bonds, Calcutta will gain IPCs from the lowest roll, London will gain IPCs from the highest roll).

6. Blitz Tactics
Mech infantry now attack at 2 or less if paired with a tank as well as artillery, they may blitz without tanks, and they may tow 1 artillery unit each during the non-combat movement phase.

Breakthrough Chart #2

1. Super Submarines
All submarines now attack at 3 or less.

2. Anti-Aircraft Radar
All ainti-aircraft fire from AA artillery, or AA guns built into facilities now defend at 2 or less.

3. Improved Shipyards
Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Cruisers are now 3 IPCs cheaper, and Destroyers, Submarines, and transports are now 1 IPC cheaper.

4. Mass Production
The mobilization capacity of all production facilities has been increased by 2. Also, you may remove 2 damage markers for the price of 1.

5. Super Carrier Decks
All aircraft carriers may now carry up to 3 fighters and/or tactical bombers each.

6. Heavy Bombers
When attacking during a battle or a SBR, roll 2 dice for each strategic bomber and select the best result.

Bonus Income: New & Modified National Objectives

Germany (in addition to all original NOs)
-5 IPCs if an Axis power controls London

Soviet Union (2 NOs which will replace the original National Prestige NO)
-5 IPCs if there are no Axis warships in sea zone #125, and the Allies control Archangel as well as London
-5 IPCs if there are no Allied units on any original Russian territories

Japan (in addition to all original NOs)
-5 IPCs if Japan controls all original Chinese territories

United States (in addition to all original NOs)
-5 IPCs if the United States are at war with the Axis powers

UK Europe (in addition to all original NOs)
- 5 IPCs if there are no enemy submarines in the Atlantic (This area consists of all szs west of and including szs 70 and 91, it also includes all szs west of the Norwegian straits except for szs 112, 125, 126, and 127.

ANZAC (in addition to all original NOs)
-5 IPCs if the Allies control Cairo (when at war with Germany and Italy)
May all your rolls be ones

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