Alpha +4

Link up A&A Pacific 1940 and Europe 1940, and you've got Axis & Allies Global 1940.
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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Alsch91 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:39 am

Yeah, Jen, I don't want another fight, but

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Especially since absolutely any ape that's terrible at this game can have loads of experience.

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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Thantonous » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:05 pm

I do not play online, I prefer to play face to face. We play every other Saturday with 4-6 players. Try playing a game where you don’t control the whole side, you get some interesting games that way. I have been playing since the first one came out and have been playing the various editions since. I am new to the forums and do not play online, does that mean that my ideas or strategies have no merit? I disagree Jen!


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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Noll » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:31 pm

Jenn your crusade against mantlefan is getting annoying. You sound like a 4chan troll.

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Re: Alpha +4

Post by mantlefan » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:22 pm

Good points oztea, and pretty much everyone else.

Just to make sure (maybe I missed an edit in A3)

Germany is 10 -2 for berlin -2 for hamburg -1 for france

So that's the standard 5.

Just to make sure, were you saying they were a powerhouse because they got -1 or -2 from france? Did that major getting downgraded rule change? (Or did you just consider 5 a powerhouse? I can buy that as it's pretty good.)

The way I see it after turn 3 is over is most likely
Germany 10-2-2-1=5
USSR 10-2-1-1=6
USA 10-2-2-2 (assuming at war)=4
UK 10-2-2=6 (unless a minor in egypt)
ANZAC 10-1 =9
Italy 10-2-1 =7
Japan 10-2-1(probably a factory on Shanghai, at least in my games)=7

Anyways just making sure we are on the same page. No one in any of my games has ever seriously purchased a tech die (It is fun to do as a joke sometimes), so we might house rule this in, if it's not too invalid just because I have played no online games! :lol:
According to her logic, if my EXACT SAME POST was posted by someone with lots of online experience, it would have been valid!

Another interesting bit of proof that her attacks against my posts are because of who posted them and not what they say, and another abusive screenshot for her to deny was ever hers and claim I doctored it. :roll:
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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Cmdr Jennifer » Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:30 pm


Yes, it's a gamey explaination. I am trying to figure out a way to explain why the game is as it is. AARe and AA50e fixed this with the 4:2 rule which introduced failure into the game, but allowed you to get the technology you actually wanted. I feel that is a far superior method, but it's not the method of, how do you explain it and rationalize it?

Just to explain for those who are unfamiliar with Revised enhanced and Annivesary enhanced, what you did was you purchased 4 rolls for 20 IPC, if you got a breakthrough you got the technology you wanted. If you failed, you could buy 2 more rolls (10 IPC) and automatically get the technology. Or, if you prefered, you could spend 30 IPC and just buy the technology you wanted without rolling. (The idea was that 1 in 6 dice would breakthough, so if you bought 6 dice, in theory, you should have gotten the technology.)

And I would devalue anyone's comments if their comments generally, made no sense (ie just calling a person stupid and not actually demonstrating where the flaw is in the other person's comments, or not posting a detailed explaination of how to derail the other person's plans) if they also refused to back up their words by playing the game online. What else can you do? Either the person is someone who should not be taken seriously, or the person should have their arguments looked at very heavily before signing on and agreeing with what they say.

I am willing to back up my comments. I will take England and India from anyone at any time with the current (10/23/11) set of rules. Why? Because I know I can do it in a timely fashion so as to negate the dynamic nature of the game. After all, the boards all look similar on round 2. Not exactly similar, but by that point, everyone has had their starting cash and done mostly the same moves. There may have been a bad battle here or there, or a really good battle somewhere, but those are extremes and even as extremes, they don't really have that huge a sway.

Perhaps a situation arises that is a catstrophy, which is why I downgraded form 100% odds to 99% odds and now to 98.7% odds (after actually running it through a calculator.) After all, there is a 1% chance that Germany gets shellaced in France. I wouldn't run my strategies assuming they would, but it could happen.
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Re: Alpha +4

Post by oztea » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:13 pm

The 4:2 rule has merrit. However, such a brazen expenditure of cash 20-30-40 IPCs seems a little antathema to the game, and a step in the wrong direction when compared to the token system.

Also, when the ability to choose a tech arises, smart players would buy war bonds for 30 on turn 1. Expecting a game to last perhaps 10 turns, and recive free cash.
(even though war bonds is flawed as 1d6, or best of/2d6+2) (I wish War Bonds gave you new 5 IPC NOs. one easy, one hard.)
War Bonds
5 IPCs if you control 1d6[rolled at the start of your turn] of of enemy territories
5 IPCs if you win 1d6 [rolled at the start of your turn] land or naval battles this turn
Theme: Population pleased with success abroad.

And Jen, you have been shouting from the roof tops that Japan can be made irrlevent by turn X by the allies....yet now, you claim they will have India before the dice stop rolling on turn Y.

So which is it?
Or...perhaps. How you play Japan (strength through exaustion) to get India, leaves you vulnerable in the Pacific? I think your statments are based on the fact you see almost exactly the same strategy played out as Japan in every game.
Buying a port at Hinnan, and an IC on the coast, 27 IPCs that are never going to fire a shot right there.

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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Noll » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:28 pm

The point is still the same:

IF germany wants London, he can take it. Also remember Germany has double the economy UK has, and that Italy is fighting against UK too.

The real POINT is: Germany taking London is gamebreaking? Axis will win easily after the fall of London?

My opinion: no, absolutely not, especially with the new Russia NO. If you focus too much resources in London will you be able to recover?
Remember that even if negating the Allies the UK builds each turn, it's Russia and Usa that makes the real difference in Europe. UK usually just supports them.

Cmdr Jennifer
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Re: Alpha +4

Post by Cmdr Jennifer » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:37 pm

Well, the token system has it's merits as flaws. For one, you keep it forever, but then on the other hand, you might get a technology you never wanted.

The 4:2 system, I feel, is much better. Why? Because America can afford to buy a technology of their choice every round for 12 rounds if they really wanted too. (They would still have about 40 IPC to spend if they bought 6 dice a round.)

As for Japan being made a patsy, well, that's Alpha 2, this is Alpha 3 in a discussion about Alpha 4. You can't really take comments from 6 one rule set and try to apply them to comments made in another ruleset, right?

As for exhaustion, it really is pretty easy to get India. Takes about 4 rounds, which, coincidentally, is how long it takes America to join the fight.

Will Germany be able to recover? I have found yes. Even with Russia getting 50 IPC a round, Germany has plenty of time to recover (getting a vast majority of units from England back to Poland within a round.) It takes about 3 rounds to push Russia back into Red territories and negate all their NOs again. By then, Germany is making 60 IPC a round, Russia 35 IPC a round, eventually that balance is going to crush Russia.

Since America is the only nation left, they are in a hard position. Do they go after Germany? But what about Japan? Since Japan has Calcutta, they are also making 60 IPC a round.

It's a very hard position for the allies. I might be recovering after having received this attack as the Allies, but it's been an uphill slugfest and I had to catch my opponent off guard TWICE to pull it off. Even still, it's a close call because if I cannot liberate a VC in any given round, I lose to Japan. But if I dont send 50 IPC a round towards Germany, I cannot help Russia enough to stop them from dying. All this because about 30 IPC of British holdings cannot be collected due to no British capitols.
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.
Children already know that dragons exist!
Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed!

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