Love 1941

If you're looking for a quick or introductory game of Axis & Allies this is the one. It also has a very special collection of never before seen plastic units.
Just to mention a few: German Tiger tank, Russian IS2 tank, US P40 Warhawk, German FW-190 Folkwolf, Japanese Kongo class battleship and the HMS Hood, and oh yeah... the German He-111 Heinkel bomber.
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Love 1941

Post by drmauric » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:51 am

I've been playing since the late 80's with my brothers and now we are training the next generation and what a perfect fit!
1941 is just wonderful for our kids, ages 10-12. The simplications, short game time and quick set up have allowed us to teach them with ease. Not that they didn't try hard with the other versions but this one just really lit them up.
My son is an avid Soviet Union player and is just now getting excited about the actual history behind the game.

Also the recommended set up changes for the Allies I found in another thread are really working well for us.

Thanks for another great game.

Wow... You made my day!
Nice to hear. Thank you very much
Larry Harris.

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Re: Love 1941

Post by Hobbes599 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:01 pm

A friend of mine has this game. We joke about the fact that there is no artillery in the game because it is "beyound comprehension" for beginners.

Thanks for a good game to help beginners Larry.

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