Fighter camping

If you're looking for a quick or introductory game of Axis & Allies this is the one. It also has a very special collection of never before seen plastic units.
Just to mention a few: German Tiger tank, Russian IS2 tank, US P40 Warhawk, German FW-190 Folkwolf, Japanese Kongo class battleship and the HMS Hood, and oh yeah... the German He-111 Heinkel bomber.
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Fighter camping

Post by Black_Elk » Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:13 am

I'm not sure if this is an exploit, or a balancing mechanism that was thought out beforehand, but in practically every game I have seen these things happen frequently enough...

W. Allied fighters defending Moscow while threatening Berlin 3 moves
Japanese fighters defending Berlin while threatening Moscow 3 moves

In the endgame, especially the phenomenon of Japanese fighters parked in Berlin able to attack Moscow. Or Western Fighters parked in Moscow able to attack Berlin, means that those fighters are more valuable in those locations than almost anywhere else on the board. It seems to really encourage fighter shucking to these two territories, from the earliest opening rounds and shortly thereafter.

sz 45 is similar

It is probably the most shuckworthy game same since classic. Almost every spot is a shuck spot. But these fighter shucks seemed the most overpowered.

The only built in balance I have found is that, often if an attack is made from one capital into another, it removes the fighter defense from the capital they were defending to make the attack. Which can set up the two capitals falling in the same round endgame. I think its overpowered, a somewhat silly to see Japanese fighters in Berlin, but also interesting how effective they are from this location on the 1941 board. Even more than previous boards, where a similar thing often happens.

Astute newbs pick up on this quickly and adopt the practice into the large boards.

The Allied fighter in Moscow seems easy enough to justify with a lend lease paradigm. But does anyone have thoughts on Japanese fighters in Berlin? I never much liked the way it looks, but I will do it too, in the endgame

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