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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Tue May 01, 2018 2:13 pm

In this scenario The Axis will really be the Central Powers. As Italy as a constant, and, paired with the A.H. Empire, versus, U.S.(another constant to balance out as the weakest Allied Power) and the British Empire.

The Axis will hunker down in the Southern Mediterranean Sea and area. They know Somaliland is lost, and, with the Suez open to the Allies, naval forces can attack them from both ends of the sea of Mediterranean. AH Empire with its hugh land forces, will help defend the It. peninsula. Also with their transports build up forces in Libya, and, the islands. Along with building up thier navies for defense, will make it hard for the Allies.

Eventually the Allies will have to attack naval wise to secure the Central Mediterranean Sea(if possible), and, try to make a landing(s) & take Libya. The Axis just have to defend, and, maybe pick up Egypt/control the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The game begins, mostly both sides building up forces. British Empire takes Somaliland, then again, how could they not take it. The Brits. would love it, if India could produce naval vessels. By Round Two the Axis controll the Eastern, and, by Round Three the Western Mediterranean Sea.

The Allies find it hard to have Air Power in the Western Mediterranean Sea, unless it came from a primitive aircraft carrier.

By Round Three, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, is “no mans sea”. AHE cannot send a ship in, due to Allied fighters in Egypt, but, British Empire cannot send it’s BB off Egypt due to Axis fleets off Rome. Also a It. Fleet attacks an Allied fleet, outside of Gibraltar. All is lost, but, an British transport(the Axis sink a precious U.S. transport, with two troopers). Still it will take Italy 2 rounds, to rebuild those 2 BBS.

In Round Four, the AHE takes out the Brits. Fleet off Egypt, giving up a chance to destroy a Brit. Convoy with trooper and gun off Spain. Still even with air attacks by the British, all that is left is a damaged AHE Battleship. Forces in Libya are at a tipping point, even with heavy losses the Axis can bring up reinforcements faster than the Allies, an attack most likely next turn into Egypt.

The Allies can only mostly reinforce from India, now with transports arriving there, still they need to take and hold the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Finally Round Five AHE kicks in the door to Egypt, with Italy to follow, but, can the Allies push them out? The Italian's effort keeps the door opened, but, heavy losses from both sides(invading AHE forces are wiped out).

Desperate fight with heavy losses both sides in Egypt, the Allies force to defend and attack, in order to keep the number of Axis forces down. The British holding onto the skin of their teeth, the situation so desperate, the U.S. attacks Libya. Taking it, after destroying the Italian flleet, and, losing two ships to Axis air power. Can this relieve the pressure off the Brits. In Egypt?, for Round six.

In Round six AHE fleet lost, but, destroys U.S. fleet off Libya(using air power also), &, British fleet off Spain(on Atlantic side). Also reduces British forces to one tank, in Egypt. Up to Italy to retake Libya and Egypt.

Now in Round seven AHE finally takes Egypt(Italy had to deal in Round six, with Brits. reinforcements, with both sides losing allot). Italy frees Libya, but, fleet destroyed when it tried to take over the Red Sea. U.S. transport surviving Axis Air Power, contest Sardina.

Finally Round eight AHE reinforces Sardina and retakes Western Mediterranean Sea for Axis Navy.

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