Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Tue May 01, 2018 2:13 pm

In this scenario The Axis will really be the Central Powers. As Italy as a constant, and, paired with the A.H. Empire, versus, U.S.(another constant to balance out as the weakest Allied Power) and the British Empire.

The Axis will hunker down in the Southern Mediterranean Sea and area. They know Somaliland is lost, and, with the Suez open to the Allies, naval forces can attack them from both ends of the sea of Mediterranean. AH Empire with its hugh land forces, will help defend the It. peninsula. Also with their transports build up forces in Libya, and, the islands. Along with building up thier navies for defense, will make it hard for the Allies.

Eventually the Allies will have to attack naval wise to secure the Central Mediterranean Sea(if possible), and, try to make a landing(s) & take Libya. The Axis just have to defend, and, maybe pick up Egypt/control the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The game begins, mostly both sides building up forces. British Empire takes Somaliland, then again, how could they not take it. The Brits. would love it, if India could produce naval vessels. By Round Two the Axis controll the Eastern, and, by Round Three the Western Mediterranean Sea.

The Allies find it hard to have Air Power in the Western Mediterranean Sea, unless it came from a primitive aircraft carrier.

By Round Three, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, is “no mans sea”. AHE cannot send a ship in, due to Allied fighters in Egypt, but, British Empire cannot send it’s BB off Egypt due to Axis fleets off Rome. Also a It. Fleet attacks an Allied fleet, outside of Gibraltar. All is lost, but, an British transport(the Axis sink a precious U.S. transport, with two troopers). Still it will take Italy 2 rounds, to rebuild those 2 BBS.

In Round Four, the AHE takes out the Brits. Fleet off Egypt, giving up a chance to destroy a Brit. Convoy with trooper and gun off Spain. Still even with air attacks by the British, all that is left is a damaged AHE Battleship. Forces in Libya are at a tipping point, even with heavy losses the Axis can bring up reinforcements faster than the Allies, an attack most likely next turn into Egypt.

The Allies can only mostly reinforce from India, now with transports arriving there, still they need to take and hold the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Finally Round Five AHE kicks in the door to Egypt, with Italy to follow, but, can the Allies push them out? The Italian's effort keeps the door opened, but, heavy losses from both sides(invading AHE forces are wiped out).

Desperate fight with heavy losses both sides in Egypt, the Allies force to defend and attack, in order to keep the number of Axis forces down. The British holding onto the skin of their teeth, the situation so desperate, the U.S. attacks Libya. Taking it, after destroying the Italian flleet, and, losing two ships to Axis air power. Can this relieve the pressure off the Brits. In Egypt?, for Round six.

In Round six AHE fleet lost, but, destroys U.S. fleet off Libya(using air power also), &, British fleet off Spain(on Atlantic side). Also reduces British forces to one tank, in Egypt. Up to Italy to retake Libya and Egypt.

Now in Round seven AHE finally takes Egypt(Italy had to deal in Round six, with Brits. reinforcements, with both sides losing allot). Italy frees Libya, but, fleet destroyed when it tried to take over the Red Sea. U.S. transport surviving Axis Air Power, contest Sardina.

Finally Round eight AHE reinforces Sardina and retakes Western Mediterranean Sea for Axis Navy. The Brits. regain the W. Mediterranean Sea for the Allies, and, land and take Sardina. Italy fails to free Sardina, and, nearly takes the Sudan. U.S. blunders into taking Piedmont. Peace breaks out.

A tie, with five more rounds, definitely a military victory for one side or another. The Axis would have
probably taken over East Africa, but, even controlling the Suez Canal, could not control the Red Sea. Also with the Allies pushing from the Western Mediterranean area, the need to not expand, just controling the Central Mediterranean, becomes of main importance. I think the Axis have the best chance of the above situation.

The Axis get back Sardina, Piedmont, and, Somaliland(4 IPCs worth). The Allies get back Egypt, Suez Canal, and, Sudan gets uncontested(3 IPCs worth). To save face, the Allies can built a naval base on Sardina, &, the Axis can sail through the Suez Canal.

Final countdown, Disposeable income of IPCs 43 for the Axis and 52 for the Allies,
Losses in IPCs of 549 and 561,
Units left of troopers 21 & 14(many were AHE garrisoning Italy & British Empire forces in U.K. And Canada),
Guns 7 & 3,
Tanks one each side,
Fighters 3 & 1,
BBs 2 & 1,
C six for Allies only,
Zero subs.,
Transports 3 & 5, thanks, Pellulo

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Fri May 25, 2018 7:11 pm

Final two Axis versus Two Entent Powers, with Italy staying a Axis Power & U.S. being one of the Entent Powers(cause of low IPCs). British Empire & U.S.A., versus, Italy & Germany.

The Axis advantage, Germany has a larger navy than AHE and has colonies in Africa. While the Allies advantage is that both Axis Powers do not touch each other, but, are separated.

Round One: The Germans take off slowly, take out the British Home Fleet, but, lose theirs in return. Also fail to take out the Canadian fleet. The British get off to a good start, take over all Italian colonies and half of the Germans(of course already lost two of their colonies to Germany). It. cannot take back Libya, does take weaken Egypt(one trooper left, with 4 angry British troopers and two guns in Libya). Also takes out, for same lost, Brit. cruiser off Atlantic Spain, escorting a loaded transport. Finally U.S. splits fleet between U.K. and N. Africa.

Round Two: Germany manged to take out Brit. Home fleet, and, land forces in Scotland(enlarges fleet). British takes out remaining GE. trooper in Scotland, frees Gold Coast & Egypt, takes out Italian fleet(for the lost of Red SeaFleet), and, rebuilds fleet. Italy hunker down mainland, builds air power. U.S. helps protect waters off Wales, reinforces Brit. Home Fleet, and, sends troops to Ireland.

Round Three: GE. Forces contest Gold Coast(since no help has arrived from the Reich, they might as well go out big). Attempt to take out Brits. Home Fleet, and, invade Scotland again. Both fleets wiped out, including a U.S. cruiser and a GE. transport with trooper & gun. Landed forces only contest Scotland. British frees two colonies in Africa, and, uncontest Scotland. Italy losses a fighter, to damage a Brit. Warship, to buy time to strengthen home defensives. While U.S. Navy sinks GE. transports off Scotland, &, joins British Home Fleet.

Round Four: GE. concedes the lost of Africa, sub. sinks Brit. transport off Egypt, losses also submarine, there is no forces left, to help Italy. Fails to break out of N. Atlantic, fleet lost of two BBs & fighter, damages both U.S. BBs and sinks British Cruiser. British Empire take over last 2 GE. colonies, Africa is Axis free! Italy reinforces its home Islands. U.S. begins to marshall a invasion fleet off the Atlantic side of Spain.

Round Five: GE. Fleet fails in breakout of N. Atlantic, heavy losses both Axis & Allies Fleet. Unless they can send aid to Italy, or, threaten the UK., the war is lost for the Axis. Brits. take Sicily, Italy tries to rebuild Navy, and, U.S. sinks it(& takes Sardina).

Round Six: GE. builds up its navy, for an all out seaborn invasion of the U.K., by found eight. It is up to the Allies to make sure that naval buildup fails. British contest Piedmont, builds up Home Island Fleet. Italy cannot build up enough sea and air power to threaten the Allied fleets, can only reinforce land units, un contest Piedmont. U.S. contest Piedmont, Axis forces are getting spread out too thinly.

Round Seven: GE. Ditto as in Round Six. British takes Naples and Piedmont, builds up Home Fleet. Italy contest Piedmont and Naples. U.S. uncontest Piedmont for the Allies.

Round Eight: GE. fail on an Operation Sea Lion, incredible heavy losses both sides, builds up Home Fleet. Danger of losing control of North Sea. British Empire Home Fleet attacks newly purchase German Home Fleet off Kiel, both fleets destroyed, but, Allies control the North Sea(by default due to lone U.S. Cruiser off London). Takes Tuscany and uncontest Naples. This round has account for just below fifty percent of all sea units lost so far. Italy hunkers down in Rome, cannot defend Venice. U.S. lands and fails to take or contest Rome, but, wipes out half the Roman defenders. That ensures the Italians with just three troopers could not last another round, also U.S. forces take Venice. Italy is reduced to its capital only.

IPCs left for GE. 31, British Empire 42, Italy 5, &, U.S. 22.

IPCs Lost: Axis Troopers & Guns & Tanks 172, &, Allies 78. Axis Air 60, &, 30. All Sea Forces Axis 327, &, Allies 250. The sea losses exceed land and air losses combined.

Units left, the Allies have 24 troopers & 5 guns left, the Axis 3 troopers for Italy & all land forces left for Germany(except Kiel garrison, and, a gun and two troopers from the Ruhr). No way could the Allies invade the Second Reich. Tanks 2 for Allies & 1 Axis, Fighter 3 Allies, Navy for Allies of 4 BBs & 4 Cruisers & 7 Transports & a Submarine.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:44 am

Last two scenerios of Italy staying an Axis power, with just 3 powers versus 3 powers. For the Allies the U.S. power is a constant to balance off Italy(both are the weakest powers on their side). Also Russia used only once for these two scenerios, to the fact the Italians are linked this time with AHE & GE. Empire, making it too easy for the Axis to knock Russia out of the war(yes Italy might be taken out too, but, Russia is a higher IPC nation than the former).

Axis Italy, Germany, &, Austro-Hungarian Empires, versus, U.S. Republic & British & French Empires
(for the second scenerio it will be U.S.A., French & Russian Empires).

Round One: Germany will go on the defensive for the Western Front, pretty much abandon Africa, and, divide its income for an Arms Naval Race for the North Sea, and, forces to pick up Russian provienes.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by suit » Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:55 pm

Please ignore previous entry

A&A 1914 of British and Russian Empires, &, U.S.A. Republic, versus,
Austro-Hungarian and German and Italain Empires.
Round One: A.H.E. half its forces to attack Russia, the
proviences are the most important, let the Russians sulk in their
capital. The other half to enter and secure and defend Italy. Also
defend its own Home Waters and coastline and Central Meditterian Sea,
and, send forces to N. Africa(but first rinforces Sardina and Sicly).
Russia goes the traditional route, of trading space to build up
its forces in Russia, and, if the Axis will not attack Moscow, force
itseld to attack maybe one or both of the invaders.
Germany sinks Candian and U.K. Home Water fleets, for very light
losses. Takes Poland, Gold Coast, &, Nigeria(also contest South
Britian rebuilds Home Fleet, builds up forces in Africa, takes
over two Axis colonies of GE. East Africa and Somaliland.
Italy needs to help control the Central Mediterian Sea, defend
its mainland, and, reinforce its presence in N.Africa, to keep the
Allies busy(maybe try to take Egypt).
America needs to help the U.K. with mostly naval and air power.
Land forces for N. Africa, along with some air & naval power.

Round Two: AHE takes Ukraine, &, reinforces Italy and Libya.
Russia still trading space for time, Sevastopol is the only
provience outside of Moscow with heavy defense.
Germany rebuilding Navy, takes Livonia and Belarus.
British rebuilding Home Fleet, trying to reinforce Egypt.
Italy reinforces libya.
U.S. sends fighter to U.K. and transports to take out German colonies.

Round Three: AHE takes Tatarstan. Building up Navy for a push out
in Atlantic(maybe to the North Sea).
Russia takes back Tatarstan, if the AHE wants it, they will
need to take Sevatopol first.
Germany takes out U.K. Home fleet, but, landing in Scotland
fails. Karelia is taken.
British Empire takes back Nigeria and takes over German South
West Africa.
Italian Fleet is lost, but, severly mauls British fleet off
Egypt. Forces landed and from Libya enter and contest Egypt(heavy
losses both sides).
U.S.A. frees Gold Coast and takes Togoland.

Round Four: AHE takes out British fleet off Egypt and sends a
cruiser to off Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterrain Sea is
now an Axis lake. Also after heavy losses in land forces, takes
Egypt. Along with contesting Sevastople and Tatarstan. Forces are
getting a bit thin, if the Russians counterattack, it could be big
problem for the empire.
Russia has run out of time, half of its proviences, are
occupied, two that remain are unguarded, another two are contested,
leaving Moscow a armed camp. If they go on an all out offensive, they
might take back 3 lost proviences, and, uncontest one. Of course the
large GE. forces in Poland, might finally get to take Moscow. From
experience takeing back lost proviences, might buy some, but, not
allot of time. You sometimes lose allot of forces, to exterminate a
smaller forces. Yet there is only some much land, you can trade for
time. The solution, take back some, but, not all that has been lost.
Karelia retaken, and, uncontested Tatarstan. Sub. damages GE.
BB off Kiel.
GE. does not want to spread its forces out, retakes Karelia(so
Russians cannot put naval forces out), Finland to be ignored. Finally
brings forces from Poland, so next round an attack en mass into
Moscow. Build up fleet off Kiel to try next round to take U.K.
British Empire reinforces E. Africa, losses Home Fleet
attacking GE. Home Fleet off Kiel, but, does manage to weaken it.
Rebuilds naval and land forces for U.K. in case of any future GE.
landings, and, builds up land forces in India(in case of any future
landings by A.H. Empire).
Takes GE. colony of Kamerun.
Italy takes Sudan. U.S. sinks AHE cruiser trying to breakout
into the Atlantic, and, join the GE. fleet.

Round Five: A.H.E. frees undefended Somaliland, building
forces to invade by sea India. Takes also Sevastople & Tartastan.
Russia still hunkering down in Moscow, takes small victories,
by taking back Tatarstan and Karelia.
GE. fleet is lost, but, nearly destroys U.K. Home Fleet. Loses
air duel, but, contest Moscow(heavy losses for both sides for infantry
units). Hard for Russia to survive another round, but, even if it
did, they would never reach the borders of the Second Reich.
British Empire rebuild Home fleet, and, reinforce East Africa and India.
Italian Empire needs to reinforce the Sudan, and, build up the navy.
U.S. reinforce East Africa, and, for now controls the eastern
and central Meditterian Sea-for how long?-

Round Six: A.H.E. even if it does not take Moscow, should
weaken it, to let the Germans to finish them off. Lands reinforcments
more in Somaliland(nearly destroys Allied fleet off British East
Africa, losses whole fleet). AHE Home Fleet retakes Centeral Med. Sea
area. Retakes Tatarstan, contest Moscow, for very heavy losses(still
almost impossible that GE. does not take Moscow).
Russia hunkers down, all forces for defense.
Germany throws its last remaining forces to try to take Russia,
it fails with heavy losses in infanry(but does weaken Russia to the
point of no return). Fails again to try to land troops in Scotland.
British Empire destroys AHE transports and figher off
Somaliland(thus they will never be an invasion of India). Destroys GE.
fleet off Kiel, but, Home Fleet is lost also.
Italain Empire last fighter lost, but, takes out remaining
damaged British BB off Somaliland.
U.S. losses all forces in East Africa, but, seriously weakens
AHE forces in Somaliland(even if they still had transports, they will
never threaten India). Now controls the seas in all of the Mediterian
area(sans AHE Home Waters), lands and takes Libya, &, undefended

Round Seven: AHE does not have the forces to take Moscow, all
they can do is weaken the Russians, just to let the Germans have a
easy victory, on their turn. Instead they take Khzakstan, and, start
to garrison the parts of Russia they control(at this late stage of the
game, these forces will never get to Africa, or, to Italy).
The fleet is lost trying to destroy the US fleet, no
reinforcements for Africa.
Russia is just defending Moscow.
GE. takes Russia, it cost most of its Infantry(no thanks to
AHE not attacking Russia this turn). Also takes Karelai.
British Empire takes back from AHE Italain Somaliland.
Italy says on the defensive positon(the mainland section, is
will defended), and, better to lose Africa, than get invaded. Builds
new fleet.
U.S. destroys new Italian fleet and still controls the
Medieterrian Sea(sans AHE Home Water).

Round Eight: Austro-Hungarian Empire destroys U.S. fleet in
Central Med. Sea, but, lost its Home Fleet(including a transport and
fighter, thus no aid for Axis forces in Africa). Also sinks with a
fighter one of two remaining cruisers in Black Sea. No builds, no
danger from Allies, in this last round.
Russian Cruiser just stays in Black Sea, Finland is unguarded.
Germany takes undefended Finland(Russia is totally
occupied). GE. attempts to land forces in U.K., boh fleets were 3
BBs and 2 fighters, all that remains is a GE. damaged BB & 2
transports. BB shells and scores a hit, and landed 2 troopers and gun
& tank score 3 more hits(for a total of 4 hits). Defenders of London
are 4 troopers and 2 guns, which score 3 hits(reduced to two cause of
the GE. tank). London is contested.
British Empire uncontest London for no lost, &, frees Sudan
from Italian control. Rebuilds Home Fleet & air force.
Italian Empire rebuilds Naval & Air Force.
U.S. Republic sends reinforcements to E. Africa, cruisers
take over Western Mediterrian Sea, &, fighter is lost sinking a GE.
transport off London.
Peace breaks out, moderate to major Axis Victory over the
Allies. The Axis get back all their lost African colonies, GE. keeps
a third of Poland and Finland(gives independence to the other two
thirds of those new states, and, keep bases inside them, to protext
them from Russia). AHE sets up Ukraine as a new nation, keeping a
third as a new provience for the empire(ditto for bases). Keeps
Sevastpol as a new provience (also gives Italy the Crimean Peninsula
as a war compensation). Italy gets generous big grants from Germany.
Both sides take care of their losses, Axis help Axis &
Allies help Allies. All Axis are now part owners of the Suez Canal,
except for U.S. Waters, Axis Fleets have passage through Allied Home

Losses are very heavy, as compared to other games, of Transports,
BBs, Cruisers, Subs, and, Fighters.
Total Losses Axis Land Forces in IPCs 384, &, Allies 345. Air 88 &
96. Sea 449 & 390. Axis lost more in IPCs but, still won the war.
Also sea losses were heavier than land forces, for both sides.
IPCs not spent, Axis 189 & Allies 80.
Units left on the board, most of GE. units are in Russia, AHE in
Italy and Russia, Italy only in Italy. U.S. most units in Africa,
while British Empire had the most in the United Kingdom(India and
Actual Units left of Axis Troopers 43 & Allies Troopers 22.
Artillery 27(19 in Russia) & 5(US has none), &, Tanks 4 & 1. Fighters
2 & 3. Subs. 1 for Axis only, Transports 1 & 3. Cruisers 2 for
Allies only, &, BBs one each side(Axis BB was damaged).

Next and last scenerio, the same Axis Powers of GE., AHE, &,
Italy, versus, British Empire, U.S.A., and, now France.

Round One: A.H. Empire goes, here it has to wait for three moves
to join Italy and Germany, so they can all attack France at the same
time and turn. Except for Italy, the Axis Powers already have hugh
land forces avaiable on the board, in order to invade three of the
seven proviences of France. This allows them, in the first half of the
game, to spend most of their budget on naval and air forces.
In theses scenerios, sans U.S. and British Empire being protexted by
water, only Russia could be assaulted by two of the three Axis powers
at the same time. AHE will send forces through Northern Italy and
Eastern Germany, to attack France. Also AHE has to help protext Italy
from any sea invasions, and, try to control, the Central Meddeterrian
Sea area.
Along with trying to help Italy hold onto Libya, just to keep the
Allies busy in Africa. Paris is first priority, so the rest of Axis
colonies in Africa are considered quite expendable.
On the flip side, unlike Russia, France should be able to get
reinforcements from the other Allies. Also AHE/GE. will not be able
to constantly rebuid their fleets, especially when the need to
purchase land and air forces become critical(in the second half of
this eight round game).
The road to Paris, may well be much bloodier and longer than Moscow.
We will see, both sides will depend on their junior partners/wildcards
to help make the winning play.
AHE Fleet leaves Home Waters and joins Italian Fleet off Rome,
reinforces Italian forces in Libya. Begins moving forces to Piedmont
and Alsace.
German Empire takes over undefended Gold Coast & Nigeria, and contest
Rhodesia. A damaged GE. BB off London, is all that remains of the
Axis and Allies Home fleets. Land forces are heading towards Alsace,
except for some units to protext the coastline.
French Empire reinforces Eastern France, frees Gold Coast, sends
transports to the Americas(sinks 2 GE. subs., but, BB damaged), and,
sinks damaged GE. BB off London(own BB damaged).
British Empire uncontest Rhodesia, trooper from British East Africa is
lost invading Somaliland(but destroys defending Italian trooper, while
another trooper landed by Indian transport takes over Somaliland and
undefended GE. East Africa).
Invade and takes over Libya, with forces from Egypt. Reorganizes
defense of U.K. and rebuilds Home Fleet.
Italian Empire shells and lands forces, not in Libya, but, weakly
defended Egypt. All attacks and defenders are lost, meanwhile
reoganizes defense of Italian mainland & sends more forces to
U.S. Republic splits navy between North Atlantic & Western Med. Sea.
Builds up forces.

Round Two: AHE lands shells & lands forces and frees Libya. Land
forces moving towards France.
GE. contest Union of S. Africa, land forces moving towards France, &,
nearly destroys U.K. Home Fleet.
France contest Togoland, fleet off Marseilles attacks Axis Fleet off
Libya, heavy losses for France(still it will make it easier for Brits.
to attack their turn). Reinforces Wesern Front.
British Empire uncontest S. Africa, reinforces Egypt & Western France
& U.K. Heavy fleet losses off Libya, but, AH/Italian Axis Fleet is
greatly weaken.
Also UK Home Fleet attacks GE. Home Fleet, damaged BB lost, but,
weakens GE. fleet. Builds up forces in UK & India.
Italian Empire reinforces Libya & mainland Italy. Seaborn invasion of
Egypt fails, but, Brits. now only have a trooper for defense.
U.S.A. cruiser attacks Axis fleet off N. Africa, is lost, but, further
weakens the Italians. Also BB finishes what the Brits. started off
Kiel. The BB is lost, but, destroys the GE. fleet.

Round Three: AHE fleet attacks Fr. fleet off S. France, only a
damaged Fr. BB remains. Transports land forces in Egypt, and, take
Along with invasion of Marseilles from Piedmont, only contesting
it(acceptable losses & heavy for French). Also from Alsace into
Lorraine, totally wiped out AHE forces(moderate Fr. losses), but,
Germany should prevail on their turn.
Germany from Alsace ivades and contest Lorraine, heavy losses both sides.
France reinforces the Western Front, takes over Togoland and Libya.
British Empire takes over undfended German S.W. Africa, contest Egypt
via sea landing, and, reinforces France.
Italy takes Burgundy, contest Libya.
U.S.A. reinforces N.Africa and France.

Round Four: AHE again attacks Lorraine, and, again nearly all its
forces are wiped out. Also in France both sides suffer heavy losses in
Marseilles, and, fleet fails to destroy Allied fleet in Western Med.
Sea. Along with reinforcing Italain islands, uncontest Libya & takes
GE. Home Fleet off Kiel, destroys U.K. Home Fleet, but, it itself is
lost. Lorraine Falls!(thanks to no part for AHE for weakening the
Fr. frees Nigeria left undefended by Germany.
British Empire reinforces Sudan, strips the U.K. of forces, sendding
them to Picardy. GE. cannot advance further into France, with a large
British force flanking them in Picardy.
Italy suffers heavy losses, attacking Paris from Burgundy(while the
Fr. suffer light losses).
U.S. fleet enters Central Med. Sea, for the lost of two empty
transports, sinks Axis fleet of It. BB and three AHE transports.

Round Five: AHE Needs to regain control of waters of Central Med.
Sea, cruiser from Home Waters destroys U.S. cruiser off Libya. Seaborn
invasion force landed in Sudan, both all attackers and defenders are
lost. All that remains is a Italian trooper contesting the Sudan, so
Sudan fals under Italian control. Also takes control of Tunisia and
Marseilles, along with rebuilding the fleet & reinforcing Italy.
Germany attacks Picardy from Lorraine where a large British force
awaits them. Heavy losses both sides, Picardy contested. Again fleet
off Kiel is lost, taking out U.K. fleet.
France takes undefended GE. Kamerun, wipes out contesting Italian
forces in Paris. Also reinforces Borleaux.
British Empire strips most of the U.K. of land forces to reinforce
Picardy. The Empire will let its Wall of Steel(the Home Fleet)
protext the islands. Reinforces East Africa, France, and, the Home
Italy reinforces Egypt, Rome, and, Burgundy. It would take too long
for land forces to reach the Western Front, even a one time control of
the Western Med. Sea, will allow a tranport to bring units to S.
France. Cruiser sinks empty U.S. transport, on Atlantic side of
U.S. Cruiser sinks Italian Cruiser off Spain. Reinforces N.Africa and France.

Round Six: AHE damaged BB sinks empty British tranport off East
Africa, also reinforces Egypt. Takes Bordeaux(Paris next?), and,
fighter from Marseilles, has an air duel with U.S. fighter, based in
North Africa(both fighters lost).
GE.reinforcements from Lorraine enter Picardy, the British must be
taken out, in order to advance to Paris. Heavy losses for the British
& Germans, but, Picardy falls! The Germans could afford the losses,
next Paris. Maybe London, massive naval buildup, as in the entire
Western Front & U.K. no British land forces are left.
Fr. reinforces Paris and sends transports to East Coast and London.
British Empire figter from India is lost, but, sinks damaged AHE BB
off East Africa. Also liberates Sudan, and, rebuilds U.K. land forces
and supplements the Home Fleet.
Italy sends its remaining trooper from Egypt to help defend unguarded
Libya. Reinforces Marseilles & Tunisia. Strenghtens its Home Fleet.
U.S. frees Tunisia, reinforces N. Africa & France, &, land forces East
Coast boards Allied transports.

Round Seven: AHE needs to contest Paris, to let GE. take it.
From Burgundy & Boradeux Axis forces invade Paris, very heavy losses
for AHE, moderate for the French(but it used up most of the Fr.
reinforcements from the last round). So Paris is contested.
Reinforces Egypt, and, a transport & BB is heading for India. Expands
its Home Fleet.
GE. enters Paris from Picardy, Axis lose air duel, heavy losses both
sides. Germany can afford too, but, force to lose artillery, as they
are running out of infantry. Still they contest Paris, with thier
Axis Allies.
Earlier GE. Home Fleet, tries to destroy the U.K. Home Fleet(they have
three loaded transports to land in the near denuded U.K.). Again the
British Wall of Steel has saved the U.K., the GE. fleet sans
transports is lost, for light Allied losses.
GE. sea actions are the last hope to bring the war to the British Home
Islands. The war is winding down, and, new land forces cannot get to
the front lines, unless brought in by transports.
France reinforces Paris and prays...
British Empire frees Picardy & undefended Bordeaux. Reinforces Home
Fleet, U.K., and, India.
Italian Empire making a sea landing and a trooper from Libya, retake
Tunisia. Fleet attacks U.S. fleet off Morocco, both fleets lost.
U.S. retakes by sea Tunisia, also lands and takes over undefended
Libya. Along with destruction of Italian transport off Tunisia and

Round Eight: AHE forces in Paris wiped out, only causing light losses
for the Allies. Up to GE. to take Paris, also can only contest
Invades from Egypt and contest the Sudan. Also destroys US fleet and
frees Libya(reinforces Egypt). Along with a sea invasion and
contestation of India.
GE. forces again try to take Paris, but, fail(still contesting Paris).
Invasion fleet for U.K. smashed and all transports lost(luckly they
were empty). British have a survivng cruiser off London.
France spilts Paris garrison, &, frees Bordeaux. Fighter is lost,
but, destroys AHE figher in Marseilles. The rest of the Paris garrison
stays put, and, reinforcements are added(making it still even harder
for the remaining ever take Paris).
British Empire uncontest India of remaining AHE trooper, reinforces
the Sudan, frees undefended Marseilles, reinforces Paris, &, lands
also reinforcesments for Picardy.
Italy tries to retake for itself Marseilles, but, only contest it.
U.S. Republic lands forces in Marseilles, &, wipes out Axis forces
contesting it(for little lost). Meanwhile trooper in Tunisia fails to
take over Libya, but, wipes out defending Axis trooper.

Peace breaks out. Each side takes care of its own losses(except for
Brest, most of France was occupied or contested, along with most A&A
land forces were lost there).
The Allies control five Axis colonies, the Axis control two Fr.
proviences, contest Paris, control the British Protexative of Egypt,
and, contest the Sudan. Both sides get back all lost lands. The war
ends in a tie, leaning more towards the Axis. Allied forces were too
weak to fully liberate Paris, in round eight. So Paris as a Allied
capital stayed contested(with GE. 2 troopers & 5 guns).
Still to go onto a round nine, with most of the orginial Axis land
forces buried pushing up flowers in France, and, the Allies having to
rebuild new armies to get the Axis out of France. Both sides were
played out. All remaining land forces, on both sides, except for
tanks, numbered less than the orginial GE. setup for Round One. Peace
is the way out of this mess.
The Axis as in one combined group get a third share, in the Suez
Canal, and, the Central Mediterrian Sea becomes a Axis lake.
IPCs left(except for France & Italy) the other nations banked their
IPCs for Purchase of any units. Much less adding what they collected,
at the end of their turn. Axis IPCs not used 147, &, 121 for the
Units lost Axis Infantry of 134 Infantrymen, &, Allies 113, Artillery
36 & 30, tanks none, fighters 13 & 10, transports 13 & 12, cruisers 8
& 12, BBs 15 & 10, &, subs. 10 & 3. Reconverted to IPCs Axis Land
Forces 546 & Allies 459, Air 78 & 60, &, Sea 390 & Allies 318. Over
all Axis IPCs losses of 1024, &, Allies 837.
Units left on the board: Axis Infantrymen 22(5 guarding the GE.
coastline & 3 waiting for transports that never sailed to invade the
U.K., &, five It. troopers protexting the Italian mainland and a
island. &, AHE had only 3 troopers left and two of them in N. Africa).
The Allies have 16 infantry left, &, none in the East Coast, &, only
one in all of the U.K. Artillery Axis have left 13(three in GE.
guarding the coastline & two stuck waiting for transports), &, Allies
4. Tanks one each side in Africa, &, an Italian tank guarding Rome
from any sea invasion.
Fighters only one in Rome.
Transports for Axis 5(all AHE), &, Allies 6. Subsmarines none.
Cruisers Axis two, &, Allies three. Also Battleships only two for the
Axis(both AHE, they were never worried about a sea landing onto
Staistically if this scenerio was played the best of even five or ten
games, with the same powers. I could see the Axis winning most of
them. Italy staying as a Axis Power is a tough nut to crack.

Well time to put this game away, except for the time lost to Hurricane
Maria, been playing these Roundrobins since about 2013 as Just One
More Push, Black Lodge and of course Pellulo. Well time to sign out,
before I get signed off again.
Remember We Need Another W.W.I game(s), I wil take Verdun, Battle of
Jutland with those Sea Minis...Even a Axis and Allies and Zombies 1914
but, first I got some classic Avalon Hill games to play, who knows
maybe soon Larry's new game "War Room", Thanks Pellulo

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by suit » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:54 pm

Christmas Gamming Axis & Allies at The Brooklyn Strategist 2017-2018.

My first experience with the game store was next to last year, after Hurricane Maria. I had remembered it when I lived in Brooklyn, visiting my daughter, and, had made a donation to the store.

Curiosity if they had any Axis and Allies games, also a place to give up about 500 cards of the Magic Series, inside a long large card holder box(mostly generic booster type cards). It was given to me, but, as I explained to the gaming store. Twenty years back, I might have gotten into the Magic Craze. At my age, I felt I could not put the time into this type of gaming.

They gladly accepted it, and, gave me and my daughter passes for gaming night. Our planes to do a A & A game, was smashed, when all we could have join us, was a young transplanted MIT student from Boston. Her speciality was the popular Euro-Core game, set in the U.S.A., of trying to control railroad lines of the late nineteen to early twenty century time period.

She was quite good, as along with her boyfriend(another transplanted student form MIT), this was their favorite house game. In about an hour, I had my daughter cornered in the north east, and, the young Boston lady had a minor line, in the Southwest area.

We thank her for showing us the game, finished our coffee, as we had to catch the G train to get back to another part of Brooklyn. I had always heard the version set in Europe, was even better.

Th following year we go back, with another donation, of a popular euro detective game, that is set in London. What do I spot, a well worn version of Axis & Allies 1914 game, hope springs eternal...

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by suit » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:31 pm

As we had walked into the gaming store, we notice the main customer area, and, coffee and snack area, had been combined. We walked around the center, and, notice at the end of the first few tables, the cliched table loaded with the at/about 1:72 scale of a ruined city.

My host explained it was used for the system called like WaXXammer 39,999. A very popular Science Fiction/Fantasy game. Where the rising and declining fortunes of humanity, still pits also a close order Combat type system(along with other types of fighting systems). What I like to play, if I could use a modern day Armor bridgade, mobile infantry, support units, and, S.P. Guns, &, copters, etc., to clean up the opposition. With its never ending modules, like the old Avalon Hill Bookcase Panzer/Squad Leader series, we use to call it “WaXXammer Forever”.

Passing the rest room, and, the games storage area, we got to the second half of the center...

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by suit » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:18 am

We walked to the front of this part of the center(it is u shaped, having two storefronts). There was two tables, with dark cloth covering them. Sitting down we’re about eight gentlemen playing a card driven game. Their faces was as serious as Gang Lords dividing up a city for their illicit use.

Finally we got back to the front of the other section of the store, and, our hopes of playing Axis and Allies 1914 was dashed. They had forgotten to put on their website, that the coordinator for walk in gamers, was not coming in this night.

Well we had a long trip via G train to 7 train, then finally the 2 to the upper Bronx. My daughter was glad we did not shellout twenty for game night. Oh well it was a nice visit to the Brooklyn Stategist, as for the donated game, I forgot to bring the game board!

They forgot to post on their website, and, I forgot to bring the board, I guess it evens out.

Have a nice x-mas/holiday season, Hell I’ll thrown in Three Kings Day on 1-6-2019, thanks, Pellulo

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by suit » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:07 pm

Would you think the Zombie Edition will get into the Forum, for better or for the worst, I believe the game is selling quite well, thanks

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