Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by pellulo » Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:14 pm

All Axis versus All Allies, no minor allies for either side. Axis need to hold their southern borders, as they try to take Moscow. For the Allies start to try to relieve Moscow, and, attack the Axis on all fronts.

Round One: AHE builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 3 troopers. Land forces begin to move towards Russia, except for two troopers each sent from capital, to Trieste & Tyrolia. In return from those two provinces, a trooper & gun, head for Russia.

Battle Galicia garrison invades Uk., even thought it is not overwhelming odds, the ideal is to delay or slow down Russia for pulling forces into Moscow(to hunker down). Six foot & 2 guns, versus, Russia same setup. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies 4 troopers, Uk. still contested.

Russia builds sub.(N. Europe), fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers. Kazakhstan trooper to go to Sevastopol, Finnish trooper to go to Karelia, while other land forces to retreat to Moscow, leaving a trooper in Poland, Uk. , Belarus, &, Livonia. Black Sea Fleet(no mine lost) attacks Ottoman Fleet, both sides have 2 cruisers. Losses only one Russian Cruiser left.

GE. builds 2 fighters, 2 trooper, gun, transport(off Berlin) & submarine. From Munich 6 troopers enter Tyrolia to help defend that province, while 4 troopers go to Alsace to help defend against the French(the remaining trooper & 3 guns heads for Moscow). Prussia & Silesia garrisons(with fighter from capital) enter Poland & defeat defending Russian trooper(for a lost of a trooper each side, Poland falls). Hanover & Berlin &Kiel(sans a trooper & gun to protect coastline)garrisons move east. Ruhr garrison splits, infantry to Alsace, &, trooper & 3 guns heads for Russia.

In Africa undefended Brits. Gold Coast & Nigeria are taken over by troopers from adjacent GE. colonies. Two subs. off Norway, one goes to Kiel, &, another goes to off Berlin. Two subs. from Sea Zone#7 attack Canadian C & transport off Canada. Losses all Allies for lost of only one submarine.

Fr. builds fighter, sub., &, 4 troopers. From Brest BB & transport go to off Canada & dispatches GE. sub. for no lost. Off Marseilles BB & transport sail for Gold Coast picking up trooper from Morocco & Fr. West Africa. Another transport picks up trooper from Algeria & Tunisia & debarks them onto Picardy, while C joins Italian fleet.

Burgundy garrison moves into Picardy, while land forces begin to move to Lorraine.

British Empire builds transport off Wales, 2 fighters(one in India), &, BB. Union of S. Africa trooper & gun invades GE. S.W. Africa defended by same, losses Axis a cannon, colony contested. Trooper from Rhodesia & British E. Africa invade GE. E. Africa defended by trooper, losses a trooper each side, colony falls! Trooper from Sudan enters Fr. Eq. Africa.

BB off India shells Mesopotamia & Ottoman gun replies, both sides lose a trooper. Landed trooper versus defending trooper & gun, losses Allies a trooper & Axis a gun, &, Mesopotamia is holding out. Egyptian C heads for London, &, Indian C goes to off Egypt. Also Egyptian garrison invades Jordan. Six troopers & 2 guns, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun, losses all Axis & Allies a trooper, Jordan falls!

Transport from Egypt goes to off Somaliland to pick up It. trooper. Transport off London & goes to Wales, picks up & debarks trooper & gun into Picardy. Forces on Home Islands move land units in case of any Axis landings, trooper & gun from Canada board Fr. transport.

Ottoman Empire is hard press to rebuild its navy, much less land forces lost(they are suppose to be invading Russia, lost Jordan & nearly lost Mesopotamia). Builds fighter, gun, &, trooper. Capital garrison is split of 2 troopers & gun going to Ankara & Smyrna. Sends Ankara garrison to reinforce Mesopotamia, Smyrna & Syrian garrisons to retake Jordan. Seven troopers & gun, versus, British 5 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies 3 troopers.

Italy builds fighter & 2 troopers. Transport carries 2 troopers from Rome to reinforce the Allies in Jordan. Land forces moving to Venice for eventual push into S. AHE. Trooper & gun in Libya move to Jordan through Egypt, while trooper in E. Africa boards British transport.

U.S.A. builds sub., &, 2 transports. BB sails to join Ally fleet off London, while C sails to join the fleet off Rome. Also 2 troopers move to Canada.

Round Two: AHE builds fighter, sub., & 5 troopers. Three troopers from capital go to Trieste as reinforcements. More reinforcements arriving too, enter contested Uk. along with a fighter, versus, defending trooper. Both sides lose a trooper, Uk. has fallen.

Russia builds 5 troopers & fighter. Moves Belarus garrison back to Moscow sans a trooper, a trooper from Tatarstan moves to Sevastopol. Meanwhile Sevastopol garrison hope to link up with Allied forces via Ottoman Mesopotamia.

GE. builds sub., BB(off Berlin), fighter, 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Garrison in Poland enters Belarus, versus, defending trooper. Both sides lose a trooper, Belarus falls! Prussia, Silesia, &, Berlin garrison head for Moscow. Also from capital fighter flies to Poland, another to Kiel. Along with a split in Hanover garrison, half going to Moscow, the other half towards Alsace.

From Gold Coast trooper marches into undefended Fr. W. Africa, colony taken!

Fr. builds transport(off Brest), fighter, gun, &, 2 troopers. ...BB & transport arrive off W. Africa, shelling takes out defending trooper in Fr. W. Africa, trooper lands there, &, second trooper lands & frees British Gold Coast colony. Piedmont garrison moves to Venice, while transport off coast heads for Canada. Submarine from Brest, &, BB off Canada sail for London, while transport from Canada arrives off Picardy with Canadian trooper & gun.

Burgundy garrison & fighter from capital arrive in Lorraine, &, capital garrison moves to Burgundy.

British Empire builds fighter, transport(off Wales), sub., &, 2 troopers. BB from India shells Mesopotamia & defending gun fires at 2 Indian troopers landed. Losses a trooper each side, landed trooper versus Ottoman 5 troopers & gun(losses remaining Indian trooper). Any pressure so the Ottoman Empire does not invade Russia.

In GE. S.W. Africa invading trooper & gun versus defending GE. trooper. Losses GE. trooper only, colony falls! Transport with It. trooper arrives from E. Africa to Red Sea, &, fighter flies into Jordan from India. Trooper in Fr. Eq. Africa enters undefended GE. Kameron, &, colony falls! Another trooper heads for Egypt from GE. E. Africa. Cruiser off Egypt joins Allied fleet off Rome, while C off Portugal joins Allied Fleet off London.

Trooper & gun from Canada debark off Fr. transport into Picardy, while 3 troopers in Wales via 2 transports off Wales board & debark onto Picardy also(a fighter flies in from capital to Lorraine). Earlier a trooper & gun went from Picardy, into Lorraine.

Ottoman Empire builds 3 troopers & gun. From capital 2 troopers head for Jordan, while a gun & trooper head for Russia. More reinforcements go into contested Jordan, from Smyrna & fighter from capital. In air duel with Brit. fighter, both planes are lost, in land battle 10 troopers & 2 guns, versus, British 5 troopers & 2 guns, and, It. 2 troopers. Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies all. Jordan is retaken!

Also from Ankara 2 troopers & gun arrive in Mesopotamia, while earlier Mesopotamia garrison entered Sevastopol. Five troopers & gun, versus, Russian 4 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 3 troopers & Allies 2 troopers, Sevastopol is contested.

Italy builds 4 troopers. Rome garrison moves to Tuscany, while from Tuscany 4 troopers move to Venice(leaving behind a trooper & gun). Italian transport off Egypt goes to Rome & returns with 2 troopers for Egypt. Also from Red Sea a trooper debarks from a Brit. transport into Egypt. Forces in Venice attack Trieste, with fighter flying in from Rome. Combat 12 troopers, 5 guns, &, fighter, versus, AHE 10 troopers & gun. Allies losses 3 troopers, &, Axis losses 7 troopers, Trieste contested.

U.S.A. builds transport, fighter, gun, &, 2 troopers. BB arrives off London, while C arrives off Rome. Also 2 transports with 2 troopers & 2 guns, &, escort submarine head for Italy & Egypt.

Round Three: AHE builds 2 fighters, submarine, &, 7 troopers. Vienna garrison is split three ways, 3 troopers for Moscow, 1 for Tyrolia & Trieste. Galicia garrison enter Uk.(with fighter from capital), but, earlier Uk. garrison cannot wait for reinforcements, they attack Moscow. Fighter, 21 troopers , &, 6 guns, versus, defending Russian forces of 2 fighters, 29 troopers, & 12 guns. The temptation to take out Sevastopol to help the Ottoman Empire forces is great, but, Moscow is the goal now. Losses in air duel all fighters each side, land losses Axis 20 troopers & 3 guns, &, Allies 12 troopers. Moscow is contested!

Tyrolia garrison enters Trieste as reinforcements, battle 11 troopers & 2 guns, versus, It. fighter, 4 guns, &, 9 troopers. Losses Axis 8 troopers, &, Allies 2 troopers. Axis fleet breaks out of Home Port, BB damaged by mine. Battle Damaged BB, C, 2 subs., &, transport, versus, Allied fleet of It. BB & C, Fr. & British & U.S.N. Cs. Losses all!

Losses on Eastern Front heavy, up to the other Axis powers to make their moves on Russia, &, Southern Front has Trieste contested.

Russia builds 6 troopers. Fleet leaves Home Port, attacks Axis fleet off Berlin. Battle BB & sub. attacks GE. fighter, BB, sub., &, transport. Losses Russian BB damaged & submarine, &, all Axis. Russia does not want Axis to link up in contested Moscow, 18 troopers & 12 guns & fighter versus AHE trooper & 3 guns. Losses 3 troopers & Axis all.

Garrison need to un-contest Sevastopol, 2 troopers & 2 guns, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun. Losses Allies a trooper & Axis trooper & gun. Sevastopol still contested.

Germany builds fighter, BB, C, sub., &, 2 troopers. From Alsace 2 troopers move to AHE Tyrolia, while Hanover garrison & fighter enter Alsace as reinforcements. On Eastern Front Polish garrison takes over Livonia, defended by a Russian trooper( Each side losses a trooper). Next turn GE. will invest Moscow with Livonia & Belarus garrisons. Silesia & Prussian garrisons enters Poland, while trooper enters Kiel & 2 troopers & gun enter Prussia(from capital).

C leaves Kiel, goes to off Berlin, versus, damaged Russian BB(both lost).

Fr. builds sub. (off Brest), 2 guns & 3 trooper. Off W. Africa transport picks up trooper with BB & moves to off Nigeria. BB shells & destroys defending occupying trooper, colony freed, trooper lands from transport. Another trooper moves from Gold Coast & enters undefended Togoland, colony falls!

Transport off Portugal arrives off East Coast, while BB arrives off London. On Southern Front, garrison in Venice enter Trieste, to reinforce the Italians. Battle 6 troopers & 2 guns, versus, AHE 3 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Fr. a trooper, &, all Axis, Trieste falls!

On Western Front, Lorraine garrison enters Alsace, to put pressure on the Germans. Two fighters, 17 troopers, &, 4 guns, versus, GE. fighter, 15 troopers, &, 6 guns. Losses fighter each side in air duel, land losses Allies 11 troopers & Axis 10 troopers, Alsace is contested.

Off London entering Home Waters off Kiel, BB(mine damage), & sub. enter & damage both GE. BBs(Fr. fleet all lost). Transport(two) off Picardy head for Canada. Burgundy garrison splits into two forces, one heads for Lorraine, another for Piedmont. Also capital forces moves into Burgundy, fighter heads for Lorraine.

British Empire builds 3 troopers, gun, &, fighter, all in India. In London builds fighter, &, 2 trooper. Doing a chuck-chuck a transport is sent from the Red Sea to India, and, another transport is sent from off India with a boarded trooper & gun, who debark off into Egypt. Up until this time, only Italian forces are protecting Egypt from a Ottoman attack. As for the other transport, from India a trooper & gun board it, while a BB shells & defending gun in Mesopotamia replies. Both score a hit, lose a gun for Allies & trooper for Ottoman Empire. Landed trooper versus Ottoman trooper & gun, losses all British.

Trooper in Kamerun, trooper & gun in S.W. Africa, &, trooper in Brit. E. Africa head for Egypt.

From Lorraine trooper, gun, &, fighter move to Alsace. Picardy garrison enters Lorraine. Six troopers via 3 transports transfer from Home Islands to Picardy. Also 3 troopers & gun from Canada board 2 Fr. transports off Canada.

Fleet off London enters GE. Home Waters off Kiel, 2 BB(one damage by mine), 3 C, sub., &, fighter, versus, GE. 2 damaged BB, 4 subs., &, 2 C. Losses only 2 damaged British BBs & C survive.

Ottoman Empire builds gun, &, 3 troopers. From Jordan garrison invades Egypt with 5 troopers & 2 guns, versus, It. 4 troopers & gun, &, Brits. trooper & gun. Losses Axis 2 troopers & Allies 3 troopers(2 are Italian & 1 is British), Egypt is contested. Smyrna garrison goes to Jordan, Ankara garrison goes to Mesopotamia, &, capital garrison splits between Ankara & Smyrna. Also Mesopotamia garrison goes as reinforcements to take Sevastopol, 2 troopers & gun, versus, Russian trooper & 2 guns. Losses Axis trooper & gun, &, Allies 2 guns. Sevastopol is still contested!

Italian Empire builds gun & 2 troopers. Rome garrison enters Tuscany, &, Tuscany garrison enters Venice. Forces in Trieste attack Vienna(Budapest is tempting as it has no defending forces), fighter, 5 guns, &, 7 troopers, versus, defending AHE of 2 fighters, &, 7 troopers. Each side losses a fighter, land battle Allies 5 troopers, &, Axis all, Vienna has fallen!

Earlier transport pick up 2 troopers from Rome & debarks in Egypt. Battle 4 troopers & gun, versus, Ottoman 3 troopers & 2 guns. Losses 2 troopers each side.

U.S.A. builds C, gun, &, transport. Two troopers board Fr. transport & trooper & gun board transport off East Coast. Also fighter flies from East Coast to Morocco, while BB joins British fleet off Kiel(no mine lost). Two transports with 2 trooper & 2 guns & escorting submarine, enters Central Med. Sea. A trooper dropped off in Tuscany, &, rest in Egypt. Trooper & 2 guns attack Ottoman trooper & 2 guns, losses Allies 2 guns & Axis all, Egypt is uncontested.

I would end the game now, as the Axis have not taken Moscow(it is even not contested), GE. needs to prop up its ally AHE(try to get that capital back) & defend her Western Front. Also Ottoman Empire has been kicked out of Africa, &, is making no headway in contested Sevastopol. Allies pull out of Trieste & Vienna & Alsace. Axis pull out of Sevastopol, Poland, Uk., Livonia, &, Belarus. Each side has a contested province, and, I'm making a capital worth two provinces. so GE. gets Togoland back, the Allies get the remaining three German colonies(as always Russia sells her portion, &, U.S. makes a new nation with her portion).

Allies get passage in all Axis Home Waters, oil concessions from Ottoman Empire, Prussia & Hungary are made independent nations, for this moderate to heavy victory. Each side takes care of its losses.

Of course if the game went one more round, would it have improved the Axis situation?(could they have ever taken Moscow?),

Round four: AHE builds nothing, monies & capital lost last round to Italy. Moves Galicia garrison into Vienna, 3 troopers, versus, It. 2 troopers & 5 guns. Losses Axis all, &, Allies trooper & gun. Trooper goes from Uk. back to Galicia, another goes to undefended Tatarstan & takes it over. The remaining garrison goes into Moscow, fighter, 6 troopers , &, 5 guns, versus, Russian fighter, 21 troopers, &, 12 guns. Losses air duel both fighters lost, land losses Axis 5 troopers & 4 guns, &, Allies 6 troopers.

Sub. leaves Home Waters(no mine lost) & off Rome, attacks U.S. sub. & 2 transports. Both subs. lost. Up to Germany to take Moscow.

Russia builds fighter, &, 3 troopers. Garrison from Karelia move to Moscow. Moscow eliminates AHE trooper & gun contesting Moscow, for lost of 2 troopers. The temptation to take back Uk. is held cause of the impending GE. attack. Sole trooper in Sevastopol attacks & defeats for no lost, invading Ottoman trooper.

GE. builds fighter, 4 troopers, &, 2 BBs off Kiel. Sends trooper from Livonia garrison to take over undefended Karelia, naval ports for the Russians. Garrisons for Livonia and Belarus invade Moscow. Two fighters, 28 troopers, &, 9 guns, versus, Russians fighter, 20 troopers, &, 12 guns. All fighters lost in air duel. Losses Russian troopers 14 & GE. 16 troopers.

Garrison in Tyrolia(leaving a AHE trooper behind) enter & try to take back Vienna. Battle 9 troopers versus It. trooper & 4 guns, losses GE. 3 troopers & It. a gun, Vienna is contested. Poland garrison splits, half enter Belarus for Moscow, &, the other half enters Galicia en route for Vienna. Also fighter from capital flies to Poland.

Forces in Alsace stay on the defensive, Kiel garrison enters Ruhr, 2 troopers from Berlin go to Kiel & another heads for Prussia, while a trooper from Prussia goes to Poland.

France builds tank, fighter, sub.(off Marseilles), &, 4 troopers. BB leaves with transport with two troopers from Togoland & Nigeria & heads for Central Med. Sea. Transport leaves East Coast, heading for Trieste with 2 U.S. troopers. Also 2 more transports leave Canada with 4 troopers for Picardy. Sub. leaves Brest to go to Kiel. Burgundy garrison goes to Piedmont, &, capital garrison goes to Burgundy.

Garrison in Piedmont enters Venice, while garrison leaves Trieste & enters Vienna. Combat 5 troopers & 2 guns, versus, GE. 6 troopers. Losses Allies 4 troopers & Axis 5 troopers. On Western Front, Lorraine garrison enters Alsace as reinforcements(one of the fighters flies to Piedmont). Battle fighter, 12 troopers, &, 4 guns, versus, GE. 5 troopers & 6 guns. Losses Allies 6 troopers & Axis 4 troopers & 2 guns.

B.E. builds fighter, transport(off London), gun and 3 troopers for India, &, 2 guns for London. Transport leaves Red Sea goes back to India & joins BB and another transport. Three troopers & gun board & debark into Mesopotamia(with fighter flying in from India). BB shelling takes out gun, &, gun score no return fire hit(gun is taken out instead of trooper, as gun cannot operate by itself). Land combat remaining defending trooper taken out for no lost for the British, Mesopotamia falls! A trooper from Sudan reaches Egypt, with 2 troopers & gun are working their way to Egypt.

Four troopers debark from 2 Fr. transports into Picardy. Off Kiel 2 damaged BBs, C, &, 3 transports from Wales(boarded 4 troopers & 2 guns), versus, GE. 2 BBs. Losses only 2 transports left(one lost to mines, with 2 troopers). Forces debark onto Kiel, 4 troopers & 2 guns, versus, GE. 2 troopers. Losses all Axis, Kiel the seaport has fallen!

Ottoman Empire builds sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Moves 2 troopers from Ankara to garrison Syria, from capital to Ankara are sent 2 troopers & gun. Smyrna trooper & gun into Jordan, while a trooper is sent from Jordan & capital into Smyrna. Turks are on defensive for now.

Italy builds in Vienna a tank, fighter, 5 trooper, &, gun. In Rome builds gun, &, 3 troopers. Tuscany garrison goes to Venice, &, Roman trooper goes to Tuscany. Two troopers & gun enter Jordan from Egypt(transport off Egypt goes to Rome & picks up trooper & gun, &, debarks them in Jordan), versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun. Losses Allies a trooper, &, Axis all, Jordan falls! In Vienna trooper & 3 guns, versus, invading GE. trooper. Losses It. a gun & GE. trooper, Vienna is uncontested.

From Vienna 6 troopers & 2 guns, enter Tyrolia defended by AHE trooper, trooper lost each side, Tyrolia falls! Italian forces in Central Europe can cause the Axis attempt to take Moscow, to become moot.

U.S.A. builds transport, Trooper enters Jordan from Egypt, trooper enters Venice from Tuscany. Two transports head for Germany/Russia with 2 troopers & 2 guns, with escorting Cruiser. Fighter goes from Morocco to Naples, while 2 transports in Central Med. Sea, head back for East Coast.

Definitely a fourth round did not help the Axis cause!

IPCs lost Axis troopers 390 & Allies troopers 309, guns lost 112 & 36, tanks none, fighters 54 & 48, transports 12 each side, subs 42 &
18, cruisers 54 & 81, BB 72 & 60. Total IPCs Lost Axis 736 & Allies 564.

Next and last scenario of this kind, is same setup, but, the Axis goal is Rome.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Next & last scenario of this series, all Axis versus all Allies(no minor allies), with the goal of taking Rome.

Round One: AHE builds 2 fighters, &, 2 submarines. The Axis instead of holding the line on their Eastern Front, will just get a bit into Russia, to keep the fighting within Russia's borders. AHE will take and try to hold onto Uk. with no real desire to get any closer to Moscow(GE. will do the same with Poland).

Using Galicia, Bohemia, &, units as needed from capital, an attempt will be made to take or contest Ukraine. Also the rest of the empire, including units as needed from the capital, will head for Rome. Galicia garrison enters Uk., battle 6 troopers & 2 guns, versus the same in Russian forces. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies 5 troopers & gun, Uk. is contested.

Trieste & Tyrolia garrisons enter Venice, 12 troopers & 4 guns, versus, half that number of Italians. Losses Axis 4 troopers, &, Allies 5 troopers, Venice is contested.

Russia builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 3 troopers. Knows the Axis goal is Rome, but, still needs to keep its border secure(who knows a side move towards Mesopotamia?). Splits Tatarstan garrison towards Uk. & Sevastopol, also Kazakshstan trooper heads for Sevastopol. Along with Moscow garrison going to Uk., battle 8 troopers & 4 guns, versus, AHE 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 2 troopers, &, Axis all, Ukraine is no longer contested.

Livonia garrison goes to Poland, Karelia trooper goes to Livonia, Finnish trooper goes to Karelia, &, Belarus garrison splits itself 'tween Poland & Ukraine.

Germany builds, transport, 2 fighters, gun, &, 4 troopers. The Eastern Front explodes as the garrisons from Prussia & Silesia, invade Poland(along with a fighter from the capital). Twelve troopers, six guns, &, fighter, versus, Russian 12 troopers & 5 guns. Losses Axis 7 troopers, &, Allies 8 troopers, Poland contested. This turn the whole Berlin garrison is heading for Poland.

Munich garrison enters AHE Tyrolia, Hanover garrison enters Munich(Munich is the doorway for Germany to get her forces to Rome). Ruhr garrison enters Alsace, with Kiel garrison splitting 2 troopers & gun into the Ruhr. Alsace garrison invades Lorraine, 7 troopers & 3 guns, versus, Fr. 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies 4 troopers, and, Lorraine is contested.

In Africa the traditional 2 free colonies of Gold Coast & Nigeria are taken over by troopers from Togoland & Kamerun. At sea, fleet from Kiel enters British Home Waters, a BB(damaged by mines) & 2 Cs, &, 2 subs. from Sea Zone #5, versus, British BB, 2 Cs, &, transport. Losses only damaged GE. BB is left. Two sub. off Canada enter S.Z.#2 & attack Canadian C & transport, all lost.

France builds sub.(off Brest), fighter, &, 4 troopers. Sends Burgundy garrison to Piedmont, &, Picardy garrison to reinforce Lorraine(with fighter from capital). Also Paris garrison enters Burgundy, &, Atlantic coastal troopers heads for Italy. Battle fighter, 4 guns, &, 8 troopers, versus, GE. 2 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers, &, Axis all, Lorraine is no longer contested.

BB & transport arrive off London, versus, damaged GE. BB. Losses only damaged Fr. BB left, &, transport. Trooper enters Gold Coast from FR. W. Africa, versus, GE. trooper(no losses colony contested). Also trooper from Morocco heads for Gold Coast.

Marseilles fleet of BB & C joins Italian fleet bottling up AHE fleet off Trieste, while 2 transports head for East Coast. North Africa troopers head for Egypt.

British Empire builds fighter, transport(off Wales), sub., & , BB. Moves trooper & gun from South Africa into S.W. Africa, versus, same. Losses all, GE. S.W. Africa is contested. Rhodesia & Brit. E. Africa troopers, enter GE. E. Africa defended by a trooper. Losses a trooper each side, the colony has fallen! Sudan trooper enters Fr. Eq. Africa, &, Egyptian garrison enters Jordan. Six troopers & 2 guns, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun. Losses Allies 2 troopers, &, Axis all, Jordan falls! C from India takes station off Egypt.

Transport off Egypt heads for India, while BB off Mesopotamia shells & defending gun replies, as from India a trooper & gun board a transport & debarks(BB scores a hit). Land combat trooper & gun, versus, the same. Losses all Axis wiped out, Mesopotamia has fallen!

Two troopers from London board & debark a Fr. transport into Picardy(another 2 troopers & gun move to Wales).

Ottoman Empire builds gun & 4 troopers. Moves Ankara garrison of 6 troopers & gun to Mesopotamia to retake it, versus, British trooper & gun. Losses Allies all, Mesopotamia is freed. Garrisons from Smyrna & Syria of 7 troopers & gun, enter Jordan to retake it, versus, British 4 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 4 troopers, &, Allies 1 trooper, Jordan contested. Capital garrison splits itself to move to Smyrna & Ankara.

Fleet stays home for now, to attack Russians, through mines, even if they were to win the sea battle is not worth it. Control of the Black Sea does not help much(Ottoman are hard press to ever buy that transport).

Italy builds fighter,&, gun & trooper. Trooper from E. Africa heads for Egypt, while transport off Libya picks up trooper & gun, &, they debark into Jordan. Piedmont garrison reinforces forces in contested Venice, while Rome garrison moves to Tuscany, Naples trooper moves to Rome. Fleet stays put watching AHE fleet.

U.S. builds 2 transports, &, fighter. BB heads for Allied fleet off London, &, C heads for Allied fleet off Rome.

Round Two: AHE builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Moves Trieste garrison to Tyrolia , while the fleet stays in Home Waters to protect the coastline. Meanwhile forces in Venice joined by garrison from Tyrolia & fighter from capital go onto the attack. Twenty troopers , 4 guns, &, fighter, versus, It. 7 troopers & 4 guns. Losses Axis 4 troopers, &, Allies all, Venice has fallen!

Galicia garrison again enters Uk. with fighter from capital. Battle 9 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter, versus, Russian 9 troopers & 5 guns. Losses Axis 7 troopers, &, Allies 3 troopers, Uk. contested.

Russia builds 8 troopers. Trooper from Tatarstan enters Sevastopol, while Sevastopol garrison enters Mesopotamia. Battle 5 troopers & 2 guns, versus, Ottoman 6 troopers & gun. Losses Allies 3 troopers, &, Axis 4 troopers. It is up to the British to link up, in Uk. 6 troopers & 5 guns, versus, invading AHE fighter, 2 troopers, &, 2 guns. Battle Allies losses 4 troopers, &, Axis losses all, Uk. is freed!

In Poland forces stay on the defense, with trooper from Livonia entering in as reinforcements(fighter from capital). Trooper from Karelia entering Livonia, while Moscow garrison moves to Belarus.

GE. builds BB & submarine each for Kiel & Berlin. Three troopers move to Kiel, from capital, leaving a trooper & gun to guard the coastline. Also fighters from capital fly to Kiel & Munich. Along with forces from Ruhr arrive in Alsace. Alsace garrison enters Lorraine, battle 7 troopers & 4 guns, versus, Fr. 5 troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter. Losses Axis 6 troopers & a gun, &, Allies 4 troopers & 3 guns, Lorraine is contested.

Forces in Tyrolia move into Venice, while forces in Munich move into Tyrolia. Prussian garrison enters Poland as reinforcements, 18 troopers, 9 guns, &, fighter, versus, Russian 5 troopers, 5 guns, &, fighter(both sides lose their fighters in dog fight). Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies all, Poland has fallen!

In Africa trooper abandons contested Gold Coast & goes back to Togoland. Also trooper leaves captured Nigeria and goes to Togoland. Troopers will hunker down in Togoland.

Fr. builds gun & 6 troopers. Two transports arrive off East Coast, sub leaves Brest for waters off London, while from same waters BB goes back to Brest for repairs & transport heads for Wales.

Trooper in Fr. W. Africa joins trooper in Gold Coast(cause colony was abandon by GE. trooper, it has now Allies forces inside it, that makes the colony liberated). One of two N. African troopers has arrived in Egypt.

Piedmont garrison has joined It. forces in Tuscany, while a fighter flies in from Burgundy. Burgundy garrison splits itself, half to Lorraine, &, half to Piedmont(also trooper from Marseilles goes to latter). Meanwhile trooper from Bordeaux enters Marseilles.

Paris garrison moves to Burgundy, while from the capital, a fighter flies to Lorraine. Battle fighter, 4 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, GE 3 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers, &, Axis 2 troopers & gun. Lorraine still contested!

British Empire builds 2 fighters(one for India), 2 transports(off Wales), &, submarine. From Wales 3 troopers & gun board & debark from transports(one Fr.) onto Picardy. From Picardy 2 troopers enter Lorraine(fighter from London) , versus, GE. trooper & 2 guns. Losses GE. gun.

Transport arrives off India, BB shells & defending gun replies from Mesopotamia(each side losses a trooper), as 3 troopers & gun board & debark two transports. Land battle 2 troopers & gun, versus, Ottoman trooper & gun. Losses trooper & gun, &, Ottoman a gun.

In Africa trooper takes over undefended GE. Kamerun moving from Fr. Eq. Africa, while another trooper moves from GE. E. Africa to Rhodesia. In Jordan 4 troopers & 2 guns, versus, Ottoman 3 troopers & gun, each side loss 2 troopers.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter & 2 troopers. Both C attack British 2 C, &, It. transport off Egypt(no mines), looses Axis a C & Allies all.
Ankara garrison only reinforces Mesopotamia, Jordan move one trooper to Syria, Smyrna forces moves to Jordan. Battle 3 troopers & 2 guns, versus, Brits. 2 troopers & 2 guns, and, It. trooper & gun. Losses all but It. trooper, Jordan falls to Italy!

From capital trooper sent to Smyrna, &, 2 troopers to Ankara.

Italy builds 3 troopers & gun. From E. Africa trooper enters Sudan, while Roman garrison moves to Tuscany. BB goes to off Egypt, damaged while sinking Ottoman Cruiser.

U.S.A. builds transport, sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Moves BB to waters off London, &, C joins Allied fleet off Rome. Two troopers & 2 guns, board 2 transports heading for Italy. Another 4 troopers board 2 Fr. transports, &, fighter flies from East Coast to Morocco.

Round Three: AHE builds sub., fighter, &, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves Venice garrison into Tuscany, fighter, 7 guns(three guns were found under a stack of infantry, so AHE now has 7 guns not 3, of course they now have less 3 troopers), 13 troopers, versus, It. fighter, 3 guns, &, 9 troopers, and, Fr. fighter, 2 guns, &, 6 troopers. For air duel all fighters lost. Land losses Axis 8 troopers, &, Allies Fr. 6 troopers & gun, Tuscany is contested.

Meanwhile Trieste garrison enters Venice, capital garrison enters Galicia.

Russia has heavy losses trying to help Italy, finally AHE has peaked in its invasion of Uk., but, GE. still has a large presence in Poland. The question is, should Russia hunker down, or, keep on attacking the Axis.

Instead hold against GE. & annoy the heck out of the AHE. Builds fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers while Belarus garrison moves into Moscow(leaving a trooper) & moves Uk. garrison into Galicia. Battle 2 troopers & 5 guns, versus, AHE fighter, gun, &, 2 troopers. Losses Allies trooper & 3 guns, &, Axis all, Galicia has fallen!

GE. builds BB & transport off Berlin, &, sub. off Kiel, also fighter, trooper, &, gun. Fleet off Berlin enters Russian Home Waters of sub. & BB(damaged by mines), versus, Russian sub. & BB. Losses all for both sides.

Moves Ruhr garrison into Alsace, with fighter flying in from Kiel. Also Kiel garrison splits and enters Ruhr, leaving behind a trooper & gun to guard the coast. While Berlin garrison moves to Prussia to guard the coastline. Garrison in Poland splits to invade Livonia & send one trooper into undefended Ukraine(leaving behind a trooper & gun to guard the coast). Livonia is taken for a lost of a trooper each side, with Uk. also taken.

Venice garrison enters Piedmont, 11 troopers & 3 guns, versus, Fr. 2 troopers & gun. Piedmont falls for no losses!, the situation in Italy has gone very bad for the Allies!

France builds 4 troopers & 3 guns. In Africa, to Jordan trooper from Egypt, &, to Egypt trooper from Libya. While 2 troopers from Gold Coast invade Togoland, defended by GE. 2 troopers, for a lost of a trooper, Togoland falls!

Split Burgundy garrison goes to Marseilles as reinforcements, while Paris garrison moves to Burgundy. Meanwhile in Lorraine fighter, 4 troopers(three from Burgundy) & 2 guns, versus, GE. trooper & 3 guns. For a lost of 2 troopers, Lorraine is freed!

At sea 2 transports leave the East Coast with 4 U.S.A. troopers heading for Italy. Submarine off London, enter GE. waters off Kiel(no mine lost), &, damages GE. BB(sub. is lost).

British Empire builds in U.K. fighter, transport, &, sub., and, in India 3 troopers & gun. British trooper in Kameron, enters undefended Nigeria and frees colony. Fleet off Egypt joins Allied fleet off Italy. Trooper from Rhodesia moves to South Africa.

From India 2 transports with 2 troopers, &, gun landed as reinforcements in Mesopotamia. BB scores a hit, &, defending gun does not. Along with landed forces of 3 troopers & gun, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers(another trooper lost to shelling from BB) & gun. Losses Allies 2 troopers & Ottoman only a trooper remains.

From Wales 2 transports go to Canada, &, pick up 2 troopers & 2 guns. Also from Wales a trooper & gun, board a Fr. transport, along with 2 troopers boarding and debarking a transport onto Picardy. In Western Front, from Picardy 3 troopers & gun enter Lorraine.

Meanwhile fleet off London attacks GE. fleet off Kiel(no mines caused any lose). Battle fighter, 2 BBs, &, 2 subs., versus, GE. damaged BB, 2 subs., &, transport. Losses only British BB survives.

Ottoman Empire builds 3 troopers & gun. Sending a trooper from Ankara & Syria into Mesopotamia, with a trooper from Smyrna into Syria, &, from the capital into Smyrna 3 troopers & a gun. Three troopers in Mesopotamia attack the Allies, of Brits. trooper and fighter & Russia 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses British a trooper and Russian a trooper, Axis losses all 3 troopers. The owner of Mesopotamia is Russia, they can use the IPCs. The empire is cracking, can Rome be taken, before it is too late?

Italy builds 3 troopers. Roman garrison of 3 troopers & gun, move to Tuscany. A trooper arrives to Egypt from Sudan.

U.S.A. builds tank, &, transport. Two transports arrive debarking onto Tuscany 2 troopers & 2 guns, with a fighter flying in from Morocco. Another transport(with trooper & gun) and submarine leaves the East Coast for Italy.

Round Four: AHE builds tank, fighter, sub., &, 4 troopers. Venice garrison enters Tuscany as reinforcements, battle 17 troopers, 9 guns, &, fighter, versus, Allies of Fr. gun, It. 4 guns & 12 troopers, &, U.S. fighter, &, 2 troopers & 2 guns. In air duel both fighters are destroyed. Land battle Axis losses 15 troopers, &, Allies losses It. 8 troopers & U.S. a trooper.

From capital garrison of 4 troopers & gun, try to liberate Galicia from Russian trooper & gun(loss of AHE 2 troopers). Galicia is now contested!

The fleet breaks out to relieve the Ottoman Empire, a sub. is lost to mines. BB, C, 3 subs., &, transport, versus, damaged British BB, Fr. BB & C, U.S.N. C & 2 transports, &, It. Cruiser. Only Allies damaged British & Fr. BBs are left.

Russia builds 7 troopers & a gun. Russia usually on the defense, goes offensive to put pressure on the GE. forces attacking Rome. Moscow garrison attacks with fighter, 14 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, in Livonia GE. 10 troopers & 8 guns. Losses Allies 9 troopers, &, Axis 7 troopers. A trooper from Belarus & Sevastopol, enter & free Uk. from GE.(lost of a trooper each side).

Russian garrison from Mesopotamia enters & takes out defending trooper in Ankara, for lost of a gun.

GE. builds BB, tank, 7 troopers, &, gun. This is GE. "One Big Push" leaving a trooper in Piedmont, the rest of the garrison enters Tuscany, to finish off the Allies that AHE attacked earlier. Ten troopers & 3 guns, versus, Allies Fr. gun, It. 2 troopers & 4 guns, &, U.S. trooper & 2 guns. Losses Axis 6 troopers, &, Allies Fr. & U.S. all, &, It. 2 guns. Tuscany still contested. To Venice 6 troopers are moved from Tyrolia(also from Munich a fighter arrives).

In Livonia 3 troopers & 8 guns, versus, Russian 5 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis trooper & gun, &, Allies 4 troopers & gun, Livonia still contested. Trooper & gun from Poland enter Belarus, &, destroys Russian fighter, for lost of an gun(even if they were no losses, Belarus would fall, cause fighter cannot hold a territory by itself) . Two troopers from Ruhr enter Alsace, as reinforcements.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Fr. builds fighter, 2 guns, tank, &, trooper. Trooper moves from Jordan to Syria, battles defending Ottoman trooper, no losses but Syria is contested! Also trooper in Egypt enters Jordan, &, another in Togoland starts to head for Egypt. French damaged BB off Rome, enters AHE Home Waters(no mine lost) & sinks AHE submarine. Another BB off Brest enters GE. Home Waters off Kiel(no mine lost), &, sinks damaged GE. BB & in return is damaged.

Six troopers from Marseilles enters Piedmont(with additional trooper & gun from split Burgundy garrison), defeat invading GE. trooper for no lost, &, frees Piedmont! Burgundy garrison enters Lorraine of 5 troopers, &, Paris garrison enters Burgundy of 4 troopers & 3 guns. Finally 2 transports arrive off Tuscany with U.S. 4 troopers.

Garrison in Lorraine invades Alsace, fighter, 2 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, GE. fighter, &, 4 troopers. In air duel Allies fighter lost, Allied land losses 2 guns & trooper, &, Axis 3 troopers, Alsace is contested!

British Empire builds 2 guns, 2 troopers, BB, &, tank(for India). Trooper in S. Africa enters & takes over contested GE. S. W. Africa, another trooper in Nigeria enters Kamerun to go to Egypt. Two transports leave Canada for now the South of France, with Canadian 2 troopers & 2 guns.

Transport picks up from London & debarks Picardy, a trooper & gun. Off Wales a trooper & gun debarks onto Picardy from a Fr. transport, &, 2 troopers board & debark also. Meanwhile garrison in Lorraine enter Alsace & finishes the job the Fr. began, fighter(flies to London for potential sea landing), gun, &, 5 troopers, versus, GE. trooper & fighter. Losses Allies a trooper & Axis all, Alsace falls!

In Middle East a transport from India with BB drops off a trooper & gun in Jordan, while another transport lands 2 troopers into Mesopotamia. Fighter in Mesopotamia flies to Ankara to reinforce the Russians, while damage BB off Sicily moves to Red Sea to join Indian fleet.

Ottoman Empire builds 4 troopers. Half the empire is taken or contested, Ottoman goes on the attack on all fronts. Capital garrison tries to retake Ankara, fighter, 3 troopers, gun, versus, British fighter and Russian trooper & gun. In air duel Axis fighter wins, and, in land battle losses Axis 2 troopers & all Allies. Ankara is retaken, &, fighter returns to capital. In Syria defending trooper attacks invading Fr. trooper, Axis trooper lost, by default Syria becomes controlled by France. Also Smyrna garrison tries to retake Jordan, 3 troopers & gun, versus, It. trooper, Fr. trooper, &, British trooper & gun. Losses Axis a trooper,&, Allies Fr. & It. troopers. Jordan is contested!

Italy builds 4 troopers. Moves trooper from Egypt to Jordan, Rome garrison moves to Tuscany.

U.S.A. builds fighter, transport, tank, &, trooper. While 4 troopers debark Fr. transports onto Tuscany, a transport & sub. arrives & debarks a trooper & gun also. From East Coast another transport with trooper & gun, &, escort C heads for Italy. BB off U.K. joins damaged Fr. BB off Denmark, to help protect it from any air attacks.

Round Five: AHE. builds sub. & 6 troopers. Moves Galicia garrison of 3 troopers & 2 guns into Uk., versus, Russian defender of a trooper, losses a trooper each side, Uk. falls! From capital 3 troopers & tank to guard coastline of Trieste(fighter flies to Tuscany), &, one trooper to Galicia.

In Tuscany fighter, 2 troopers, &, 9 guns, versus, Allies of It. 6 troopers & 2 guns, and, U.S.A. 5 troopers & gun. Losses Axis trooper & 6 guns, &, Allies It. 5 troopers & U.S. 3 troopers.

Russia builds 9 infantry. Splits capital garrison, 2 troopers enter Belarus, defended by GE. trooper, each side losses a trooper, Belarus freed! Five troopers & gun enter Uk., versus, AHE 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers, &, Axis trooper & 2 guns, Uk. is contested.

GE. builds BB, 2 fighter, &, 6 troopers. BB off Berlin attacks with fighter from Kiel, Allies fleet off Kiel of Fr. damaged BB and U.S. BB. Losses only damaged GE. BB remains. Prussian Garrison of trooper & gun enter Poland to guard the coastline. Also a trooper & gun moves to Prussia to do the same, while another trooper goes to Kiel(all from the capital). The remaining garrison from the capital of 6 troopers & gun & tank head for Alsace. Spits garrison in Livonia, trooper takes over undefended Karelia, &, with trooper & 7 guns eliminates Russian trooper & gun in contested Livonia(for no lost).

Venice garrison enters Tuscany with fighter & 5 troopers(a trooper left behind to guard Venice). Battle for Tuscany of fighter, 3 guns, &, 9 troopers, versus, Allies It. trooper & 2 guns, and, U.S. 2 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 4 troopers, &, Allies all, Tuscany has fallen!!!

France builds fighter, sub. off Brest, gun, &, 3 troopers. In Africa trooper arrives from Kameron to Fr. Eq. Africa, while in Syria trooper moves to undefended Smyrna & captures it, along with 2 transports off Italy move 4 troopers from Piedmont to Rome(another transport off Wales heads for Canada). Also damaged BB in AHE waters sinks AHE sub., for no lost.

Trooper from Alsace takes undefended Ruhr. While the remaining Piedmont garrison of 3 troopers & gun enter Venice, versus, defending GE. trooper, frees Venice for any lost. The Axis are cut off in Italy! Five troopers enter Alsace from Lorraine, while from Burgundy 4 troopers & 3 guns enter Piedmont. Also Paris garrison enters Burgundy & fighter from capital flies to Piedmont.

British Empire builds in India a fighter, trooper, & gun, &, for U.K. fighter, trooper, gun, &, BB. Two Canadian troopers board a Fr. transport. BB off London goes to waters off Kiel(along with 2 fighters from London), no mine damage, &, sinks damaged GE. BB(lost of a fighter). Garrison in Alsace splits, &, sends a trooper to take undefended Munich, while the rest of 3 troopers & gun go to Ruhr(to reinforce the French). Also 6 troopers & 2 guns move from Picardy to Lorraine, another trooper & gun land in Picardy from London(transport arrived from Wales).

In Africa a trooper moves from Kamerun to Fr. Eq. Africa, another arrives in S. Africa from GE. S.W. Africa. In Mid-East from Suez Canal 2 BBs(one damaged) & transport(with boarded trooper & gun from Jordan) & 2 more transports from off S. France(with 2 troopers & 2 guns), land in capital of Ottoman Empire. No mine lost, BBs shell & take out a defending trooper. Land combat 3 troopers & 3 guns, versus, Ottoman 3 troopers & fighter. Losses Allies 2 troopers & gun, &, Axis all, capital falls! From Mesopotamia 2 troopers go to Syria to reinforce the French, &, transport from India debarks a tank onto Mesopotamia.

Ottoman Empire cannot build. Moves from Ankara trooper & gun, back to capital, versus, British trooper & 2 guns. Lost of Ottoman gun, &, capital is contested. Two troopers & gun, leave contested Jordan, &, reenter Smyrna occupied by Fr. trooper. Smyrna is retaken for no lost. Wait to see if the Axis allies can save them!

Italy builds 4 troopers. Waits for the hopefully last Axis attacks.

U.S.A. builds 3 troopers, gun, transport, A transport & sub. leave Italy(the former for East Coast, &, latter for off London). Also a escorting C & transport arrive, with trooper & gun debarking into Rome. Meanwhile a fighter(heading for Fr. Morocco) & transport with tank & trooper, heading for Italy, from East Coast.

Like a gambler with a bad habit, AHE & GE. will try to take either/both Rome/Moscow. In order to head for the peace table.

Round Six: AHE builds fighter, BB, &, 4 troopers. Trieste garrison of 3 troopers & tank, invade Venice guarded by Fr. 3 troopers & gun. Losses a trooper each side(tank absorbed a hit), Venice is contested! Three troopers from capital move to Trieste, trooper from Galicia moves to Uk. as reinforcement, while 3 troopers from capital move to Galicia.

In Tuscany forces attack the Allies in Rome, 3 guns, &, trooper, versus, Allies It. 9 troopers, U.S. trooper & gun, & , Fr. 4 troopers. Losses Axis all & Allies a It. trooper. Meanwhile a fighter in Tuscany attacks the damaged Fr. BB in AHE Home Waters, &, both are lost.

Russia builds 6 troopers. Sends trooper from capital to Belarus as reinforcement, &, 2 troopers to retake Karelia(no lost for taking out defending GE. trooper), hunker down in capital.

GE. builds BB, tank, sub., gun, &, 3 troopers. Two troopers are sent to Hanover & Silesia, from Prussia to Poland trooper & gun, along with from capital 2 troopers are sent to Prussia. Meanwhile Hanover garrison enters Ruhr with 4 troopers & tank(fighter from capital) versus British 3 troopers & gun, and, Fr. a trooper. Looses Axis 2 troopers(also a hit was absorbed by tank), and, Allies Fr. trooper & British trooper, Ruhr stays contested.

At sea from off Berlin to Kiel a BB, transport, &, fighter, versus, British BB. Losses only damaged GE. BB left(fighter landed in Kiel). Forces attempt to take or contest Rome from Tuscany, of 5 troopers, 3 guns, &, fighter, versus, Allies Italy 7 troopers, France 3 troopers, &, U.S. trooper & gun. Losses Axis all, &, Allies all that are left are an Italian trooper, Fr. trooper, &, all U.S. forces. A few more GE. forces might have at least no less contested Rome!

PEACE BREAKS OUT! IPCS in Units lost are: Axis troopers 180 & Allies troopers 151, artillery 46 & 39, fighters 12 & 10, transports 4 & 5, submarines 13 & 4, cruisers 5 & 8, and, battleships 6 & 7.

Axis leave from Italy, Tuscany & contested Venice. Also from Russia, Poland and Livonia & contested Ukraine.

Allies leave from Germany, Alsace & contested Ruhr. Keeping all GE. colonies. Also Allies leave from Ottoman Empire, the capital and Syria. Allies will take over half of Mesopotamia and Jordan.

Finally all Axis ports open, &, Axis navies for defense in its Home Waters only!
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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And the final game, to be played in 8 turns, each turn is a six month time period(except last turn is 9 months), All Allies versus All Axis(with all secondary allies, also one major ally leaving & one arriving). Only historical allies(nations that actually fought in W.W.I).

Using historical dates of entry:
Round One 1914 August-1915 February Serbia & Belgium enters the war for Allies,
Round Two 1915 Febuary-1915 August Italy leaves Axis & joins Allies,
Round Three 1915 August-1916 February Bulgaria joins Axis,
Round Four 1916 February-August 1916 Portugal & Arabia joins the Allies, *
Round Five 1916 August- 1917 February Romania joins the Allies and Russia defense itself only,
Round Six 1917 February- 1917 August Greece joins the Allies, and, major player U.S.A. joins the Allies,
Round Seven 1917 August-February 1918 Russia leaves the Allies & bows out of the war,
Round Eight 1918 February-1918 November War ends.

Note for Round One Italy does not take part in any combat stage, except for any Axis air/sea movements through its territories/waters, Italy sits this round out(also NO pre-strikes against Italy by either Axis or Allies),

*Note at end of Round Four, Russian Revolution Rules may apply,

Round Eight may not end in a "pure" military conquest of one side over the other, if so the winner & loser is decided by territories taken/lost and IPCs lost, for a political victory.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by pellulo » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:28 pm

AHE builds mostly troopers(4 of them), submarine and fighter. As she plans with Germany, to raid into Russia, &, ignore their capital. Usually Russia holds up inside their capital, while it implodes into revolution mid-way into the game.

Instead make way through Russia to link up with the Ottoman Empire. Along with an invasion of Italy, if the latter will historically leave the Axis & join the Allies in round two. No need to try to reach Rome, just keep them off balance, but, first deal with pesky Serbia. With the removal of Serbia lessens any flank attacks, as AHE will try to link up with the Ottomans.

Right now the main concept is a linkup with the Ottoman Empire by fighting mostly the Russians, a future potential threat to Venice, a donation of a western garrison to help Germany attack France, &, fending off the Allies. Grow that fleet, by keeping it in port.

Bohemia garrison of 6 troopers & two guns move to Hanover in Germany, while Trieste garrison of 6 troopers & 2 guns enter Tyrolia. Meanwhile Vienna garrison splits with 4 troopers & gun going to Tyrolia, and, 4 troopers & gun going to Hungary, and, 4 troopers going to Trieste. Also fleet stays in port(it could go off Italy, since for this round Italy is in the Axis camp, but stays defending home waters instead, with 4 troopers guarding the coastline).

Budapest garrison splits into two armies, 8 troopers & gun invade Serbia, &, for a lost of a trooper destroy defending 3 troopers & gun(Serbia falls!). The remaining army of 4 troopers & a gun move to Galicia.

Russian Empire builds a fighter & 6 troopers. Belarus garrison of 6 troopers & 2 guns move to Poland, while Moscow garrison (same setup) moves to Ukraine. From Tatarstan 2 troopers move to Ukraine & 1 trooper to Sevastopol, along with a trooper from Kazakhstan begins to move to Sevastopol.

Meanwhile forces on the coastal provinces, stay put, along with the navy(strong Axis navies are right next door).

German Empire builds sub., fighter, gun, &, 6 troopers. Moves Ruhr & Munich garrison of 7 troopers & 3 guns each to Alsace. Splits Hanover garrison, with half to Russia & other half to France. Berlin garrison also splits, with 7 troopers & gun to Prussia, and, 6 troopers & 2 guns to Silesia.

Two subs from Sea Zone #5 joins home fleet off Kiel, with a fighter from the capital. Meanwhile Kiel detaches from its garrison, 2 troopers & gun for upcoming fighting in France & another trooper & gun to garrison Ruhr(in case Belgium makes a move into GE.)

Also in Sea zone #7 a sub. heads back to join fleet off Kiel, while the remaining sub. attacks C & transport off Canada(the C & sub. are lost). Troopers occupy undefended Gold Coast & Nigeria(from Togoland & Kameron).

France builds 8 troopers, using a transport off N. Africa, picks up trooper from Algeria & Tunisia and moves them to debark onto Egypt(as a supplement to help defend British Egypt, who will soon invade Jordan). Cruiser goes off to non-threatening Rome(will not engage Italian fleet), while rest of Med. fleet of BB & transport goes to off Canada.

From Burgundy 3 troopers go to Marseilles, while remainder of garrison of 3 troopers & 2 guns go to Lorraine. Meanwhile Picardy garrison of 6 troopers & 2 guns move to Lorraine, with fighter flying in from capital(capital garrison moves into Burgundy with 6 troopers & 2 guns). Troopers from Brest & Bordeaux move into Paris. Leaves forces in Belgium intact, as the GE. & AH Empire attacks will probably come through Lorraine.

British Empire builds 2 fighters, transport, &, battleship. In Africa moves trooper & gun from S. Africa into GE. S.W. Africa, versus, the same. Takes colony for the lost of a gun, meanwhile troopers in Rhodesia & British East Africa enter GE. East Africa(defended by a trooper) & take over the colony(for a lost of a trooper each side). Meanwhile a trooper from the Sudan enters Fr. Eq. Africa to get to GE. Kamerun. Also BB & transport from India arrive in Red Sea & drops off 2 troopers in Egypt, while the Indian Cruiser stations itself off Egypt with the Allied fleet.

The British are building forces in Egypt, along with Fr. troopers to garrison Egypt, for an pending invasion of Jordan(thus forcing the Ottoman Empire to reinforce that area, &, have less forces for any adventures in attack Russia).

Transport from N. America leaves Canadian trooper & gun in Picardy, also 3 troopers & gun board 2 Fr. transport off Canada. Along with another transport off London that leaves trooper & gun onto Picardy.

BB off London goes & sinks GE. submarine off Scotland.

Ottoman Empire builds 3 troopers & fighter, moves Smyrna garrison of 6 troopers & gun and trooper from Syria, to reinforce Jordan. Also Ankara garrison of 6 troopers & gun goes to Mesopotamia as reinforcements, while garrison from capital of 6 troopers & 2 guns move to Smyrna.

At sea the fleet of 2 cruisers attacks Russian fleet of the same, at Sea Zone#21 from 20. Losses 1 C & Russian fleet has been destroyed, the Axis control the Black Sea!

Italy even thought a Axis power, has not follow through with its obligation to the other Axis powers, builds a fighter & 2 troopers. Piedmont garrison of 6 troopers & gun moves to reinforce Venice, while Rome garrison of 4 troopers & 2 guns moves to Tuscany(leaving behind in Rome 2 troopers). Fleet stays off Rome.

U.S.A. builds three transports, neutral at this time.

Round Two: A.H. Empire builds sub., fighter, &, six troopers. Pulls out two troopers from occupied Serbia, one sent to Italian Front, &, another to Russian Front. Four troopers from capital, and, 4 troopers & gun from Budapest, move to Galicia(for invasion of Uk. in the future).

Invasion of Italy(former Axis power) with a fighter from the capital, a trooper from Trieste, &, forces from Tyrolia invade Venice(to take or contest it). Battle AHE 16 troopers, 5 guns, and, fighter, versus, Italy 13 troopers & 4 guns. Venice becomes contested, with AHE losing 9 troopers, &, Italy losing 13 troopers.

Russian Empire builds gun, 3 troopers, fighter, &, submarine. Three troopers & gun from Tatarstan move to Sevastopol, along with arriving trooper from Kazakhstan. The Ottomans will not find a easy march into Sevastopol.

From the capital 5 troopers to Uk., &, a trooper & 2 guns to Belarus. Meanwhile Polish garrison(sans a trooper) of 5 troopers & 2 guns moves into Belarus. Belarus is fast becoming a gun park, waiting for a counterattack next round.

GE. builds 2 subs.(one off Berlin), transport(off Berlin), fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers. Twenty-five troopers & 7 guns takes out the defending Russian trooper in Poland, for lost of a trooper(invading from Silesia & Prussia). Three troopers from Hanover enter Silesia, &, 4 troopers from capital enter Prussia. Fighter from Kiel(helping protecting the fleet) lands in Alsace, while fighter from capital lands in Kiel. Also 4 troopers & 2 guns from Ruhr arrive in Alsace, with remaining capital garrison of 3 troopers & gun moves to Hanover. Fleets stays in ports.

Alsace garrison invades Lorraine(cannot wait for air support), of 25 troopers & 10 guns, versus, defending Fr. forces of 15 troopers, 6 guns, &, fighter. Losses GE. 10 troopers, &, Fr. 14 troopers & 4 guns, Lorraine is contested.

In Africa trooper in Nigeria returns to Kamerun.

Fr. builds 8 troopers, moves 2 troopers from Marseilles to Piedmont, 6 troopers & 2 guns move from Burgundy to Lorraine, while Paris garrison of 10 troopers move to Burgundy. Transport leaves with 2 Canadian troopers & arrives off Brest, while another transport leaves Brest for Canada(also a BB leaves Brest to reinforce Allied fleet off London).

In Africa 2 troopers from Fr. W. Africa enter & free British Gold coast, defended by a GE. trooper(both sides lose a trooper). Forces(3 troopers & gun) in Belgium still eyeballing the GE. across the border.

British Empire builds 2 Cruisers, fighter for India, &, 2 troopers. Off Canada trooper & gun board a Fr. transport, from Picardy 3 troopers & gun move to Lorraine, while from a Fr. transport lands 2 troopers onto Picardy. Also from 3 transports landed from U.K. 5 troopers & gun onto Picardy.

With a BB off Scotland joining in, home fleet of BB & 2 Cruisers & 2 fighters attack GE. fleet off Kiel(no mine damage) of BB, 2 C, 3 subs. & fighter. A complete blowout!, all ships are lost, but, the GE. fleet will not be able to help land troops with its transport onto Russia's coastline.

In Africa trooper from Fr. Eq. Africa, enters & defeats defending trooper in GE. Kamerun(the colony falls, Africa is Axis Free!). Troopers in GE. S. W. & E. Africa start to move to Egypt. BB & transport return to India to pick up 2 troopers(followed by another transport off Egypt). Meanwhile garrison of 8 troopers & 2 guns, invade Jordan, &, face Ottoman 9 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers & Axis 5 troopers, Jordan is contested.

Ottoman Empire builds gun & 4 troopers, from capital moves a trooper to Smyrna & two troopers to Ankara. Also moves Smyrna garrison of 6 troopers & 2 guns to Jordan(along with fighter from capital), joining the 4 troopers & 2 guns already there, versus, British 5 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Ottoman lose 5 troopers, &, British lose 4 troopers(Jordan still contested).

Meanwhile in Mesopotamia 7 troopers & gun invade Sevastopol(leaving behind a trooper to guard Mesopotamia), versus, Russian 7 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Ottomans 3 troopers & Russians 2 troopers, Sevastopol is contested. It is crunch time next round, if a link up with the AH Empire, is ever going to work.

Italy builds 5 troopers, sends Tuscany garrison(5 troopers & 2 guns) to Venice & Roman garrison(4 troopers) to Tuscany. Also fighter flies from capital to Venice. Needs to hold onto Venice, until help arrives from Allies.

From Libya sends trooper & gun, and, from Somaliland sends trooper to Egypt. Along with transport sent to India.

U.S.A. builds transport, sub., &, fighter.

Round Three: Bulgaria joins the Axis! mobilizing 5 troopers & a gun, they move(sans a trooper) to Constantinople. Such forces would get lost in the Eastern & Western Front, but, in Asia Minor they can pull their own weight.

A.H. Empire builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves 6 troopers & 2 guns from Alsace to Lorraine, to reinforce GE. forces. Also 6 troopers & gun enter Bulgaria, on the way to the Ottoman Empire. Two troopers from Trieste board a transport, &, the remaining two enter Venice as reinforcements. while 4 troopers from the capital enter Trieste, &, 2 more troopers from the capital move to Galicia.

At sea the fleet makes a sortie to off Italy, there fighter and BB and Cruiser and sub., versus, Allied fleet of It. fighter, BB, C, &, Fr. Cruiser. Losses all ships are lost, but, for the annoying transport which lands a trooper in Libya & Sicily.

Forces in Galicia invade the Uk., 18 troopers & 4 guns versus Russian 11 troopers & 4 guns. Losses A.H. Empire 8 troopers, &, for Russia 10 troopers & 1 gun, Uk. is contested.

In contested Venice 7 troopers & 4 guns, versus, It. 6 troopers & 4 guns. Losses AH Empire 6 troopers & a gun, &, It. 4 troopers, Venice still contested.

Russian Empire builds 8 troopers, cannot handle both AH Empire & GE., but, can counterattack one(before hunkering down in the capital). Trooper from Finland moves to Karelia, &, trooper from Karelia moves to Livonia. A priority now is those pesky Turks attacking from Mesopotamia in contested Sevastopol.

Belarus garrison moves into Uk., while the Uk. garrison splits & leaving behind 2 guns, moves a trooper & gun into Sevastopol. Also Moscow garrison of 2 troopers & gun move to Uk.(fighter flies to Sevastopol). In Sevastopol 6 troopers & 3 guns, attack invading Ottoman force of 3 foot & 2 guns. Losses Russia 4 troopers & Ottoman all, Sevastopol is uncontested! Fighter sinks Ottoman C off Sevastopol, but fighter is also lost.

Russian BB arrives off Berlin(no mine damage), &, engages GE. fighter, 2 subs., &, transport. Losses Russian BB damaged, &, 2 subs & transport sunk(no sea landings for GE. this turn).

In Uk. fighter, 17 troopers & 8 guns, versus, AH Empire 10 troopers & 5 guns. Losses Russian Empire 10 troopers, &, AH Empire all but a trooper & gun(the empire will not reach Turkey through Russia).

GE. builds submarine, fighter, 2 guns, &, 6 troopers. Moves a trooper from garrison in Poland, to occupy undefended Belarus, &, from same garrison a trooper & gun defeat defending Russian trooper in Livonia(for a lost of a gun). Two troopers from Prussia enter Poland, capital garrison heads for Hanover, while Hanover garrison moves to Munich( fighter from capital flies to Poland). Garrison in Poland enters Uk. consisting of 26 troopers, &, 8 guns, versus, Russian fighter, 7 troopers & 8 guns. Losses GE. 12 troopers, &, Russia all, Uk. has fallen to Germany!

Finally Alsace garrison enters contested Lorraine as reinforcements, battle occurs! Fighter, 19 troopers, &, 11 guns, versus, Fr. fighter, 6 troopers, &, 4 guns, and, British 3 troopers & gun. In air duel the GE. fighter is shot down, losses GE. 11 troopers, &, Fr. 5 troopers & 2 guns & fighter, and, all British. Lorraine is still contested! GE. is preparing a second strike through Belgium, if the forces in Lorraine become bogged down.

France builds fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers. Transport off Egypt heads for India, &, 2 troopers in Egypt move to Jordan, while trooper from Gold Coast takes over undefended GE. Togo. Two troopers from Piedmont enter Venice, while 10 troopers from Burgundy enter Lorraine as reinforcements. Also Paris garrison of 8 troopers move to Burgundy.

Two Fr. BBs off London, join damaged Russian BB off Berlin(no mine lost), &, destroy defending GE. sub. & fighter(for no lost). Transport leaves Canada with Canadian trooper & gun, heading for Italy & Egypt.

Belgium could use some reinforcements as it feels it is due for a GE. attack soon.

British Empire builds for India 3 troopers & 2 guns, for U.K. fighter & 2 troopers. In Africa trooper from Kamerun enters & liberates undefended occupied Nigeria. Trooper in South Africa begins to head for Egypt, along with trooper from British East Africa.

Off India BB shells Ottoman trooper in Mesopotamia(a hit!), lands trooper in undefended province, &, transport lands as reinforcement another trooper in Jordan. Also fighter from India lands in Jordan, &, 2 Cs off Egypt leave with one going off Sicily & sinking A.H. Empire transport. The other C stationed off Naples in case the AH Empire sub. tries to leave its home waters.

Canadian trooper boards Fr. transport off Canada. From Picardy 5 troopers & gun enter Lorraine to reinforce the French, &, 2 troopers enter Belgium as reinforcements for that nation. From UK 4 troopers & 2 guns board & debark onto Picardy.

Ottoman Empire builds submarine, gun, & 2 troopers. In Smyrna trooper & gun moves to Jordan. Also from capital trooper & gun moves to Ankara, &, from capital 2 troopers move to Smyrna. From Ankara 2 troopers & gun attempt to liberate Mesopotamia defended by lone British trooper. Losses British trooper destroyed, Mesopotamia retaken. Fighter, 6 troopers, &, 5 guns, versus, Fr. 2 troopers and British fighter, 2 guns, &, 2 troopers(in a attempt to uncontest Jordan). Losses (in air duel, Axis fighter destroyed) Ottoman Empire 4 troopers & a gun, &, Allies all. Jordan is retaken, is Egypt next?

Italy builds fighter & 2 troopers. For Africa It. trooper & gun will remain in Egypt, as they are all that is left defending it, &, trooper in British East Africa arrives in Sudan. Transport arrives off India.

Roman garrison of 4 troopers move to Tuscany, while Tuscany garrison of 4 troopers arrive to reinforce forces in contested Venice. Battle 9 troopers & 6 guns, versus, AH Empire of trooper & 4 guns. Losses It. 3 troopers, &, AH Empire all, Venice is no longer contested!

U.S.A. builds transport, fighter, gun, &, 2 troopers.

Round 4: Portugal joins the Allies, 3 troopers & gun in Portugal await a transport. Arabia joins the Allies, trooper & gun stands guard in Arabia against any possible Ottoman invasion. Bulgarian forces leave Ottoman capital & move to Ankara.

AHE builds forces to mostly deal with any Italian incursions & sea landings of fighter, sub., 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Reinforces Tryolia from capital 4 troopers & gun, sends to Trieste fighter. From Bulgaria sends to Constantinople 6 troopers & a gun, &, two troopers in Galicia one will go to Budapest. As for trooper & gun in Uk. attacks Sevastopol, versus, Russian 2 troopers & 3 guns. Losses all & Russians a trooper & gun(no longer will try to link up with Ottomans via Russia).

In Lorraine 6 troopers & 2 guns invade Belgium, versus, Belgium 3 troopers & gun, and, British 2 troopers. Losses A.H. Empire 3 troopers, &, Belgium 2 troopers & British all, Belgium is contested. In Africa trooper from Libya takes over undefended Fr. Tunisia.

Russia is on her last legs, the AHE is not so much a worry, much less Ottoman empire, it is the Germans who may take her down. Builds 7 troopers for defense only. Trooper from Karelia takes back Livonia, defended by GE. trooper for no lost. Damaged BB off Berlin returns to home waters.

GE. is force to build up its navy(due to the danger of any Allied landings), off Berlin builds 2 BBs, fighter, trooper, gun, &, off Kiel a submarine. Munich garrison of 3 troopers & gun arrive in Ruhr, &, Hanover garrison of 2 troopers & a gun arrive in Alsace. From Berlin 2 troopers to Prussia, another 2 troopers to Kiel, &, 2 troopers & 2 guns to Hanover(fighter flies to Poland). While from Prussia 2 troopers to Poland.

On Western Front attack to take over Lorraine with 8 troopers & 11 guns, versus, Fr. 11 troopers & 2guns, and, British 5 troopers & gun. Losses GE. 7 troopers & a gun, &, Fr. 7 troopers and British 4 troopers. Lorraine is still contested!

On Eastern Front 2 troopers invade Livonia, defended by Russian trooper, no losses & Livonia is contested. Forces from Belarus & Uk. invade Moscow(Sevastopol looks tempting, but, no splitting up of UK. garrison), 15 troopers & 8 guns, versus, Russian 15 troopers. Losses GE. 8 troopers, &, Russia 8 troopers, Moscow still contested! Hopefully the Red Revolution will take Russia out of the War!

France builds a tank, sub. off Marseilles, 2 guns, &, 4 troopers. In Africa trooper in Togoland begins to head back to N. Africa, while 8 troopers from Burgundy & fighter, from capital arrive in Lorraine, &, Paris garrison of 4 troopers & gun move to Burgundy.

Battle in Lorraine of Fr. 12 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter, versus, GE. trooper & 10 guns. Losses Fr. 7 troopers, &, GE. 6 guns, Lorraine is still contested. Fr. could not let those GE. guns to be reinforce or retreat.

Off Berlin Fr. 2 BBs, versus, GE. 2 BBs & fighter, all lost. Transport arrives off India, another transport with a Canadian trooper arrives off Portugal.

British Empire builds fighter for India, for U.K. fighter, sub., tank, 2 guns, &, 2 troopers. In Africa trooper in Nigeria goes back to Kamerun, &, trooper in Rhodesia enters GE. E. Africa(both heading for Egypt). While trooper in Sudan arrives in Egypt, while transport & BB leaves India & lands 2 more troopers onto Egypt. Off Tunisia a trooper & gun land in that occupied colony defended by AHE trooper(from a Fr. transport). Tunisia is freed!, for a lost of a gun.

Meanwhile off India, 2 troopers & 2 guns board an It. & Fr. transports & debark onto Mesopotamia, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun. For a lost of a trooper Mesopotamia is captured! Along with transport off Arabia arrives off India, where trooper & gun transfers to Arabia as reinforcements. Also 2 Cruisers off Italy, each enter AHE & Ottoman Home Waters for no mine lost. For the former a AHE sub. is destroyed & other sub. survives for lost of a C, &, latter a Ottoman sub. is destroyed for no lost.

In Europe Picardy garrison enters Lorraine as reinforcements, now 5 troopers & 3 guns & fighter from capital versus GE. trooper & 4 guns. Losses British 4 troopers, &, GE. all but a trooper, Lorraine is still contested! Boarding 3 transports off U.K., 5 troopers are landed in Belgium as reinforcements.

Meanwhile C off London, enter GE. Home Waters(no mine lost) & attacks GE. submarine(both are lost).

Ottoman Empire builds fighter, trooper & gun. Moves 2 troopers & 4 guns from Jordan, into Egypt defended by British Empire 3 troopers & It. trooper & gun. Losses Ottoman trooper & 2 guns, &, British 2 troopers, Egypt is contested. Also a trooper from Smyrna moves to Jordan, while a trooper & gun moves from Ankara to Syria. The fellow Axis forces within the Empire of AHE & Bulgaria, easily outnumber all Ottoman forces, keeping the Ottoman Empire from collapsing(for now & allow it to rebuild its forces).

It. builds tank & 2 troopers. It. trooper from Somaliland arrives in Egypt, 2 troopers & gun, versus, contesting Ottoman forces of trooper & 2 guns. Losses a It. trooper & Ottoman gun. Tuscany garrison of 5 troopers enter Venice, while Rome garrison of 2 troopers enters Tuscany.

Venice garrison enters Trieste coastline, of fighter, 6 guns, &, 6 troopers, versus, AHE fighter(lost in air duel), &, 4 troopers. Losses It. 2 troopers, &, AHE all, Trieste falls!

The Axis started this round winning, they may still, but, it just now so much tougher to do so.

U.S.A. builds transport, tank, &, 2 guns.

If Livonia was Axis controlled & not contested, Russia would be in a civil war, for Round 5 Russia will only defend itself(really to weak to go on the counterattack). By Round 7 Russia will be remove from the game, to mimic historical events(even if they are still independent in the game).

Round 5: A.H. Empire builds no sea units(lost its port), tank, 2 gun, &, 4 troopers. Knows if Trieste is not taken back, the Allies will just start to pour into the empire. Too weak to take it back, could rebuild forces , or, try to contest it. Moves trooper from Budapest to Serbia, trooper from Galicia to Budapest, &, 3 troopers to Budapest(due to a new threat).

Port less sub. survives minefields off Italy & France, &, attacks Fr. sub. & transport in Western Med. Sea(loss sub. & Fr. transport). Also
forces in contested Belgium stay on the defensive. Hopefully rebuild forces can save the day.

Romania joins the Allies, sends a trooper into occupied undefended Ukraine & frees it. Invades occupied Serbia with 2 troopers & gun versus defending AHE trooper, frees it for no lost(Serbia has no active units).

Russia builds 5 troopers. Moves 2 guns & trooper from Sevastopol to only reinforce the British in Mesopotamia, from capital a trooper to reinforce contested Livonia, &, another to take back occupied undefended Belarus. Repaired BB leaves Karelia to go off Berlin(no mine damage).

GE. builds tank, trooper, gun, off Kiel a sub., C., &, BB. Sends 2 troopers to Livonia to reinforce the 2 trooper already there, versus, 2 defending Russian troopers, losses 2 troopers each side, Livonia falls! From contested Moscow, GE. trooper & gun attack each of Belarus & Uk., each defended by a Russian & Romania trooper. Both fall for a lost of a gun for each province, the rest of the GE. garrison in Moscow DOES not go onto the attack(the 5 troopers, 6 guns, &, fighter from Poland, may not prevail against the Russian 10 defending troopers). Why bother, as Russia slips into a civil war, those forces can now be used for the Western Front.

Meanwhile on the Western Front, 2 troopers from Ruhr enter Belgium to reinforce AHE forces, while the rest of the Ruhr garrison of 3 troopers & gun enter Alsace to reinforce forces. Hanover garrison of 2 guns & 2 troopers enter Munich. While Berlin garrison of trooper & gun enter Hanover.

Portugal trooper loads onto transport off Iberia. Fr. builds fighter, 2 guns, &, 4 troopers. In Africa moves trooper from Gold Coast onto transport, while in Western Front 3 troopers move from Burgundy to Piedmont, &, submarine leaves Marseilles for London. Paris garrison of 5 troopers, 2 guns, &, tank head for Burgundy. Also Lorraine garrison of 5 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter tale out lone GE. trooper, Lorraine is uncontested!

Earlier Portugal trooper loaded onto transport off Iberia, transport travel to off Sicily, lands trooper versus defending AHE trooper(both lost). The island of Sicily still contested.

British Empire builds for India 3 troopers, &, U.K. BB, 2 guns, &, 3 troopers . A trooper in Kamerun & GE. East Africa, are still heading for Egypt, while trooper in Tunisia enters occupied(by AHE)undefended Libya & frees it. Also trooper leaves Fr. transport & lands on occupied(ditto) undefended Sicily & frees it. British trooper & gun in Arabia board transport in Red Sea, land in Egypt and with trooper already there. Also BB shelling takes out a trooper of invading Ottoman trooper & gun(return gun fire for sea landing scores no hit). Losses none for Brits. & all for Ottoman, Africa is Axis free! Arabia ally stands guard with trooper & gun in Arabia.

Fighter from India lands in Mesopotamia to reinforce British troopers, while C leaves Ottoman Home Water & heads for London, UK. Cruiser, sub., &, fighter off U.K. enters GE. Home Waters(no mine lost), versus, GE. BB, C, &, submarine off Kiel. Losses all.

Five troopers in Belgium, are joined by fighter, trooper, &, 3 guns from Lorraine, and, from U.K. tank, 2 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, AHE 3 troopers, 2 guns, &, 2 GE. troopers. Losses British Empire 4 troopers( tank absorbs a hit) & all Axis. Belgium is uncontested!

Ottoman Empire builds tank, gun, &, 2 troopers. Ottoman need to rebuild & hopefully the AHE & Bulgarian forces will give them time to do so. Trooper from Ankara & fighter from capital move to Syria to reinforce forces there. Also trooper from capital moves to Ankara,, & trooper & gun moves to Smyrna. Bulgarian ally attacks Allied forces in Mesopotamia from Ankara, 4 troopers & gun versus Brits. fighter, trooper, &, 2 guns, &, Russian trooper & 2 guns. Losses Bulgarians all & Russians all.

Italy builds 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Italy has one chance to take out AHE, a blow for the capital would force the AHE to not attack Serbia & Romania(instead use those forces to try to de-contest the capital next round). Hopefully Fr. & U.S.A.? reinforcements will help protect Venice from any future AHE attacks into Italy, while 5 troopers move from Venice to Trieste. Also 2 troopers move from Tuscany to Venice, &, from capital a tank & trooper to Tuscany.

Four troopers, 6 troopers, &, fighter, move from Trieste into Vienna, versus, AHE fighter(lost in air duel), tank, 4 guns, &, 3 troopers. Losses 3 troopers & gun, &, AHE losses all but a trooper(the tank absorb a hit). Even if the capital was to fall, next round probably forces from Budapest & Tyrolean might take it back. The contested capital will be allow to place new units(house rule for capitals), it will still force AHE to waste precious resources to try to take it back next round.

Hopefully Italy can hold out for the rest of the war after crippling AHE war effort.

U.S.A. builds fighter, 2 transport, &, gun. Loading for next turn, with the bulk going to Western Front, &, rest to Italy.

Round 6: A.H. Empire builds 8 troopers. The temptation is to let new builds handle the Italians in Vienna next turn, but, the risk of the Allies sending more forces through Triste is taken into account, either way it is a poor choice. So how about taking out Trieste, of course that leaves Tryolia & Budapest exposed.

Three troopers from Budapest, &, 2 troopers & gun from Tryolia enter Trieste, versus, It. 4 troopers. Losses AHE 2 troopers, &, It. all, Trieste is freed! Unfortunately there is only 1 trooper defending in Budapest & Tyrolia.

Meanwhile the army in Istanbul splits with 3 troopers & gun going to Ankara, &, 3 troopers to Smyrna.

Russia will only defend itself, any builds are just for forces getting involved soon in a civil war. Builds fighter, &, 6 troopers. Sends BB from off Berlin back to port of Karelia, sending from capital to Sevastopol 3 troopers through Tatarstan(while keeping sub. at port in Sevastopol). Also sending from capital 2 troopers to Karelia.

Meanwhile in Serbia, Romanian forces sent trooper & gun into Bulgaria defended by only a trooper. Losses Romania a gun, &, Bulgaria a trooper, Bulgaria has fallen! Also from Romania 2 troopers invade & free Uk. from GE. control, for a lost of a trooper each side(Romania is still at war with GE., I'm sure Russia appreciates this gesture). The Romanians are max out, as they have only a trooper in Serbia & Bulgaria & Ukraine.

GE. has one of the highest IPCs to spend, yet spending on a navy that gets destroyed in one turn, does not help much, but, that is the cost of having a fleet in being(it forces the Allies to spend on a navy, &, helps prevent any sea landing). Builds BB off Kiel, fighter, 2 guns, &, 6 troopers.

Moscow besieging garrison(2 guns & 4 troopers & fighter-lands in Poland), begins to move towards the Western Front, except for a symbolic trooper being left behind, &, 2 more troopers try & fail to retake Ukraine from Romanian trooper. Trooper in Belarus will be left behind, along with one in Livonia(another trooper from Livonia will go to Poland for garrison duty). Also Prussia has 2 troopers & Kiel 3 troopers & gun, to protect the coastline.

Meanwhile Munich garrison of 2 troopers & 2 guns arrive in Alsace, &, arriving in Ruhr is trooper & gun from Hanover, and, Kiel garrison of 3 troopers & gun. From capital a trooper, gun, &, tank will now protect the coastline of Kiel.

Alsace garrison of 5 troopers & 2 guns enter Lorraine, versus, Fr. 5 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter. Losses Fr. 4 troopers, &, GE. all, Lorraine is still under full Fr. control. Even with forces from Eastern Front be able to make a difference on the Western Front?

Fr. builds sub. off Marseilles, 2 guns, &, 5 troopers. Transport from W. Africa arrives with trooper off Portugal, &, Portuguese trooper boards it(moves where troopers debark onto Piedmont). Also off Ireland a submarine joins British. BB off London. Four troopers from Piedmont, enter Venice, &, trooper & gun move from Burgundy to Piedmont.

Lorraine garrison of 2 guns, trooper, &, fighter enter Alsace, versus, GE. 2 trooper & 2 guns. Losses Fr. a gun & Ge. 2 guns & trooper, Alsace is contested! Entering Lorraine is Burgundy garrison of 2 troopers, 2 guns, &, tank. Also fighter flies from capital to Piedmont. While Paris garrison of 4 troopers & gun move to Burgundy.

Greece joins the Allies!, 3 troopers & gun enter Bulgaria.

British Empire builds 5 troopers & gun in India, in U.K. 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. From U.K. 3 troopers & 2 guns board 3 transports & debark onto Belgium. Cruiser off Spain, arrives on London side of U.K., links up with Battleship. From India 3 troopers & gun board & debark 2 transports(Fr. & It.) onto Mesopotamia. From the island of Sicily trooper boards Fr. transport & debarks onto Piedmont.

Trooper arrives in Sudan from British E. Africa, heading for Egypt. Trooper & gun board transport off Red Sea from Egypt & debark onto Jordan. Also BB shells & destroys defending Ottoman trooper, Jordan has fallen!

Belgium garrison of 4 troopers, 5 guns, tank, &, fighter split. Two troopers & gun enter Alsace, versus, GE. trooper. Both sides lose a trooper, Alsace falls! Two troopers, 4 guns, tank, &, fighter enter the Ruhr, versus, GE. 4 troopers & 2 guns. The losses are trooper, &, 3 guns(tank absorb a hit), &, GE. all, Ruhr falls! Earlier BB off London attacks & sinks GE. BB of Kiel, for no lost(also suffer no mine damage).

Ottoman Empire builds 4 troopers. Forces from Ankara & Syria of fighter, 3 troopers, &, 2 guns, try to take back Mesopotamia , held by Brits. fighter(lost in air duel), 3 guns, &, 4 troopers. Losses Ottoman 2 troopers & gun, &, Brits. 3 troopers & gun, Mesopotamia is contested for now. From Smyrna a trooper & gun enter & free Jordan by defeating Brits. trooper & gun, for no lost! Finally from capital a trooper is sent to Smyrna & Ankara.

Italy builds fighter, 2 troopers, &, transport. From Egypt trooper & gun enter Jordan defended by same(Ottoman), losses all sides, Jordan is contested! Two troopers invade Tyrolia from Venice and trooper & gun retreated from contested Vienna, versus, defense by lone AHE trooper, no losses for Allies, Tyrolia is taken. Also remaining Italian forces of trooper & 4 guns retreat from contested Vienna, &, takes out defending trooper in Budapest, that province has fallen!

It. cannot take out Vienna, but, by taking out adjacent provinces, it builds up its IPCs for next round, &, forces AH Empire to try to take back at least one of the provinces next turn.

Trooper & tank arrive in Venice from Tuscany, &, Rome garrison of 2 troopers & 2 guns enter Tuscany.

U.S.A. builds C , &, fighter. Transport(empty) & sub. from East Coast arrives off Portugal(also fighter lands there from East Coast). Rest of fleet of BB, C, &, 7 transports head for Sea Zone#7(carrying 6 troopers , 6 guns, trooper and tank). Also 2 fighters fly to Ireland.

Round Seven: AH Empire builds sub., tank, gun, &, 3 troopers. A third of the empire is undefended, another third occupied by the Italians when they abandon their efforts to take Vienna, &, never not enough forces for AHE to resolve these situations. Budapest is too important, capital garrison spits & enters with 5 troopers, versus, It. trooper & 4 guns. Losses AHE 2 trooper & It. 2 guns, Budapest still contested. The rest of the garrison of fighter & 4 troopers enters Tyrolia, versus, It. 2 troopers & gun. Losses AH Empire a trooper, &, It. a trooper & gun, Tyrolia is still contested! The fighter lands in Trieste.

Just to annoy the Italians, a trooper from Trieste enter & occupies undefended Albania. Forces in Asia Minor are on defense now, until the Ottoman are ready to take over.

Russia has 24 IPCs to spend, but, in this round the "Reds" have come to power. Three troopers arrive at Sevastopol. Now all units are removed from the board, from areas held by the Russians, as they are out of the game. NO Axis/Allies will enter or attack any area under Russian control. Romanian trooper leaves Bulgaria & goes back to Romania.

Germany builds BB and sub. off Kiel, &, 7 troopers. Flies fighter from Poland to Hanover, while Kiel garrison of tank, gun, &, trooper moves to Hanover. Also from capital fighter, 5 troopers, &, 2 guns move to Kiel. While remaining trooper from Berlin moves to Hanover. There are no forces left to plug the hole for undefended Munich.

Main force from Eastern Front moved from Belarus to Poland, of 6 guns & 2 troopers. While in Uk. 2 troopers deal with invading Rumanian trooper(lose a trooper GE.), Uk. still contested.

Fr. builds BB off Brest, &, C off Marseilles, also fighter & gun. Submarine off Marseilles arrives off the coast of Trieste, no mine damage, attacks AH Empire sub., both are lost(transport from off Rome suffers no mine damage). Another sub. off London, joins Brits. BB off Kiel(no mine lost). From Venice 5 troopers & 2 guns, enter contested Tyrolia , versus, AH Empire 3 defending troopers. Losses Fr. 1 trooper, &, AHE all, Tyrolia is captured! Two troopers from Piedmont move to Venice(along with a trooper from Portugal), while fighter flies to Tyrolia.

On Western Front Belgium trooper & gun moves to Ruhr, to reinforce the British. From Alsace fighter, 3 guns, &, trooper enter & take over undefended Munich. Burgundy garrison of 4 troopers & 2 guns moves to Lorraine, while Lorraine garrison of 3 troopers & tank moves to Alsace. Finally Paris garrison of 4 troopers & 2 guns move to Burgundy.

Off Lisbon, trooper & gun from Portugal, board U.S. transport.

British Empire builds again large naval forces(the North Sea must be in Allied control, in order for any possible U.S.A. landings), of 2 BBs, 2 fighters, trooper, &, trooper for India. Five troopers & gun, using 3 transports(two are It. & Fr.) off India, transfer to Mesopotamia joining a trooper & gun, versus, Ottoman 2 guns, fighter, &, trooper. Losses Brits. 3 troopers, &, Ottoman all, Mesopotamia has fallen! Transport picks up trooper from Sudan & debarks into unoccupied Jordan, along with trooper & gun from Egypt, Jordan is taken! BB in Red Sea goes to off Egypt, Africa since the game started has no military units on it. Finally Arabia trooper & gun occupies undefended Syria, along with Greek forces from Bulgaria of 3 troopers & gun assault Istanbul, defended by 6 troopers, tank, & 1 gun. Losses Ottoman 4 troopers(reduce to three cause of tank), &, Greeks all.

Cruiser off Scotland joins Brits. BB off Kiel(no mine damage), with fighter from Ruhr, versus, GE. BB & submarine. Losses all! British trooper & gun from Alsace & 3troopers & 2 guns from Belgium move to reinforce the Ruhr*. Using transports 3 troopers & gun arrive from United Kingdom to Belgium.

*In Round 8 for the 1918 GE. Spring Offensive, all GE. forces from the Eastern Front(a peace treaty with the Russians has already been signed) will be placed immediately on the Western Front.

Ottoman Empire builds...
{Final Two Notes: 1. As this game comes to a close, based on IPCs lost, IPCs remaining via the units & territories each power control, will be choosing which side won & the political outcome. Also an apology for taking so long to play this next to last game.

2. Some time in the future an eight round game, with the same minor allies coming into the game, but, the Entent Powers(especially France) failing to enlist/bribe Italy as an Ally nation. So in Round Two Italy stays with the Axis Power, but, to even things out, the U.S.A. joins the Allies in Round Two. So you'll have 4 Axis & 4 Allies nations fighting it out(also skipping the Russian Revolution). Not so much a Round Robin, but, an alternate "what if" game, but, first onto Round Robin for Fortress America(due to time constraints these .games may only have the outcome listed, not a complete write up), thanks, Pellulo}
...of all things a BB. Plans to move forces from capital of a trooper to Smyrna & Ankara to defend only with their allies of the AH Empire, &, a lone tank to retake undefended Bulgaria. The war is winding down & the Ottomans need to hold onto as much as they can hold, the BB is to detour any sea landings in the capital.

It. builds BB, fighter, trooper, &, gun. Moves Tuscany forces of 2 guns, &, 2 troopers to Venice, with fighter from capital. Also 2 troopers board transport off Rome, &, drops them off onto Venice(transport suffers no mine lost).

U.S.A. builds 4 fighters. Transport off Portugal(with Portugal trooper & gun) & escorting sub. arrive off Albania. Also fighter from Portugal lands in Naples.

Task Force appears off London & lands all forces in Belgium this turn, depending what happens next round, they may re-board again, &, land in GE. held territory. Either way the GE. do not appreciate the 7 troopers, 5 guns, tank, &, 2 fighters arriving in London(from Eire).

Round 8: Austro-Hungarian Empire builds submarine, &, 5 troopers. From capital 3 troopers in Hungary are reinforce by 2 troopers & gun, versus, It. trooper & 2 guns. Losses AHE 3 troopers, &, It. all, Hungary is uncontested! Again from capital a tank & trooper. &, from Trieste 2 troopers & a gun, enter occupied Tyrol(defended by Fr. 4 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter) to try to at least contest it. Losses AHE all but a trooper(tank absorbed a hit), &, Fr. 3 troopers, Tyrol is contested! Also a fighter from Trieste sinks a Fr. transport off the coastline, &, returns to Trieste.

Russia is in a state of Civil War, with the Bolsheviks currently controlling the central government. Still has unused 24 IPCs from Round Seven & collects 15 this turn. Theses IPCs will not be used in the tally for the victor of this game.

Romanian trooper stays put, in Romania and Serbia and contested Ukraine.

GE. builds trooper, &, off Kiel BB, &, 2 submarines. Occupying trooper attacks invading Romanian trooper in contested Uk., GE. trooper is lost, Uk. is freed(I am sure Russia appreciates that). From Poland to Silesia 6 guns & troopers from now peaceful Eastern Front arrive(due to peace treaty between Russia & Axis, their movement is accelerated, &, these forces are move to the Western Front). Berlin garrison of 2 troopers move to Hanover, one trooper to Kiel, and, trooper from Prussia moves to Berlin.

Kiel garrison of 2 guns & 4 troopers move to Ruhr, joined by Hanover garrison of 2 troopers, gun, tank, &, fighter, and, recently arrived forces from Easter Front of 2 troopers & 6 guns, versus, British garrison of 5 troopers, 4 guns, tank, &, Belgium forces of trooper & gun. Losses GE. 5 troopers(tank absorb a hit), &, Brits. 4 troopers, 3 guns, tank(taking in account it absorbed a hit), &, Belgium a gun. Ruhr is contested!

Portugal trooper moves from Piedmont to Venice, while at sea trooper & gun debarks U.S. transport, unto occupied Albania, defended by AHE trooper. Losses Portugal a gun, &, AHE a trooper, Albania is liberated!

Fr. builds 3 transports off Marseilles, 2 fighter, &, 2 troopers. Forces in contested Tyrolia of trooper, 2 guns, fighter, versus, AHE trooper. Tyrolia is uncontested for no lost!

Cruiser from Marseilles goes to AHE Home Waters(no mine lost), versus, fighter & submarine. Losses Fr. C & AHE a fighter. Transport off Rome heads for Marseilles, while BB off Brest heads for U.K. Home Waters. Finally sub. off coast of Kiel surfaces & with fighter from Paris, versus, GE. fighter, 2 subs., &, BB. Lost Fr. all & Ge. fighter.

Munich garrison of trooper, 3 guns, &, fighter, enter Hanover, defended by GE. 2 troopers. Losses Fr. a gun, &, GE. 2 troopers, Hanover falls!( if the Fr. had one less gun & 1 more trooper, the extra trooper could have entered undefended Bohemia). GE. forces in Belgium are nearly encircled. Burgundy garrison splits, a trooper & gun go to Marseilles to board a waiting transport, while 4 troopers & gun move to Lorraine.

From Alsace 3 troopers & tank enter undefended Ruhr, it is taken. From Lorraine 4 troopers & 2 guns enter Belgium, versus, GE. 3 troopers, 9 guns, tank, &, fighter. Losses GE. 2 troopers(tank absorb a hit), &, Fr. all. The attack help soften the GE. a bit, as they wait for the impending U.S. to attack.

Greece builds 1 trooper. Meanwhile Arabian trooper & gun enter Smyrna, versus, Ottoman trooper and AHE 3 troopers. Losses Arabia all & AHE 2 troopers.

British Empire builds in India a fighter, tank, gun, &, 4 troopers. Also for U.K. 4 troopers & 2 guns. BB. in central Med. Sea
moves to AHE Home waters, &, suffers mine damage. There for no lost, it sinks a AHE submarine. Also transport off India to Mesopotamia a trooper moves.

Three troopers from Jordan invade Myrna, defended by AHE trooper & Ottoman trooper. For a lost of a trooper, Myrna is taken! Forces in Mesopotamia of 3 troopers & 2 guns invade Ankara, defended by AHE 3 troopers & Ottoman trooper. Losses Brits. trooper & all AHE troopers, Ankara becomes contested.

From U.K. 3 troopers & 2 guns goes to Belgium as reinforcement, following the Fr. the Brits. attack the GE. forces in Belgium. Four troopers & 3 guns, versus, GE. 9 guns, tank, fighter, &, trooper. Losses Brits. 3 troopers & gun, &, GE. 2 guns(tank absorbed a hit).

Two BBs & 2 fighters go to GE. Home Water off Kiel, versus, GE. BB & 2 submarines(a Brit. BB suffers mine damage). Losses British all but a damage BB(a fighter returns to London), &, GE. all. If the U.S.A. plans any landings, the sea lanes are cleared.

Ottoman Empire builds 3 troopers & gun. Trooper & gun moves from capital to Smyrna versus British trooper & gun, losses Ottoman a gun, &, British all(Smyrna freed). Tank from Bulgaria rolls into Greece, defended by a lone Greek trooper(both are lost).

Italy builds fighter & 2 troopers. BB & transport off Rome, along with fighter from capital, go to Turkish Home Waters(no mine damage), &, engages Ottoman BB. Losses It. a fighter, &, Ottoman a Battleship. The transport lands a trooper & gun, along with a direct hit from the BB(Ottoman gun replies, but, scores no hit), versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun defending their capital. Losses It. all & Ottoman a trooper. A gamble for Italy trying to take or contest prime real estate(as Bulgaria was undefended, still it will help bring the Ottomans to the peace table).

Forces in Venice move into undefended Trieste, of fighter, tank, 2 guns, &, 6 troopers. Trieste falls!

U.S.A. builds 3 fighters, &, 3 fighters fly from East coast to Ireland. Two transports off Belgium return to East Coast, with escort cruiser. While fighter from Naples strafe Ottoman trooper in Smyrna(no losses), &, lands in Jordan.

Forces in Belgium, take the offense, &, 2 fighters(from London) duel with one GE. fighter, each side losses a fighter, U.S.. has air superiority. Now U.S. fighter, tank, 5 guns, 6 troopers, &, tank, versus, GE. trooper, 7 guns, &, tank. Both tanks absorb a hit. Losses U.S. 3 troopers & GE. 4 guns.

Not a complete disaster for Germany, but, with more Allied troopers to arrive in Belgium, &, with U.S. BB, C, &, 5 transports. Where would the Americans make a sea landing, Kiel no less.

The Axis sue for an Armistice.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by justonemorepush » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:30 pm

Final IPCs losses, for the Axis 1209, and, for the Allies 1130*. The difference is only 79 IPCs, but, if you figure how many BBs you could buy @ 12 IPCs/Cruisers @ 9 IPCs, or, infantry @ 3 IPCs/guns @ 4 IPCs(much less items that only costs 6 IPCs), you have a sum that could easily tip the conflict to one side! After all that is nearly what the U.S.A. produces in 4 rounds.

Would the Axis lasted another round lasting into 1919? Probably not, Axis have a combine IPCs of units on the board of 93 IPCs, no ships & only one fighter. As compared to the British Empire IPCs which alone is 120(including damaged BBs), combine with the rest of the Allies(sans Russia)a total of(120 BE + 86 Fr. + 53 It. + 147 U.S.A.=)406 IPCs.

Next Round Robin is more of a historical "if", the same eight rounds, as of the previous game. But in round two, France & the other Entent Powers fail to convience/bribe Italy to join the Allies, it stays a Axis power. U.S.A. joins the Entent Powers in Round Two, &, no Russian Revolution ever happens, but, first a detour into Round Robin for Fortress America, of a most minor written up version(makes for quicker games).

*Units lost for 1914 Axis & Allies:
Infantry Axis 199 & Allies 202,
artillery 60 & 52,
tanks 03 & 01,
fighters 11 & 12,
transports 01 & 02,
submarines 21 & 04,
cruisers 06 & 12, &,
Battleships 09, &, 07.

Political Victory(I would like to see) for the Allies, with no vindictive reperations from the Axis. For Germany split off Prussia as a seperate nation, Kasier's son becomes president. All former colonies under League of Nations control for future independece. For Austro Hungarian Empire(ditto son), Hungaria & Yogulsavia become nations, with a sea corridor for Austria to the Med. Sea. For Ottoman Empire keeps all of Asia Minor, cedes the rest as independent nations under the protextion of League of Nations. As for Bulgaria it allows an open permanent port for an allied military use only.

Finally as for Russia, massive reponse from all nations, to eliminate the "Reds" & install a monarch based on the British system.

I appreciate your time & trouble for reading this, FIN,
thanks, Just one more push

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:11 pm

Axis & Allies 1914, The Great War

This final Round Robin is of a ..."What If"... type of scenerio, basically if Italy had stayed a Axis Power(was not bribed by the Entent Powers to join their ranks). Thus giving a game an even number for each side, why Italy?, cause historically she started out as a Axis Power, &, joined the other side for a bunch of unfilled post war promises(thus giving rise to a certain Facist party in Italy). To even the game no changes to the other powers, but, Russia(no revolution) and U.S.A.(joins the Allied cause in Round Two, neutral like Italy in Round One). The game is played for eight rounds, each round a six month time frame, and, other minor powers joining in not by actual historical dates they enter the war(they all enter the war in round one). The exception is Greece, a minor nation that was an Allied side for W.W.I, and, is treated as an minor independent power(mostly on the defense). The other nations of Spain with Spanish Morocco, Ethiopia, Persia, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and, Denmark are independent but were never in the war(thus happly ignore for this game).

Round One: Austro-Hungarian Empire makes a purchase of a sub., fighter, gun(cannon), &, trooper(infantryman). Home fleet of a BB, C, &, trnasport(with two troopers), are off neutral Rome(capital of Italy), on a friendly port call. Vienna garrison splits & sends 6 troopers & gun to Budapest. While Bohemia garrison of 6 troopers & gun moves to Vienna. Only eight of the twelve troopers and 2 guns of the Budapest garrison invades Serbia(defended by 3 troopers & gun), it falls for a lost of 3 troopers. Eleven troopers and 2 guns from the remaining Budapest garrison and forces from the Galicia garrison invades Romania(defended by 5 troopers & a gun). Romania falls!, for a lost of 3 troopers only. Finally with the goal of at least contesting the Uk., 4 troopers and gun invade versus Russian 6 troopers and a gun, losses AH Empire all but a trooper and Russian lost of 3 troopers.

*Russian Empire takes Mesopotamia, retakes Uk., contest Galicia, &, sinks for no lost Ottoman fleet in Black Sea(so those 2 Cs cannot join the AH fleet off Rome).

German Empire fleet and U.K. fleet wiped out in North Sea(earlier the Russian BB sacrifice itself to weaken the GE. fleet), Canadian fleet wiped out, Lorraine contested, Poland taken, &, 3 colonies taken in Africa.

French Empire retakes Lorraine, reshuttles Portugal forces to South of France, &, North Africa(also Med. Fleet arrives off Rome).

British Empire takes Ottoman's Trans-Jordan & German S.W. and East Africa colonies.

Ottoman Empire from Bulgaria takes over Greece, contest Jordan and Mesopotamia, still a third of the Empire has been lost.

Italian Empire reinforces Libya, Tuscany, &, Naples.

U.S.A. Republic moves fleet off Canada.

Greece already lost to the Axis powers.

Round Two: AH Empire regains Galicia, &, contest the Ukraine. Also lands trooper on Sardina & Sicily to help defend it for Italy(after its fleet destroys Allied fleet off Rome), also sends a trooper from Serbia to help garrison Albania. Along with forces entering N. Italy on its way to attack S. France. Meanwhile forces from Bulgaria will go to Ottoman Empire to attack the Allies.

Russian Empire trooper from Tatarstan moves to Sevastopol, &, trooper from Sevastopol moved to Mesopotamia. Livonia garrison of 3 troopers & 2 guns move To Belarus. Two troopers & gun from Sevastopol free Romania for no lost(AH trooper destroyed).

Moscow garrison of 4 trooper, gun, &, fighter, and, trooper & gun from Belarus link up with Ukraine forces(of trooper & 2 guns). The contesting AH forces of trooper & 4 guns are destroyed. Uk. is freed for a lost of 3 troopers.

German Empire & British Home fleets destroyed off London(except for a GE. sub.). Polish garrison contest Belarus, also Alsace garrison contest Lorraine.

French Empire Med. Fleet destroyed but inflict losses on Axis Fleet. Takes back British Gold Coast colony, &, counterattacks in Lorraine(heavy losses both sides).

British Empire frees Portugal's colony of Angola, destroys It. trooper in Somaliland, reinforce forces in Mid.-East & Belgium.

Ottoman Empire retakes Jordan, &, still contesting Mesopotamia.

Italian Empire takes Marseilles, &, contest Egypt via a sea landing.

U.S.A. two transpots head for N. Africa, along with a rerouted fleet, and, a fighter flies to Africa.

Round Three: AH Empire fleet of a BB leaves Home Port, survives with no mine damage to waters off S. France, &, engages U.S. fleet of BB & C. AH ship lost, but, damages U.S. BB, hopefully to be destroyed by Italy later in game. Forces arrive in Piedmont, retakes Romania, takes Ukraine.

Russian Empire retakes Belarus and nearly retakes the Ukraine.

German Empire Home Fleet(2 subs. & BB) suffers no mine lost, &, engages British Home Fleet of BB & sub. off London(German BB only survivor). Forces from Poland enter Ukraine with 17 troopers and 3 guns, versus, defending Russian forces of 5 guns & trooper. Earlier fighters from each side dogfighted & both destroyed. Losses GE. 5 troopers & Russia all but a trooper, Uk. contested!

Forces in Lorraine recieve reinforcements from Alsace, total of 3 troopers & six guns, versus, defending Fr. forces of fighter, trooper, &, 2 guns. Lorraine falls!, for the lost of 2 troopers & 2 guns. In Germany proper, last of the orginial forces head for the Wester/Eastern Front.

In Africa, lone trooper takes undefended Fr. Eq. Africa.

French Empire sends 2 transports to Canada, &, Lorraine retaken.

British Empire destroys landed It. trooper in Egypt. Boards forces onto Fr. transports off Canada, reinforces Belgium, Mesopotamia , &, Egypt.

Ottoman Empire still contesting Mesopotamia, forces invade Egypt & contesting it.

Italian Empire reinforces units in North Africa, takes Egypt in a sea landing, and, contesting Tunisia. Attacks combine U.S. & Fr. fleet in Western Med., only a damaged U.S. BB remains. Also sends reinforcements to S. France.

U.S.A. takes Togoland by sea landing, while fleet enters Central Med. Sea and wipes out It. navy. Only a U.S. transport survives and land forces in undefended Libya.

Round Four: A.H. Empire forces in N. Italy invade from Piedmont to Burgundy in France. Burgundy is contested! Undefended Sevastopol is taken. Reinforcements of units for Eastern & Western Fronts are in movement(the grand plan of sending help to the Ottoman Empire is getting harder and harder to acomplish).

Russian Empire submarine goes from Home Waters through two mineflieds to arrive off Kiel. Retakes Sevatopol & Ukraine, and, frees Romania.

German Empire BB sinks Russain sub. off Kiel, but, is damaged(naval option to do a Sea Lion on the U.K. is no longer viable). Forces in Africa take over British Sudan(of course leaving undefended Fr. Eq. Africa to be freed by pursuing British forces). On Eastern Front takes over Belrusa & contest Livonia(while the Russians are preparing to hunker down in Moscow). Also for the Western Front sends reinforcements for the crumbling frontline(hopes that the AH & Italian attacks in the south will cause a pinzer effect on France).

French Empire builds 6 troopers, gun, &, tank. Paris garrison moves to Burgundy. A transport with U.S. trooper & gun, arrives off Africa. Also 2 transports off Canada with British 3 troopers & gun, arrives off France. The French invade Germany!, a fighter, 2 guns, &, 4 troopers, versus, German 5 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Fr. 2 troopers & GE. 4 troopers, Alsace is contested! Along with 6 troopers versus AH 2 troopers, losses Fr. a trooper & AH all, Burgundy is uncontested.

*Due to time constriction, editing has been applied, to most of this post.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:25 pm

More to follow in 2018, thanks Pellulo

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