Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Breaking away from the Second World War and paying a visit and tribute to the First World War. Coming this March, 2013
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:05 am

Due to Storm Damage from Hurricane Irma & Maria, this game has been on hold, with the resurgence of electrical power, and, need to reactivate a new internet provider, I hope to get this game going again in the near future.

British Empire has a need to hold things together, as their position needs to improve in N. Africa, clean yard

Eastern Invader has 32 tanks scenerio.
Round One losses for all Invaders & U.S.A. troopers 22/18, partisans U.S.A. only 5, mobile units 8/3, tanks 13 /7, copters 2/3, &, bombers 1/0. Also irregular units Invaders of old style tank and copter, 4 fighter-bombers, and, mobile missile, &, U.S.A. of partisan mobile gun, old style copter, 3 fighter bombers, partisan car, &, mobile missile unit.

8 cities taken - 6 cities retaken= 2 controlled by Invaders. East Coast Invaders has lost 12 of its 32 tanks, so far.

Round Two losses for all Invaders & U.S.A. troopers 14/3, partisans U.S.A. only 9, mobile units 4 /4, tanks 8/3, copters 4/ 4, &, bombers 4/3. Also irregular units Invaders old style copter, &, U.S.A. old style copter,

10 cities taken - 2 cities retaken= 8 controlled by Invaders. East Coast Invaders is down to its original 12 tank complement. Also due to Invader's card, U.S.A. cannot use its cards for this turn.

Round Three losses for all Invaders & U.S.A. troopers 17/2, partisans U.S.A. only 13, mobile units 6/1, tanks 12/5, copters 5/1, &, bombers 1/3. Also irregular units Invaders a medium bomber, &, U.S.A. old style mobile unit and copter, fighter bomber, &, partisan car.

15 cities taken - 6 cities retaken= 9 controlled by Invaders. Due to Invader's card U.S.A. cannot use its lasers this turn. Also this turn, U.S.A. gets to use this turn, all its cards that has been collected.

Round Four losses for all Invaders & U.S.A. troopers 13/ 3, partisans U.S.A. only 18, mobile units 6/2, tanks 12/7, copters 5/5, &, bombers 5/0. Also irregular units Invaders, &, U.S.A. none.

14 cities taken minus 4 retaken, leaves 10 controlled by Invaders. Even thought theses rounds are accelerated by reinforcements, lasers, & cards, the Invaders call it quits. Same political victory for the U.S.A., but, the large area still controlled by the Western Invader allows them to keep their arms(as the U.S.A. needs them to keep law & order, until local forces take over). With only a reserve of 6 for the Western & 9 for the Southern Invaders, it would for a another round get at most 4-5 cites, that would just as fast be taken over on U.S.A. turn. Also with the lasers taking out the remaining land units, the U.S.A. forces do not have to go to combat much, just take over captive cities.

What is left(not counting reserves), Western Invader except for 2 cities, &, three territories controls all of the west. Units on board of 6 troopers, mobile unit, &, four copters. Southern Invaders controls 4 cities & four territories, with only 5 troopers, mobile unit, &, copter on the board. Eastern Invader controls 2 cities & two territories, with only tank, copter, &, 3 bombers on the board.

U.S.A. has on the board, 12 troopers and 23 partisans, 6 mobile units, tank, 2 copters and 2 bombers(10 lasers). Final study with a Invader having enhance armor forces, from best chance to least chance of winning is the Southern, Western, and, Eastern Invaders in this order.

Next Scenario Infantry:
06 Armor(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
44 Infantry(increase by 20, ten from each of the other invaders)
03 Mobile Units(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
02 bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units, plus irregular units. Could a massive infantry push, starting in the West(then South, &, finally East), allow the Invaders to win?

Round One: Cities captured 6 minus 3 retaken= 3 cities controlled by Invaders.

Round Two: Cities captured 13 minus 6 retaken= 7 cities controlled by Invaders. In the West, the extra infantry fares poorly, but, the traded off tanks & APC & copters & bombers, has helped allot in the South & East. In the U.S.A. counterattack, the Western Invader's whole force was wiped out!

Round Three: Cities captured 15 minus 4 retaken= 11 cities controlled by Invaders. Reinforcements from both cards & lasers save the day(only one would have not, due to Invader's cards the lasers could not be used).

Round Four: Cities captured 16 minus 6 retaken= 10 cities. If the Invaders went another round, they still have 14 units in reserves, with good dice throws , they may get back 6 cities. Of course on the U.S. turn they would recaptured some of the cities, &, with working lasers take out(due to a potential Invader's card, the U.S. would not be able to use its last two reinforcement cards), what little land forces the Invaders have left(air units alone cannot take a city).

Even with the West faltering in trying to get to the interior cities, the trade off of units to the other Invaders, gave them the push to nearly take a full 18 cities(holding onto them is a different story).

Could a massive infantry push, starting in the South, allow the Invaders to win?
06 Armor(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
44 Infantry(increase by 20, ten from each of the other invaders)
03 Mobile Units(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
02 bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units, plus irregular units.

Highlights: Round One City Count 12 reduced to 8, Round Two City Count 16 reduced to 12, Round Three City Count 13 reduced to 11(This round the lasers where off round, &, the reinforcements did not seem to do enough. Also next round an Invader card will not allow the U.S. to use their reinforcement cards), Round 4 City Count 18 reduce to 17(remaining U.S. forces are nearly nil), Round 5 City Count 21 reduced to 17, Lasers finally kicked in(stopped mobile units & tanks from moving into any cities western & southern for the next round, with a laser lost), along with reinforcements(to little to late?, as on the board there was only a partisan left with 9 lasers, also 2 cards could not be used-the cities mention in them were enemy occupied-). Due to the use of extra forces & cards to speed up play, the game has already reach the ten round limit, where the U.S. would win automatically. Still would the use of extra infantry in the South have lead to an Invader's victory?, so let's do a bow to the older version of this game. &, do an extra and last round.

Round Six City Count 18 reduced to 17, political victory of a moderate nature to U.S., the Invaders(who are disbanded) go home with their arms, &, the Laser Bases are put under U.N type control. The surge of troops in the South allowed the traded off units that went to the Western and Eastern forces to make great inroads, in their sections.

Could a massive infantry push, starting in the East, allow the Invaders to win?
06 Armor(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
44 Infantry(increase by 20, ten from each of the other invaders)
03 Mobile Units(decrease by 6, with three going to each of the other invaders)
02 bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units, plus irregular units.

Round One: City Count 9 reduced to 6, U.S. counterattacks reduces Eastern Invader down to two units. Round Two: City Count 11 reduced to 8. Round Three: City Count 15 reduced to 11. Round Four 17 cities reduces to 10. Here the game ends, the play was accelerated and already reached what would have been ten regular rounds. Still considering Invader Forces that are left, even with another round, they would get their city count up, just to get it knock down again. Along with practically no reserves left, and cards that have no use(like you need the capital to make it work), the U.S.A. still has three unused reinforcement cards left, and, still gets another and last laser to set up. Any further play would get to the point of the lasers mopping up the Invaders, while mostly infantry that avoids combat retaking cities. This is topping off as a moderate victory, the Invaders go home, the lasers become a U.N. agency, and, San Antonio area becomes the base for the new agency.

The use of massive infantry push in the South caused the most havoc for the U.S.A.

Next scenario:
08 Armor(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
20 Infantry(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
25 Mobile Units(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders)
02 Bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units. Could a massive mobile unit push(each carrying an infantry unit), starting in the West(then South, and, East), finally end it for America?

Round One: 9 Cities reduced to 6. Round Two: 11 cities reduced to 7. Round Three: 15 cities taken, reduced to 13. Round 4: Cities taken again 15, reduces to 13 again. Round Five: 16 cities taken, considering the Invaders have very little reinforcements, much less card use, reduced to 10. Major political victory for U.S.A., everyone takes care of their losses, the political setup of the Invaders is disbanded, even thought the Invaders still control 10 cities, they leave the U.S.A. only with small arms and transport(as they are needed as a police forces until U.S. forces take over). The U.S.A. offers their Laser System to the U.N. when needed.

08 Armor(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
20 Infantry(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
25 Mobile Units(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders)
02 Bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units. Could a massive mobile unit push(each carrying an infantry unit), starting in the South(then East), finally end it for America?

Round One: Cities taken 9, reduced to 6. Round Two: Cities taken 11, reduced to 8. Round Three: Cities taken 13, reduced to 9. Round Four, all Invaders destroy a laser complex, cities taken 19, reduced to 15. The Western Invader is close to half strength, while the Southern is a quarter strength, &, the Eastern down to a tenth. A minor to moderate political victory for the U.S.A., the west is overrun with the Rockies a close second, while the south is three quarters lost, only in the east and great plains is pretty much under U.S. control(the south is contested). The Invaders go home with their arms, while the laser system is run by the U.S. under U.N. control(till the year 2210 when new geopolitics powers run the risk of war). By increasing cards handed out and number of forces issued, these four rounds are equal to about ten rounds of a regular game.

P.S. due to the fact that the Western Invader was still half intact, I did a Round Five: another laser complex destroyed, last of the cards used, Cities taken 18, reduced to 16. With luck on dice throws can the Invaders take out enough laser complexes, especially with the rapidly shrinking U.S. forces, it could be a war decided by infantry at the very end! Played to a Round 13: Cities taken 18, reduced to 17. Played with only U.S. trooper & partisan, and, four laser complexes remaining to the bitter end(in Round Ten the Invaders held onto their 18 cities, but, fighting still continued for the remaining 12 Western Troopers, &, U.S. 4 troopers & 2 partisans and four laser complexes). I guess this is why the second version of F.A. ends the game after ten rounds.

08 Armor(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
20 Infantry(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
25 Mobile Units(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders)
02 Bombers(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders)
05 Copters(decrease by 4, with two going to each of the other invaders),
for a total of 60 units. Could a massive mobile unit push(each carrying an infantry unit), in the East, finally end it for America?

Round One: Cities taken 07, reduced to 05. Round Two: Cities taken 09, reduce to 08, Southern Invader and U.S. defenders have lost an incredible amount of units. Round Three: Cities taken 13, reduces to 12, never has the U.S. taken back so few cities. Round Four: Cities taken 17, reduced to 15. Round Five: Cities taken 18, reduced to 16. Peace breaks out as the Western & Southern Invaders still have infantry & air units, with the former only with a few tanks left, not enough to take/hold eighteen cities. Still the west is completely taken, along with half of the Rockies, &, except for Memphis & two territories all of the south. The traded off units gave a big punch for theses invaders. As for the Eastern Invader except for a fighter bomber & three mobile units holding onto three cities in the old south of the eastern seaboard(the irony is there is one mobile unit of each invader's color), the Eastern Invader is near extinction. All powers but Eastern leave with their weapons, and, the San Antonio & Seattle Invasion zones come under U.N./U.S.A. oversight, for this most mediocre U.S. victory.

Finally for Western Invader,
04 Armor(decrease by 8, with four going to Southern Invader & four to the Eastern Invader)
14 Infantry(decrease by 10, with five going to each of the other invaders)
01 Mobile Units(decrease by 8, with four going to the Southern Invader, &, four to the Eastern Invader)
16 Bombers(increase by 10, five from each of the other invaders)
25 Copters(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders),
Could the massive use of air power, blast through America's defensive? These scenarios are duplicated for the Southern & Eastern Invaders. Geography will degrade/enhance Invaders prospect of victory.

Round One: Cities taken 09, retaken reduced to 05. Round Two: Cities taken 13, retaken reduced to 10. Round Three: Cities taken 17, reduced to 13, losses heavy both sides. Round Four: Cities taken 18, reduced to 13. Round Five: Cities taken 15, reduced to 13 again. U.S. wins again a moderate victory. Eastern Invader wiped out, while Southern has 8/60 units left. &, Western 24/60 units left. U.S. player has 21 left, considering all the units brought in from the cards, and, 8 lasers left(three destroyed). Extra air power allowed the Western Invader to have far reaching power to blast its way forward, &, actually reached as far as Kansas City.

Western Invader goes home with its arms, Southern does not do so.

Now for Southern Invader,
04 Armor(decrease by 8, with four going to Western Invader & four to the Eastern Invader)
14 Infantry(decrease by 10, with five going to each of the other invaders)
01 Mobile Units(decrease by 8, with four going to the Western Invader, &, four to the Eastern Invader)
16 Bombers(increase by 10, five from each of the other invaders)
25 Copters(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders),
Could the massive use of air power, blast through America's defensive? Geography will degrade/enhance Invaders prospect of victory.

Round One: Cities taken 08, reduced to 06. Round Two: Cities taken 13, reduced to 10. Round Three: Cities taken 13, reduced to 12, never has the U.S. forces taken back so few cities! Round Four: Cities taken 14, reduced to 12. The Invaders, especially Western control allot of territories, putting any potential U.S. win in a minor status. Round Five: Cities taken 15, reduced to 13. U.S. wins, the use of enhance air power, is quite crippling, a minor victory, as Western Invader alone outnumbers all of remaining U.S. forces(before reinforcements with the cards, the U.S. had only three partisan units on the board). Western leaves with all their arms and keeps control under the U.N. of Seattle, what is left of the other Invaders go home with only small arms.

Finally the Eastern Invader gets extra air power,
04 Armor(decrease by 8, with four going to Western Invader & four to the Southern Invader)
14 Infantry(decrease by 10, with five going to each of the other invaders)
01 Mobile Units(decrease by 8, with four going to the Western Invader, &, four to the Southern Invader)
16 Bombers(increase by 10, five from each of the other invaders)
25 Copters(increase by 16, eight from each of the other invaders),
Could the massive use of air power, blast through America's defensive? Geography will degrade/enhance Invaders prospect of victory.

Round One: Cities taken 08, reduced to 04, never has the Invaders lost so many units for so little gain. Round Two: Cities taken 10, reduced to 8, ditto. Round Three: Cities taken 12, reduced to 10, ditto. Round Four: Cities taken 14, reduced to 11, ditto. Round Five: Invaders retreat, the last of the U.S. cards would be used, and, the puny 5 or so each invaders could put up, would be just laser fodder. U.S. major military victory!

Final three scenarios, of a massive attack with picking the Western Invader site as first choice, of starting with 20 units, along with 20 units from the other two invaders. All this is done with all the invaders under one command for their one united attack, per turn(followed by the next two turns of 45 units-fifteen each invader-, one turn of just 30 units- 10 from each invader-). Along with integration of the units, for example a red infantry hitches a ride on a yellow mobile unit, combine arms made up of all the invaders, &, so forth. This can be done, cause the three Invaders, solved their logistic problems, to attack all on one front, hopefully to steamroll their way to Washington/take over all of the West.

Round One: Cities taken 4, reduced to 1. To give the U.S. a fighting chance, they did not have to garrison all U.S. cities, instead the forces could be placed in the Western sector, heavy losses both sides. Also Invaders due to 5 unit limit, some units came in a second invasion wave. Round Two: I let their cards for the Invaders be still used by each Invader. Cities taken 5, reduced to 1. Round Three: Worn down U.S. forces faces massive Invader attacks, again heavy losses both sides(U.S. has lost over half of its units). Card reinforcements and Lasers take a good chunk out of the Invaders. Cities taken 4, reduces to 2. Round Four: Cities taken 5, reduced to 3. U.S.A. wins major victory, even thought the bulk of U.S. forces are now in the Rockies & coming through the Southwest and Great Plains, they surpass the Invaders' forces(even counting their last reinforcements and U.S. card reinforcements, the 10 lasers are just too much for the Invaders). Invaders leave with only small arms and ammo for it(they destroy or abandon all other kinds of ammo). Also the bulk of their Infantry has never seen combat.

Final two scenarios, of a massive attack with picking the Southern Invader's site as first choice, of starting with 20 units, along with 20 units from the other two invaders. All this is done with all the invaders under one command for their one united attack, per turn(followed by the next two turns of 45 units-fifteen each invader-, one turn of just 30 units- 10 from each invader-). Along with integration of the units, for example a red infantry hitches a ride on a yellow mobile unit, combine arms made up of all the invaders, &, so forth. This can be done, cause the three Invaders, solved their logistic problems, to attack all on one front, hopefully to steamroll their way to Memphis/take over all of the South.

Round One: Cities taken 03, reduced to zero. Invaders' beachheads all destroyed, except for space below San Antonio, and, eight foot scattered in invasion zones. Losses for U.S. heavy, Invaders about 5/6 losses and 10/12 losses irregular units. Next round a new wave of 45 units joining the ten left on the board, equals the amount of units left for the U.S. Round Two: Cities taken 4, reduced to 2. Round Three: Cities taken 5, reduced to 3, heavy home losses has left the western & Rockies undefended. Round Four: Cities taken 05, reduced to 04. Round Five: Cities taken 10, reduced to 6, heavy losses both sides!!! Even thought the Invaders failed to take Memphis(much less the whole south), they did take L.A., San Francisco in the west, and, Colorado Springs in the Rockies, and, territories also in both areas. That help make up for territories not taken in the South. A minor victory for the U.S., Invaders allowed to retreat in good order, with remaining equipment.

Final scenario, of a massive attack with picking the Eastern(rich with cities) Invader's site as first choice, of starting with 20 units, along with 20 units from the other two invaders. All this is done with all the invaders under one command for their one united attack, per turn(followed by the next two turns of 45 units-fifteen each invader-, one turn of just 30 units- 10 from each invader-, finally a possible last round of whatever is left). Along with integration of the units, for example a red infantry hitches a ride on a yellow mobile unit, combine arms made up of all the invaders, &, so forth. This can be done, cause the three Invaders, solved their logistic problems, to attack all on one front, hopefully to steamroll their way to Cleveland(a last ditch capital)/take over all of the East.

Round One: Cities taken 03, reduced to 02, heavy losses for both sides, especially Red Invader(wiped off the board), Round Two: Cities taken 03, reduced to 02, the Fl. cities are holding out, hard for U.S. forces to retake them, Round Three: ditto, Round Four: Cities taken 05, reduced to 03. This round had the most east coast cities taken, with a breakout into the south-west. Luckily lasers frying all defenders in two cities and reinforcements, allowed then to be retaken. Still this round was very iffy, it could have lead to a fifth and final round. This would have fallen on a moderate U.S. victory, but, with so many of the Invaders still left(about 41 units of all types), it gets reduced to a minor U.S. victory(the invaders go home with only small rounds ammo., and, all their vehicles and air units).

Invaders had a hard time breaking out of Florida, but, it was also hard for the U.S. to counterattack into Florida. Final view, a mass attacks with limited objectives, works best in either the east/south, but, least in the west. Thank you for your patience, Pellulo, Fin(also excuse the delay, due to those naughty girls, named Irene and Maria).

Never has a game gone so bad for the Allies, perhaps the next scenario will go better, with the introduction of no minor allies.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Sorry for mix up in previous entry, especially my check list of post storm reminders and mix up of another game, finally what I needed to edit for 1914 was next and last scenario where Italy stays a Axis power, is NO introduction of minor Allies. Thanks!

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Two troopers from U.K. board a Fr. transport off Wales, plus four more U.K. troopers board and debarked onto Belgium from two transports. Also from two Fr. transports, three Candian troopers and gun debark onto Brest. From waters off London, BB and sub.(no mine damage, enter GE. Waters off Kiel), along with a fighter. They encounter a damaged B.B. and a undamaged B.B., after battle the Allies lose only a sub., while the GE. Fleet is sunk.

In Mediterranean Sea a B.B. off Egypt, moves to off Libya(no mine damage), in order to protect a U.S. transport. From Red Sea a transport returns to off India, while a trooper and gun board another transport and debark onto Mesopotamia, to reinforce Allied forces there.

Meanwhile a trooper and gun each reinforces the French in Lorraine and Burgundy from pending Italian attacks. From Belgium Congo a trooper and gun free Fr. Eq. Africa that was left undefended by Germany.

Combat as forces from Belgium of 2 troopers and 2 guns invade and defeat GE. Forces of trooper and gun defending the Ruhr, for the lost of 1 trooper.

Finally reinforcements of trooper, tank, gun, &, transport are set for U.K., with 2 troopers & 2 guns for India. The British Empire now controls the North Sea, making inroad into Germany, helping defend in France from Italian forces, but, the situation in Africa and Mid-East is tense.

Ottoman Empire builds sub., three troopers, and, two guns. Moves from capital to Smyrna three troopers and a gun, also Smyrna to Ankara a trooper and gun. Also a trooper and gun head for Egypt from Jordan, with another trooper entering undefended British Empire’s ally of Arabia.

Meanwhile two troopers from Ankara joins forces in contested Mesopotamia, battle of five troopers & two guns, versus, Russian trooper and British fighter, trooper and gun. Losses all Allies and four Ottoman troopers, Mesopotamia is freed!

From Egypt fighter and trooper and gun, try to free Italian Libya from U.S. trooper and gun, both sides lose a gun. The colony is still contested.

At sea from Home Water submarine and fighter, attack Allies fleet off Libya of U.S. transport and British BB. Losses the submarine and U.S. transport & British B.B. damaged.

Right now the Turks are the only Axis power to actually gain territory with losing any!

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Italy builds submarine, &, 4 troopers. A fighter flies from Rome to Marcellies(but cannot comit to battle, used up all its turns), while a trooper & gun moves from Rome to Tuscany & same from Tuscany to Piedmont.

In contested Tunisia trooper & gun defeat lone Fr. Trooper for the lost of a gun, now Axis forces are on both sides of contested Libya with its lone U.S. trooper.

In France the Italians need to attack, to slow down Allied incursions into Germany, the decision is to invade Burgandy from Italian occupied Marcellies. Eight troopers & four guns, versus, Brits. trooper & gun, and, Fr. 5 troopers. Burgandy is contested(the non active fighter would have won it for the Axis), losses Italy 5 troopers & all the French forces. Next round will see if this really help the Germans allot.

U.S.A. builds 3 troopers, tank, &, cruiser. Transport moves to off Kameron from N.W. Africa with Fr. trooper, &, 3 transports with 4 troopers and gun leave East Coast & debark onto Morocco. Along with a sub. and a fighter(another sub. arrives off Ireland).

From Togoland, lone U.S. trooper frees undefended Nigeria.

In this “what if” scenario where Italy stays a Axis power. The Allies are just barely holding on, using Italy as a constant for any further scenarios, whereby using all Axis powers against any three Allies would lead to their defeat. You do not use British Empire/U.S. the Axis would take over Africa, then turn their full attention on Europe. If you skip France/Russia you just have the the Axis gang up on the sole continental Allied power(you could afford to lose Africa). Any variation of all Axis powers against any two/one Allied power would be a lesson in patience before the Allies/Ally loss.

The fun part, again with Italy as a constant, would be three/two/one power(s) against the same number. Italy only versus the U.S. could draw at least a tie after eight rounds, even thought the U.S. has more income, Italy has a bigger initial setup.

As for three/two powers against two/one powers(again Italy as a constant Axis power) would lead to some more interesting game variations. Quick lost for the Allies any power tied in with the U.S. for two Allies versus three Axis powers. Another quick lost would be any three Allied powers versus just Italy & Ottoman Empire(the latter a pair of weak sisters).

After this scenario I will try the same setup without the minor Allies/powers. If interested give one of theses scenarios a try, I like my historical scenarios as a certain Mr. Bond would say ...”shaken not sitirred”....(also “what if” scenarios I rather see on t.v., for instance “The Man in the High Castle”).

Back to the game...

Round Five: A.H. Empire builds gun, 4 troopers, tank, fighter, &, submarine. Moves Tyrolia garrison of 4 troopers and 2 guns to Munich. Sub leaves home waters and sinks damage British B.B. off the coast of Libya(sub is lost also).

Meanwhile Romania the defending Russian trooper is lost, for no lost to attacking trooper and gun from Galicia.

Russian Empire builds a gun & 7 troopers. Uk. a trooper & gun move to Sevastopol, and, from capital 2 troopers move to Ukraine. Trooper and gun and fighter enter contested Livonia, as reinforcements for the trooper defending against invading Ge. trooper & gun. Battle Russia loses a trooper & fighter flies back to capital, &, Ge. losses a gun.

German Empire builds cannot have much effect for the Eastern Front, as forces are needed for expulsion of Western Allies in the fatherland. The navy sucks up allot of resources to just counterbalance the Allied fleets. As for the reinforcement starve units outside Moscow, would have to all have a hit, if they attack and take out all the cheap infantry Russia built.

The builds are: sub., C, gun, &, 7 troopers. In Africa trooper & gun from Sudan, reinvade the Fr. Eq. Africa to destroy pursuing British trooper & gun, both sides lose a gun. In Europe from capital a trooper moves to Prussia, from Prussia a trooper and gun moves to Poland, &, from Poland a trooper moves to Livonia.

The Belarus garrison invades Moscow, with a fighter, 12 troopers, &, 3 guns, versus, Russian fighter & 14 troopers & gun. Both fighters are lost in the air duel, the Axis lose 6 troopers, &, the Allies lose 5 troopers.

Meanwhile on the Western Front from the capital trooper, gun, &, tank sent to Hanover, and, also trooper & fighter sent to Kiel. Along in contested Alsace trooper & 2 guns, versus, the same Fr. forces. Losses 2 guns each side.

French Empire builds 5 troopers, gun, &, submarine. In Africa trooper debarks U.S. transport, onto undefended Ge. Cameron colony, while another transport heads to Canada and also to Portugal from Brest.

The French will try to clean house, &, still try to advance into Germany. From Bordeaux, 5 troopers & 3 guns, with a fighter from Loraine, attempt to retake Italian occupied Marsellies defended by fighter, 2 troopers & 2 guns. In air duel Allies win, losses Fr. none & all Italian. Meanwhile Paris garrison enters contested Burgundy of 6 troopers, gun, &, tank, versus, It. 3 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Fr. none & It. all(one Axis hit was absorbed by tank). France is whole again, incredible bad dice throws for the Axis powers, if it was real, the It. field marshals would be lined up against the wall & shot by their own government.

From the Medderterian Front to the Wester Front, from Lorraine a trooper & 2 guns, reinforces a trooper, in contested Alsace, defended by a Ge. trooper. Losses a trooper each side, Alsace has fallen for now to the Allies.

British Empire builds U.K. a C, submarine, 2 troopers, &, India fighter, &, 3 troopers. Arriving to Belgium from U.K. via 2 transports 2 troopers, &, 2 guns. Also 2 troopers on a Fr. transport off Wales lands into Picardy(the U.K. has been picked clean of units). Finally off Canada 2 troopers board a Fr. transport.

From Burgundy to Loraine, from Lorraine to Alsace trooper & gun move. Also from Brest 4 Canadian troopers move into Picardy, &, at last 5 troopers & gun move from Belgium to Ruhr.

Off India via 2 transports trooper & 2 guns lands into Mesopotamia, and, take out for no lost, defending Ottoman trooper & 2 guns. Meanwhile a remaining trooper on a transport arrives off Ge. occupied Sudan on the Red Sea, trooper lands and retakes colony.

In North Sea off Kiel, B.B. takes out Ge. C & submarine, the B.B. is damaged. Air duel occurs and both Allies & Axis fighter are destroyed. Meanwhile a transport lands a tank & trooper, BB shells and defending gun both take out an trooper(it is tempting but the tank cannot absorb the hit, while at sea). Now the remaining tank, and, trooper & 2 guns(the later from the Ruhr), attack the remaining Ge. defenders in Kiel of a trooper & gun. Losses British tank absorbs a hit and is also taken as a lost(rather lose the tank, cause it has a poor defense than a gun, in the inevitable German counterattack), &, Ge. lose a gun. Kiel remains contested.

Ottoman Empire builds a tank, a gun, &, 4 troopers. A trooper from Jordan enter Arabia, another enters Egypt. Two troopers go from Smyrna to Jordan, while a trooper & gun move to Ankara. From capital a trooper & gun move to Smyrna, &, 2 troopers to Ankara. Meanwhile a trooper from Arabia, &, trooper & gun from Ankara(with fighter from capital)enters occupied Mesopotamia, versus,
British Indian trooper & gun. Losses Ottoman trooper & fighter(latter chosen cause of poor fighter defense), &, British Indian forces 2 guns.

In Africa a sub. goes through the Suez Canal & sinks a British transport in the Red Sea. In contested Libya trooper & fighter attack occupying U.S. trooper, Libya is returned to the Italians for no lost for Ottoman forces. From Italian held Egypt, trooper & gun enter Sudan & defeat defending British trooper for a lost of a gun.

Italian Empire builds 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Trooper goes from Tunisia to undefended Fr. Algeria, all of Africa only are two troopers. Trooper & gun go from Tuscany to Piedmont, 4 troopers from capital to Tuscany(awaiting the potential Fr. Invasion).

U.S.A. builds transport, B.B., &, trooper. Sub. off Ireland goes to off London, to join British fleet, cruiser off East Coast moves to off Algeria. A returning transport arrives from Morocco to East Coast, where a tank & trooper board it. Meanwhile two transports off Morocco picks up three troopers, &, gun and lands them in undefended occupied Tunisia. While a trooper & fighter from Morocco attacks, &, defeats defending It. trooper in occupied Algeria(fighter lands in Tunisia).

Another transport lands a lone trooper onto British E. Africa.

For less than a round Italy controlled all of North Africa, submarine off Morocco goes to off Tunisia.

Round Six: A.H. Empire builds C, gun, &, 6 troopers. Troopers from Albania & Serbia, move to Bulgaria & Greece to help Ottoman Empire garrison them. From Galacia a trooper & gun move to Romania to help garrison it, from capital 2 troopers move to Galacia. Also from the capital 2 troopers, gun, &, tank are on the way to help the Italians defend Piedmont. Finally trooper & gun move to Albania from Trieste. While a fighter flies from capital to Trieste, another fighter flies from Venice to join Italian forces in Piedmont.

The Empire is taking the chance Russia will to be too busy with Ge. forces in their country, helping the Ottomans to garrison so it does not become to tempting for the Allies to take, much less help Italy from an French invasion. Anything to keep the Allies from thier borders, but, for the Western Front, combat must be taken. Four troopers & 2 guns, from Munich enter Allied control Alsace(defended by Brits. trooper & gun, and, Fr. Trooper & 2 guns). Losses Axis 3 troopers, &, Allies only have a Fr. trooper left, Alsace is contested. Hopefully this will buy Germany some time on the Western Front.

Finally sub. leaves home port and attacks Allied fleet in Western Mediterranean Sea(no lost to mines), sinks a Fr. Sub, but, itself is lost.

Russian Empire builds gun & 4 troopers. The Russians want overwhelming force before they get rid of the Germans, right now ignore the main body of Germans, &, work through the Axis flanks. From Uk. to Sevastopol 2 troopers move there, capital to Uk. 3 troopers, &, from capital to Livonia 3 troopers.

Battle in Livonia 4 troopers & gun, versus, Ge. 2 troopers. Losses a trooper, &, Axis all, Livonia is freed! From Sevastopol a trooper & gun joins British forces in Mesopotamia, versus, Ottoman trooper & gun. Losses the Ottoman lose a gun.

Ge. builds fighter, gun, &, 6 troopers. Moves trooper from Prussia to Poland, while the Moscow army contesting the Russian capital, retreats 5 troopers and 2 guns to Belarus. Leaving behind a trooper, and, the goal of garrisoning Poland(easier to defend than Prussia & Silesia).

Two troopers & gun from capital reinforce trooper in contested Kiel, &, for no lost take out British trooper & 2 guns. Meanwhile from capital, two troopers move to Prussia, &, 3 troopers move to Hanover. While 2 troopers & a gun move from Hanover to Munich.

Germany needs to build up her defense, as there will be no more help from Italy, &, only so much from the A.H. Empire.

France builds submarine, 2 fighters, gun, &, 4 troopers. Transport moves from off Wales to off East Coast, while another goes from Portugal to Marceilles. Another transport with 2 Canadian Troopers leaves Canada, &, arrives off Picardy. Trooper moves from Cameron to Belgium Congo.

Six troopers, gun, & tank leave Burgundy to Lorraine. While 5 troopers & gun leave the capital, &, move to Burgundy. Meanwhile forces in Marceilles of 5 Troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter enter Piedmont, versus, It. 2 troopers, 2 guns, and, AH fighter. Losses both fighters lost in air duel, Fr. 2 troopers, &, It. a trooper. Piedmont is contested. For France keep Italy & AH Empire busy in N. Italy, while making inroads into German proper.

British Empire builds in India trooper, gun, &, fighter, and, for U.K. fighter, tank, &, 3 troopers. Trooper in contested Fr. Eq. Africa takes out invading Ge. trooper. Transport off India brings 2 troopers, &, fighter flies in to reinforce trooper in contested Mesopotamia, versus, Ottoman trooper. Losses only Axis trooper. Mesopotamia falls again!

From Belgium and Lorraine 4 troopers & 2 guns enter contested Alsace defended by Fr. Trooper against A.H. Empire forces of trooper & 2 guns(who are trying to retake it for Germany). Losses 3 troopers & all Axis. Alsace is saved for the Allies.

Meanwhile from Belgium 5 troopers & gun enter Hanover, defended by 3 troopers & tank. Losses one trooper and Ge. 2 troopers & tank(tank absorb a hit). Hanover is contested!

At sea C & sub. Go off Kiel, while a transport off Kiel returns to London, picks up 2 troopers & returns to off Kiel(no mine losses). Also 2 transports pick up 4 Canadian Troopers in Picardy and goes off Kiel(no mine losses). BB shells & defending gun replies, each take out a trooper. Landed 5 troopers versus Ge. 2 troopers & gun. Losses British 2 troopers & Ge. a trooper. Kiel is contested! The remaining Belgium garrison of trooper & gun enter the Ruhr, while 2 troopers in a Fr. transport debark onto Picardy.

The whole U.K. is emptied of British forces! The Brits. Forces are all spread out, but, it will be hard for the Axis to uncontest both Kiel and Hanover(maybe one, but, not both).

Ottoman forces build a fighter & 4 troopers. Moves trooper & gun back into Italian occupied Egypt to hunker down, sends a trooper into Sudan to reinforce trooper already there from Egypt( to delay any Allied attacks from the south into Egypt). Also sends another trooper from Jordan into Egypt.

Meanwhile sub. in Red Sea would like to attack British transport off India, but, two fighters in India and Mesopotamia detour that choice(but goes for the easy kill of U.S. transport off Ge. East Africa).

Finally garrison in Anakra splits and sends 2 troopers & gun into Syrian Desert. While capital sends 2 troopers into Ankara, 2 troopers into Smyrna, &, into Jordan a trooper & gun from Smyrna. The Ottomans are too weak to drive the Allies out of Mesopotamia, but, holding out in territories in Europe and Africa, have something to bargain with at the peace table.

Italian Empire builds sub., &, 4 troopers. Last It. trooper in Africa, goes from Egypt to defend
Libya(the Ottomans will have to try to hold onto Egypt by themselves).

Four troopers arrive in contested Piedmont, for a total of 5 troopers, &, 2 guns to drive out Fr. Invaders of 3 troopers & 2 guns. Losses It. 2 troopers & Fr. all but a trooper. Rome garrison of 3 troopers & 2 guns move into Tuscany. Italy cannot deal with a Fr. taking over Piedmont, &, a potential seaboard landing in Rome.

U.S.A. builds, transport, gun, tank, &, trooper. Submarine joins British fleet of Kiel, no mine lost. Trooper in British East Africa enter undefended It. Somaliland, it falls. Two troopers enter and take It. Libya for a lost of a trooper, each side. Cruiser & sub.(with fighter from Tunisia)enter It. waters, versus, two It. sub.(U.S. losses a sub. due to mines & fighter, and, It. lose both subs.). Followed by transport with a trooper & gun from Libya, &, another U.S. transport from Tunisia.

They land in It. occupied Egypt, defended by Ottoman forces of 2 troopers & fighter. Losses Allies none, and, all Axis(Egypt is freed).

Finally a BB escorting 2 transports with 3 troopers & tank(form East Coast), arrive off Morocco. Africa may be a sideshow, but, it is nearly Axis free!

Round 7: A.H. Empire builds sub., fighter, gun, &, 5 troopers. From Tyrolia to Munich 2 troopers, gun, &, tank, joins GE. forces. Trooper & gun goes from Trieste to Venice, while 2 troopers & gun go from capital to Trieste. Meanwhile from capital a trooper goes to Vienna, &, 3 more troopers move to Galicia. From Galicia to Romania 2 troopers & gun arrive.

Finally from Romania 2 troopers & 2 guns invade Sevastopol, for no lost contest it, while Russia
a trooper.

Russian Empire builds 6 troopers & gun. The need to push GE. out of Belarus takes top priority, with getting AH Empire out of Sevastopol, &, keeping a presence in Mesopotamia takes a backseat(perhaps a slight push on all options, after all whatever losses with GE. can be replace, while Germany finds it hard to send any more forces to the Eastern Front, as the war winds down and ends in round eight).

Russian trooper & gun enter Ankara from Mesopotamia, versus, Ottoman 2 troopers & gun. Losses a gun & Ottoman 2 troopers. Three troopers enter Sevastopol from Uk. to join 2 defending troopers
from AH Empire of 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses none, &, AH of trooper & gun.

Three troopers from capital move to Ukraine, &, from capital 4 troopers & 2 guns and trooper from Livonia enter Belarus(earlier another trooper from Livonia took out remaining GE. Trooper in Moscow, both lost, but, allowed Moscow garrison to enter Belarus). Belarus occupied by GE. Forces of 6 troopers & 2 guns, losses Russian 4 troopers & gun, and, GE. 3 troopers.

Hopefully taking on three Axis powers will give a bit of a lead for the other Entent Powers.

GE. builds submarine, &, 7 troopers. The GE. Builds are mostly for defense, as the need to stop the Western Allies is of paramount importance, troops in the East cannot come to the rescue, but, may grab or contest enough territories(to bargain at the peace table).

Two troopers & gun, from Munich joins defending trooper in Hanover, along with 4 troopers & fighter from capital, versus, British 4 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies all, Hanover is freed! Fighter lands in Kiel. Two troopers & gun, from capital, go to Kiel defended by trooper & gun, trying to repulse, British forces of 3 troopers landed by sea. Losses Axis 2 troopers & gun, &, Alíes all, Kiel is also uncontested!

On the Eastern Front the Belarus garrison is split, 2 troopers & gun, for no lost, take out Russian forces of trooper & gun, trying to retake the area. The remaining garrison of 2 troopers & gun reinvade Livonia, protested by Russian trooper & gun, it falls! Losses GE. none, &, Allies all.

With GE. Forces spread out, it is hard to defend and hold theses areas, but, they give GE. some clout in any peace talks

France builds...

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Spring 1918, The Emperor’s Battle threatens Paris, after the Germans launch a massive attack using forces from the now peaceful Eastern Front. In this ten round game, from February to November 1918, can the Allies hold out, in order to reorganize thier defensive position, that can lead to a successful counterattack.

The British need to hold, while the French organize themselves, with the Americans going into battle for the first time. Also by Round Two, Marshall Foch of France becomes Supreme Leader of the Allied Forces(for the first time ALL Allied forces can join as one in attacks).

New units include marines for the Americans, shock troops for the Germans, light Renault tank for the French, A7V tank for the Germans, Whippit light tank for the British, mounted A.T. Gun for the Germans, Sopwith fighter for the British and U.S. forces, Spad for the French and Fokker for the German air forces, finally the introduction of D.D. for all, and, the dreaded bomber for British and German air forces.

Finally the introduction of Belgium and Portuguese infantry forces on the Western Front.

Soon to be released....

What would you want in a 1914 Axis & Allies follow up game, much less what new pieces(maybe minis?), thanks, Pellulo

Back to the game, France builds C, fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers. Transport returns from Canada & goes off Wales, another off Wales goes to off London. Transport and sub. leave Marceilles , enters Italian waters(no mine lost), picks up trooper from Piedmont(after garrison from Burgundy enters Piedmont). Trooper on transport debarks unto Sardina, defeats defending AH trooper, for no lost. Meanwhile sub. enters AH waters(no mine lost), attacks AH sub. and C, both submarines are lost.

In Piedmont, fighter(flown in from Paris), gun, &, 6 troopers, versus, It. 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Losses Fr. 3 troopers , & , Axis all. Piedmont Falls! Also Paris garrison enter Burgundy, of 4 troopers & gun. Finally Lorraine garrison enters Alsace with gun, tank, &, 5 troopers(joining a trooper already there).

In Africa trooper from Belgium Congo enters Sudan, versus, 2 occupying Ottoman troopers(trooper lost each side).

British Empire builds for India a fighter & tank, and, for U.K. 2 fighters, gun, &, 4 troopers. Trooper from Fr. Eq. Africa enters Sudan, versus, lone Ottoman trooper, no losses, but, Sudan is contested. In Mesopotamia trooper splits from garrison, enters Arabia and for no lost, takes out Ottoman trooper. Also split Mesopotamia garrison again, with trooper & gun, entering Sevastopol contested by AH
trooper & gun. Losses a trooper & Axis all, Sevastopol is uncontested(fighter flies back to Mesopotamia). Finally remaining trooper from Mesopotamia enter contested Ankara with fighter from India, versus, remaining Ottoman trooper. Losses none Allies & Ottoman trooper, Ankara falls. Along with from India trooper & gun, via transport, arrives into Mespotamia.

Western Front, 2 troopers in Picardy board a transport from waters off Kiel. Cruiser & sub. enter waters off Berlin, no mine lost, versus, GE. submarine, both sides lose a submarine. Two transports off Kiel, return to London, pick up 3 troopers & tank, &, no mine lost, lands them into Kiel(along with 2 troopers from Picardy pick up by another transport). First an arial duel, fighter from London, defeats fighter defending Kiel. Damaged B.B. shells and defending gun replies, GE. trooper destroyed. Finally fighter, tank, &, 5 troopers finish off remaining gun(tank absorb hit from gun). Kiel falls again!

Also trooper & 2 guns in Alsace enter Hanover defended by A.H. Empire of 2 troopers, gun, &, tank. Losses a gun, &, A.H. trooper & gun(tank absorb a hit). Munich contested, from Ruhr a trooper & gun enter Hanover, defended by GE. 2 troopers & gun. Losses a gun, &, Germans none, still the British know that with Hanover contested, makes it hard for any GE. counterattacks, in the future.

Ottoman Empire builds gun, &, 6 troopers. Sub off East Africa goes to S.W. Africa, cause the Suez Canal is close to it, and, the waters off India has 2 fighters covering that area. Trooper in contested Sudan abandons it, &, enter Egypt with 2 troopers & gun from Jordan, versus, U.S. 2 troopers & gun. Losses 2 troopers ,&, Allies trooper & gun, Egypt is contested again.

Two troopers move from Smyrna to Jordan, &, another two move from capital to Smyrna. Fighter from capital attacks 2 Russian Cruisers in Ottoman Home Waters, &, sinks one for no lost(fighter lands in capital). The remainder of the garrison from the capital, tries to free Ankara, with 2 troopers, gun, &, tank, versus, Russian trooper and British fighter & trooper. Losses a trooper(tank absorb a hit), &, Allies all, Ankara is freed.

Italy builds a tank, &, fighter. For right now, their forces will hunker down, the northern part of the country will be lost for now, perhaps in the next & last round, they might counterattack. Sends capital garrison (sans a trooper)to Tuscany, while 2 troopers already there(leaving behind their 2 guns), move to Venice. Finally a trooper moves from Naples to Rome.

U.S. builds 2 transports, fighter, &, 2 troopers. Two transports off Libya head back to East Coast, while 2 transports off Morocco with 2 troopers, gun, &, tank(along with B.B. for escort). They arrive but B.B. suffers mine damage.

Sea landings trooper with tank land in Egypt(joins trooper already there, with another which came from Libya), versus, Ottoman trooper & gun. BB & defending gun score no hits, losses Allies a trooper, &, Axis all, Africa is all Allied controlled!

Meanwhile a trooper & gun land in Naples, versus, defending It. trooper. Naples falls for no lost to United States.

Round Eight: Ausro-Hungarian Empire builds B.B., sub., tank, &, fighter. Sends 2 troopers from Trieste to reinforce Venice, &, 2 troopers from Vienna to Trieste. Also from capital 2 troopers to Bohemia, &, trooper & gun to Tryrolia(if Munich falls, the Allies will be bordering the western part of the empire). Finally a trooper from the capital to Galicia, while a trooper from Bulgaria moves to Romania, &, another trooper moves from Greece to Bulgaria.

Cruiser leaves home port, attacks Allied fleet of U.S. damaged B.B., C, 2 transports, and, Fr. transports. Losses a C each side(those transports were too tempting).

Battle more to contest, than actually occupy, 3 troopers and fighter from capital, enter Uk., versus, 3 Russian troopers. Losses 2 troopers & fighter, &, Russian 2 troopers, Uk. Is contested. From Rumania 2 troopers & gun, enter Sevastopol defended by 5 Russian troopers. Losses only a Axis trooper, Sevastopol is contested. For now the Empire has brought some breathing space, at the end of the round, will it be of any worth?

Russian Empire builds gun & 4 troopers. From capital 2 troopers enter Uk. & the trooper already there enter Sevastopol. In contested Uk. 2 troopers versus invading AH trooper, both sides lose a trooper, Uk. is uncontested. In Sevastopol 2 troopers leave & enter Mesopotamia, the remaining 3 troopers, versus, invading AH trooper & gun. Losses all Axis, Sevastopol is uncontested.

Meanwhile from capital 3 troopers & gun enter Belarus, occupied by GE. 2 troopers & gun, losses 2 troopers & none Axis, Belarus is contested.

GE. builds B.B., sub., tank, &, gun. Hanover garrison goes to contested Munich of 2 troopers & gun(with fighter from capital),versus, British gun & trooper. Losses all British, Hanover is no longer
contested. Three troopers move from capital to Hanover, while the remaining four enter & try to contest Kiel, versus, British 5 troopers & tank. Losses each side losses a trooper, the tank absorb a hit for the British.

Meanwhile for the Eastern Front, 2 troopers from Prussia go to Berlin, while trooper & gun from Poland move back to Prussia(the threat from seaborn landings is too great). In Belarus 3 troopers & gun(a trooper from Poland), versus, Russian trooper & gun. Loses a trooper, &, all Allies, Belarus is back in Axis hands. Also a trooper from Livonia goes back to Poland, while the remaining trooper & gun abandon Livonia, and, take undefended Karelia(more to annoy the Russians, as they cannot even adequately defend 4 territories in Russia, with just 4 troopers & 2 guns so spread out).

The Germans are hoping to foil any sea landings on the north coast, even still the Western Allies broadfront push on the Western Front cannot be stopped for long. While the Eastern Front is already lost, with no reinforcements going there.

Fr. builds a gun, trooper, fighter, sub., &, B.B.(naval units for Macellies). Transport takes a trooper from Piedmont & Sardina, and, lands them onto Sicily, defended by A.H. trooper. Both sides lose a trooper, Sicily is taken. From Marceilles a C goes to off the Gold Coast, while a transport off Wales heads for East Coast.

Meanwhile 2 troopers, gun, &, fighter, from Piedmont invade Venice(defended by It. 2 troopers & AH 3 troopers & gun). Losses a trooper, &, It. trooper, and, 2 AH troopers, Venice is contested. Earlier from Burgundy to Piedmont moves 4 troopers & gun.

On Western Front Paris garrison of 4 troopers & gun move to Burgundy(fighter flies to Lorraine). From Alsace to Hanover 6 troopers, gun, and, tank, invade Munich protected by AH tank & trooper, and, GE. 2 troopers, gun, &, fighter. Losses both sides had a tank that absorb a hit, Fr. lose 2 troopers and, AH a trooper & GE. a trooper & gun. Munich is contested.

British Empire builds U.K. a transport, B.B., fighter, &, trooper, and, in India, 2 fighters, trooper, &, gun.
With this second half of players, the Brits. are the last heavy hitting Allied player left, let us see what trouble they can cause for the Axis Powers.

Trooper moves from Sudan to Egypt, transport off India brings tank to Mesopotamia & trooper to Arabia(fighter flies into latter). Three transport off Kiel go to off London, picks up four troopers, gun, &, fighter flying in to join just one defending trooper in Kiel, versus, 3 GE. troopers. Losses 1 trooper, &, all Axis forces, Kiel is retained. Meanwhile trooper & gun from the Ruhr, and, the rest of the garrison from Kiel of 2 troopers & tank, enter Hanover defended by 3 GE. troopers. Losses a hit absorbed by tank, &, all Axis forces, Hanover falls.

Also another fighter from London flies to the Ruhr, with damaged B.B. off Kiel, goes to GE. Waters off Berlin, to join cruiser already there, versus, GE. BB & cruiser. Losses all but damaged GE. BB, still even with the lost of the fleet off Berlin, Germany only controls three of its eight home provinces.

Ottoman Empire builds sub., &, 4 troopers. Moves 2 troopers from Smyrna to reinforce Jordan, with 2 troopers from capital to Symrna(while a trooper from Jordan reinforces Syria). Finally from capital trooper sent to reinforce Bulgaria, &, 2 troopers & gun sent to Ankara.

Syria & Ankara garrisons of 3 troopers, 2 guns, tank, &, fighter try to retake Mesopotamia(facing Russian 2 troopers, and, British trooper, gun, tank, &, fighter). Losses a fighter(lost in air duel), both sides have tanks that absorbed a hit, Ottoman lose 2 troopers & gun, &, Russians 2 troopers. Mesopotamia is contested!

Finally sub. submerges off coast of Nigeria, as it cannot pass by Fr. Cruiser off Togoland, or, cannot go through the Suez Canal.

Italy builds a gun, &, 2 troopers. This New Roman Empire once controlled all of N. Africa, Southern France & contested Central France. Now it is to the Axis, what Russia is to the Allies, the Power with the most lost territories.

Sends from Tuscany( trooper & 2 guns), to help AH forces trying to defend Venice from French forces of trooper, gun, &, fighter. Losses a gun & Fr. all, Venice is uncontested! Again from Tuscany sends a trooper to Rome, one stays in Tuscany, &, 2 troopers try to contest Piedmont(occupied by Fr. 3 troopers & gun). Losses 2 troopers & Fr. a trooper.

Finally from Rome 2 trooper, tank, &, fighter try to take back Naples, help by U.S. forces of trooper & gun. The fighter flies back to Rome. Losses tank absorbs a hit, &, U.S. a gun. Naples is contested!

U.S. builds B.B., transport, &, tank. From East Coast escort C & 2 transport(with 2 troopers, gun, &, tank) arrive off Morocco, while fighter flies in. Also 2 transports off Morocco arrive off the East Coast.

Using 2 transports off Egypt, they pick up 2 troopers & tank, and, land them to reinforce the trooper in Naples, versus, It. 2 troopers & tank. Losses each side absorbs a hit cause of their tanks, and, It. Trooper destroyed by damaged B.B. shelling.

Finally trooper arrives in Sudan, moving from East Africa, and, ....

...Peace breaks out. Losses troopers Axis 207, &, Allies 182, guns 63 & 52, tanks 1 & 3, fighters 12 & 11, transports 2 & 4, subs. 12 & 10, cruisers 9 & 10, BB 6 & 7. Total IPCs left Axis 91, &, Allies 123.

Units left on board troopers Axis 38, &, Allies 43. Guns 10 & 10. Tanks 4 & 4. Fighters 4 & 7. Transports Allies only 12. Subs. 2 & 2. Cruisers Allies only of 3. Battleships 2 & 4.

Finally only A.H. Empire is still intact, and, for the Allies Russia is the only power with territories control by the Axis powers. In Arica all six Axis colonies are occupied, in Asia Minor the Ottomans have Mesopotamia contested. Meanwhile in the Mediterranean Area Italy has lost 2 territories and has two contested, while in the Balkans Allied Greece, Serbia, &, Romania are occupied.

For the Eastern Front Russia has four territories occupied, and, the Western Front GE. has lost 4 provinces and one contested.

Moderate Allied Victory, with Prussia and Poland as independent nations, and, buffers tween Germany and Russia. Mesopotamia split between the Allies for its oil fields economical use(still administered by Turkey). U.S. keeps Togoland and the Italian colonies and prepares them for nationhood((thus annoying the heck out of Italy), while the three former GE. colonies are split
between the remaining Allies(with Russia selling theirs for big bucks back to Germany & AH).

Of course the Axis can continue the war, but, with Germany and Italy on its last legs, Russia making a comback, France and British steamrolling on the Western Front, U.S. making inroads in the Mediterranean area, Austria-Hungary Empire and Ottomn Empire cannot save the day for the Axis Powers.

Finally Axis Empires convert to constitional monarch system like the British, Allied naval fleets can dock and have bases in Kiel and Trieste. Lower Trieste, and, Albania, and, Serbia form a new nation. Everybody joins the new League of Nations, thus avoiding a Second World War.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Final scenario same as above, but, with no minor Allies. Also after each round, reported IPCs lost from units lost, proviences and territories lost/gain. Thus speeding up the play, the previous scenario was started last Sept. 17 and finished this March 18, delayed due to those naughty girls Irma and Maria, thanks, Pellulo.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Axis Powers(without Italy defecting) versus Entent Powers(no revolution in Russia, and, U.S. joins the Allies in round one). Also no minor allied powers, for only eight rounds(six months each round, for a total of four years).

Round One: Axis will attack Russia with overwhelming forces, with constant reinforcements to take Moscow, or/&, take all of the provinces in Russia. With little income, Moscow can only hold out for so long, with GE. & AH Empires knocking on the door.

Ottoman hopefully can try to take Sevastopol, &, with Italy invading S. France. Also with help from AH naval forces, try to take Africa(or cause as much trouble there for the Allies, by transporting forces to Libya).

GE. will hold on the Western Front, &, AH will help to try to take S. France. AH Empire IPS losses 09 and Allies 9.

Russia will hunker down, &, hopefully the Allies will come to the rescue. Keeping Belrusa as
a gun park, and, taking Mesopotamia to keep the Ottoman from trying to enter S. Russia. Losses IPCs none, and, Axis 10.

GE. does a Battle of Jutland, &, IPCs losses 24, and, Allies 55.

France builds up forces to invade Alsace and Piedmont. Sends navy to help protect London, &, builds up naval forces in Mediterranean to counter Axis naval forces. No IPCs lost.

British Empire needs to help France, but, first controll the situation in Africa, reinforce Russia in Mesopotamia, and, gain control of its Home Waters(in order to avoid a “Sea Lion” invasion by Germany). IPCs lost 10 & Axis 22. Somalialand taken.

Ottoman Empire needs to retake Mesopotamia, before it can attack Russia’s back door via Sevastopol. Mesopotamia is contested, &, Arabia is taken. Losses IPCs 28 & Allies 26.

Italy can only reinforce Libya, but, weaken Egypt is tempting. Egyptian sea invasion fails, but, Libya is uncontested. IPCs lost 11, &, Allies 19.

U.S.A. sends fleet to help British stop GE. subs. from breaking out to the Atlantic.

Round Two: Austro-Hungarian Empire takes over Ukraine and Egypt(via sea landing). Losses IPCs 12 & Allies 15.

Russia has already lost Poland to GE., but, to lose Ukraine to AH Empire, could mean Sevastopol is next. That could lead to the Ottoman Empire to come through, much less lose the only connection to an ally(the British). Contested Ukraine with IPCs losses 30 and Axis 51.

Germany surface Naval forces get bottle up in Kiel, while the u-boats score big off the coast of Ireland. Takes Belarusa and contest Livonia. IPCs lost 36 and Allies 70. The temption to take Lorraine is incredible, but, more time is gain for the Eastern Front, just making the Allies even try to attack Alsace.

France takes vía sea and land assault Libya, &, after wiping out AH Empire’s navy, controls the central Mediterranean Sea(also take Sicily).

Reinforces Western Front, clears out the last German U-boat, and, prepares for Axis attack through Italy. Losses IPCs 9, &, Axis. 36.

British Empire destroys invading GE. Forces and uncontested S. Africa, still trying to control waters off Kiel. Losses IPCs 24 & Axis 27.

Ottoman Empire contest Mesopotamia, reinforces AH control Egypt, losses 9 & Allies 9.

Italian Empire finally attacks in the West, contest Marceilles.

U.S.A. Republic sends forces to help France in N.W. Africa and S. France.

Round Three: A.H.Empire helps contest Libya, for its ally Italy, and, sinks half of the British Empire’s original transport fleet. IPCs lost 47 & Allies 52.

Russia retakes Belarus, nearly frees Livonia, but, has reached the stage where weakness will no longer make it possible to protect it proviences. Losses IPCs 23 & Axis 45.

Germany retakes Belarus, fails in a SeaLion invasion of the United Kingdom, finally attacks Lorraine. Already three Axis powers are in France, and, there is very little British forces there, contest Lorraine. Still it will be even harder to send reinforcements to the Western Front, with so much tied into the Eastern Front.

France contest Gold Coast, takes Libya, &, Sardina. France’s navy controls the Mediterranean Sea and protects the waters off London. IPCs lost 21 & Axis 30.

British Empire takes S.W. Africa, needs to move its forces off the U.K., now that it seems no invasion will occur. Losses in IPCs 9 and Axis 15.

Ottoman Empire protexts and drives out Allies trying to retake Egypt from A.H. Empire. Nearly retakes Mesopotamia. Losses in IPCs 15 & Allies 10.

Italian Empire suffers heavy losses both sides, but, fails to take Marceilles. Worse is that the Fr. may get reinforcements, all the while losing both colonies in Africa and the major islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Losses IPCs 30 and Allies 32.

U.S. frees Gold Cast, and, reinforces French N. Africa, and, south of France. Losses Axis 3 IPCs.

Round Four: A.H. Empire takes Ukraine and Burgundy, losses IPCs 18 & Allies 36. Could Paris fall, before Moscow?

Russian Empire retakes Livonia and Belarus. Losses IPCs lost 9 and Axis 16. The need to keep A.H. Empire and German Empire from “ganging up” on Moscow is of prime importance.

German Empire is on a roll, retakes Livonia and Belarus, also Lorraine and Picardy. Yet land forces are starting to run out, in Eastern Front just seiging Moscow leaves the proviences of Russia as easy prey, but, on Western Front arriving Allied forces will probably force a retreat back to Alsace. Of course Italy and A.H. Empire may tip the scales in France.

Losses 15 and Allies 37.

French Empire contest Picardy, has three Axis Powers attacking its home proviences. Losses 12 & Axis 19. Will British and U.S. forces in France help turn the tide?

British Empire lands reinforcements into Picardy to help French forces and attack invading Germans, knocking the teeth out of the Axis power. Losses 25 & Axis 24.

Ottoman Empire frees Libya for Italy, and, liberates Mesopotamia. Losses both sides 6 IPCs.

Italian Empire finally rakes Marceilles, losses IPCs 12 & Allies 26.

U.S. is the only Ally that has no territories, occupied by the Axis, losses IPCs 6 & Axis 12.

A.H.E. May have just won the war, on this turn, contest both Moscow and Paris, &, takes over Sevastopol and Tartistan. Losses IPCs 32 and Allies 40.

Russia has lost half of its proviences, losses IPCs 6 & Axis 6.

Germany also contest Moscow, fails to take it, but, reduces Russian forces down to one trooper. Also reduces Fr. fleet protecting waters off London. IPCs lost 45 and Allies 30.

French Empire takes Kamerun, retakes Burgundy, losses fleet off London, but, destroys GE. Fleet off Kiel. Losses IPCs 27 & Axis 33.

British Empire frees Picardy, by sea landing takes Prussia(to show the Axis they can be invaded, not so much, more to annoy Germany). Losses IPCs 6 & Axis 20.

Ottoman Empire takes Tunisia and Sudan, losses IPCs 26 and Allies 31.

Italian Empire finally takes Bordeaux, losses IPCs 6 and Allies 12.

U.S.A. Takes Egypt by sea, and, on test Libya. IPCs lost Axis 12.

Round Six: A.H.E. takes Kazakhstan and Burgundy, losses IPCs 42 and Allies 55.

Russia has one trooper left, after attack by A.H. Empire, will just build this turn. Retakes Ukraine left empty by attacking Axis power.

German Empire takes Moscow and Karelia. Also contest Picardy again(Western Front forces are very low, but, in the pipeline some re inforcements are on the way, while the Eastern Front is pretty much max. out with forces). IPCs losses 9 and Allies 22.

France contest Bordeaux, IPCs lost 9 and Axis 10.

British Empire retakes Picardy, and, help France in Bordeaux. Losses IPCs 6 and Axis 18.

Ottoman Empire takes Egypt, and, British E. Africa. IPS lost 3 and Allies 09.

Italian Empire force to retreat from Bordeaux, try to hold onto Marseille. Italy is the only Axis power, to have lost actual home proviences, much less it’s African colonies. Losses IPCs none.

U.S.A. frees Tunisia, and, take again Libya. IPCSs lost 15 & Axis 22.

Round Seven: A.H.E. retakes Ukraine(destroys the last of the Russian forces), &, recontest Paris. IPCs lost 27 and Allies 33.

Russian Empire only exist in Finland, it is out play.

German Empire with the funds gotten from taking Moscow, will built for another chance at a Operation Sealion. Takes the last province of the Russian Empire, Finland. IPCs lost only 6 for the Allies.

France retakes Burgundy, uncontest Paris, and, frees Sudan. IPCs lost 3 & Axis 10.

British Empire...

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by blacklodge » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:56 pm

After More than a Century W.W.I Explosive Poses a Danger
MANTOLOKING, N.J. – A century after World War I ended, discarded munitions from that and other wars continue to make their way onto beaches around the country.

Items ranging from tiny fuses to full-scale mines are displaced by beach replenishment projects, sucked from the ocean floor and pumped ashore, or by strong storms that uncover them.

The most recent discovery came earlier this month when seven WWI rifle grenades were found on the beach in Mantoloking, New Jersey, which is undergoing a beach replenishment project to undo damage from Superstorm Sandy more than five years ago.

Many of the items were simply dumped overboard at the end of World Wars I and II; others remain from military drills or target practice. They've been discovered in at least 16 states from New Jersey to Hawaii.

"Surprisingly or not, this stuff continues to turn up," said Niall Slowey, an oceanography professor at Texas A&M University, who has studied the phenomenon extensively. "They disposed of millions of tons of this stuff."

No one knows how many pieces of munitions remain offshore, partly because the military's own records as to how much was disposed of aren't great. A Defense Department report to Congress in 2009 said more than half of sea disposals of munitions was done in the Atlantic Ocean; the Pacific got another 35 percent, and lesser amounts were dumped off Hawaii, Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The material was dumped as near as 5 miles from shore, in water as shallow as 50 feet.

Slowey and a colleague released a 2012 study estimating there are millions of pounds of undersea bombs in the Gulf of Mexico alone.

Disposal of unneeded munitions at sea was commonly accepted practice until 1970.

"They thought it was beyond harm's reach," Slowey said. "People could not envision that there would be any interaction with material that deep on the ocean floor. But there is a lot more on the sea floor than anyone could have envisioned."

New Jersey has been home to some well-publicized discoveries, including more than 1,100 pieces of munitions pumped ashore during beach replenishment work on a mile and a half of sand in Surf City and Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island in 2007. The items, mostly fuses, prompted temporary bans on the use of metal detectors and the digging of holes in the sand more than a foot deep. It also created a cottage industry in T-shirts with slogans like "Our beaches will blow you away!" and "I got bombed on L.B.I.!"

Similar material surfaced on the Jersey shore towns of Loch Arbour, Allenhurst and Deal in 2016 as part of another post-Sandy beach restoration project.

In May 2008, a bomb squad from the Massachusetts State Police detonated several pieces of unexploded ordnance left over from World War II on Chappaquiddick, including practice bombs.

In June 2013, a beachgoer discovered a partially buried German mine in the surf about 10 feet from shore in Bay Head, New Jersey, on the same day that the Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland did a controlled explosion of a World War II bomb that had washed ashore.

In July 2015, a photoflash bomb, designed to illuminate the night sky over WWII battlefields, was discovered on a beach near Tampa, Florida, where authorities blew it up on the sand.

Military and civilian experts say they don't know of anyone in the United States being injured by munitions found on a beach, but agree the potential for injury is real.

"The problem is you just don't know," said Master Sgt. Brad Kline, an explosives disposal expert at New Jersey's Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. "There could be explosive residue left behind. It's definitely not worth the risk" of handling it. Military personnel use explosives to blow up munitions that are discovered on the beach and brought to the base.

In Europe, there have been injuries and deaths from unexploded munitions, including the 2005 deaths of three Dutch fishermen whose nets brought a WWII bomb to the surface, and other fishermen burned by chemical weapons they unwittingly dredged up.

Thanks Wayne Parry at Yahoo News

P.S. I can imagine all the unexploded shells at Verdun Battlefield!

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