Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by pellulo » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:31 pm

In the last scenario two of the weakest empires got savaged in land combat, but, this time there will be no Italy to suffer this fate. Allies British & French Empires & U.S.A., versus, Axis Germany & Ottoman Empires.

Round One: Germany builds fighter, 2 transports, sub., & , Cruiser. As usual forces from Togoland & Kameron take over undefended British Gold Coast & Nigeria. Moves forces to southern Germany for invasion of Northern France, plans are a massive invasion into Lorraine.

Also fighter flies into Kiel, and, Home Fleet with subs. to attack British Home fleet off London. Combat BB, 2C, 2 subs.(no mine lost), versus, British BB & 2C & transport. Losses only GE. damaged BB & 2C are left.

Also 2 subs. attack Canadian C & transports off Canada. Losses only a Allied Cruiser left. Germans are trying to threaten Brits. & Fr. at the same time, to weaken any attacks on Ottoman Empire.

France builds fighter, sub., &, 4 troopers. Builds up forces in Lorraine, keeps 4 guns in Burgundy as a gun park, also a trooper & gun, on both Atlantic coastline provinces to deter any landings. Flies fighter from capital to Lorraine, with sending transport from Brest to off Canada, and, BB to off London(does not seek battle).

Off Marseilles both transports sail to Canada, while BB & C enters Ottoman Home Waters(no mine lost), and, sinks both Ottoman Cs for no lost. Troopers from S.W. Africa join together for future offensive operation to free Gold Coast, while troopers in N. Africa head for Egypt. Fr. transports are setting up the stage for a hopeful Axis defeat.

British Empire builds 2 troopers for India, fighter and BB & transport for Home Islands(transport placed off Wales). Troopers & guns reposition to protect Home Islands. Canadian C arrives off London(seeks no battle), while Canadian trooper & gun boards French Transport.

South African trooper & gun, invade GE. West Africa defended by same, each side losses a gun. Trooper from Rhodesia & East Africa invade GE. East Africa, defended by a trooper, no losses, so far two GE. colonies are contested. While a trooper goes from Sudan to East Africa, &, a trooper from Egypt to Sudan. Also Egyptian C leaves for London, &, transport leaves for Tunisia to pick up Fr. troopers.

From India transport lands in Egypt trooper & gun, escorted by BB, while C heads for London. British must help French land forces in France, hold GE. navy in North Atlantic, defend Home Islands from landings. Also take out Axis in Africa, defend Egypt, &, them move onto Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter & sub. & gun, moves land forces to reinforce western & southern parts of the empire. There is a tipping point where the Ottomans have to decide if they will invade Egypt, or, just stay on the defensive.

U.S.A. builds 3 transports, BB & C head for London.

Round Two: Germany builds fighter, transport, sub., C, &, BB. Moves fighter from capital to Ruhr, while fighter from Kiel flies to Alsace. Fleet off Kiel of C, sub., &, 2 transports(no mine lost) joins fleet off Scotland of damaged BB & 2C.

Battle against British BB, sub., fighter, and, Fr. BB. Losses only GE. transports left, landing 2 troopers & 2 guns onto Scotland, versus, defending Brits. trooper & gun. Losses Axis a trooper & Allies a gun, Scotland is contested.

In Africa two troopers in British colonies retreat to hunker down in Togoland.

France builds fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers. More units are sent to Lorraine, along with an fighter flown in from Paris. A pair of troopers board British transport off Tunisia.

Transport from Canada arrives off Picardy with Canadian trooper & gun, while 2 transport arrive off Canada. BB & C attack Ottoman sub. in Ottoman Home Water, losses Allies damaged BB & Axis submarine. While sub. leaves Brest for London.

Two troopers enter British Gold Coast & retake it(no defending Axis forces). .

British Empire builds 2 fighters(one for India), gun, &, BB. In Canada three troopers & gun board a pair of Fr. transports. Canadian trooper & gun debark a Fr. transport, &, 2 troopers from Wales board a transport & debark also onto Picardy.

Four troopers & gun reinforce a trooper in Scotland, versus, GE. 2 troopers & gun. Losses Allies a trooper, &, Axis all, Scotland is uncontested!

Trooper versus defending GE. trooper in GE. S.W. Africa colony, both sides are wiped out, GE. colony stays contested. Trooper from Br. East Africa joins two troopers in GE. East Africa, versus, defending GE. trooper. Losses Axis trooper, colony falls. Another trooper from Sudan enters Fr. Eq. Africa.

BB & transport returns to India, while transport arrives off Egypt with 2 Fr. troopers. Meanwhile C arrives off London from Med. Sea, &, sinks 2 undefended GE. transports.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter & 3 troopers. Moves more land forces to southern & eastern borders, especially Jordan. While a fighter arrives there from the capital.

U.S.A. builds fighter, trooper, gun, &, transport. Two transports head for France with 3 troopers & gun, while another transport with trooper & gun heads for North Africa. Also BB & C heads for London to join Allied Fleet.

Round Three: The Axis have to go on a full scale attack, of course the question is, should the Ottoman Empire sit this out, and, only attack when Germany is well into France. By the next round this question should be answered.

Germany builds 2 BB, fighter, &, trooper. More land forces enter Alsace, while a fighter flies to Lorraine from Ruhr( another fighter flies from capital to Kiel).

The Second Reich cannot wait for more Allied reinforcements to reach France, the invasion of Lorraine begins. Two fighters dog fight two Fr. fighters, both Axis fighters lost for one Fr. fighter.

Battle 31 troopers & 11 guns, versus, Fr. 2 guns & 22 troopers. Losses Axis 16 troopers & Allies 15 troopers, Lorraine is contested. After this round naval purchases will nose dive for the Axis.

Fr. survive the initial attack, &, still has left a force to be reckon with, should with reinforcements it leads to a counterattack, or, just hunker down and wait for British & Americans to show up. Builds fighter, &, 6 troopers.

France moves reinforcements into Lorraine(while more land forces enter Burgundy), decides to battle, air fighter(has superiority)of 2 fighters(one flew in from capital), 12 troopers, &, 7 guns, versus, GE. 15 troopers, &, 11 guns. Losses Allies 11 troopers & Axis 11 troopers. Both sides has infantry ready to enter Lorraine next turn.

Arriving off Picardy are 2 transports with 4 Canadian troopers, while another transport leaves Picardy, to arrive off Canada. Damaged BB leaves Ottoman home waters for Brest & C leaves to join Brits. fleet off Egypt. Also 2 troopers debark Brits. transport into Egypt.

British Empire builds BB, sub., trooper, & , fighter for India. Moves trooper from Fr. Eq. Africa into undefended GE. Kamerun, colony falls. Also trooper from GE. East Africa heads for undefended GE. S. Africa, &, another 2 troopers head for Egypt from same colony. Along with transport escorted by BB drops off in Egypt 2 troopers & fighter flies in also from India. Another transport leaves Egypt & heads for India.

Four Canadian troopers debark 2 Fr. transports into Picardy, while 3 troopers & gun leave Picardy & enter Lorraine. While 2 troopers in Canada board a French transport.

Ottoman Empire builds gun, 2 troopers, &, submarine. Moves some land forces towards southern empire, fighter flies from capital to Jordan. Invades Egypt from Jordan with fighter, 3 guns, &, 12 troopers, versus, British fighter, 3 guns, 9 troopers, &, Fr. 2 troopers. Allies fighter lose air duel with Axis fighter. Losses Allies 2 Fr. & Brits. 5 troopers, &, Axis 7 troopers. Egypt is contested.

U.S.A. builds gun, trooper, 2 transports. Moves transport off Egypt & lands trooper & gun, another 2 transports arrive off Fr. & lands 3 troopers & gun into Bordeaux. Fighter flies from East Coast to Morocco, another transport heads for Africa(with trooper & gun).

Round Four: GE. builds tank, gun, trooper, fighter, BB, &, submarine. Flies fighter from capital to Ruhr, reinforcements enter Lorraine from Alsace. Combat 15 troopers & 14 guns, versus, Fr. trooper, 7 guns, and, 2 fighters. Losses Axis 7 troopers, &, Allies all, Lorraine has fallen!

In Africa Togoland garrison invades again Gold Coast, 2 troopers versus two Fr. troopers defending this British Colony. Losses a trooper each side, &, Gold Coast is contested.

At sea GE. home fleet invades British Home Waters with fighter(lost in air duel with British fighter), sub.(lost to mines), 1 C, 3 BB(one damaged due to mines), versus, British fighter, 2 BB, 1 C, 1 sub., and, Fr. sub., and, U.S.N. BB & C. Losses all Axis, and, only both Brits. BB survived damaged, &, U.S. BB damaged & C survived.

France builds tank, gun, 4 troopers. Paris garrison moves to Burgundy, also trooper & gun leaves Brest & moves to Paris, while BB leaves S. France & heads for Egypt(while C leaves Egypt & heads for London). Also transport arrives off Picardy with 2 Canadian troopers, two more transports arrive off London.

British Empire builds fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers, while for India fighter, gun, &, trooper. Moves trooper from Kamerun to retake undefended Nigeria, &, another trooper heads for GE. S.W. Africa arriving in S. Africa from Rhodesia. While 2 troopers arrive in Sudan from British E. Africa. Also 2 transports & BB arrive off India, &, 3 troopers & gun board them.

Four troops move from Picardy to Burgundy, while transport leaves 2 troopers from Scotland into Picardy. Meanwhile 2 troopers debark Fr. transport onto Picardy, &, 2 troopers & 2 guns board(from London) 2 Fr. transports & debark onto Picardy.

Ottoman empire builds 2 guns & 3 troopers. Fighter flies out and sinks U.S. transport & lands at capital. More units move towards Jordan. In Egypt fighter, 3 guns, &, 9 troopers, versus, British 3 guns, 4 troopers, and, U.S. trooper & gun. Losses Axis are 4 troopers, &, Allies only British trooper left.

U.S.A. builds C & 4 troopers. Three troopers & gun move into Burgundy from Bordeaux, while 2 transports leave Fr. for East Coast. Also a transport(trooper & gun) heads for France, &, another heads for Africa(2 troopers), from East Coast. Another transport drops off into Egypt a trooper & gun.

Round 5: GE. builds C, BB, fighter, trooper & gun. Fighter from Ruhr lands in Lorraine(another from capital flies to Munich), and, units from Alsace enters Lorraine. Meanwhile Lorraine garrison invades not Burgundy but Picardy(less defense), 14 guns & 8 troopers, versus, Brits. 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 6 troopers & 1 guns, &, Allies all, Picardy falls.

In Africa trooper takes out defending Fr. trooper in British Gold Coast, but, GE. trooper is lost also(so colony becomes uncontested).

France builds fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves Burgundy & Paris garrisons to Picardy, with British & U.S. forces protecting Burgundy. Sixteen troopers, 3 guns, tank & fighter, versus, GE. 2 troopers & 13 guns. Losses Allies 5 troopers(tank took a hit) & Axis trooper & 7 guns, Picardy is now contested. Transport off Picardy heads for East Coast.

BB off Egypt enters Ottoman Home waters, versus, fighter & submarine. Losses Allies BB damaged & Axis submarine, a C arrives off London.

British Empire builds fighter, tank, gun, 2 troopers, &, for India a fighter. Togoland & S.W. Africa fall to entering troopers, both undefended colonies(no GE. presence left in Africa). Two troopers enter Egypt from Sudan & 2 transports(with escorting BB), arrive with reinforcements of 3 troopers & gun(fighter flies in).

Three troopers & 2 guns board transport and two Fr. transports, &, debark into Picardy. There they are join from forces from Burgundy, 3 guns & 10 troopers versus, GE. trooper and 7 guns. Losses Allies 5 troopers & Axis 5 guns.

British Home Fleet of 2 BB(one damaged by mines) & fighter, enter GE. Home Waters, versus, GE. 2 BB, C, Sub. , & transport. Losses all Allies, only one Axis damaged BB & transport are left.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter, &, 3 troopers. Reinforcements pour into Jordan & Egypt, in a last bid to take Egypt over, as the Turks know that GE. will not be able to outflank the Allies and take Paris. Battle 2 fighter, 6 guns, &, 9 troopers, versus, British fighter, gun, &, 6 troopers, and, U.S. trooper & gun. Losses Axis & Allies fighter lost in dogfight, Allies lose 7 troopers(1 U.S. & 6 Brits.) & gun, and, Axis lose 7 troopers.

U.S.A. builds gun & trooper, tank, &, fighter. Transport leaves Egypt & another leaves East Coast with 2 troopers for Egypt. Also another transport arrives with 2 troopers debarking, along with fighter flying in from Tunisia, into Egypt. Air duel Ottoman fighter is lost.

U.S.N. fleet off London, enter GE. Home Waters, damaged BB & C, for lost of C, sinks damaged GE. BB & transport. Allies control the seas!

Round Six: Germany builds fighter, 2 troopers, 2 guns, BB, &, submarine. Moves reinforcements from S. Germany to Lorraine, while units in Picardy retreat into Lorraine. Meanwhile Lorraine garrison invades Burgundy, battle 10 troopers & 2 guns, versus, U.S. 3 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies all, Burgundy falls! Picardy was too hard to take(even waiting for reinforcements would be redundant as the Allies would get their reinforcements), so taking Burgundy helps in coming Peace Talks(if GE. can hold them).
Meanwhile from Munich fighter attacks damaged U.S. BB off Kiel, both are lost.

France builds gun, 4 troopers, &, fighter. Transport arrives East Coast, moves from Picardy into Lorraine 12 troopers, 3 guns, tank, &, fighter, versus, GE. 3 troopers, &, 4 guns. Losses Allies 5 troopers(the tank absorbed a hit), &, Axis all, Lorraine is freed & Axis forces are cut off in France.

Now Paris garrison enters Burgundy, 4 troopers, gun, &, fighter, versus, GE. 6 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter. Losses both fighters are lost in air duel, Allies all but one trooper is lost, &, Axis 2 troopers. Burgundy is contested!

Great Britain builds 3 troopers, gun, BB, &, for India a fighter. Moves 3 troopers & gun board 2 Fr. transports off London, also trooper & gun board transport & debark onto Picardy. Also two troopers W. Africa head for Egypt.

Battle forces in Picardy enters Burgundy, 5 troopers & 3 guns, versus, GE. 4 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 2 troopers , &, Axis only a trooper is left. Burgundy is contested!

From Red Sea 2 transports & escort BB returns to India. There 3 troopers & gun board & debark onto Mesopotamia, where BB takes out Ottoman trooper & defending gun scores no hit. Battle with fighter flying in from India, 3 troopers & gun, versus, Ottoman defending trooper & gun. Losses none for Allies, all for Axis, Mesopotamia has fallen!

Ottoman Empire knows that GE. is played out(no pun intended), should they retreat back into their Empire, or, take out Egypt & threaten the Sudan, in order to have a better position at the Peace Table.

Builds fighter, 2 troopers, &, 2 guns. Moves from capital trooper & gun to Ankara, &, 2 troopers to Smyrna. While 2 troopers enter Jordan from Smyrna, also Jordan garrison goes as reinforcements into Egypt. Battle 6 troopers & 7 guns, versus, Brits. trooper & U.S. 2 troopers & gun & fighter. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies all, Egypt is part of the Ottoman Empire again! Two troopers from Syria enter Mesopotamia, versus, British 3 troopers, gun, &, fighter. Losses all Axis, &, Allies a trooper.

From capital fighter attacks damaged Fr. BB off capital, in Home Water, both are lost.

U.S.A. builds tank, gun, &, 3 troopers. Moves 3 troopers, &, gun onto transports heading from East Coast to Egypt(also fighter flies to Fr. Morocco). A transport leaves Egypt for East Coast, while a US transport arrives off Egypt with 2 troopers(protected by Brits. Cruiser).

Peace breaks out, GE. cannot keep up with the naval war anymore, now especially when the Allies outnumber them on the Western Front. Even Southern GE. will be hard to protect, much less hold, until new land & air units are fed into the pipeline. Gets back a colony for pulling out its lone trooper in Burgundy, free passage for Allied navies through its Home Waters. Of course the Allies can refuse, but, knows it would be a long march to ever get to Berlin.

The Ottoman Empire can go onto probable take out Sudan if it went to Round Seven, but, with additional French & more U.S. & British reinforcements, landings can be made soon into the empire. For a fair swap, they leave Egypt, &, British leave Mesopotamia. Oil leases for everybody, but, a good chunk for Germany. As for the Allies British keep an colony for themselves, give one to France & one to U.S.(who plan to turn it into a new nation).

Losses in IPCs: Troopers Axis 72 & Allies 69, gun/artillery 20 & 17, fighter 7 & 10, transports 3 & 4, subs. 10 & 2, Cruisers 7 & 5, and, BB 5 & 6.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Next, the last of a 5 player scenario, &, the last appearance of the Ottoman Empire. British & French Empires & U.S.A., versus, Austro-Hungarian & Ottoman Empire.

Round One: AH Empire builds 2 transports, fighter, &, BB. BB,C, &, transport leave Home Waters, &, arrive off Ottoman capital(trooper & gun debark). For now the forces will help protect the capital, &, allow the Ottoman to move more forces to their borders.

France builds fighter, BB, &, submarine. If France can keep the AH fleet boxed in, British can reduce the Ottoman Empire, with U.S.A. helping in both goals.

Moves land forces to Marseilles, &, fighter flies in from Paris. W. African troopers head for the north, while transport from S. France, picks up trooper from Algeria & Tunisia(lands them in Egypt).

Escorting BB & C block AHE & Ottoman Home Waters, with BB from Brest sailing to join them. Also transport from Brest sails for Canada.

British Empire builds 2 fighter(one in India), BB, &, submarine. Land Forces in Africa head for Egypt, transport off Egypt heads for S. Africa, BB & transport from India arrives in Red Sea & debark 2 troopers onto Egypt(Indian C arrives off Egypt, in Med. Sea).

Off Canada C joins Fr. fleet in Central Med. Sea, &, transport with trooper & gun arrives off S. France(also 2 troopers board a Fr. transport). In home islands land forces begin to move towards Wales, &, fleet of BB, 2C, &, transport with trooper & gun, heads for Egypt.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter, sub., &, gun. Moves land forces to E. & W. parts of the Empire, wile still covering the coastal provinces. Both C attack two Brit. C off Egypt, all lost.

U.S.A. builds fighter, transport, &, submarine. While BB arrives off Spain & C arrives off S. France, both from East Coast.

Round Two: AHE builds fighter, sub., &, BB, fleets from Home Waters of both Axis powers, they move to off Italy. Here 2 BB, C, fighter, &, 2 transports(one has 2 troopers for Ottoman Empire), versus, Fr. BB, C, &, transport, with Brits. Cruiser. Losses Axis C, fighter, &, transport, &, Allies all. Two damaged BBs, with one returning to Home Waters, &, another goes to off Ottoman's capital & transport debarks 2 troopers.

French Empire builds transport, sub., &, BB. Transport from Canada arrives in Med. Sea, &, another with trooper from Algeria and S. France, goes to Egypt & debarks. BB from Brest arrives off Egypt, &, fighter lands there from S. France. From Marseilles BB & sub., with no mine lost, enters Ottoman Home Waters, &, engages AHE damaged BB, &, transport, and, Ottoman sub. & fighter. Lost all Allies & Axis AHE transport, and, Ottoman sub. & fighter.

British Empire builds fighter for India, and, C & BB. Transport arrives off S. Africa with trooper & gun board, &, transport leaves Red Sea for India. BB & sub, leaves Wales for Egypt. Fighter flies from London to Paris(while another flies from India to Egypt), while BB from Red Sea enters Ottoman Home Waters. Brits. BB versus damaged AHE BB, losses mine damaged, &, both BBs sunk. Meanwhile 2 C, arrive in Central Med., while BB arrives off Morocco.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter, trooper, &, gun. More land units enter into Jordan.

U.S.A. builds BB & C, moves transport(2 troopers) & sub., to entrance of Med. Sea. BB & C joins Allied Fleet in Central Med. Sea.

Round Three: AHE builds sub., transport, BB, &, fighter. Home Feet stays at anchorage, next round will attempt a breakout to link up with Ottoman Empire, who will be invading Egypt.

France builds C, submarine, &, fighter. Transport leaves Egypt, goes to S. France & returns with trooper & gun(while a transport already at Marseilles does the same). BB escorts both transports to Egypt.

British Empire builds 2 fighters in India, transport from S. Africa with trooper & gun, arrives off E. Africa. Another transport from India arrives Red Sea and debarks trooper & gun(fighter flies in also). Two BB & sub. from Home Islands joins fleet in central Med. Sea, while another BB & C leaves Wales.

Ottoman Empire builds fighter, &, 3 troopers. From capital fighter flies into Jordan, &, trooper & gun enter from Smyrna. Also from capital trooper & gun enter Smyrna.

U.S.A. builds transport, sub., &, fighter. Moves sub. & transport off Egypt(2 troopers debark), while fighter flies to Morocco.

Round Four: AHE builds fighter, C, &, BB. The navy knows it is outnumber by no less than 50% off Italy, if the Allies want to prevent a breakout, let them come and get them in their Home Waters(one fleet at a time).

France builds 2 BBs. Fighters fly from capital to Marseilles, two transports go from Egypt to Marseilles, and, back(debark 4 troopers). Fleets from W. & Mid. Med. Sea enter AHE Home Waters with fighter from Egypt. Battle 2 BB(both damaged by mines), C, 2 subs., &, fighter, versus, AHE 4 BB, C, 2 subs., transport, &, 3 fighters. Losses a fighter each side in air duel, Fr. losses all ships, &, AHE losses all BB damaged, 2 subs., &, 2 fighters.

British Empire builds 2 fighters & 2 troopers India, &, 2 transports. Transport arrives in Red Sea from E. Africa(trooper & gun debark), while another transport arrives off India, with 2 fighters land in Egypt from India. Two BB arrive off Marseilles, while a BB & transport(trooper & gun) leave Wales for Egypt(joined by another transport with trooper & gun wayward for reasons not know, while off Brest).

Finally fleet off Italy enters AHE Home Waters. Two BB, 2 C, sub.(no mine lost), 2 fighters, versus, AHE 4 damaged BB, &, C. Losses Allies fighter, sub., &, damaged BB, and, Axis all.

Ottoman Empire builds 5 troopers. No Axis naval forces left, with a contested Egypt, might help at the peace table. Cannot wait for Allies to invade Jordan, with unhindered fleets coastal landings can begin to happen. In air duel 2 fighters dog fight 3 BE fighters, lost all Axis and Allies 1 fighter. Eighteen troopers & 6 guns, versus, BE 11 troopers, 4 guns, &, 2 fighters, and, Fr. 10 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Brits. 7 troopers & Fr. 6 troopers, and, Ottoman Empire 11 troopers.

U.S.A. builds gun, tank, fighter, &, transport. Transport & sub. arrive off Egypt(debark 2 troopers) joining US fleet of BB & C. Fighter flies into Egypt from Morocco, another fighter leaves East Coast to Morocco. Aslo sub. & transport(trooper & gun) leaves E. Coast for Egypt.

Peace breaks out! AHE knows where this is going, their fleet will never get big enough to take on the Allies. If by chance they get naval superiority for one turn, probably Ottoman Empire will be overrun.

The Turks actually have some forces in Egypt, they agree to pull out, and, hand out economic "candy" to the Allies, oil leases(they make sure AHE helps finance their share of the Ottoman leases).

IPCs lost Axis troopers 11, &, Allies trooper 13, fighters 7, &, 3, transport 2, &, 1, subs. 3, &, 4, C 4, &, 5, and, BB five each side.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

Post by pellulo » Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:23 pm

Next the most combatants, in order to keep it Round Robin, Axis German and Austro-Hungarian Empires, versus, Allies Russian & French & British Empires and U.S.A.

For the Allies, it is let's save Russia, before the Axis overrun them. Russia needs to either hold at all costs, or, trade space for time, while British needs to get naval superiority and land troops to help France attack S. Germany, also the French need to keep the Med. Sea a Allied lake. While the U.S.A. helps fill in the gaps(probably help take out those GE. colonies).

The Axis needs to keep their land & air forces rolling onto Russia, least amount of spending on naval forces, but, keep their coastal areas well defended.

Round One: AHE builds 2 fighters, submarine, &, 2 troopers. Moves land forces into S. Russia(Trieste garrison is left to guard coastline). Galicia garrison goes into Ukraine, even if contested, &, destroyed on Russia's turn.

The ideal is to take out more Russian forces, than can be replace(a one-two punch delivered by the Axis powers). Six troopers & 2 guns, versus, the same. Losses Axis 5 troopers & Allies 3 troopers, Uk. is contested.

Russian Empire builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 3 troopers. Moves forces from Empire towards southern & western portions of the empire. In the Baltic Sea coastal regions are protected by one trooper each & fleet. The Black Sea has just 2 C protecting Sevastopol & no forces for White Sea.

Forces enter Ukraine from Tartarstan & Sevastopol, battle 9 troopers & five guns, versus, AHE trooper & 2 guns. Losses Allies a trooper & Axis all, region is uncontested.

Germany builds fighter, BB & transport off Berlin, and, C off Kiel.
In Africa GE. takes over undefended Gold Coast, &, Nigeria from Togoland, &, Kamerun. While trooper & gun from S.W. Africa invade & defeat defending trooper & gun, in Brit. S. Africa(for no lost).

Coastal garrisons down to trooper & gun, while Ruhr & Munich garrisons, will reinforce Alsace. Also Berlin & Hanover garrisons head eastwards, Kiel split between western & eastern fronts. Prussia & Silesia invades Poland, fighter from capital & 12 troopers & 6 guns, versus, Russian 15 troopers & 6 guns. Losses Axis 9 troopers & Allies 11 troopers, Poland is contested.

In Sea Zone #7, two submarines enter waters off Canada & sink transport & C(for no lost). Home Fleet enters British Home Waters, &, 2 subs. from Sea Zone #5(no mine lost). Battle BB, 2 C & 2 submarines, versus, Brits. BB, 2 C, &, one transport. Losses Axis & Allies all.

Fr. builds submarine off Marseilles, fighter, &, 4 troopers. Moves more land forces into Lorraine, with fighter flying in from capital(leaving coastal Atlantic provinces with just one trooper).

BB & transport arrives off London, with 2 troopers offloaded(for a next turn, potential run, to Russia). Trooper in Fr. W. Africa, invades Gold Coast, defended by GE. trooper, battle no losses(colony contested). While troopers from Morocco & Algeria head for Gold Coast.

From Marseilles BB, C, &, transport head for Canada. There they face GE. 2 subs., battle occurs, losses Allies BB is damaged & GE. all.

British Empire builds two transports off Wales, 2 fighters(one in India), &, sub. off London. Moves from India BB & transport(2 troopers) for GE. East Africa, also C from India goes to off Egypt. Transport leaves Egypt & lands 2 troopers in Marseilles.

Two troopers leave Egypt for Sudan, while trooper in Sudan heads for Brit. East Africa. Meanwhile trooper from Brit. East Africa, invades GE. E. Africa defended by a trooper, battle no losses, colony contested. Rhodesia trooper invades S. Africa, defended by invading GE. trooper & gun, battle Allies all lost & GE. a gun.

Canadian 3 troopers & gun, board 2 Fr. transports.

U.S.A. builds fighter, &, 2 transports. C goes to Marseilles & BB goes to off London, from East Coast.

Round Two: AHE builds fighter, 2 troopers, gun, &, BB. Moves a force from Galicia again of 12 troopers & 2 guns, &, fighter from capital, into the Uk., versus, Russia 8 troopers & 5 guns. Losses AHE 6 troopers, &, for Russia 7 troopers & a gun.

They could destroy the Russian forces & take Poland this turn, but, will leave that to the Germans(the Axis pincer forces will meet only when they take Moscow). Sending more forces into Galicia, from Vienna, sans two troopers & fighter sent to the coast.

The fleet leaves home waters, &, goes to off Egypt. BB, C, sub., &, transport(2 troopers), versus, Brits. 2 C. Losses Axis BB damaged & sub., &, Brits. all. BB shells & defending guns replies. A British trooper is destroyed, on land AHE 2 troopers, versus, defending British trooper & 2 guns. Losses all Axis forces, this was a fore long hope of helping GE. forces in Africa, but, cost the British military forces, that are needed elsewhere.

Russia builds 7 troopers. Reinforcements arrive into the Uk. via Belarus & Moscow of troopers & a fighter. Trooper from Finland & Karelia move to Livonia(while trooper from Livonia goes to Poland).

Fighters are in dogfight over Uk., Russia wins. Five troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter, versus, AHE 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 4 troopers & Axis all but one trooper, Uk. still contested.

More reinforcements goes into Poland, 11 troopers & 8 guns, versus, GE. 4 troopers, 6 guns, &, a fighter. Losses Allies 9 troopers & a gun, Axis all, Poland is freed this round.

Theses victories has cost Russia, manpower that cannot be replace, &, the Axis know it.

Russia BB(damaged by mines) & sub., enter German Home Waters off Berlin, versus, GE. BB & transport. All lost.

GE. builds sub. off Kiel, transport off Berlin, fighter, 6 trooper, &, gun. In Africa trooper in Gold Coast fails to destroy invading Fr. trooper, while trooper in Nigeria returns to Togoland. Also trooper in S. Africa moves into undefended Rhodesia, &, colony falls. Along with trooper in GE. East Africa, versus, invading British trooper, both lost.

From Prussia & Silesia, 14 troopers, 5 guns, &, fighter from Berlin again invade Poland, versus, Russian 2 troopers & 7 guns. Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies all, Poland falls!

Forces invade Lorraine from S. Germany, 21 troopers & 9 guns, versus, Fr. 17 troopers, fighter, &, 6 guns. Losses Axis 14 troopers & Allies 14 troopers, Lorraine is contested.

Oh Yes Happy New Year!

France builds 6 troopers, &, submarine(off Brest). Sub. off Marseilles goes to off Egypt, versus, AHE BB(damaged), C, &, transport. Losses Allies sub. & AHE Cruiser. In Africa trooper enters British Gold Coast as reinforcements, &, 2 troopers versus defending GE. trooper. Losses Allies none, Axis trooper lost, colony is freed.

Damaged BB & 2 transports of two Canadian troopers & 2 guns arrive off Marseilles, from Canada. Off London BB(damaged by mines) enters GE. Home Waters, versus, GE. C & sub., all lost.

Battle reinforcements into Lorraine from Burgundy, while Paris garrison goes into Burgundy, &, also a Paris fighter flies to Lorraine. Battle 2 fighters, 9 troopers, &, 8 guns, versus, GE. 7 troopers, &, 9 guns. Losses Allies 7 troopers & 4 guns, &, Axis 6 troopers, &, 3 guns, Lorraine still contested.

In Africa 2 troopers enter GE. Togoland, defended by trooper, each side loses a trooper, colony falls. While 2 troopers from N. Africa board transport & debarks Marseilles, &, another transport heads back to Canada. Finally transport runs through two GE. minefields on run to Russia(fighter from Berlin fails in attack to sink it).

British Empire builds fighter, BB, &, C. Flies fighter from India to Egypt, BB goes from East Africa, to off Egypt, &, battles damaged AHE BB & transport(all lost).

Transport lands 2 troopers & retake undefended S. Africa colony, while trooper from Brit. East Africa goes into undefended GE. East Africa & takes colony. While a trooper enter Fr. Eq. Africa & Brit. East Africa from Sudan.

Another transport leaves Marseilles for Canada, while fighter lands in Lorraine, from London. From Marseilles to Burgundy, 4 troopers & 2 guns move there on the way to Lorraine. Sub. joins Fr. transport on Russian run, survives both minefields, sinks GE. transport off Berlin, but, sunk by fighter from Berlin.

Off Canada 2 troopers board a Fr. transport, &, 2 more troopers board a transport, &, debark at Picardy.

U.S.A. builds 3 transports, &, gun. Moves BB to off Scotland, &, from East Coast to off Ireland, 2 transports with 2 troopers & 2 guns. Also flies to Ireland, fighter from East Coast.

C off S. France, enter AHE Home Waters(no mine lost), &, battles BB(both lost). Axis has no naval power left!

Round Three: AHE needs to put some $ into naval purchases, but, at the same time pour as much material towards Moscow. Their Ally German is having trouble on the Western Front, &, will probably add little reinforcements for their Moscow push. It comes to the AHE to get there first, this round will pave the way for the next, either getting into Moscow(taking it or contesting it), or, make peace feelers to the Allies.

AHE builds sub., fighter, 3 troopers, &, gun. Moves a trooper to Trieste, &, trooper & gun to Galicia. Meanwhile Galicia garrison enters Uk., 25 troopers, 6 guns, fighter, versus, Russian trooper, 4 guns, &, fighter. Losses both fighters lost in air duel, Axis losses 3 troopers, &, Allies all, Uk. has fallen!

Russia builds 7 troopers, &, plans to hunker down in Moscow. Sends 2 troopers from Livonia into Moscow. All forces are concentrated in capital, Russians know the Axis will take the shortest way to their capital. The Axis cannot afford to take undefended provinces, that will give time for Russia to build more forces.

GE. has the most IPCs to build for this turn, but, has no navy(needing to build one, so the Allies do not make any landings), and, needs plenty of land units, to stop the Allies from getting into S. Germany. GE. builds 2 troopers, fighter, &, off Kiel a BB, C, &, submarine. Next turn more land forces, less naval units.

Moves forces back into Alsace, in order to save those precious guns. Still 6 guns & a trooper will not stop the Western Allies. Lorraine is abandon!, fighter flies from capital to Kiel(fails to sink Fr. transport off Berlin). Berlin garrison heads for Alsace.

Garrison in Poland(sans trooper & gun to protect coastline), enter & take undefended Belarus. Moscow is caught in the pincer of the Axis Powers!

France builds sub. off Marseilles, fighter, 2 troopers, &, gun. Moves reinforcements from Burgundy & Picardy into Lorraine. Along with 2 troopers into Burgundy from Marseilles. Also Lorraine garrison into Alsace, fighter, 4 guns, &, 2 troopers, versus, GE. trooper & 6 guns. Losses Allies all but trooper, &, Axis 4 guns, Alsace is contested!

Trooper from Togoland enters undefended British Nigeria, and, frees it from Axis. Transport from Marseilles arrives off Egypt, while BB enter AHE Home Waters(damaged by mines), versus, submarine. Losses both sank.

Transport leaves Canada with 2 Canadian troopers, &, arrives off Picardy. Also another transport arrives off Livonia & debarks 2 troopers.

British Empire builds fighter, BB, transport, &, gun. Transport off S. Africa goes to off Kamerun, while in Egypt trooper & gun board Fr. transport. Also trooper from Fr. Eq. Africa, takes over GE. undefended Kamerun. Trooper from S. Africa & GE. East Africa, enter Rhodesia defended by GE. trooper. Losses none, colony is contested.

From Picardy to Lorraine, 5 troopers & gun enter. From Home Waters, fighter, BB, C, &, two transports(from Wales with 2 guns & 2 troopers), enter GE. Home waters off Kiel(no mine losses), versus, GE. fighter(lost in air duel), BB, C, &, submarine. Losses Allies BB damaged, C, &, fighter, &, Axis all.

Finally a landing in Kiel, BB shells & defending gun replies. Both score a hit, Brit. trooper lost & GE. gun lost. In Kiel British trooper & 2 guns, versus, defending GE. trooper. Losses Allies gun & Axis trooper, Kiel falls! Axis fleet destroyed & home port captured!

From Lorraine into GE. Alsace, 4 troopers, 2 guns, &, 2 fighter, versus, GE. trooper & 2 guns. Losses Allies trooper, &, GE. all, Alsace has fallen!

U.S.A. builds C, transport, &, trooper. Two transports(2 troopers & 2 guns), with escort BB arrive off London. Also 3 transports(4 troopers & gun) leave East coast for France. Along with fighter leaves Ireland for Scotland.

Round Four: AHE will probably take or contest Moscow, or, GE. will finish it. Builds mostly naval & air units, her coastline is well defended, as for land forces any new units would take three turns to reach Moscow(by then the war could tilt into the Allies favor).

Builds BB, C, sub., &, trooper. Moves from capital to Galicia 2 troopers & gun and fighter flies to Uk., from Galicia to Uk. a trooper & gun. Finally from Uk. to Moscow, 23 troopers & 6 guns, versus, Russian 16 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 9 troopers, &, Allies 5 troopers, Moscow is contested.

Russia builds 7 troopers(yes I know Moscow is contested, house rule for capitals, forces are still arriving to defend it). Will not attack AHE forces, not enough wins can be gotten to eliminate them, much less oncoming Germans.

Germany build BB, sub., tank, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves Berlin garrison to retake Kiel, 3 troopers, gun, &, fighter, versus, Brits. trooper & gun. Losses Axis trooper & Allies all, Kiel retaken. Splits Hanover forces(6 troopers & gun) to cover Ruhr & Munich areas. Forces in Belarus enter Moscow, 12 troopers & 2 guns & fighter, versus, Russian 18 troopers & gun. Losses GE. 11 troopers & gun, &, Russian 6 troopers.

Of course if Russia was not allowed to builds reinforcements, the game would be practically over by now.

France builds off Marseilles BB, tank & 3 troopers. Moves trooper in Nigeria to board Brit. transport, while trooper from Alsace enter Munich, versus, GE. 3 troopers(lost Allies none & Axis a trooper, Munich is contested). Also 5 troopers from Lorraine enter Alsace, while 2 troopers from Burgundy enter Lorraine(with a fighter from the capital). Finally the Paris garrison enters Burgundy of 3 troopers & gun. A trooper from Livonia enter Moscow, leaving a trooper to guard the coast.

Transport leaves Egypt with Brit. trooper & gun, &, arrives off Marseilles. While a transport leaves Livonia & arrives(no mine lost) off Kiel. Unfortunately the damaged Allied BB & 2 transports already there are British, so the GE. fleet of a BB & sub. go to the attack. Losses Allies 2 Brits. & 1 Fr. transports, Axis all.

British Empire builds C(one off Wales), 2 transports, 2 guns, &, 2 troopers. Moves trooper in Brits. E. Africa towards Egypt. Two troopers versus GE. trooper in Rhodesia, colony retaken for no lost. While trooper in S. Africa takes over undefended GE. S.W. Africa, another trooper boards a transport off Kameron(heading for France). Off Marseilles trooper & gun debark Fr. transport. Meanwhile a trooper & gun debark off another Fr. transport onto Picardy.

Transport from Wales picks up trooper & gun from London, along with another transport off London picks up same, with a BB & a fighter from London. They join damaged BB off Kiel(no mine lost). Both BB shell & defending gun fire(British BBs destroy trooper & gun, &, GE. gun take out a trooper), in air duel GE. fighter lost. Landed trooper & 2 guns & fighter, face one GE. defending trooper. Kiel falls for such heavy a lost!(GE. has lost 2 troopers, gun, &, fighter for Kiel, better the forces were not defending Kiel).

On Western Front from Alsace forces enter Ruhr with 4 troopers, 2 guns, &, 2 fighters, versus, defending GE. 3 troopers & gun. Losses Allies 3 troopers & Axis all. Ruhr has fallen! Also from Lorraine to Alsace 5 troopers & gun enter.

U.S.A. builds transport, trooper, &, tank. Moves C from East coast to join Fr. fleet off Marseilles. Three transports arrive off London(4 troopers & guns), debark for now.

Fighter flies from Scotland to Prussia. BB(damaged by mines) & 2 transports arrive off Prussia with 2 trooper & 2 guns debark, &, in Prussia are defending GE. trooper & gun. BB shells & defending gun relies(Allies lose a trooper & Axis a gun).

Landed trooper & 2 guns & fighter, versus, GE. trooper. Prussia falls for no Allied lost, first major land action for U.S.A.! While another transport(trooper & gun) leaves East Coast for Picardy.

Round Five: Austro-Hungarian Empire is going to play this round two ways, in regards to Russia. The first if Russia was not allowed to collect 7 troopers as reinforcements for Moscow, due to the fact, the capital is contested. The second is if Russia was allowed to collect those troopers.

AHE builds BB, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves from Uk. a trooper, gun, &, fighter, into Moscow. Now 14 troopers, 7 guns, &, fighter, versus, defending Russian forces of 5 troopers, gun, &, one Fr. trooper(NOTE: this version is where the Russians due to the capital being contested since last turn, could not purchase seven troopers). Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies all, Moscow falls!

The Axis win!, in the worst possible way, a true Pyrrhic victory that leaves them in utter defeat! Look at the Allies, Russia has four provinces taken over by the Axis powers, France had Lorraine for a short while taken over by GE., Great Britain had for a while 3 African colonies taken over by GE., while the U.S.A. has had no losses in territory. As for the Axis AHE has never lost any provinces, but, its partner GE. has lost four of its eight home provinces, including the principal naval base Kiel. Along with all of its four African colonies, also the French are contesting & will take over a province that borders AHE.

With more Allied sea landings in Russia, &, the threat of the GE. fading away, can AHE last much longer(the Allies can land & reinforce their holdings in Russia, while AHE needs to pull forces out of Russia to try to help GE., Berlin already has Allies on its border, much less defend itself from a Western Allies invasion).

Already forces have been pulled from coastal province to buff up the western empire. The Allies transport express can make a visit there quite soon.

AHE & GE. can crow about taking over Moscow, but, generous peace overtures will prevent the lost of Berlin(maybe Vienna). Pull out of Russia by the Axis, while the Allies pull out of Germany. Moscow alone is worth a GE. colony returning to Berlin, as for the other three are "sold" to the Allies(everybody saves face).

Ok we will start the round again, as AHE faces a Russia, that even though was contested Moscow last round, still built 7 troopers to protect her capital.

Moves to Bohemia from Galicia 3 troopers & gun, along with a trooper from the capital, with 5 troopers & gun from Trieste to Tyrolia. The Western Allies are on the borders of the empire!

Also from Uk. into Moscow trooper & gun & fighter, for a total of 14 troopers, 7 guns, &, fighter, versus, Fr. trooper and Russian 12 troopers, &, gun. Losses Axis 7 troopers & Allies Fr. trooper & Russians 11 troopers, Moscow still contested!

In an attempt to help GE., the AHE fleet leaves port, &, attacks the Ally fleet off S. France. BB, C, &, submarine, versus, same as Allies(with a transport, all Fr. but C is U.S.A.). Losses only damaged Fr. BB left.

Russia builds 5 troopers & hunkers down in Moscow.

GE. builds fighter, gun, &, 6 troopers. Pulls forces from Moscow(they will never take it, leave that to AHE), &, invades & takes Livonia(fighter, trooper & gun, versus, Fr. trooper, losses Axis gun & Fr. trooper). Pulls garrison from Belarus of 2 troopers into Poland, then garrison from Poland of trooper & gun into American occupied Prussia(along with 4 troopers & gun, &, tank from Berlin). Battle 5 troopers, 2 guns, &, tank, versus, U.S. trooper, 2 guns, &, fighter. Losses Axis 3 troopers reduced to two due to tank, &, Allies of 2 guns, Prussia contested.

In Munich defending garrison of 2 troopers attack Fr. 2 troopers, losses trooper each side. The extra Russian province will come in handy for peace talks.

Fr. builds off Marseilles transport, fighter, 4 troopers. Two troopers from Lorraine enter Alsace, 3 troopers & gun from Burgundy enter Lorraine, while from Paris 3 troopers & tank enter Burgundy. Four troopers from Alsace joins trooper in contested Munich(fighter flies in from Lorraine), now 5 troopers versus defending GE. trooper(losses all GE., Munich falls!).

Fr. transport with trooper from Brest arrives off Kiel(start to build up naval forces & transports, to land on Trieste). BB leaves Marseilles, with no mine losses, attacks AHE BB in waters off Trieste, losses Allies BB damaged & Axis all.

British Empire builds sub., 2 transports, fighter, tank, gun, 4 troopers. Colonial forces in Africa start to head towards Egypt. From off Wales C sails to Marseille.

Trooper & 2 guns from Ruhr enter undefended Handover(it falls!). Two BB(one already damaged) enters waters off Berlin, along with Kiel garrison of trooper & 2 guns on 2 transports. Along with 2 transports from Brits. Home Islands of 2 troopers & 2 guns(no mine losses). BBs shell & defending gun replies(each side losses a trooper). Dogfight of 2 fighters from Ruhr & one from Kiel battle defending GE. fighter, each side losses a fighter.

Battle 2 fighters, 2 troopers, &, 4 guns, versus, defending GE. 5 troopers & gun. Losses Allies trooper & gun, &, Axis 4 troopers & gun, Berlin is contested.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, 3 guns, &, trooper. Transport arrives off London with trooper & gun. Also three transports(4 troopers & gun) arrive off Berlin & Prussia from London, no mine lost, lands trooper & gun onto Berlin. Trooper & gun versus defending GE. trooper. Losses U.S. gun, &, GE. trooper, Berlin has fallen!

Meanwhile 2 transports off Prussia leaves for East Coast, two other transports land three troopers as reinforcements. U.S.A. BB shells & defending GE. gun replies, each scores a hit on a trooper. Reinforcements hunker down.

Another transport leaves East Coast with trooper & tank for Marseilles.

Round Six: AHE plays this round, to get as much as possible at the conference table, after this turn, will sue for Peace(knows the Allies are tired of fighting). Builds fighter, BB, sub., &, 4 troopers.

Moves 4 troopers & gun into Silesia Germany, from Vienna(not defended by Allies or occupied by GE. troops, taken over by AHE). Four infantry & gun from Bohemia enter British held Hanover, versus, trooper & 2 guns. Losses only Allies all, Hanover falls! From Tryolia enter Fr. held Munich, 5 troopers, gun, & fighter, versus, Fr. fighter, &, five troopers. Fr. fighter losses air duel, losses Axis 2 troopers, & Allies 2 troopers, Munich contested!

Finally the Battle for Moscow, 8 troopers, 6 guns, fighter, versus, Russian 7 troopers & gun. Losses Allies 6 troopers & Axis 6 troopers & gun.

Peace breaks out!

Even thought AHE forces border Berlin, taking it is hard enough, but, to hold it would be next to impossible(so far for reinforcements to arrive, much less Allies with their transport arrive so easily). Still with a GE. province contested, &, two others taken over, holding them becomes a big problem, much less if you use those forces to try to take Berlin.

The attack on Moscow failed, with Russian reinforcements coming up, &, if it went to another turn, you would need all hits from all AHE forces to take Moscow(most unlikely). Maybe a sudden retreat, just to take a empty Russian province, would work out better for another turn.

AHE beef up their navy, in case of some future Allied landing coming from France, but, could only build 4 troopers(inadequate for a Western, Eastern, &, Coastal front, to the peace table!).

The Axis powers pull completely out of Russia, while the Allies pull out of Germany completely. Alsace is demilitarized & Prussia becomes a country again. GE. losses all its colonies(to be split tween the Allies, Russia takes money for their share), makes it hard for GE. to go onto a offensive. The Allies help Russia rebuilt, while AHE helps Germany. Russia & GE. got ravage, minor physical damage for Fr. & B.E., while A.H.E. & U.S.A. were never invaded.

Finally Allies free passage in Axis Home waters, moderate Allied victory.

IPCs of Units Lost: Troopers Axis 114 and Allies 110, Guns 26 & 28, Fighters six each side, Subs. 9 & 3, Transports 3 & 6, BB 8 & 5, and, C five each side.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Next British & French & Russian & Italian Empires versus AH & German Empires. If you thought U.S.A. was a weak sister, Italy has smaller IPC value, but, much larger unit setup.

The Axis Powers victim is Russia, it can be attacked by both empires at the same time. While doing so holding the line defensively at the Italian & French borders, while juggling enough land forces to be feed for offensive purposes in the Northern Front(& defensively on the Southern Front). Also keep the air & naval arms up to strength.

Finally keep secondary small armies, up north, to google up all those empty Russian provinces for the taking.

The Allied Powers need to get naval superiority to get those transports to Russia(or attack the Axis homelands), and/or, keep the Med. Sea a Allied lake. Also pound away via N. France & Italy to force the Axis Powers to divert resources from the Eastern Front(taking out GE. colonies in Africa will help also).

The danger of transport landings in Axis territories already forces them to try to keep large navies, &, keep their coastlines garrisoned.

Round One: Austro-Hungarian Empire builds, gun, 3 troopers, fighter, &, submarine. Moves Bohemia & Budapest & half of Vienna garrison to Galicia. From Vienna to Trieste & Tyrolia are sent 3 troopers each, while a gun is left in capital(to form a gun park).

Russia builds fighter, sub., &, 4 troopers. Poland is too open for a combined Axis attacks, moves garrison sans a trooper to Livonia, Moscow garrison to Belarus, &, Far East forces to Ukraine.

Germany builds sub. & transport off Kiel, fighter, &, 5 troopers. GE. moves up forces in Prussia & Silesia for next turn invasion of Poland, with Berlin(plus fighter), &, Hanover, &, Kiel garrisons going east(leaving forces to protect the coastlines). Forces from Ruhr & Munich reinforce garrison at Alsace.

In Africa British undefended Gold Coast & Nigeria taken over by troopers from Togoland & Kamerun. SW Africa invades Brits. S. Africa, trooper & gun versus the same. Losses both sides a gun, S. Africa is contested.

At Sea 2 subs. from Sea Zone #7 attack & sink Canadian C & transport off Canada, for no lost. Two subs. from SZ#5 joins fleet off Kiel.

France builds fighter, sub. off Brest, &, 4 troopers. In Africa trooper in Morocco reinforces trooper in Fr. W. Africa, while troopers from North Africa pick up by transport & land in Marseilles. BB & C leave Marseilles & joins Italian fleet off Rome, while a transport arrives off Egypt.

BB & transport leaves Brest & arrive off London. In France land forces begin to head for Lorraine(as eventual push into S. Germany), &, leaving some forces on Atlantic coastlines. Fighter flies in from Paris.

British Empire builds 3 fighters(one for India), transport & submarine off Wales. Moves one trooper from Rhodesia to reinforce S. Africa, battle 2 troopers versus, invading GE. trooper, losses all Axis! The colony is uncontested. Trooper from E. Africa, &, Indian transport of trooper & gun land in GE. East Africa. Battle 2 troopers & gun versus defending GE. trooper, colony falls! Losses a trooper each side. Also trooper from Sudan enters Fr. Eq. Africa, heading for GE. Kamerun.

Indian BB & C arrive off Egypt, there 2 troopers board a Fr. transport, &, a trooper & gun board a transport(that debarks them at Marseilles).

Off London 2 troopers board a transport & debark Picardy, &, a trooper & gun board a Fr. transport.

Italy/new Roman Empire builds fighter & 2 troopers. Begins moving land forces towards Venice, transport picks up gun & trooper from Libya & debarks Piedmont. Trooper from Somaliland heads towards Egypt.

Round Two: AHE builds 2 fighters, sub., &, 3 troopers. Moves from capital to Galicia 3 troopers & gun. Fighter flies from capital to Uk., along with forces from Galicia. Battle fighter, 7 guns, 30 troopers, versus, Russian 5 guns & 12 troopers. Losses Axis 7 troopers & Allies 11 troopers & 4 guns, Uk. is contested.

Russia builds 8 troopers. Moves from capital, one trooper into Uk., &, moves trooper & gun from Uk., back into Sevastopol. From capital moves 3 troopers & gun, into Belarus. Troopers from Finland & Karelia move into Livonia, while fleet stays in home waters. With capital, Livonia, &, Belarus garrison, it will allow a major counterattack, into Poland or only Uk. when the time comes.

GE. builds BB(off Berlin), fighter, &, 7 troopers. In Africa trooper in Nigeria goes to Kamerun. Forces from Prussia & Silesia invade Poland. Trooper & gun left to guard coastline of Prussia, &, same to follow up as a backup army to take out undefended Russian provinces, while fighter flies from Berlin to Munich. Trooper & 3 guns go from Hanover to Munich, also 5 troopers from Berlin go to Hanover.

Battle 29 troopers, 7 guns, &, fighter, versus, defending Russian trooper. The losses trooper each side, Poland has fallen!

Two subs. off Canada go to off Wales(no mine lost), versus, British sub. & transport, all lost!

Fr. builds transport(off Brest), BB(off Marseilles),&, 2 troopers. In Africa 2 troopers move into Gold Coast, from Fr. W. Africa, versus, GE. trooper. Losses trooper each side, Brit. colony is freed! From Marseilles 2 troopers enter Burgundy, &, from Burgundy 6 troopers, &, 2 guns, enter Lorraine. Also from Paris 4 troopers enter Burgundy, &, fighter flies to Lorraine(with trooper from Picardy enters Lorraine). Along with trooper from Bordeaux enters Burgundy, &, trooper from Brest enters Picardy.

BB & C off Rome, enter AHE home waters, no mine lost, versus, AHE BB, C, 2 subs., &, transport. Losses Allies all, &, Axis BB damaged & transport. Off London, BB enters GE. Home Waters(no mine lost), versus, GE. BB, 2 C, 3 subs., &, transport. Losses Allies all & Axis transport(Axis fleets are only defending so transports chosen as lost).

Fr. naval losses are high, but, weaken Axis fleets, for more naval Allied raids. Finally land forces enter Alsace from Lorraine. Seventeen troopers, 6 guns, &, fighter, versus, GE. 26 troopers, & 9 guns. Losses Allies all but a trooper, &, Axis 12 troopers. Alsace is contested.

Two transports go from Marseilles to off Egypt, while a transport arrives off S. France from Egypt(with 2 Brits. troopers).

British Empire builds 3 transports & C off Wales. In Africa, fighter from India lands in Egypt, &, 3 troopers & gun, board 2 Fr. transports off Egypt. Trooper from Fr. Eq. Africa, enters GE. Kamerun, versus, defending trooper(both lost). Trooper & gun from GE. E. Africa & trooper from Brit. E. Africa head for Egypt. Transport off Portuguese East Africa, picks up 2 troopers from S. Africa, &, drops them off undefended GE. Kamerun & recaptures Nigeria.

From Marseilles 2 troopers, and, trooper & gun from Picardy enters Lorraine. Off London trooper & gun debark Fr. transport onto Picardy, two more troopers debark Fr. transport onto Marseilles.

Finally from Egypt, to AHE Home Waters, 2 C, and, BB(damaged by mines), versus, AHE damaged BB, C, &, 2 submarines. Losses Allies all, &, Axis C & 2 subs.

From off London, British fleet enter GE. Home Waters off Kiel, BB, 2C, transport(no mine lost), &, 2 fighters. Losses only damaged British BB left(a fighter flew back to London).

Italy builds gun & 4 troopers. Trooper arrives in Egypt from East Africa. Fleet enters AHE Home Waters of BB, C, &, transport(BB damaged by mine), versus, damaged AHE BB. Losses Allies C, &, Axis BB. From Tuscany 6 troopers & 2 guns, and, from Piedmont a trooper & gun, enter Venice. Also from Rome a trooper moves to Tuscany.

Forces in Venice enter Trieste with fighter from Rome. Battle fighter by air, by land 13 troopers & 4 guns, by sea BB shells & two defending guns fire(each side destroys an infantry), transport lands a trooper(from Rome), versus, AHE 8 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies 6 troopers, &, Axis all, Trieste falls!

Round Three: Italy is the brightest highlights for the Allies, but, it could be too little, too late!

AHE builds no naval units, it has lost its port, needs lots of land units to take it back. Land/air forces build gun, 5 troopers, fighter. Also forces in Russia will have to try to reach the capital, with little or no reinforcements for now.

Tries to retake Trieste, from capital 2 fighters, 3 troopers, &, gun, &, from Tyrolia 8 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, Italian fighter, 4 guns, &, 7 infantry. In air duel, each side losses a fighter, losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies 3 troopers. Losses are heavy, but, the capital & Hungary are right next door, Trieste is contested.

In Uk. 19 troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter, take out defending trooper(for no lost), Uk. has fallen!

Russia should they attack, or, trade more space for time, builds 6 troopers, &, fighter. Fighter from Belarus dogfights AHE fighter over Uk., Axis fighter downed, Allied fighter returns to Moscow. Belarus garrison, sans a trooper, retreats to Moscow(4 guns, &, 14 troopers). Also sans a trooper, Livonia garrison retreats to Moscow(3 guns, &, 4 troopers).

At sea BB leaves Home Port, attacks GE. BB off Berlin(no mine lost), both BBs are lost. Sub. remains behind to guard coastal waters. At this time, the Allies rule the waves, there is no Axis naval forces on the board.

GE. builds BB off Berlin, and, BB & sub. & transport, off Kiel. Moves into Livonia 26 troopers, 6 guns, &, a fighter(leaving in Poland 2 troopers & gun, to guard the coastline), versus, defending trooper. Losses Axis none, &, Allies all, Livonia has fallen!

Moves Munich garrison to Tyrolia, of trooper, 3 guns, &, fighter to cover undefended AHE state(as the original AHE forces were used to try to take back Trieste).

Also 5 trooper move from Hanover to Munich, from capital 4 troopers move into Hanover, while 3 troopers head east, by going into Silesia. Forces in Alsace, 14 troopers & seven guns, versus, Fr. trooper. Losses a trooper each side, Alsace is uncontested!

Fr. builds 2 guns & 5 troopers. Moves trooper into undefended Togoland, from Gold Coast, GE. colony falls! Submarine off London, enters GE. Home Waters(no mine lost), arrives off Berlin submerged. BB leaves Marseilles & heads for London.

One transport from Egypt arrive off Trieste with British trooper & gun, while another transport goes to Egypt(from Marseilles). Also transport leaves Brest & London heading for Canada.

Trooper from Picardy and 6 troopers from Burgundy move to Lorraine, while 2 troopers go from Paris to Burgundy(build up for another invasion of S. GE.).

British Empire builds BB, fighter, 2 guns, & 2 troopers. Transport from Egypt goes to Trieste drops off 2 troopers, &, from Fr. transport trooper & gun debark, along with fighter flying in from Egypt. This will allow the Italians to attack on their turn, while the Brits. build up their forces.

From Brits. E. Africa, trooper & gun, move into Sudan. Troopers from Nigeria & Kamerun board transport, &, one trooper debarks & takes over undefended GE. S. Africa!

In Canada trooper & gun board Fr. transport. Also from Picardy to Lorraine trooper & gun enter, and, from Marseilles to Burgundy 2 troopers move there.

Trooper from Wales goes on transport, ship moves off London, another trooper boards, &, both debark onto Picardy. Another 2 troopers from Yorkshire board transport, it goes to off London, both debark onto Picardy. While a third transport, leaves Wales, does the same with a trooper & gun from London.

Cruiser from off Wales joins BB damaged off London(returned from Kiel).

Italy builds fighter & 4 troopers. Transport picks up 2 troopers from Rome, &, debark in Trieste, &, damage BB returns to off Rome. From Rome 2 troopers & gun move to Tuscany, while trooper from Tuscany moves to Venice. Also from Venice 7 troopers & 3 guns enter Trieste as reinforcements. Now 14 troopers, &, 7 guns, versus, AHE 7 troopers, 3 guns, &, fighter. Losses Allies 6 troopers & all Axis, Trieste is held again by Italy(while leaving Venice held by only a trooper).

Pressure is on the Axis, thy must take out Russia next turn, &, hold their southern fronts.

Round Four: AHE builds 2 guns, &, 6 troopers. Moves a secondary army, that has yet to enter Russia, to Budapest from Galicia. Also 2 troopers from capital are moved to Budapest.

Leaving behind 2 troopers in Uk., forces enter Moscow, do or die, these troops can never make it back to help in the southern front. Twenty-one troopers & 7 guns, versus, Russian 2 fighters, 7 guns, &, 39 troopers. Losses Axis all but for one trooper, &, Allies 11 troopers.

AHE has its foot in the door, it is up to GE. to finish kicking it in.

Russia builds 6 troopers. Submarine joins Fr. submarine off Berlin(no mine lost), stays submerged, does not engage GE. BB. Trooper from Tatarstan , &, trooper & gun from Sevastopol, enter Uk. defended by 2 AHE troopers. Battle Allies lose one trooper, &, Axis all, Uk. is freed. In Moscow the garrison, versus, lone invading AHE trooper, no Allied lost, trooper destroyed, capital is Axis freed!

So far AHE Grand Army has done what France did a century earlier, left its army bones rotting in Moscow, will GE. do the same.

GE. builds C off Berlin, fighter, tank, &, 6 troopers. Moves Tyrolia garrison of fighter, trooper, &, 3 guns into Venice, defended by one Italian trooper. Losses Axis a gun & Allies a trooper, Venice has fallen, hopefully takes pressure off AHE. Fighter flies back to Tyrolia, &, 5 troopers from Munich enters Tyrolia. Also another fighter from Kiel flies to Alsace(while another fighter flies from Berlin to Kiel). Along with 4 troopers from Hanover enters Munich.

From Silesia 3 troopers enter Poland, &, 2 troopers & gun from Poland enter Belarus. Battle 2 troopers & gun, versus, defending Russian trooper, losses a trooper each side, Belarus has fallen.

Forces in Livonia, except for 2 troopers, enter Moscow. Battle fighter, 6 guns, &, 25 troopers, versus, Russian 2 fighters, 7 guns, &, 34 troopers. In air duel Axis fighter lost. Losses Axis 24 troopers & a gun, &, Allies 13 troopers. Moscow is contested again, even if allowed no builds for Russia because the capital was contested earlier by a lone AHE trooper, Axis losses would have been 23 troopers.

The Axis do not have in the near future, any forces in the pipeline, to try to take Moscow(even thought GE. is worth 38 IPCs).

France builds fighter, tank, 4 troopers. In Africa trooper leaves Togoland and heads for N. Africa, while transport off Egypt heads for Red Sea. Another transport arrives off Canada, and, one leaves Canada with Brit. trooper & gun, for Picardy. Finally another transport leaves Trieste for Egypt, &, BB arrives off London.

Five troopers & gun from capital enters Burgundy, &, enters Lorraine from Burgundy two troopers. Forces leave Lorraine & enter GE. Alsace, 15 troopers & 2 guns, versus, GE. fighter, 7 guns, &, 13 troopers. Losses Allies 10 troopers, &, Axis 7 troopers, Alsace is contested.

British Empire builds fighter, trooper, gun, BB, &, submarine. Canadian trooper & gun board Fr. transport. In Sudan trooper & gun, and, Egypt trooper board Fr. transports. Also off GE. S. Africa trooper boards transport, heading for Trieste.

Five troopers & gun in Picardy, &, 2 troopers in Marseilles, enter Lorraine. Along with off London, 4 troopers & 2 guns board & debark three transports, onto Picardy. Also trooper & gun, debark onto Picardy, from a Fr. transport.

Battle from Lorraine to contested Alsace, 2 fighters, 2 guns, and, 4 troopers, versus, GE. 9 guns, &, 6 troopers. Losses Allies all & Axis 5 troopers & gun. For the Allies it has become a war of attrition, GE. cannot sent to Alsace forces to equal the Allies, already the precious GE. guns outnumber the infantry. So the losses are just able to the British.

Transport leaves waters off Trieste and heads for India. Forces in Trieste enter Venice, fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers, versus, GE. trooper & 2 guns. Losses Allies a trooper, &, Axis 2 guns, still contested.

At sea the fleet off London, enter GE. Home Waters, 2 BBs(one suffered mine damage), C, &, 2 fighters, versus, GE. BB, sub., transport, &, fighter. GE. fighter wins air duel, losses all are lost, both sides. The threat of any naval landings on British Home Islands are eliminated(as London was the only sector, with forces in it).

Italy builds gun, &, 4 troopers. BB goes back to Trieste, from off Rome, to protect transport. From Tuscany to Venice, enter 2 troopers & gun, versus, defending GE. trooper. Losses trooper each side, Venice is freed!

From Rome 2 troopers move to Tuscany, &, 2 troopers are move by transport to Trieste. Finally from Trieste 7 guns, &, 7 troopers, enter Vienna, versus, AHE 9 troopers, 3 guns, &, a fighter. With a fighter from Rome, it was lost in air duel, losses Allies 5 troopers, &, Axis 8 troopers & a gun. The capital is contested!, the Italians could have taken Budapest, but, contesting the capital puts a lot pressure on the Axis.

Peace breaks out! For GE. Alsace is a bleeding ulcer, hard to get forces down there, also the need for a navy(to prevent Allied landings, sucks up allot of funds), plus in all of Russia there is only 6 troopers! The 5 guns & trooper, in Moscow will never take it(especially with Russian 26 troopers, 7 guns, &, 2 fighter defending it)! Along with a new front in Italy to help the AHE. Finally the only naval Axis units of a BB & C, are hard press to hold out against Allies 3 BBs, 3 sub., &, 10 transports.

AHE has no forces in Russia, needs its Budapest garrison to go to Vienna, to get Italy out of there, but, will not be able to prevent Russia from seizing Galicia. Both Axis powers face a resurgent Moscow that will go on the offensive, when their armies are already stretched to the limit in S. & W. Europe.

The Allies like the British have retaken back their lost colonies, Fr. is still contesting Alsace, Italy got back Venice, &, Russia took back Uk.

A moderate victory for the Allies(a full military one would take a few more turns), the Axis pull out of Moscow, the Allies out of Vienna. GE. pulls out of three Russian provinces, and, the Allies pull out of Alsace. In return the Allies keep two of the GE. colonies(as always Russia sells her share).

Finally the Axis navies are restricted to their Home Waters, free passage for the Allies, &, Prussia is made a independent nation again. The Allies help Russia rebuild, the Axis help each other.

Losses of units in IPCs: Axis troopers 105 & Allies troopers 91, guns 17 & 13, fighters 5 & 7, transports 3 each side, subs 9 only Axis, Cruisers 3 & 8, BBs 3 & 5,

Actual IPCs in cost: Land Axis 383 & Allies 325, Air 30 & 42, Sea 129 & 150.
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Next Russian & French & Italian Empires and U.S., versus, AH & German Empire. Here the Americans are taking the place of the B.E., too far to help Russia, &, East Coast of Africa. Shuttling troops & ships to Brest & off Rome is the best for now(winning the Battle of Atlantic will allow transports to get there to Europe). Unfortunately they have 20, not 30 IPCs to work with in this war.

The Axis will skip to invade Russia, hold firm in defense in the Eastern Front, also in the Western Front. AHE will go through Venice to get to Rome, &, GE. forces will go through Tyrolia to assist. Skipping Paris, as it is too near any potential U.S.A. help. Also GE. will try to win the Battle of the Atlantic(partial shutdown of transports will work).

Round One: AHE builds sub., 2 fighters, gun, & trooper. Trieste garrison will defend the coastline for now, while Vienna, Bohemia, &, Tyrolia, will lead the invasion of Venice. Meanwhile Budapest & Galicia will defend against the Russian Empire, and, with the home fleet defending coastal waters.

Russia builds sub., 2 fighters, &, 2 troopers. Moves forces to Poland & Uk. borders.

Germany builds 2 fighters, transport off Kiel, gun, &, 4 troopers. Sends Hanover & Berlin garrison to reinforce Silesia & Prussia, fighter flies to Kiel. Kiel(sans trooper & gun for coastal defense) of trooper & gun, &, Ruhr garrisons are heading for Alsace. While Kiel(of trooper & 2 guns) enters Hanover, and, Munich garrison enters Tyrolia are both heading for Vienna.

In Africa trooper from Kamerun enter undefended Fr. Eq. Africa, colony falls! BB & 2C with no mine lost, from Kiel enter Russian Home Water, versus, Russian BB & submarine. Losses Axis a C & damage BB, &, Allies all. Meanwhile 2 subs. from Sea Zone #7 enters Brest(no mine lost) versus, Fr. BB & transport, losses Axis 2 subs. & Allies BB damaged & transport. Two more subs. move from S.Z.#5 to #3, to block access to North Sea. No Axis or Allies ship can pass through British Empire's Home waters. Russia's navy is no longer a threat and France's Atlantic fleet is crippled.

Fr. builds transport off Brest, fighter, &, 4 troopers. Moves Burgundy garrison to Piedmont, Picardy garrison to Lorraine, Parris garrison is split entering Burgundy, half will go to Lorraine & the other half to Piedmont(fighter goes to Lorraine). Brest trooper enters Picardy to guard coast & Bordeaux trooper stays in place.

Off Marseilles C joins Italian fleet off Rome, BB & transport picks up 2 troopers(from Algeria & Morocco ) & heads for Togoland, while another transport heads for East Coast. Meanwhile a trooper from Tunisia enters Libya.

Italy builds fighter, &, 2 troopers. Moves Piedmont & Tuscany garrisons to Venice. Also Roman garrison to Tuscany & trooper from Naples to Rome, &, transport off Rome picks up from Libya trooper & gun(transport heads for GE. East Africa).

U.S.A. builds 3 transports. Moves BB & Cruiser to Sea Zone # 3, versus, GE. 2 submarines. Losses Allies a C & damaged BB, &, Axis all.

Round Two: AHE builds sub., fighter, &, 5 troopers. From capital trooper, gun, &, fighter go to Galicia. Cannot wait for more reinforcements, Tyrolia garrison invades Venice, 24 troopers, 6 guns, &, fighter from capital, versus, Italian 13 troopers & 4 guns. Losses Axis 9 troopers & Allies 12 troopers & 3 guns, Venice is contested! Transport off Trieste picks up trooper & gun, escorted by BB, lands them in Venice(defended by trooper & gun). BB shells & defending gun replies, both sides lose a gun. Now AHE trooper, versus, It. trooper. Losses Axis a trooper & Allies none, Venice still contested.

Russia builds sub. & 6 troopers. Trooper from Tatarstan arrives in Uk., &, trooper from Livonia arrives in Poland. Two troopers from Moscow arrive in Livonia. Russia attacks Galicia to put pressure on AHE. From Uk. & Poland(leaving forces behind to guard the coastline & border with GE.), with 2 fighters from capital, 11 guns, & 23 troopers, versus, AHE fighter, 5 guns, &, 19 troopers. In air duel Axis fighter destroyed. Losses Allies 8 troopers & Axis 18 troopers, Galicia is contested!

Germany builds BB, C, &, sub.(off Kiel), &, 3 troopers. Moves from Silesia into Galicia 12 troopers & 3 guns to reinforce the AHE forces. Prussian garrison moves to Silesia, leaving behind a trooper & gun, to guard the coastline. Berlin garrison moves to Prussia, from capital fighter flies to Galicia & Prussia. Also 3 troopers move from Hanover to Munich, with gun & trooper from Ruhr entering Alsace. Finally 11 troopers & 3 guns enter Venice from Tyrolia, versus, defending It. trooper. Losses Allies all, Venice has fallen!

Fr. builds sub. off Brest, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves forces from Bordeaux, Picardy, &, Piedmont, to Tuscany. Also Burgundy forces to Lorraine, with Paris forces(fighter flies to Alsace) to Burgundy. Finally an invasion from Lorraine forces to Alsace, 13 troopers, 4 guns, & fighter, versus, GE. 15 troopers, &, 7 guns. Losses Allies 7 & Axis 8 troopers.

Battleship from Brest, joins U.S. BB at Sea Zone#3, to help close off entrance to Mid-Atlantic, for GE. naval forces. Also a transport leaves Brest for East Coast, while another transport arrives off East Coast. Meanwhile a BB & transport arrives off Togoland. Shelling no hits, lands 2 troopers versus GE. trooper. Losses trooper each side, Togoland falls!

Italy builds 5 troopers, moves Rome garrison & fighter to Tuscany. Transport arrives off GE. East Africa, lands trooper & gun, versus, GE. defending trooper. Losses Allies gun & Axis trooper, colony has fallen!

U.S.A. builds 2 transports & 3 troopers. Moves 2 troopers on Fr. transport, 4 troopers & 2 guns on 3 transports(2 for Italy & 1 for France).

Round Three: AHE builds fighter, gun, &, 5 troopers. Moves from Vienna to Tyrolia 5 troopers. Also forces into Tuscany from GE. held Venice, 15 troopers & 6 guns & fighter from capital, versus, It. fighter, 2 guns, &, 8 troopers. Also transport lands 2 troopers from Trieste(rest of garrison of 2 troopers & gun enter Venice), &, BB shells & defending guns reply, each side losses a trooper( in dogfight Allies lose fighter). Losses Axis 8 troopers, &, Allies 6 troopers, &, a gun, Tuscany contested.

Russia builds BB & 5 troopers. Two troopers from Livonia enter Poland, garrison from Moscow enters Belarus. With more reinforcements from Uk. arriving in contested Galicia & troopers from Belarus entering through Poland, the attack continues. Russian 2 fighters, 23 troopers, &, 13 guns, versus, AHE trooper & 5 guns, and, GE. 12 troopers & 3 guns & fighter. In air duel each side losses a fighter, losses Allies 11 troopers & Axis all, Galicia has fallen.

GE. builds BB off Berlin, fighter, &, 7 troopers. From Berlin to Prussia 3 troopers & gun, and, also trooper & gun to Hanover. Earlier Prussian garrison moved to Silesia, &, from Munich 3 troopers moved to AHE Tyrolia. An attempt to take/contest Poland, to help AHE is cancelled, instead Silesia garrison is moved again into Russian occupied Galicia(along with fighter from Prussia). The AHE has no forces in Budapest, &, puny forces to protect the capital. Battle fighter, 3 guns, &, 11 troopers, versus, Russian fighter, 12 troopers, &, 11 guns. Both fighters are lost in air duel. Losses Axis 8 troopers & Allies 7 troopers, Galicia is contested.

In order to not let the Fr. reinforce It. in Tuscany, forces in Venice enter Picardy. Eleven troopers, 3 guns, & fighter, versus, Fr. fighter, 4 guns, &, 12 troopers. Losses air duel Axis fighter lost, Axis 8 troopers & Allies 7 troopers. Picardy is contested!, help for Italy just got harder.

At sea BB & C in Russian Home Waters, versus, Russian sub. & Battleship. Losses all but damaged Russian Battleship. Also fleet off Kiel of BB, C, sub., &, transport move to Sea Zone #4(for possible breakout to Mid-Atlantic).

France builds fighter, gun, 3 troopers, &, sub. off Brest. Fr. must deliver some help for Italy. Sub. from Brest joins Allied Fleet at Sea Zone#3, to contain any Axis breakout. Burgundy garrison to Lorraine, while Paris garrison moves into Burgundy. Also in Alsace fighter & 6 troopers & 4 guns, versus, GE. 7 troopers & 7 troopers. Losses Allies 5 troopers & 3 guns & Axis 6 troopers & a gun, Alsace still contested!

In Italy's Picardy 5 troopers & 4 guns with fighter, versus, GE. 3 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 2 troopers, &, GE. all but for one trooper, still contested.

From Fr. W. Africa, &, Togoland, 2 troopers board a transport & debark onto GE.S.W. Africa. Due to BB shelling & defending gun replies, Allies lose a trooper & GE. a gun. Landed trooper faces now only defending trooper, no losses & colony is contested!

Fr. transport arrives off Brest, with 2 U.S. troopers on board, &, another arrives off E. Coast and S. France.

Italy builds 4 troopers, moves transport with a trooper that leaves GE. E. Africa to go to contested GE. S.W. Africa to debark trooper, in order to reinforce Fr. forces. Roman garrison goes to Tuscany, where are the Allies?

U.S.A. builds C & 4 troopers. Debarking a Fr. transport, 2 troopers onto Brest, also transport arrives & debarks trooper & gun. Also 2 transports arrive off Tuscany & debarks 3 troopers & gun. Meanwhile off East Coast 2 troopers board a transport heading for Italy, &, another trooper boards a Fr. transport.

Round Four: AHE builds 9 infantry only, they have a wish list of a sub., fighter, tank, &, gun(but with the Russian Bear threatening their north eastern empire, all they can afford is infantry for defense). Capital garrison moves to Budapest to defend. Venice garrison & fighter move to Tuscany, battle of fighter(another fighter for a sea attack), 7 guns, &, 10 troopers, versus, Italian 7 troopers & gun, and, U.S. 3 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 5 troopers, &, Allies Italy 6 troopers and U.S.A. 3 troopers.

At sea fleet leaves Home Port, &, attacks Allied fleet off Tuscany(the transports are getting too be dangerous). Fighter(from Venice), BB, C, 2 subs., &, transport, versus, Allies Italian Fleet of BB, C, and, Fr. C, and, U.S. 2 transports. Losses Axis all(should have stayed in port), &, Allies only damaged It. BB, C, and, Fr. C left. Still the U.S. transports are destroyed! Med. Sea is still a Allied lake, not Axis!

Russia builds fighter, submarine, tank, gun, &, 2 troopers. Belarus garrison moves to Poland, &, Moscow garrison moves to Belarus. In Galicia Russia goes on the attack, 9 troopers(4 from Poland) & 13 guns, versus, AHE 2 troopers & 4 guns. Losses Allies 2 troopers & Axis all, Galicia is retained by Russia.

Germany builds 2 subs., tank, 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Three troopers from Tyrolia reinforce Venice, while Berlin garrison moves to Silesia. In Alsace trooper & six guns, versus, invading Fr. trooper, gun, &, fighter. Losses Axis 2 guns & Allies all, Alsace is uncontested! From Silesia to Galicia garrison moves to try to contest from the Russians. Battle 5 foot & 3 guns, versus, Russian 7 troopers & 13 guns. Losses Axis all & Allies 4 troopers.

From Kiel fighter flies to Munich, along with trooper & gun from Hanover. Off Berlin BB crosses over to Russian Home Waters, versus, Russian BB & sub.(with fighter flying in from Berlin). Only Russian damaged BB is left. Meanwhile at Sea Zone #4, the German fleet attempts to break out, to Middle Atlantic moving into S.Z.#3. BB, C, Sub., &, transport, versus, Allies fleet of Fr. BB & sub., and, U.S. Battleship. Losses only U.S. damaged BB left.

France builds transport off Marseilles, fighter, tank, gun, &, trooper. Transport leaves Brest for East Coast, also sub. leaves to join damaged U.S.N. BB at S.Z.#3. Along with Paris garrison moves to Burgundy, &, latter garrison moves to Lorraine(fighter flies in from capital). Combat Lorraine garrison moves into Alsace, 6 troopers versus defending GE. trooper & 4 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers & Axis 3 guns, Alsace is contested!

Moves transport to Togoland, picks up trooper, back to GE. S. Africa, trooper debarks & joins Allies already there, &, BB shelling takes out defending GE. trooper( colony falls to France!). Another transport goes from Marseilles, picks up trooper & gun in Picardy, &, debarks them onto Tuscany to join Allies army(also fighter flies in from Picardy). In Picardy 2 troopers & 3 guns versus invading GE. trooper, losses each side a trooper. It. Picardy is uncontested!

Italy builds 3 troopers, moves Rome garrison to Tuscany. Transport off GE. S. Africa(captured by Fr.) debarks with trooper, &, debarks on undefended GE. Kamerun colony, &, takes it!

U.S. builds transport, fighter, &, tank. Transport arrives & debarks 2 troopers onto Tuscany, on East Coast 2 troopers board a Fr. transport, &, 2 more troopers board a transport heading for Italy. Also C off East Coast heads for S.Z.#3, while a damaged BB heads back to East Coast.

AHE builds, knowing that it has become very hard to win, perhaps contest as much territory as it can, &, kick Russia off its northern borders, to have a stronger voice at the peace table, sub., fighter, tank, &, 2 troopers. Sends 2 troopers from capital to guard coastline, the rest of the Vienna & Budapest garrison go into Galicia to try to free it from the Russians. Battle 12 troopers, gun, & fighter, versus, Russian 3 troopers & 13 guns. Losses Axis 8 troopers, &, Allies 2 troopers & 2 guns, Galicia is contested.

Six troopers move into Venice from Tyrolia, while forces still try to take contested Tuscany of fighter, 4 troopers, &, 7 guns, versus, Allied forces of It. 6 troopers & gun, and, Fr. fighter, trooper & gun, and, U.S. 2 troopers & gun. Losses air duel Axis win, land forces Axis lose 3 troopers & 6 guns, and, Allies land forces Fr. trooper & U.S. 2 troopers, &, It. 4 troopers. Tuscany is still contested, even with 6 more AHE troopers in Venice coming down as reinforcements, Rome is safe for the Allies much less Tuscany.

Russia builds transport, fighter, gun, &, 4 troopers. Moves capital garrison into Belarus, also Belarus garrison into Poland(fighter flies in from capital), &, Poland garrison into Galicia as reinforcements. Battle with 13 troopers, 11 guns, versus, AHE 4 troopers, gun, & fighter. Losses Allies 4 troopers, &, Axis all, Galicia is lost!

BB leaves home port, &, enters GE. Home Waters & sinks sub. off Berlin(for no lost)

GE. builds sub. off Kiel, 2 guns, &, 7 troopers. From Munich fighter flies back to Berlin, &, from Kiel submarine attacks Russian BB off Berlin(BB sunk for no lost). Silesia garrison moves to Bohemia, Berlin garrison reinforces Prussia & Silesia. Munich garrison reinforces Alsace, battle 2 troopers, &, 2 guns, versus, Fr. 3 troopers . Losses only 2 Fr. troopers, also Venice garrison goes into Tuscany.

Fr. builds gun, &, 7 troopers. Moves Lorraine garrison into contested Alsace, battle fighter, gun, &, 6 troopers, versus, GE. 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Fr. 3 troopers & GE. all, Alsace is taken! Burgundy garrison moves to Picardy, &, Paris garrison moves to Burgundy (with fighter from Paris flying to Piedmont). Transport from off Marseilles & Rome pick up Picardy garrison & move with C to AHE Home Waters(no mine lost), sink an AHE sub, &, debark trooper & 3 guns, versus defending AHE 2 troopers in Trieste. Trieste falls, Allies lost a gun, &, all lost for Axis. Transport arrives East Coast, &, another leaves for Brest with U.S. trooper & gun.

Italy builds gun & 3 troopers. It. trooper goes from Kamerun into Fr. Eq. Africa, versus, defending GE. trooper, both are lost, colony still contested. Meanwhile a transport heads for Somaliland. Rome garrison reinforces Tuscany, battle 5 troopers & gun, versus, AHE fighter, gun, & 4 troopers. Each side losses 3 troopers. BB & C enter AHE Home Waters, C lost to mines.

U.S.A. builds sub., transport, gun, &, 2 troopers. Two transports arrive East Coast, while another leaves Brest for East Coast. Also fighter flies to Fr. Morocco, trooper & tank board Fr. transport, also BB goes to S.Z.#3 to join Allied Fleet.

Transport arrives with 2 troopers as reinforcements for Tuscany. Battle 2 troopers & gun, versus, AHE fighter, gun, &, trooper. Losses Allies a trooper, &, Axis a gun. Also 3 troopers & gun move from Picardy to Lorraine.

Peace breaks out! The Axis have just 2 subs. between them , the Allies have 18 ships(12 are transports), Axis 3 fighters & 2 tanks and the Allies 4 fighters and 3 tanks, Axis 5 guns and the Allies 26 guns, Axis 29 troopers and the Allies 52 troopers. AHE & GE. pulls out of Venice & Tuscany. France pulls out of Alsace, while Russia pulls out Galicia. AHE gets Trieste back, cause GE. gives up contested Fr. Eq. Africa. AHE comps. GE., for losing all those colonies, by giving her the western third of Bohemia.

The Allies get all four GE. colonies, with Russia selling her share back to the Allies, and, the U.S. except for military bases, starts a new nation. Heavy Allied victory!

IPCs lost in units: Axis air fighters 6 and Allies 4, Sea all ships & subs 19 and 12, Land all(no tanks either side lost)157 and 121. Actual value points: Axis Air 36 IPCs & Allies 24 IPCs, Sea 147 IPCs & 96, Land 491 & 376. Total Axis losses in IPCs 674 & Allies 496. Definitely
the Axis found out, that Italy is not the soft underbelly of Europe!
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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Next British & Russian & Italian Empires & U.S.A., versus, AH & German Empires. Russia is the Axis goal, hold in the south and control the North Sea. It is hard for any direct U. S. aid, British Empire needs complete naval control of the North Sea, &, Italian forces even with Allied help, will find it hard to break into Southern AHE.

Round One: A.H.E. builds manpower, to protect its coast from landing, and, any push into the southern empire(naval takes a back seat). Finally fighters, guns, &, troopers for the big push into Moscow. Builds 4 troopers, fighter, &, submarine. Moves land forces to Galicia & reinforces Trieste & Tyrolia, the latter to protect from Allied southern incursions, into the empire.

Russia builds fighter, sub., 4 troopers. Keeping a trooper in Karelia, moves forces into Belarus & Uk.(leaving a trooper in Poland). Russian will trade territory, &, avoid combat, to build up her land forces.

Germany builds transport, sub.(naval units off Berlin), 2 fighters, &, 3 troopers. Moves troopers from Togoland, &, Kamerun to take undefended British Nigeria & Gold coast. From Sea Zone #7 two subs. go off Canada, &, attack Canadian transport & Cruiser. For a lost of a sub., Canadian fleet wiped out. Also 2 subs. from Sea Zone #5, leave and one goes to off Kiel, &, another to off Berlin.

In Germany, except for forces to protect the coastline, &, 6 troopers from Munich garrison crossing over into AHE to help protect Tyrolia, land forces head for Russia. Garrison from Prussia & Silesia cross over into Poland along with fighter from capital(defending trooper taken out, for lost of a trooper), Poland falls!

British Empire builds 2 transport(off Wales), 2 fighters, &, submarine(off London). Transport & C go from Egypt to debark trooper & gun onto Tuscany, while C from India arrives off Egypt. BB & transport from India head for West Africa. Troopers from Rhodesia & East Africa enter GE. E. Africa, take out defending trooper, for no lost, colony falls! Meanwhile Sudan trooper heads for Egypt, while trooper & gun invade GE. S. W. Africa from S. Africa, versus, GE. trooper & gun. Losses Brits. a gun, &, GE. all(colony falls!).

From off London transport picks up trooper & gun, &, heads for Italy. Adjust land forces in home islands, in case of Axis landings. Off London Brit Home Fleet enters GE. Home Waters. BB(damaged by mines) & 2 C, versus, GE. BB, 2 C, & submarine(losses all ships both sides are lost).

Italy builds fighter & 2 troopers. Land forces head for Venice, while trooper in E. Africa heads for Libya. Meanwhile transport off Rome, picks up trooper & gun, &, heads for West Africa.

U.S.A. builds fighter & 2 transports. BB off East Coast goes to off Canada, sinks GE. submarine for no lost. Also C from E. Coast heads for Italy.

Round Two: AHE builds sub., fighter, &, 4 troopers. Forces have concentrated into one large army group in Galicia, with a fighter flying in from the capital. This large force should steamroll its way into Moscow, while the Germans have already taken Poland. Leaving Bohemia, Vienna, &, Budapest denude of any land & air forces. Also Trieste(receiving a trooper from the capital) & Tryolia(with 6 GE. troopers there to help), to hold the southern line.

Russia is trying to defend for now, if they faced only one empire, it would welcome a attack in Uk. by AHE, &, counterattacked with forces from Belarus. The problem with both Axis powers heading for Moscow, defense is the best play for now, even with the risk of letting AHE build up their forces in Galicia.

Russia builds fighter, &, 6 troopers. Moves forces out of Uk. & Belarus(sans a trooper) and Tatarstan, &, moves then back to capital.
BB & sub., enter GE. Home Waters off Berlin(no mine lost), versus, 2 subs. & transport. Losses Axis all. Allies rule the Atlantic Ocean!

GE. is force to rebuild its navy, does not want any British troops landing in Russia, much less Germany. Builds BB & C off Berlin & also Kiel, garrison in Poland with fighter takes Belarus(defended by Russian trooper, taken out for no lost). Also more land forces heading for Moscow, with fighter from capital flying to Poland, &, another flying to Kiel. Both troopers in Africa move to Togoland, &, hunker down.

British builds 2 BBs, &, a fighter. From off London sub. enters GE. Home waters off Kiel(no mine lost), along with 2 fighters from London. Both fighters in air duel with GE. fighter defending Kiel(one lost each side). Now fighter & sub., versus, GE. BB & C. Losses Allies all & GE. losses C & damaged to the BB. Two transports reach Canada & board 2 troopers & 2 guns. Another transport leaves SZ #7, &, moves to off Marseilles with a trooper & gun.

Another transport leaves off Tuscany & picks up from Egypt 2 troopers, &, they debark onto Tuscany. While from Tuscany a trooper & gun enter Venice. Both troopers in GE. E. Africa, head for Egypt, while BB & transport land into undefended Kamerun a trooper & gun, colony taken!

Italy builds gun, &, 4 troopers. Roman garrison finally reaches Venice. BB & C enters AHE Home Waters(no mine lost), also with fighter from capital, versus, AHE BB, C, 2 subs., &, transport. Losses all for Italy(the fighter survive first round of battle & landed in Venice), &, only the damaged AHE BB left.

Transport arrives off Togoland, &, lands trooper & gun, versus, defending 2 GE. trooper, all lost, colony still contested.

U.S.A. builds transport, sub., &, gun and 2 troopers. BB off Canada goes to London, C arrives in AHE Home waters(no mine lost), versus, damaged AHE BB(both lost). AHE needs to build a new fleet. Two transports leave East Coast for Italy with 3 troopers & gun, fighter flies to Ireland.

Round Three: AHE builds fighter, sub., BB, &, gun. From capital fighter flies to Uk., &, 3 troopers move into Galicia. Moves its Grand Army into Uk. from Galicia, disposal of Russian defending trooper for a lost of a trooper, Uk. captured!

Russia builds 8 troopers. All land & air forces are in Moscow, except a trooper guarding Livonia & Karelia, with Poland & Uk. lost, &, all other provinces are undefended. Fleet of BB & sub. still off Berlin, retreats to Home Waters.

GE. builds fighter, trooper, gun, BB(off Kiel), &, 2 submarines(off Berlin). Moves more land forces into Belarus, reinforces coastal provinces, leaves 5 troopers in Munich(in case they need to go to Russia or AHE southern front). Also a C goes from Berlin to Kiel.

Italy builds sub., trooper & gun. Transport off Togoland heads for East Coast. Rome garrison moves to Tuscany, &, Tuscany garrison moves to Venice. Meanwhile Venice garrison invades Trieste, with the hope of reliving the pressure on the Russians, &, remaining Allied forces(including Brits.) in Venice to detour any move into Italy. Fighter, 19 troopers, &, 6 guns, versus, AHE 8 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 6 troopers, &, Axis wiped out. Trieste has fallen!

U.S.A. builds C, &, transport. BB joins British fleet off Kiel, no mine damage, while fighter lands in Scotland. Two transports land 3 troopers & gun into Piedmont. Sub. & transport(with trooper & gun) leaves East Coast for Italy.

Turn Four: AHE builds no naval units, its coastal port has been captured, builds fighter, tank, &, 4 trooper, &, gun. ...Three troopers from Galicia enters Ukraine. Moves Grand Army into Moscow from Uk., 2 fighters dog fight 2 Russian fighters, losses Axis a fighter & Allies all. AHE Fighter, 37 troopers, &, 6 guns, versus, Russian 50 troopers, &, 13 guns. Losses AHE 29 troopers, &, Russian 15 troopers. Moscow is contested, but, AHE Grand Army is no longer so Grand.

Vienna & Tyrolia garrisons attempt to liberate Trieste(leaving GE. 6 troopers to guard Tyrolia). Fighter, 9 troopers, &, 4 guns, versus, Italian fighter, 13 troopers, &, 6 guns. In air duel, Axis fighter lost. Losses Axis 8 troopers, &, Allies 8 troopers, Trieste is contested.

Fleet leaves Home Waters(if it returned it would have to face its own mines), goes into Italian Home waters, Bb damaged by mines. BB(damaged) & sub., versus, It. sub. & Brits. 2 C & transport. Only one British C survives.

All builds are needed to save the southern part of the Empire, the forces in Russia cannot take Moscow, it is up to GE. to save the situation.

Russia can destroy or take out most of the AHE forces in Moscow, but, still hunker down. She needs her forces intact, cause of the impending GE. attack. Builds 5 troopers.

GE. builds Cruiser(off Berlin), fighter, tank, 2 guns, &, 3 troopers. Berlin Garrison goes to Hanover(heading for AHE), &, Munich Garrison enters Tryolia, &, Polish Garrison enters Belarus. Also garrison in Belarus enters Moscow(no time for more reinforcements), 2 fighters, 30 troopers, &, 9 guns, versus, Russian 40 troopers & 13 guns. Losses Axis 20 troopers, &, Allies 12 troopers.

In Trieste 6 troopers from Tryolia attempt to help AHE forces, versus, Italian 3 troopers and 6 guns and fighter. Losses GE. 4 troopers & Italian 2 troopers. Off Berlin to Kiel BB, 2 subs., &, fighter, versus, British 2 damaged BBs, &, a U.S.N. BB. Losses only GE. BB survive.

British Empire builds BB, C, sub., trooper, &, gun. Moves trooper & gun from Nigeria, enters undefended Togoland, &, colony falls. Also transport off Gold Coast, picks up trooper, &, will head for entrance of Med. Sea. BB off W. Africa moves to off Ireland, &, Cruiser enters waters off Italian occupied Trieste. Also three transports arrive off Trieste & debarks 3 troopers & 3 guns, and, are joined from Venice by 3 troopers & gun, versus, Axis of GE. 2 troopers & AHE 3 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 4 troopers, &, Axis all but one AHE trooper. Also two more troopers move from Tuscany to Venice.

Off London BB & 2 transports(no mine losses), &, a fighter, go off Kiel, versus, GE. BB. Losses British fighter & GE. BB, with landings in Kiel. BB shelling & defending guns(2), losses a trooper each side. Land battle 2 trooper & gun, versus, defending GE. 2 troopers & 2 guns. Each side losses a trooper, Kiel is contested.

Italy builds gun, fighter, &, 3 troopers. Transport arrives off East Coast, &, trooper from Somaliland arrives in Libya. Also 3 troopers & gun, enter Venice from Tuscany. Trieste garrison leaves Trieste(there are still Brits. 2 troopers & 4 guns watching the leftover AHE trooper in Trieste), &, enter Vienna. Italy's fighter wins air duel with AHE fighter, 2 troopers, &, 6 guns, versus, defending AHE 4 troopers, tank, &, gun. Italy losses trooper & 3 guns, &, AHE all(tank also absorbed a hit). Vienna has fallen!

From Venice 4 troopers enter Tyrolia defended by GE. 5 troopers. This is too hopefully contest that AHE province, so GE. forces cannot go directly to Vienna, or, if the Italians are wiped out, cannot threaten Venice(protected by Brits. 2 troopers and so to arrive U.S. forces). Losses 2 troopers each side, Tyrolia is contested. Most of Italy's original land units have been destroyed, while a good bulk of GE. forces/Grand Army are still intact, &, a fair share of AHE/not so Grand Army in Moscow.

U.S.A. builds tank, gun, trooper, &, 2 transports. Fighter flies from Scotland to Kiel, while C & transport(trooper & gun) leaves East Coast for Kiel. Also 2 troopers board It. transport off East Coast.

Two transports leave Italy for East Coast, &, another transport arrives with sub., that debarks trooper & gun onto Piedmont. Also entering Venice from Piedmont are 3 troopers & gun.

I will end this game, as usual when a capital falls, it is barley making it to a moderate Allied win. AHE gets back Vienna, Russia gets two Axis armies out of Moscow, Allies leave contested Tryolia, Trieste, &, Kiel, and, Russia gets back Poland, Belarus, &, Ukraine. GE. keeps Togoland and the Allies get the other three colonies(Russia sells her part, &, U.S. makes a new country).

Afterwards I will play one more round to see if the Axis could have taken Moscow. The bulk of all land forces are on the Eastern Front, Russia has 13 guns, &, 28 troopers. The Axis attack separately, AHE has only 7 troopers & 7 guns with a fighter, not enough to take out Russia, but, maybe enough to weaken it for Germany's 2 fighters, 21 troopers, &, 15 guns. Also 7 troopers & five guns in Uk., Poland, &, Prussia.

The Southern Front the Axis have 3 troopers(with also 3 troopers & 2 guns in Hanover) & Allies have 2 fighter, 16 troopers, &, 13 guns(also 3 more troopers on transports, &, 11 troopers & 3 guns in Africa & Asia) .

The Western Front Axis have 4 guns, 6 troopers, fighter & tank, in Kiel and Berlin, and, the Allies in Kiel trooper, gun, &, fighter. With also the Brits. Home Islands & Canada & East Coast, 16 troopers and 4 guns and a tank.

The Axis still has a large presence in the East, less in the West, but, most of it is in mainland Europe, &, in the south practically no forces. As for the navy, the Axis have a C waiting to be destroyed, while the Allies have 4 BB, 2 C, 3 submarines, &, 13 mighty transports.

IPCs lost units, Air: Axis 4 & Allies 5 fighters, Navy: BB 6 and 5, C 5 and 6, Submarine 10 and 2, Transport 2 each side, Tanks one only Axis, Guns 6 and 4, Troopers 86 & 56( actual face value of purchase units: Air Axis 24 & Allies 30, Naval Axis 189 & Allies 138, &, Land Axis 288 & Allies 184).

The What IF Round #5, cause the Axis did not want to lose,

Round Five: AHE builds zero units, retreats trooper from Trieste to Budapest, a trooper goes from Uk. into Moscow and another goes back to Galicia, while a third trooper just stays in Uk. Finally battle for Moscow, AHE forces can only hope to weaken Russia, to let GE. finish the job. Eight troopers, 7 guns, &, 1 fighter, versus, Russian 28 troopers & 13 guns. Losses AHE all, &, Russians 9 troopers.

Russia builds 6 troopers, moves in trooper from Karelia & Livonia, has fleet of BB & sub. enter GE. Home Waters(BB suffers damage), versus, GE. Cruiser. Losses Russian sub. & GE. Cruiser.

GE. builds fighter, 3 troopers, gun, sub., &, BB. Hanover Garrison crosses over to Bohemia, while the 3 troopers in contested Tyrolia pass on attacking 2 invading Italian troopers(this will help prop up the AHE for a while). Polish Garrison enters Belarus, Prussian Garrison enters Poland, while garrison from capital splits up sending units to Prussia & Kiel.

In Kiel 2 troopers, 3 guns, tank, &, fighter, versus, U.S. fighter & Bits. trooper & gun. In dogfight Allies win, on land Axis lost absorbed by tank, &, all Allies wiped out. Kiel is freed! Meanwhile in Moscow, 2 fighters, 21 troopers, &, 15 guns, versus, Russian 27 troopers & 13 guns. Losses GE. 20 troopers & a gun, &, Russians 23 troopers.

British build fighter, tank, 2 guns, &, 2 transports. From Wales 2 troopers go to London. Moves trooper & gun from Togoland to Gold Coast, from Trieste into Budapest 2 troopers & 4 guns, versus, AHE trooper. Losses a trooper each side, Budapest falls! Three transports off Trieste go to Egypt & bring back 4 troopers & a gun, while another transport outside Med. Sea brings a trooper(also C leaves Trieste for Kiel).

BB off Kiel , &, sub. & C off London, go to off GE. Home Waters off Berlin(no mine lost), versus, GE. BB & sub. Losses British a sub, &, GE. all. Two transports off Kiel go back to British Home Islands & pick up 3 troopers & gun. BB that stayed, off Kiel shells & 3 guns defending fire back, each side losses a trooper. British 2 troopers & gun, versus, on land GE. trooper, tank, &, 3 guns. Land losses Allies trooper & gun, &, Axis 2 guns(tank took a hit), Kiel is contested. Also BB arrives off London.

Italy builds(with also IPCs that were in Vienna when it was captured)fighter, C, sub., gun, &, 7 troopers. Fighter flies from Rome to Vienna, also 3 troopers & gun go into Tuscany from Rome. From Venice garrison reinforces units in Tryolia, 6 troopers & gun, versus, GE. 3 troopers. Losses It. a trooper & GE. all, Tryolia falls! Transport leaves East Coast with U.S. 2 troopers for Kiel.

U.S.A. builds transport, &, 4 troopers. Two transports leave for Kiel with 2 troopers, tank, &, gun. Also 2 transports arrive East Coast, &, another transport(trooper & gun) & escorting C arrive off London. Along with sub. off Rome heading for London, &, transport off Rome heading for India. From Venice 3 troopers & gun enter Tyrolia.

Here I will leave this setup, could another round, GE. finally take Moscow, much less get Vienna back. To do the former is possible, 2 fighters, 17 guns, & 2 troopers, versus, Russian 13 guns, &, 10 troopers(six are new builds). Also to do the latter using units from Poland & Bohemia 6 troopers & 4 guns, versus, It. trooper, 3 guns, &, 2 fighters in Vienna. Even if GE. got Vienna back, would it last the round from British, Italian, &, U.S. counterattacks, all looking to claim Vienna. Would GE. declare peace, to get a better deal, who knows, there is no six round(I will never tell).

Next the last Round Robin using this format.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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#60. British & French & Italian Empires & U.S.A., versus, AH & German Empires. Here the Axis can aim for one/two Allied capitals at the same time(Paris and Rome), while U.S. & British Empire need to send land forces to help the Fr. & It.(using there most valuable asset the transport). Also control the seas, especially any W.W.I Sea Lion plans Germany may have, which normally leads to a Jutland type sea battle.

The Axis learned that Italy is not the soft underbelly of Europe, perhaps AHE can cut across Northern Italy to attack France from the south. Here it might lead to the AHE navy to be the aggressor, in this game variation.

Round One: AHE builds 2 BBs, to get Fr. & It. in some sort of naval arms race. After all It. & Fr. has 2 provinces that are manned by one trooper, both nations have also undefended islands, much less weakly defended colonies. If the AHE navy breaks out, with its transport(s), definitely could be allot of trouble, for the Allies.

On land taking Venice & Piedmont(forget about Rome) is the half way point for a link up with Germany in France. GE. needs to take Lorraine & Burgundy, after that if the Axis can hold their linkup, Paris is next. Moves all land forces towards Venice, after all Russia and the Balkans are neutral, and, to the west Germany is an ally.

Garrisons from Tryolia & Trieste enter Venice, 12 troopers & 4 guns, versus, It. 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 4 troopers & Allies all, Venice has fallen! AHE fleet is so large now, that a attack from Italy or Fr. would probably only damage the BBs(much less if they survive the mine filed).

GE. builds fighter, transport, BB, &, C. Moving all land forces to France(fighter flies from capital to Munich), leaving coastal areas secured(in case of any allies landings). Again Russia is no threat, &, to the east is its ally AHE. Lorraine is invaded from Alsace, 7 troopers & 3 guns, versus, defending Fr. 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 2 troopers & Allies 3 troopers, Lorraine is contested!

In Africa troopers from Kamerun & Togoland take undefended British Gold Coast & Nigeria. Trooper & gun from S.W. Africa enters Union of S. Africa & contest it, defended by Brits. trooper & gun(both sides lose a gun). Trooper from GE. E. Africa invades Rhodesia and defeats defending British trooper, colony falls!

At sea with no mine lost, from Kiel BB & 2 C, &, from Sea Zone #5 two subs., &, from S.Z.# 7(going through two sets of minefields) two sub. arrive off London. Versus British Empire BB, 2 C, &, transport, losses Axis damaged BB and 2 subs., &, Allies all.

Now four sets of Allies go, France builds sub.(at Brest), gun, &, 4 troopers. Burgundy garrison reinforces Italians in Piedmont, while Picardy garrison (sans trooper & 2 guns) joins forces in Lorraine. Here 9 troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter from capital, versus, GE. 5 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Allies 6 troopers & Axis all, Lorraine is freed! Paris & Bordeaux garrison move to Burgundy, &, Brest trooper moves to Paris.

In Africa, trooper from Fr. W. Africa enters Gold Coast, versus, defending GE. trooper(both are lost). Algerian trooper moves to Morocco, while trooper from later moves to Fr. W. Africa. Transport off Marseilles picks up trooper from Tunisia and debarks S. France.

Also BB & C & 2 transports off S. France, joins It. navy off in Central Med. Sea. Off Brest BB & transport leave & station themselves off Picardy.

British Empire builds fighter, transport, BB, & submarine(transport off Wales). Repositioning of land forces on islands, in case of Axis landings, &, 2 troopers from Wales board a Fr. transport. Also from Canada C & transport arrive off Scotland & debark trooper & gun.

In Africa trooper from B.E. Africa enters & takes undefended GE. East Africa. Trooper in Union of S.A. attacks invading trooper(both lost), colony still contested. From Sudan a trooper enter Fr. Eq. Africa, while a transport from Egypt lands in Piedmont 2 troopers. Also from Egypt 3 troopers & gun board Fr. 2 transports.

From India transport arrives off East Africa with trooper & gun, while BB & C head for Allied fleet off Rome.

Italy builds fighter, &, 2 troopers. Trooper from Somalia enters British E. Africa, while Roman garrison enters Tuscany. Also Naples trooper enters Rome, &, transport carries trooper & gun to Tuscany from Libya.

U.S.A. builds fighter & 2 transports. From East Coast BB heads for Italy , &, C for Wales.

Round Two: AHE builds 2 trooper, gun, 2 fighters, &, submarine. Moves Venice garrison to Piedmont(even though Tuscany looks like a better choice). Also reinforce Venice with forces from southern AHE. The need to take Piedmont, or, contest it is more important than Tuscany.

Battle 8 troopers & 4 guns, versus, It. 7 troopers & 3 guns, and, British Empire 2 troopers, and, Fr. 6 troopers & 2 guns. Losses
Axis 7 troopers & a gun, &, Allies all 2 troopers each(six troopers total, Piedmont is contested).

At sea the waters off Italy have become transport rich, the AHE fleet leaves home waters, and, enters It. home waters. Three BBs(one damaged by mines), C, &, transport, versus, Allies fleet of It. BB, C, fighter, &, transport, and, Fr. BB, C, & 2 transports, and, British Empire a C & transport. Losses all Axis, &, Allies Fr. & It. BBs are damaged, &, C from Fr. & It. & BE are lost.

GE. builds fighter, transport, trooper, gun, sub., &, BB. Trooper in Nigeria goes back to Kamerun, trooper in Rhodesia moves & takes undefended contested Union of S. Africa. Forces again invade Lorraine from Alsace, of 14 troopers, 6 guns, &, fighter from Munich, versus, Fr. 3 troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter(Allies win air duel). Losses Axis 4 troopers, &, Allies 2 troopers & 4 guns, Lorraine is contested. Also more land units in Germany heading for Lorraine(fighter flies from capital to Munich). .

At sea fleets off London & from Kiel travel to off Wales. Fleet from off London of damaged BB, 2 C, &, 2 submarines(no mine damaged), fleet from off Kiel of BB, C, &, transport has too travel two minefields(C is lost, &, BB damaged). Fighter in London passes on an air attack on fleets.

Off Wales the GE. now combine fleets, versus, Allies British BB, C, sub., &, 2 transports, and, Fr. BB, &, transport, and, U.S.N. Cruiser.
Losses only Fr. transport, &, Brits. damaged BB & transport are left.

Fr. builds 8 troopers. In Africa trooper from Fr. W. Africa, enters & frees undefended British Gold Coast, while trooper from Morocco enters West Africa. BB(already damaged) off Rome goes back to Marseilles for repairs, followed by 2 transports. Also sub. leaves Brest & goes off London.

Trooper from Marseilles & Paris garrison, and, fighter from Lorraine, go to Burgundy. Along with 4 troopers & 2 guns, in Piedmont, counterattack AHE trooper & 3 guns. Losses Allies 3 troopers, &, Axis 3 guns, Piedmont still contested.

British Empire builds fighter, transport(off Wales), BB, &, gun. In Africa trooper from taken GE. E. Africa, enters undefended Rhodesia and frees colony. Indian transport arrives off Union of S. Africa, debarks trooper & gun, versus, defending GE. trooper. Losses Allies a gun, &, Axis all, Union is freed! Also trooper & gun, go from Egypt via transport to Marseilles(from 2 Fr. transports 3 troopers & gun, debark there too).

BB goes from Red Sea to off Italy, while C goes from off Egypt to AHE home waters(no mine lost), versus, submarine(both are lost). Off Picardy from Fr., &, British transport, three troopers & gun land there. Also fighter flies from London to Burgundy, while damaged BB goes from Wales to London.

Italy builds gun & 4 troopers. Moves garrison from Piedmont into Burgundy(to reinforce the French there), taking the chance AHE will not try to take Rome via Tuscany. Leaving Piedmont contested, &, with Fr. forces in it(trooper & 2 guns). Also Rome garrison, &, fighter move to Tuscany.

U.S.A. builds 2 transports, &, submarine. BB arrives off Italy, two transports leave East Coast for Italy(with 3 troopers & gun), &, also fighter flies to Morocco.

Round Three: AHE builds BB, sub., transport, &, trooper. Land forces still heading for southern part of empire, to attack northern Italy.

Fighters fly in from capital, to Trieste, &, Venice. Tuscany looks tempting, if the link up with GE. fails to take Paris, then a possibility of a southern thrust to Rome may take place. Venice garrison moves to Piedmont, AHE 17 troopers & 5 guns versus Fr. trooper & 2 guns(Italians volunteering abandon their province, in order to help the Fr. in Burgundy). Losses Axis 2 troopers & Allies all, Piedmont has fallen! Earlier Tyrolia garrison moved into Venice.

GE. Empire builds gun, 5 troopers, BB, &, Cruiser. Fighter flies from Berlin to seaport of Kiel, while garrison goes from Alsace into Lorraine, &, while more land forces from Southern Germany arrive into Alsace. Battle 21 troopers & 13 guns(with a fighter from Munich), versus, Fr. trooper in Lorraine. Losses a trooper each side, Lorraine falls!

Fr. builds 2 guns & 5 troopers, moves Paris garrison into Burgundy. BB joins Allied fleet off Rome, &, 2 transports heads for East Coast. In Africa trooper takes Togoland from Gold Coast(it was undefended), &, another trooper enters Gold Coast from Fr. W. Africa.

British Empire builds fighter, 2 troopers, transport, &, BB. Transport off S. France heads for India, to Piccard 2 troopers & 2 guns. BB off Rome heads for London, replaced by C from Egypt. In Africa trooper from Union of South Africa takes undefended GE. S. Africa, while trooper from Rhodesia enters Union of South Africa. Also another trooper enters & takes Kamerun entering through Fr. Eq. Africa(defending GE. trooper was eliminated).

Air duel fighter from London, goes to Kiel defended by one fighter, both lost.

Italy builds 3 troopers. Moves Rome garrison to Tuscany, in case of a move by AHE towards Rome instead of Paris, it will not come cheap.

U.S.A. builds C, gun, &, 2 troopers. Two transport land in Tuscany 3 troopers & gun, fighter from Morocco lands also. Another 2 transports with escort sub., leave East Coast for Brest, with 3 troopers & gun.

Round Four: AHE builds, fighter, tank, trooper, gun, &, Cruiser. Trooper from capital moves to Tyrolia, &, fighter from Trieste moves to Venice. Piedmont garrison enters Burgundy with a fighter from Venice(while Venice garrison enter Piedmont, &, Tyrolia garrison enters Venice). Battle fighter, 6 guns, &, 15 troopers, versus, It. 5 troopers and 3 guns, Fr. fighter and 21 troopers and 5 guns, one British fighter. Losses in air duel Allies(British) & Axis lose a fighter. Losses on land Axis all, &, Allies 9 Fr. troopers. If this does not open the way for GE. forces to take Burgundy, nothing will(Marseilles was for the taking if AHE invaded there).

GE. builds fighter, sub., tank, gun, &, 5 troopers. Alsace garrison enters Lorraine, and, forces in Germany still heading for Lorraine (sans Munich garrison that enters Tyrolia). Lorraine garrison & fighter move into Burgundy, battle fighter, 7 guns, &, 20 troopers, versus, It. 5 troopers and 3 guns, &, Fr. fighter, 3 guns, and, 12 troopers. Losses Axis win air duel. Also land combat losses Allies Fr. 11 troopers and Italians 3 troopers,&, Axis 9 troopers. Burgundy is contested!

Fr. builds 8 troopers, Paris garrison goes into Burgundy. Trooper in Gold Coast heads back to Algeria, and, trooper in Togoland enters & frees undefended Nigeria. Two transports arrive off East Coast, &, another off Canada.

British Empire builds 2 fighter, sub., gun, &, 2 troopers. Canadian trooper & gun board Fr. transport off Canada, transport picks up trooper from S. Africa & S.W. Africa, heading for southern France. BB from India arrives off Ireland, from Picardy 6 troopers & 2 guns and Marseilles 4 troopers & 2 guns enter Burgundy, as reinforcements. Along with fighter from London, &, 5 troopers & gun board 3 transports off islands, &, debark into Picardy.

Also transports leaves Egypt for India, &, trooper in Kamerun heads for Egypt.

Italy builds 3 troopers, where to strike at Venice or Piedmont? The former leaves to possible counterattacks from both Axis powers, and, the latter opens the road to help France. Use transport to pick up trooper from East Africa, now in Libya to Piedmont. Also Rome garrison moves to Tuscany, while Tuscany garrison moves to Venice. Venice is invested, fighter, 3 guns, &, 15 troopers, versus, AHE fighter, 3 guns, &, 8 troopers. In air duel both fighters are lost, Allies losses 6 troopers, &, Axis losses 7 troopers & 3 guns. Venice is contested!

Now from Burgundy to Piedmont 2 troopers & 3 guns, with landed trooper from Libya, versus, AHE 6 troopers. Losses Allies 2 troopers & 2 guns, &, Axis 4 troopers, Piedmont contested.

U.S.A. builds transport, fighter, tank, &, trooper. Transport from Tuscany lands a trooper & gun with fighter flying in, versus, 2 AHE defending troopers. Losses Allies a gun, &, Axis all, Piedmont is freed!, another transport leaves for East Coast. Two troopers that are left in Tuscany, go to Venice as reinforcements. Two transports land in Picardy 3 troopers & gun, while escort sub. heads for waters off London. Off East Coast 2 troopers & gun board 2 Fr. troopers. Also C leaves East Coast for Italy.

Round 5: AHE builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 5 troopers. Tryolia and Trieste garrison enter Venice as reinforcements, with capital garrison enter Trieste. Battle 9 troopers, 2 guns, &, fighter from capital, versus, It. 8 troopers & 3 guns, and, U.S. 2 troopers. Losses Axis 6 troopers & Allies 4 troopers, Venice still contested. Up to Germany to clear out the Allies.

GE. builds 2 fighters, sub., gun, &, 4 troopers. Fighter flies from Berlin to Kiel, land forces still heading for Alsace with forces covering the coastal regions. Lorraine garrison sans a trooper enters as reinforcements in to Burgundy, to take it from the Allies. Combat, fighter, 26 troopers, &, 12 guns, versus, Fr. 8 troopers, &, 5 guns, and, British 10 troopers, 4 guns, &, fighter. Losses for air duel Allies win, for land losses Axis 11 troopers, &, Allies Fr. 7 troopers, and, British 7 troopers & 3 guns. Burgundy still holds out!, &, the AHE forces are no longer in France.

From Tyrolia into Venice 7 troopers & 3 guns enter, to help the AHE take back Venice, versus, It. 6 troopers & 3 guns. Losses Axis 6 troopers, &, Allies 5 troopers & 2 guns, Venice still holds out!

Fr. builds 7 troopers. Paris garrison moves to Burgundy, 2 troopers in Africa heading for Algeria. Two transports leave East Coast for Italy with 2 troopers & gun, another leaves Canada for Brest with trooper & gun.

British Empire builds fighter, transport off Wales, gun, 6 troopers. Piedmont garrison moves into Burgundy, 3 transports off Wales boards & debarks onto Picardy, 4 troopers & 2 guns. While BB from India arrives off London, another transport arrives off India & boards trooper & gun. Also transport with 2 troopers leaves S. Africa for Italy.

A fighter flies from London to Burgundy, while the fighter that was stationed in Burgundy flies to Venice.

Italy builds 3 troopers, Tuscany garrison & trooper & gun from Piedmont reinforce Venice. Transport off Rome heads for East Coast.

U.S. builds 5 troopers, &, gun. C joins Allied fleet off Italy, transport leaves Italy for East Coast, another arrives off East Coast. While another transport with trooper & tank heads for Italy, &, 2 transports off Picardy go to Canada. Also fighter leaves East Coast & flies to Ireland, while another fighter flies from Piedmont to Venice.

From Picardy to Lorraine 3 troopers & gun enter and battle defending GE. trooper, each side losses a trooper. Lorraine is free for now!, Axis forces in Burgundy cut off.

Round Six: AHE builds fighter, BB, &, 3 troopers. AHE needs to hold Venice, connect with the German(again), maybe head south to Rome? Venice garrison into Piedmont, while Trieste garrison into Venice, &, capital garrison into Trieste. Battle 2 fighters(one from capital), 3 troopers, 3 guns, tank, versus, It. fighter, 2 guns, 5 troopers, &, fighters from Britain and U.S. Losses air duel only one AHE fighter is left, land forces AHE losses are 3 troopers reduce to two cause of tank, &, Allies 4 troopers. Piedmont still contested.

GE. builds, 2 subs., gun, &, 6 troopers. Forces building up in Alsace to retake Lorraine, &, link up with cut off forces in contested Burgundy. Fighters fly to Hanover & Kiel, meanwhile in Venice trooper & 3 guns, versus, It. 2 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Axis 2 guns, &, Allies a trooper(Venice still contested).

Finally battle in contested Burgundy, 15 troopers & 12 guns, versus, Fr. 9 troopers & 5 guns, and, Brits. fighter, 8 troopers, & 2 guns. Losses Axis 14 troopers & 3 guns, &, Allies Fr. 6 troopers, and, Brits. 7 troopers. Burgundy still holding out!

Should GE. holds her fleet in port. Like AHE in the Med. Sea, not overwhelming to take out the Allies in the Med. Sea, but, too strong for any one of the Allies to enter its Home Waters. The GE. fleet is too large for even the Brits. to enter its Home waters, but, it is not overwhelming itself, to take out the combine Allies fleet off London.

There is only one way to find out, in air duel GE. fighter takes out both defending Brits. fighters for no lost. Entering Brits. Home Waters fighter, 2 BB, C, 3 subs, &, transport(no mine lost), versus, Allies Brits. 4 BBs & sub., Fr. & U.S.A. a sub. each. Losses Axis fighter & 2 subs., &, 2 damaged BBs, &, all Allies.

Landing in Yorkshire both BBs score a hit(destroys 2 troopers) & defending gun scores a hit(destroys a trooper), landed trooper destroys gun, &, Yorkshire falls! Navy scores big this round!

Fr. builds fighter & sub.(off Brest), &, 3 troopers. heads for Burgundy. Two transports arrive off Piedmont with U.S. 2 troopers & gun, another off Picardy with Canadian trooper & gun.

In contested Lorraine Fr. hunkers down.

British Empire builds fighter, BB, gun, &, 4 troopers. Indian transport arrives Red Sea, C off Sicily heads back to London, trooper & gun debark Fr. transport onto Picardy, 4 Canadian troopers board 2 U.S. transports off Canada. From Picardy 3 troopers & 2 guns move into Lorraine.

Transport off Morocco arrives & debarks 2 troopers onto Marseilles.

On Home Islands 2 transports pick up 3 troopers in Wales & debark onto Picardy. From London 3 troopers & gun enter Yorkshire, versus, defending trooper. Losses a trooper each side, Yorkshire is freed.

Italy builds fighter & trooper. Rome garrison moves into Tuscany, transport arrives off East Coast.

U.S.A. builds BB & C. From 2 Fr. transports, 2 troopers & gun, &, arriving U.S.A. transport has tank & trooper debarking also onto Piedmont. Another 2 transports arrive off Wales with 4 Canadian troopers. Off East Coast trooper & gun board It. transport, &, another 2 troopers board transport heading for Piedmont.

Fighter flies to Scotland from Ireland.

Round Seven: AHE builds fighter, sub., gun, &, 3 troopers. Trieste garrison into Venice, &, capital garrison into Trieste. Battle in contested Venice, fighter flies in from capital(while fighter already in Venice will not take part in this battle). Fighter, 6 troopers, tank, &, 4 guns, versus, It. 2 troopers & 2 guns & U.S. gun. Losses Axis 5 troopers(reduce to four because of tank), &, Allies only It. trooper left. Venice still contested.

AHE fleet leaves port, into It. Home Waters, trying to mimic the success of the GE. fleet, in the North Sea. Fighter from Venice has air duel with It. fighter from Rome, Axis fighter wins. Two BBs(one damaged by mines), C, 2 subs., transport, &, fighter, versus, Allies U.S.N. BB, C, 2 transports, and, Fr. BB & 2 transports, &, It. BB. Battle Axis all lost, &, Allies lost but except a Fr. transport. AHE did not win, but, not much of a victory for the Allies either.

GE. builds 2 subs., transport, fighter, gun, &, trooper. In Burgundy the trapped cut off forces, will not take the contested province, much less Paris. The forces will retreat instead into Allied occupied Lorraine, &, hopefully link up with forces coming down from Alsace. Battle fighter flying in from Ruhr, 6 troopers, &, 11 guns, versus, Allies British 4 troopers & 2 guns, and, U.S.A. 2 troopers & gun. Losses Axis 2 troopers, &, Allies all, Lorraine falls!

Meanwhile at sea, GE. fleet needs to clear out Allies, in order to try a second landing. Battle 2 damaged BBs, C, 3 sub(two from Kiel, no mine lost)., &, transport, versus, Brits. BB, fighter, &, U.S. fighter. Losses Axis 3 subs., &, Allies all. Transport goes to Kiel picks up trooper & gun, &, lands them in Yorkshire. Two BBs shell and scores two hits, defending gun no hit, landed trooper & gun & fighter from Kiel take out last defending trooper(in turn lose their gun). Yorkshire is back in German hands!

Fr. builds fighter, tank, gun, &, 2 troopers. Transport off Piedmont, goes to Algeria, picks up trooper who debarks back at Piedmont. Trooper arrives in Morocco from Fr. West Africa, Paris garrison moves to Burgundy, while transport off Picardy heads for East Coast. Burgundy garrison moves into Lorraine with fighter from capital. In air duel both sides lose their fighter, 10 troopers & 5 guns, versus, GE. 4 troopers & 11 guns. Losses Allies 8 troopers, &, Axis trooper & 3 guns.

At sea sub. leaves Brest & attacks GE. fleet off Yorkshire of 2 damaged BBs, C, &, transport. Losses Fr. sub. & GE. cruiser.

British Empire builds BB, 2 guns, &, 4 troopers. Trooper moves from Fr. Eq. Africa to Sudan, &, transport from India arrives off Tuscany & debarks 2 troopers. Also another transport off S. France heads for India, &, transport from Wales picks up trooper, &, debarks into Picardy. Along with 1 transport head for East Coast from Wales, &, 4 Canadian troopers debark 2 U.S. transports onto Picardy.

Three troopers & gun from London retake Yorkshire, destroying defending GE. trooper & fighter, for a lost of 2 troopers. Four troopers & gun enter contested Lorraine from Picardy, as reinforcements.

Cruiser arrives off London, from Ireland, versus, GE. 2 damaged BBs & transport, losses Axis transport & Allies cruiser.

Italy builds sub.(to counter growing AHE navy), &, 2 troopers. Tuscany garrison enter Venice as reinforcement, while Rome garrison enters Tuscany.

U.S.A. builds fighter, gun, &, 3 troopers. Piedmont garrison enters Venice, as reinforcements for the Italians. Transport arrives & debarks 2 troopers onto Piedmont. Off East Coast, C heads for Italy & BB for Brits. Home Islands. From East Coast 2 troopers move to Canada.

Round Eight: AHE builds BB, sub., trooper, &, transport. Trieste garrison goes to reinforce the invasion of Venice, a fighter from the capital flies into Venice(there is already a fighter in Venice, it will not particpate in this battle), also capital garrison goes to Trieste. Fighter, 5 troopers, tank, &, 4 guns, versus, Allies U.S. is 3 troopers, tank, &, 2 guns, &, Italy 4 troopers & 2 guns. Losses Allies U.S. 2 troopers(tank absorbed a hit), and, Italy 3 troopers, &, Axis 4 troopers(a hit was absorbed by tank), &, 2 guns, Venice is still contested!

Sub. leaves home port goes to off Rome & fighter takes off from Venice. Sub.(no mine lost) & fighter, versus, Allies Italian sub., &, a Brits. and Fr. and U.S. transports. Losses Axis sub., &, Allies Fr. & British transports.

GE. builds BB, transport, fighter, &, 3 troopers. Lorraine garrison goes back deeper into France, not Burgundy but Picardy where the British forces arrive. Battle trooper & 10 guns, versus, British 5 troopers. Losses Axis 3 guns, &, Allies all, Picardy falls! Alsace garrison moves into Lorraine, fighter from capital flies to Munich(if these two armies can link up!).

Two sub. & transport leave home port(no mine lost) to join up with 2 damaged BBs off Scotland, versus, British BB. Losses Axis a sub., &, Allies all, transport lands trooper & gun into undefended Scotland, it falls!

Fr. builds sub.(off Marseilles) & 6 troopers. Trooper finally arrives in Algeria, &, garrisons from capital & Burgundy enter to retake Picardy. Battle fighter, tank, 8 troopers & 6 guns, versus, GE. trooper & 7 guns. Allies losses 5 troopers(tank absorbs a hit), &, losses Axis 7 guns. Picardy is contested. Trooper moves from Picardy to reinforce allies in Venice.

British Empire builds BB, sub., fighter, tank, &, gun. Trooper arrives in Egypt from Sudan. Transport picks up trooper & gun from Wales, debarks into Picardy, versus, defending GE. trooper. Losses Brits. a gun & GE. a trooper, Picardy is freed! Another transport arrives off East Coast & 2 transports leave Wales for East Coast. From Burgundy 6 troopers & gun enter Lorraine, versus, GE. 3 troopers, tank, &, 3 guns. Losses Allies 2 troopers, &, Axis 1 trooper(one hit absorb by tank) & 3 guns, Lorraine is contested!

From Yorkshire trooper & gun enter Scotland, versus, defending GE. trooper & gun. No losses both sides.

Italy builds trooper & submarine. Sends trooper from Tuscany to reinforce Allies in Venice, while Rome a trooper moves to Tuscany. Sub. enters AHE Home Waters(no mine lost), versus, AHE BB, sub., 2 fighters(in Venice), &, transport. Losses Italy submarine & AHE BB damaged, with transport from East Coast arriving off Piedmont.

U.S. builds fighter, 3 troopers, &, gun. In Canada 2 troopers board a Fr. transport, &, in East Coast 2 troopers board a British transport. Also It. transport off Piedmont a trooper & gun debark. Along with fighter from East Coast flies to Ireland.

From Piedmont 2 troopers go to Venice to reinforce U.S. forces there, 3 troopers, 2 guns, &, tank, versus, Axis forces of AHE trooper, 2 guns, tank, &, 2 fighters, and, GE. trooper. Losses Allies U.S. all but tank, &, Axis GE. trooper(tank absorbed a hit) &, 2 guns.

Cruiser off S. France & transport off Piedmont, enters AHE Waters(no mine lost), versus, damaged BB, sub., transport, & 2 fighters(in Venice). Losses U.S. all & AHE fighter & submarine. BB joins British fleet off London.

Peace breaks out, after 8 rounds, the Axis powers find themselves barley holding onto Venice, Lorraine, &, Scotland. True they might get in a better situation if there was a Round Nine naval wise, but, that seems pretty hard in the North Atlantic(more evenly match in the Med. Sea). Even still both empires have long since used up their original land forces, for the GE. it takes rounds for forces to reach France. For the Allies to invade the Axis, especially if the latter buy lots of cheap infantry for defense, would take a long time to get to Berlin/Vienna(also the Allies need to have complete sea dominance, for any sea landings).

This game goes over from a tie to a most minor of Allies victory. To leave contested Scotland, Lorraine, &, Venice, Germany gets back three colonies. The fourth one goes to the Allies.

Losses IPCs Air Fighters Axis 72 and Air Allies 78, tanks none, land forces troopers & guns Axis 532 and Allies 559, Sea Axis 243 & Allies 315.

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Re: Axis and Allies 1914 RoundRobin

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Hi, the above game ends this sequence of Round Robin, on top of page 12 you can see who won(basically the winner, no notice of say who has a minor/medium type victory).

The next two sets of R.R. are only 2 games each, &, are explained on page 12 also.

But first a quick dissertation of the powers involved: Austro-Hungarian(& a chunk of what would be Yugoslavian) Empire. Starts out with a high IPC value, &, loaded with troops & guns. For defense if her navy stays in port, much less adds a ship per turn, it is hard to make any sea landings. Italy even with the Allies help would still find in hard to break into Trieste. Also Vienna is not far from the borders of the empire.

Why hunker down her naval & armed forces on the Southern Front?, it can participate in a gamble with a other Axis power upon Russia(usually Germany). In regards to Turkey they have to send forces, for an attack for Egypt.

Germany is the heavyweight of the Axis Powers, with a larger land forces of the above, but, also has a large navy. Of course Russia is the best bet to take out first, but, France always seems to be too big a temptation for the Germans. As long as she keeps the land & air units moving into Lorraine, Paris is a possibility! Unfortunately getting involved in sea dominance battles, has a tendency to keep that flow of units going towards Paris endangered.

Ottomans is the weak sister of the Axis Triad. Works best with AHE, as both empires can actually link up, and, help each other out physically. The only empire that in turn one, can be invaded by British on western & eastern portions of the empire, at the same time!

Russia constantly the attention of Axis powers, even when assaulted by two like AHE & GE., three conditions has save them, time and time again. One hunker down in the capital, while building up your land units with plenty of cheap troopers(fighters to keep that gun advantage, &, subs. to help your Home Fleet stop any sea landings), two trade territories for time but keep an trooper in each province to avoid a uncontested conquest, and, three the lack of an unified command structure makes the Axis attack piecemeal.

A few times Moscow has had one of the greatest concentration of Axis and Allies land and air units of the whole game. AHE goes first and kicks the door into Moscow, looses are heavy, but, GE. should finish the job. Russia goes cannot replace all her losses on her turn, but, gets allot of troopers to fill in the ranks. GE. goes and the same happens when AHE had gone before. If the Axis had a unified command setup, even for one turn, Moscow would have fallen.

France always with the Allied armies on the Western Front to help her survive, or, rare times helping Italy from getting overrun by AHE. Still force to build up her forces, until the long awaited counterattack to drive the Germans back into Germany. Here the Allies could use a unified field command option. The first Allied power(sans Russia) to start taking over German colonies, &, after Britain that has a large navy(with those ever so important three transports). France is the glue that holds the Allied cause together.

Great Britain has a large land forces, but, always are located the farthest of where you need them(for example need them in France or Scotland, but, they are located in Canada). Great if you need troops for supporting Italy, but, still having them in India takes a while for them to arrive. Oh well that problem bedevil the British even in W.W.II.

Again and again, the fleet saves the day from German Navy breaking out of the North Sea. Those transports send the forces, that help France/Italy from collapsing.

Italy has the lowest IPCs of any of the Allies, but, yet has a decent land forces and navy at game start. Time and again, playing these variations, her land forces have helped France from being overrun by Germany. As for an invasion by AHE, sea powers like Britain and U.S. start those transport runs, that bring those badly needed reinforcements.

U.S.A. has a IPC level higher than Italy or Ottoman Empire, but, has the lowest land forces setup available at start of the game. It would take several rounds just to purchase the equal of land forces that has Italy/Ottoman forces. Much less the transports to move them there, &, naval escorts for them.

The U.S. truly becomes the arsenal of democracy, naval units to help the Brits. win the Battle of the Atlantic, units to help the French & Italians in Europe, keeping the Axis navy in Med. Sea penned up, taking out GE. colonies in Africa, transporting the Allies where needed, &, so forth. In some scenarios the Axis sue for Peace cause U.S. forces have finally arrived, they cannot compensate for the American forces.

The next set of Round robin is only two games. All Axis versus all Allies, with no minor allies for both sides. Since the Axis powers usually start the game with the most forces, they the Axis will not be on the defensive, just hunkering down inside their empires. All three will try to take out a Allied capital, eliminating London & Washington, as these require constant naval battles. The first game will be taking out Moscow, as all three Axis powers border Russia, the second game will be Rome as being the weakest Allied power on mainline Europe.
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