1914 Axis & Allies game

Breaking away from the Second World War and paying a visit and tribute to the First World War. Coming this March, 2013
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1914 Axis & Allies game

Post by Patchman123 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:35 pm

Hey guys, I'm back after 5 years of being gone from the website. I saw the 1914 game board and from what I have seen of it, it only seems to have Europe, parts of Asia, and Africa on it. The game lacks the Far East and Japan. Japan played a role in World War I in the Far East against Tsingtao and the German controlled islands in the Central Pacific, that later became Japanese bases during World War II. My World War I game from Historical Board Gaming covers the entire world and has China as a playable power.

I am looking for any suggestions on how to improve the game. My original map was altered by Doug Friend at HBG. I have a new game out about World War I and I wonder what people think of it.

I am Justin Royek, BTW. I have China as a power dealing with many civil wars from the various warlord factions in China at the time. I am unsure how to put them in there in my WWI game. My game has Japan as a playable power. Japan played a forgotten, albeit limited role in World War I.

Why is the game so Eurocentric anyway? Why does the game only take place in Europe? Why not have a World War I game with South America, Australia, and the Far East in it?

I am unsure how to simulate trench warfare in my HBG game. I will not toot my horn about how great my game supposedly is.

I will merely just go back to talking about the Russian territories in the game. How Imperious leader absolutely savaged my ideas about how the Russian territories should look in 2010. I remember how he called my translations "false" and all that sort of stuff.

He said that my names were not on his map. Well, I have a question for you. Is Saegertown on your map? Saegertown exists and it is a real town in Western Pennsylvania that exists. Just because it is not on the map does not mean that it is not there.

Is Conneaut OH on your map, too? What about Conneaut Lake? They all exist, too. I do not care about your silly map. You're just jealous that I can read the Cyrillic alphabet and that you cannot.

I have some ideas for territories on the game map for 1914. Why not have the guberniyas represented? The various guberniyas and oblasts and the like. Why isn't Siberia on the map? Why isn't the Russian Pacific fleet on the map?

Why can't the game have the Allies intervening against the Bolsheviks? Why can't the game have the Japanese intervening against the Bolsheviks in the East. (BTW, the Americans also intervened against the Bolsheviks in the east of Russia.)

I would like to see a game where the various powers take on the Bolsheviks. I would like to see more of the world in that game. Numerous South American nations joined the war after America intervened in 1917. They aren't represented. I would like to have a World War I game against the Bolsheviks.

My names for Russian territories aren't "stupid" any more than Allegheny County is a stupid name for the county surrounding Pittsburgh and in Pittsburgh. I suppose that Pennsylvania is a stupid false translation of Penn's Woods! I suppose that Ohio is false too, because it too is not in English.

How about making a modification for the World War I game like you did with Europe 1940 Second Edition and Pacific 1940 Second Edition? We could call it 1914 Second Edition.

I'm back everyone. Have a rule where China is not allowed to declare war on the Central Powers, unless America is in the war or has been declared war on by the Central Powers. There were Chinese troops that tried to deploy to Europe during World War I, but China was limited by internal troubles during this period. If Allied troops move into Chinese territories, they are not added to their income value. If the Central Powers attack China, they occupy those territories and if Peking is occupied by the Central Powers, then China surrenders its income. I am still unsure of how to deal with China being in the war. China was in World War I. My WWI game has Burma as a separate territory, which is historically inaccurate. Doug Friend's alterations of my map are historically inaccurate for example. On the preview of the game, you will notice that Hungary is depicted with 1941, instead of 1914 borders.

I have Alsace-Lorraine occupied by Germany. I have Mesopotamia (Iraq) with borders laid out by the Allies and the Sykes-Picot treaty of WWI. I think that Doug should have Stalingrad renamed to Tsaritsyn. I have Finland occupied by Russia. I have the Baltic Provinces. Not sure how to depict the Baltic States after they become independent.

Portugal is depicted in the game, but not Macau or East Timor. It would be nice to have ANZAC in a WWI game, to pay tribute to those old ANZAC diggers from the Outback (Mostly from the cities) in the game. Australia and New Zealand played a significant role in World War I. It would be nice to see Australia and New Zealand in a World War I game.

I would not mind hearing that ol' tune Waltzing Matilda as I play ANZAC! I would like to see Alaska, too. The Americans could use Alaska as point to use to bring troops into Russia against the Bolsheviks.

How come the Russian revolution is depicted, but the Irish revolution is not? The Irish Republican Army (IRA) could be a faction supported by Germany against the British. I would like to see the Irish rebels against the British. I am not a supporter of the terrorism of the IRA, I just would like to see them depicted for the sake of historical accuracy.

The Arab revolt against the Turks is depicted. I would like to see the Dutch territories in the East Indies depicted. They did not play a role in the war, but what if they are invaded? What if Japan were to seize their oil, some 25 years before the actually did, in 1914?

The Allies and the Central Powers could fight over the Dutch East Indies. Numerous possibilities are opening up here. The Central Powers could invade South America and seize their resources. It would be a great game in my opinion to have South America and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and the East Indies) depicted.

On Maps.com there is a map of China from 1915. We could use that to map out China and its territories. How about depicting China, too.

So much of the war has been left out.

I find that terrible.


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Re: 1914 Axis & Allies game

Post by pellulo » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:08 am

There's always hope for a second edition!, thanks, Pellulo

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