Britain to win

Axis and Allies: Europe pits you and your opponents in the massive struggle of World War 2 in Europe, the Atlantic, and across North Africa and the Middle East. This spin on the classic game adds new pieces (artillery and destroyers), new economic warfare rules (convoys, Middle Eastern oil fields, and expanded strategic bombing), and a more detailed European theater.
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Britain to win

Post by Rising_Sun_Warrior » Thu Nov 30, 2006 7:50 pm

A thought just occured to me and I know that here is the right place to venture it so here goes. Is taking Britain an easier way to win than taking Moscow? I haven't played Europe in awhile, but I'm going to play it again in a few days so I wanted to hear some opinions before playing. I remember one game where Germany did win by taking Britain (much to my father's disbelief :P), but I don't remember it being a staple way to win. A large navy is required of course and for Britain to practically fall asleep, but has anyone else developed a good "win by taking London" strategy?
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Post by Nuclear » Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:42 pm

When ever I have played the game as Germany I always take Britian. On the first turn I buy 1 Battleship. That is correct one battleship. Pregame I use the 12 IPCs for a destroyer. Thus on turn one your purchases should be:
1 Battleship
2 Transports

The Battleship is the key as it is able to take two hits. In the mean time on turn one you need to move the Italian fleet into the strait of Gibartar. You also have to take and hold the UK Convoys, while destroying the US fleet. You must also elimate all of the UK ships in the Atlantic except for perhaps the small Canadain fleet. On turn one you also need to take East Poland and one Russian area below that one. From there on out, pull back the German forces. But keep 1 Infantry on the spots. Russia would be stupid to attack Germany as Germany could land all of its intended units which would go to Britain in Leingrad and hence have a huge army that can be resupplied fast and within very close range of Moscow. A lot of times the Russia player moves his forces into the Eastern Front and keeps the rear open.

Anyhow you need about 5 to 7 transports in total to invade along with destroys for the bombardment.

Thus turn 2 purchases: You should have 42 IPCs
3 Transports (Thus giving you a total of 6 Transports in Baltic Sea and with the Italy navy moving up it will soon be 7)
1 Destoryer
1 Artillery

Note you should only buy Artillery and Infantry for the invasion.

UK cannot fight off two combined German Battleships. With 2 free hits the UK would simply be wasting resources.

Since you have been moving your units back, you should have plenty of artillery and infantry for a first round attack on Britain on the 3rd turn. It is important that your Subs in the Atlantic are still alive. They are needed to prevent American warships from being able to retake Britain.

Turn 3: You will most likely have 40 IPCs
Buy the following:
7 Artillery
4 Infantry

You should have enough infantry sitting around to use for invasions. The key to the strategy is to not worry about Russia and let them take stuff here and there. Remember that you only have to have control of your capital and 1 other capital for one complete turn. When attacking Britain you need your airforce. If the land units are destroyed have your airforce retreat so that I may attack next turn.

If the UK happens to have no fighters because it tryed to take out your fleet SBR can be good.
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Post by Rising_Sun_Warrior » Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:25 pm

Good strategy!

I have looked elsewhere, comes to mind, and have found no such tips. Nevertheless I shall keep the faith and the posting and, of course soak up the tips.
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Post by AC » Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:49 pm

Nuclear's strategy does look good however I almost always focus on taking Moscow instead of Britain. I find naval forces to be a waste of time for a continental power like Germany. In my opinion don't waste money on any naval forces. Just by land troops.

If you gamble by attempting to take Britain and you fail you have nothing to fall back on when Russia invades.

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Post by Larry » Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:34 am

Comments noted

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