Any thoughts on future A&A comuter game

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Post by Monty » Sat May 28, 2005 10:59 am

What a complete bug fest that was! The only thing that was more of a slap in the face to board gamers was that RTS release!
Of all the buggy games, and the worst projects pumped out to date, Iron Blitz by far wins the nomination. What I can't figure out, is how did this piece of junk roll off the assembly lines? Didn't even one kid at least beta test this? LOL. I'd swear someone was hiring little exploited kids in russia for that project.

No market for A&A on CD? Maybe now, but I am dead certain there was a huge market waiting. But when you sell stuff that does not even run online despite telling you it is supposed to do so, this is what happens. Or does someone want to argue with me here?

Lets see, after trial and trial of trying to get a god damn phase working, we managed that, barely. Then half the airforce had vanished on us for no reason! How to fix it? Sorry, but there is not even a proper autosave, so screw you customer!

I do not mind buying even an imperfect A&A game if I think somehow this may help the product get better in the near future. But this whole thing was just rediculous.

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Post by Valdarez » Wed Mar 01, 2006 5:39 pm

The best 'computerized' Axis & Allies game, was a game produced by Software Engineering Inc. called 'Dogs of War'. It was a straight forward convert of the Axis & Allies board game, which is what most people are looking for. They actually scanned in the board game. Consequentially, they were shut down for illegally distributing A&A content online. However, the Dogs of War game remains the best computer A&A game to date, and it was released in 1994. 12 years later, and companies still have not found a way to make an A&A game that hits home with the fans of the board game.

For some reason, gaming companies try to add on a lot of 'features' and 'graphics' to the computer version of board games that have absolutely nothing to do with the game. What they fail to realize is that most folks simply want the board game, the ability to play online (cheat free), and ladders/statistics. Ever heard of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)? Here are the items that the next A&A board game should focus on...

1) Full Map View (the screen should have the ENTIRE map visible, not just a minimap with 3 or 4 countries blown up). Remember, when you play the board game, you see the WHOLE board. Recreate that experience for the gamer, that's what they want.

2) Freedom of Movement (let me move, then attack, then move again... let the computer keep track of whether a unit has made a non-combat movement or a combat movement, no need to keep track of these as separate steps in a round on the computer)

3) Multiplayer Support, complete with ladders and a full blown list of statistics for month, year, country and the like.

These are 3 'must haves' for the game to be fun on a computer. Quite honostely, just take the Dogs of War game, update the graphics and add multiplayer/statistics, and you'll have a hit title on your hands.
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Re: Any thoughts on future A&A comuter game

Post by suit » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:55 pm

Ran into the free encyclopedia and book site on the web, and, they had one large area of video games numbering under two thousand. You had to upload the game and use the keys on your laptop tp play. Games from 1971*and up.

You do not have to play them, but, their history is interesting, and, the pictures bring back memories.

Would it possible that Atari or whoever owes now the Axis and Allis exciting? computer games, would oppose the games showing up on the site?, thanks, Pellulo

* The 1971 hand held game , was a ancient version of Atari’s Space War, in glorious black and white.

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Re: Any thoughts on future A&A comuter game

Post by suit » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:28 pm

Had to find the site again, it is, in a separate section titled Internet Arcade, that has 1748 games. Mostly games from the seventies to the nineties.

Perhaps someday a Axis and Allied type game might show up, enjoy, thanks, Pellulo

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