German National Advantage

Here are the Tournment Rules for Revised Axis & Allies
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German National Advantage

Post by GabrielLogan612 » Wed Jan 19, 2005 1:53 pm

Luftwaffe Dive-Bomber
Europe was blitzed and bombed. The Ju-87 Stuka dive-bomber, a small plane, played a big role. Its screaming siren generated terror on all battle fronts.

Your fighters may conduct first round tactical bombing runs. They are subject to antiaircraft fire as normal. In the first cycle of combat, if there are no defending fighters present, the fighters hit on a roll of 5 or less. In succeeding cycles of combat, the fighters hit normally. If defending fighters are present, this first cycle ability is cancelled.

Does this mean that fighters are initiating a bombing run? or is this a combat only move. Im confused with the tactical bombing run thing.

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Post by Imperious leader » Wed Jan 19, 2005 2:00 pm

They are assisting land combat in the first round with a die modification, which is ignored if the enemy has planes. Other wise they just perform like the rest of land units engaged in battle
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Post by Larry » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:13 am

Comments noted

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Post by DesertHawk » Sat Jul 02, 2005 1:24 am

So they can A) do a sbr on a ic or B)assist with land units and conduct a one turn die modification of 5

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Post by Krieghund » Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:46 pm

Don't let the phrase "tactical bombing runs" fool you - there is no SBR involved. The phrase refers to dive bombing of specific targets, such as tanks, in combat. This ability simply means that German fighters have increased effectiveness in combat if there are no defending fighters.
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