Conquest of the Empire Online

Newly released Conquest of the Empire by Eagle Games.
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Conquest of the Empire Online

Post by RobEng » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:04 pm

GameTable Online is happy and proud to announce that we will be working with Larry to make an online version of his Conquest of the Empire. We already have Axis & Allies Revised and 1942 at our site and CotE will fit right in.

This is currently part of our Kickstarter campaign so we need you support. One of the Kickstarter Reward Add-Ons are signed copies of the box game. Read more about this great collaboration at ... ing-to-gto.

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Re: Conquest of the Empire Online

Post by Flashman » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:55 pm

Will this be the original game, or the Eagle Games COTEII with all the abstract influence points and voting senators I never quite got my head around.

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Re: Conquest of the Empire Online

Post by Larry » Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:35 pm

What else would you like or not like in such a game ? :?:

Oh and by the way... there will be no senators that require getting our heads around. but there will be some other never before seen things that I think that even YOU might like.

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Re: Conquest of the Empire Online

Post by Flashman » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:02 am

I have lots of ideas, would you like the discussion here or on the "Talk to Larry" section on next A&A games?

What do you mean "even you"? :shock:

Dynastic phase:

If the game is meant to represent a long period (suggested by the inflation mechanic) then allow a player to represent a dynasty, rather than a single candidate. This allows a "Caesar" to have a nominated heir, so he can lead his troops in battle rather than skulking at home for fear of elimination (who wants an Emperorr who doesn't fight?) Alliances are formed by marriages, but last only as long as the love...

Random setup with full legions in place:

Instead of each player starting in a "home" area on an otherwise empty map, assign each province with a legion a card. These are dealt evenly to the players before setup. The assumption is that the previous Emperor had died, and each legion must declare for one of the rival candidates. So, you might get a strong concentration of legions in one area of the map, or your legions could be scattered all over the Empire, depending on the luck of the draw.

Barbarians as armies represented by pieces:

Barbarian tribes can migrate over the map sacking cities and accumulating loot. Suggest a card draw at the start of every player turn; some cards give you control of Barbarians tribes outside the Empire, others allow you to stage a Barbarian revolt in someone else's province. Maybe you have to eliminate all Barbarians in your provinces before you are permitted to attack other Romans.

Allow garrisons to exist without leaders, but they cannot move.

Gradual decay of the Empire due to inflation:

Eventually leading to Barbarians overruning the map (but players still score points for the tribes they control). That is, at initial cost the Romans can deal with Barbars easily, and might even be able to conquer more areas and bring them into the Empire. At first inflation they should be just able to hold back the hordes at the border. At second inflation the advantage passes to the heathen...
At full inflation Roman legions may become more and more reliant on cheap Barbarian auxillieries, but these are less reliable in battle.

Huns! At second inflation, the Huns appear in the "Asian Steppe" area on the eastern edge of the board.

Four levels of settlement:

1. Fort
2. Town
3. Regional Capital (only one per region)
4. Imperial Capital (only one in the Empire, starts as Rome but doesn't always remain there...)

These are built up turn by turn as long as the province remains within the Empire, but are reduced by one step whenever the province is captured (the place is a always considered sacked by victorious troops, who get a cash bonus for loot depending on the level of the settlement.)

I'd like the figs in 1/72 scale for customising; or would you still have the use of the Eagle Games moulds?

Mounted Caesars!
Some folks complained that the Caesars did not stand out enough for such important pieces, so put 'em on horses like these chaps from Strelets:

Maybe even borrow idea from Eagle Games other products:

Caesar - white horse
Generals - black horse
Cavalry - brown horse
Caesars.PNG (204.63 KiB) Viewed 3048 times

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