The Augustae

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The Augustae

Post by Flashman » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:41 pm

Suppose that in addition to your Caesar and Legates (generals) you also have an Augusta (female) figure. Think of her as a daughter or sister of your Caesar.

At the beginning of an "era" (periods divided by inflation events) players can negotiate marriages between their Caesars and Augustae. This creates an alliance between the two players concerned lasting for as long as the marriage (usually the length of the era but not always - flesh is weak). Players thus allied cannot attack each other and can co-operate in limited ways such as sharing territory, transporting units and fighting together.

It can be seen that a player can thus have two allies; the Red Caesar may be married to the Blue Augusta, the Red Augusta partnered to the Yellow Caesar. But note that in this case it does not follow that Blue and Yellow are Allied! There may be a double marriage Red to Blue making for a more secure alliance between those two players. In marriage negotiations dowries may be agreed in the form of money or even territory. At the end of an era the Augustae are returned to their original player for a new round of marriages - this is considered to be a new generation of Roman nobility. If a Caesar is killed, his wife goes back to her old family and can be used by that player to negotiate a new alliance.

This is a simplified outline of the dynastic system, but in can go deeper for example if a player loses all his leaders and is out of the game his remaining cash, territory and units goes to the husband of his daughter/sister as inheritance rather than to whoever eliminates the last leader. In the advanced game (with Barbarian nations) marriages can even take place with foreigners, for example the sister of Emperor Valentinian III tried to arrange a marriage with Attila the Hun, who used this to lay claim to half the Roman Empire.

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