Leaders and Governors

Newly released Conquest of the Empire by Eagle Games.
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Leaders and Governors

Post by Flashman » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:01 pm

Suppose that in order to give personality to your leaders each player has a pool of leader "chit" counters which are drawn at random at the start of the game to each Caesar and Legate.

At the simplest level they give the character a name and a command ability ranked from 0-4, with this corresponding primarily to that character's leadership in combat based on the number of die re-rolls he can assign (I prefer leaders re-rolling combat unit dice rather than rolling a die of their own.)

As eras pass and leaders die new chits are drawn for new characters. Each player's pool will be equal in total command abilities.

A further use for the chits is to replace the old "control marker" counters. Since each chit is player coloured it can have the same function but give additional character in the form of provincial governors. If there is no Legion in a province that is attacked the local governor takes control of the defending garrison using his command rating.

Any character i.e. chit killed is permanently removed, thus limiting the total number a player can use.

Barbarian nations would each have their own leader for these purposes.
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Re: Leaders and Governors

Post by ChristophfromGermany » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:12 am

Hi Flashman,
once again I can assure you that I value your ideas as a source of inspiration to new, but somehow simpler rules in my games. And I agree with you upon the ability of a leader to reroll combat dice instead of rolling his own dice.
How about adapting a rule from Shogun aka Samurai Swords aka Ikusa. The daimyos - the three army leaders each player has at the beginning of the game - earn experience and thus manoeuvrability with nearly each battle they win. This would perfectly apply with the generals in COTE. Once they win a battle against opposing forces, they gain experience - from Level 0 to 3. The different experience levels could easily be indicated by colored chips (from A&A) under each general. For every experience point they may reroll one combat dice that missed its target. If two or more generals are present, only the number of the most experienced general counts.

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Re: Leaders and Governors

Post by nexus73 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:26 am

Koei made a game called "L'Empereur" for the SNES. You had Napoleon and all his field marshals, generals and family members to work with. Each leader had a rating for infantry, artillery and cavalry. Some could start with their specialty (Nap's being artillery) being higher, others had very low ratings for subject areas outside their specialty. Go out, battle, gain experience. That was the mechanic. You also had a time limit. People die after all! Once one of your leaders was gone, that was it for them. You had to race the clock to conquer Europe. It was tough!

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