Do we need a "Home" province?

Newly released Conquest of the Empire by Eagle Games.
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Do we need a "Home" province?

Post by Flashman » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:20 pm

Reading through the rules of "Classic" in the Eagle Games edition it states that all new units must be placed in the "Original Home Province".

Yet it does not state what happens if you lose said province; can you not place new units until you recapture it?

But in what amounts to a civil war game why have this restriction at all? There is no reason to suppose that a faction starting in Spain should consist entirely of Spanish units - all legions would be a mix of Roman colonists and native auxiliaries.

So my suggestion is that new units can be recruited in any province viz:

MT - 1 unit
With Town - up to 3 units
With City - up to 6 units
With Capital - up to 10 units

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Re: Do we need a "Home" province?

Post by ChristophfromGermany » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:27 am

I only own the old MB version of the Game – it was the very first article I bought at eBay way back in 2004 or so. Due to the flaws (catapults too strong, some provinces parted by sea, inflation kicks in for the next player in line) of the rules that came with it, I gladly introduced the new rules that came as „Classic Rules“ with the Eagle Games edition of the game. They fixed many problems in a very satisfying manner, even though some gamers had already done so by introducing their own house rules.
Im am just translating and adapting the rules into a German version for my boys (they do speak English, but are too lazy to use it :shock: ), and I also stumbled upon this problem. In the MB version the problem of loosing your Home Province is clearly addressed: you must give all your savings (if you have some) to the conqueror and you don't get any income and thus can't place new units until you reconquer it. That reminds us of Axis & Allies of course. The Eagle Games version doesn't address this problem, but the rules say: there is no condition on collecting tribute - you receive it with or without ownership of your Home Province. But without your Home Province you cannot place new units. The question is: Can you buy units without placing them? Probably not, but it is not clearly mentioned in the EG rules. This might end up in a wealthy cash cow or a player with a lot of unplaced combat units. In this case I clearly favor the old MB rules.
Giving up the concept of a Home Province is an interesting idea, but it would change the game in many ways and probably lead to even longer games. We played a 3-player-game last Friday. Due to changing alliances we had a stalemate after nearly six hours with every player owning around 110 talents. The game will be continued soon :D

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