Improvements or Addendum

Newly released Conquest of the Empire by Eagle Games.
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Improvements or Addendum

Post by GROGnads » Thu May 05, 2005 12:43 am

ME: ''Hey kids! How's about this 'novel' approach and it can even be 'retro-d' for the 'O'riginal GAME!''
you: ''huh?''
(maybe even ''...uhhh'' and for some-then more like ''...duhhhh alright!''-I keed!)
ME: ''You may have to 'modify' a couple of duplicate 'Control Markers' to denote just a single SIDE being shown for display purposes, like with masking tape!''
you: ''but I may get them 'sticky' with that!...''
ME: '' Then get an appropriate opaque container(a cup or mug or small bowl~whatever) and place enough 'Control Markers' for EVERY 'Game player' to have one deposited in that, then PICK 'randomly' to SEE who goes as whatever is 'picked' !''
you: ''I don't get it?''
ME: ''YES...exactly! but those that DO will have a 'Cheap and Easy' VARIANT eh?''
the previous SATIRE and COMICAL attempt at providing another MEANS of enjoying this 'dusty gem' was brought to you by the fine folks from...
''oh NO you di'nt! I 'thought' of it FIRST!''
"You had to 'GO'!?! Now we ALL have to 'GO'!" BIG Joe-"Kelly's Heroes"-the MOVIE

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