To those on the right shoes

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To those on the right shoes

Post by MSO » Wed May 23, 2007 4:25 pm

To some people I know/knew and admire (relatives and friends):

1. who had the option to fight for the Axis but didn't go.

2. who had the option to fight for the Axis and fight for the Allies.

3. who was preparing to go to battle when the war ended.

4. who was unreasonably arrested for being a "foreigner" and work at a foreign company.

5. who suffered for being a "foreign children" in an Ally country.

6. who had the courage and suffered to abandon foreign last names and overcame it.

7. who could pass away knowledge about this.

Just remember that "foreign families" from Spain, Germany, Italy and Japan suffered at the Allies and Neutral countries, even if they weren't supporting the Axis.

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