R&D Charts

Have you been playing with some house rules over the years - or even recently invented, that you'd like to share?
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R&D Charts

Post by Andrew Jackson » Wed May 30, 2012 6:27 am

Here is a new Idea for the R&D Charts. :D
The reason for that is, that I dislike to research for an Air force advantage and I get a Fleet advantage. :x
I hope, you enjoy this charts. :)

Breakthrough Chart 1 (Industrial)
1.  Rockets. Your air bases can now launch rockets. During the Strategic and Tactical Bombing Raid step of your Conduct Combat phase each turn, each of your operative air bases can make a single rocket attack against an enemy industrial complex, air base, or naval base within 4 spaces of it. This attack does one die roll of damage to that facility. Rockets may not be fired over neutral territories.
2.  Increased Factory Production. Each of your industrial complexes can now produce additional units beyond their normal production ability. Major industrial complexes can mobilize up to 12 units, and minor ones can mobilize up to 4 units. Also, when repairing a damaged industrial complex, you can remove two damage markers for the cost of 1 IPC (in other words, half price). The maximum damage that can be applied to your industrial complexes is not increased.
3.  War Bonds. During your Collect Income phase, roll a die and collect that many additional IPCs.
4. R&D. Your Research is now cheaper. A research dice cost -1IPC.
5. Espionage. The Research of one enemy is increased by 1IPC. (May be chosen overy Turn, every enemy may only be once choicen.)
6. Free Choice

Breakthrough Chart 2 (Land Units)
1. Advanced Artillery. Each of your artillery units can now provide greater support. One artillery unit can support two infantry and/or mechanized infantry units per attack. Two infantry and/or mechanized infantry units when coupled with one artillery unit have attack values of 2.
2. Paratroopers. Up to 2 of your infantry units in each territory with an air base can be moved to an enemy- controlled territory 3 or fewer spaces away that is being attacked by your land units from adjacent territories and/or by amphibious assault. If the territory being attacked has an antiaircraft gun, the paratrooper infantry units are subject to antiaircraft fire in the same way as air units. If attacking along with land units from adjacent territories, paratroopers may retreat as normal.
3. Improved Mechanized Infantry. Each mechanized infantry unit that is matched up with a tank can attack at 2. Also, your mechanized infantry may now blitz without being paired with a tank.
4. Tank Mass Produktion. A tank unit is now cheaper -1IPC.
5. Fortification. A fortification protects three infantry and makes them require two hits in the battle to be destroyed. If the territory is captured the fortification is destroyed.
6. Free Choice

Breakthrough Chart 3 (Sea Units)
1.  Super Submarines. The attack value of your submarines is now 3 instead of 2.
2.  Improved Shipyards I. Your sea units are now cheaper to build. Use these revised costs: all Sea Units -1IPC
3.  Improved Shipyards II. Your sea units are now cheaper to build. Use these revised costs: BB, CV -2IPC´s and CA -1IPC
4. Air defense Cruiser. AA Gun on every Cruiser
5. Aircraft Carrier. An aircraft carrier is count as an Air Baise.
6. Free Choice

Breakthrough Chart 4 (Air Units)
1.  Jet Fighters. The attack value of your fighters is now 4 instead of 3.
2.  Radar. Your antiaircraft gun fire now hits on a 1 or 2 instead of just a 1.
3.  Long-Range Aircraft. All of your air units’ ranges are increased by one space.
4.  Heavy Bombers. Your bombers are now heavy bombers. When attacking, whether in a battle or a strategic bombing raid, roll two dice for each bomber and select the best result.
5. Increased Aircraft production. Your air units are now cheaper to build. Use these revised costs: all Air Units -1IPC
6. Free Choice

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